British made craftsmanship – Tayroc Watches

With Father’s Day around the corner and shopping for dear old Dad, not being as, maybe, easy as it was, inspiration is key at this time we find ourselves in.

Well today could be your lucky day. A self-funded, independent company, Tayroc was the brainchild of two sets of brothers,  Reiss, Dominic, James & Kristian, with the aim of bringing stylish timepieces to the market at an accessible price. Since 2014, they have worked hard to take their idea and develop it into the global company it is today. Despite our unprecedented growth, they are committed to maintaining the vision and values on which Tayroc was founded.

Available online, the collection features quartz and chronograph watches that use Japanese Miyota movements. Tayroc has established itself in the jewellery industry for its first-rate, premium men’s, ladies and unisex timepieces. The collections showcase high precision stainless steel and hand-beaten leather interchangeable straps which can be purchased separately. Products have sapphire coated lenses and all of this is complimented by cutting edge design.

The Classic collection has a water resistance of 3ATM, whilst the Boundless range has a resistance of 10ATM. All timepieces are designed with high quality 316L stainless steel as standard throughout the range. Simple, modern and contemporary design is paramount within the collection. Contrasting watch faces, a variety of luxury straps with meticulous horologist expertise, there is a style for every occasion, from the chunky sports inspired to the everyday casual and slimline formal.

Tayroc prides itself on its premium design ethos, functionality and affordable price points. Calling upon the highest quality materials, they deliver cutting edge designs, which are perfect for the fashion-conscious individual who appreciates simplistic, contemporary styling.

How to Dress for an Online Job Interview

Online job interviews have become very commonplace especially with the rising trend of remote work. Companies just find it a lot easier to conduct an online interview, mostly over Skype instead of over a phone call or having you come in physically.

For some jobs, an online interview is the first stage before the physical interview comes up. Handling your interview professionally is an indicator of how seriously you would take your job. After all, you should recall the thing about first impressions.

An online interview can be described as being the midline between a phone interview and an in-person interview.

While the visual factor is present, it is not as personal as an actual face-to-face setting, however, you would still be making a huge impression that your interviewer would pick up on.

This implies that a simple video call would determine whether or not you eventually land the job. And one of the main factors that would determine this, like it or not, is your dressing.

In most cases, beyond the brains, employers or HR personnel factor your dressing into their final decision. If you assume that you’re home and can, therefore, dress however you want, then you would be making a big blunder.

So, if you want to ace that interview, here are some tips that you must remember:

  1. Dress Like It’s a Physical Interview

This basically covers all the bases or premises that you weren’t certain of previously. The only difference between an online interview and a physical one is your physical presence.

However, a lack of your physical presence doesn’t imply that you should let your guard down. If you’re interviewing for a managerial role, then you should be dressed to suit that particular portfolio.

For men, a nice plain shirt with a striped tie tucked into pants and a pair of good shoes. This sounds exactly how you would dress if you were going to a physical interview and that there is the idea.

For ladies, a corporate dress or a shirt and blazer would do as well. While your interviewer would most likely not ask you to get up so that he can check out your outfit, dressing this way is a constant reminder that what you’re doing is serious business.

Similarly, it would boost your confidence as well, coupled with the fact that you’re in an environment where you feel very comfortable.

  1. Be Wary Of Harsh Colours

This mainly has to do with the camera during your video call. While certain colors may be great in reality, they may look harsh through the eyes of a camera.

This is, of course, no fault of yours but it might go on to annoy your interviewer or make you look pretty unattractive, thereby affecting your intended professional demeanor.

Monitors differ a great deal and some might transform your otherwise perfect shirt or dress into an unappealing spectacle. You don’t want to have your dress as what stands out in place of your performance.

So, it is advisable to run a simulation of sorts. Ensure that you sit in front of your webcam before the interview and confirm that the color of your dress is alright and wouldn’t be the cause of any problems.

If the colors hurt your eyes or they have an unnatural look to them, you should try on something else.

  1. Ensure That You Are Well Groomed

Since you are striving to make a good first impression, you should ensure that you have all bases covered. And this includes stray hair or a generally unkempt appearance.

You want to look as sharp and composed as possible and this would be impossible if you’re not properly groomed. It goes without saying that you should definitely have a bath before your interview.

Aside from looking good, it also boosts your confidence. With your interview already scheduled, you should get a haircut if you think your hair is getting out of line.

Keeping your facial hair healthy and trim is essential as well, you don’t want to look like a hobo. For this, you would need to get a top-notch beard grooming kit. For ladies, pluck out the stray eyebrows and facial hair if any.

Your face, which your hair complements is a major player during the interview in terms of physical appearance, so, you know that this point cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Prepare Your Environment

Beyond your face or any other factors that your interviewer may be interested in, your environment is another one that may factor in heavily. You don’t want the mess behind you during your video call to be the reason that you’re disqualified on the basis of “lacking organizational skills.”

The background of your video call is very essential, especially if you’re dealing with interviewers who are sticklers for cleanliness. It can be a huge determining factor.

Therefore, you should ensure that it’s all spick and span and what needs to be put in order is done. Having a nice video background in your call complements your dressing as well since your interviewer would be taking in the full picture at once.

You could use backgrounds with a bookshelf in the distance or even a plain wall that doesn’t have a harsh color.

Whatever background you are using, just ensure that it is presentable and would not come back to haunt you.

  1. Act The Professional

There are particular postures that are deemed a professional stance during physical interviews, it is no different for online interviews.

Although your upper body is what would mostly be seen, you still need to assume a professional stance. For instance, you should sit up straight in a chair with your face squarely in the camera.

It would be very wrong to have your interview while in bed, this would be completely unprofessional and would not paint you in a flattering picture.

Furthermore, your head should be straight with your chin upright — it would be wrong to tilt your head.

These are little actions that would show that you are indeed taking your interview very seriously.

The Bottomline

In summary, while you are looking to portray a professional image, ensure that you are relaxed. You don’t want to stutter over a video call.

Also, ensure that you have got a strong internet connection and mentally prepared as well. With these tips in mind, go crush that interview

World Class – British Vintage Boxing

British Vintage Boxing or BVB is a distinctive boxing inspired classic sportswear brand that celebrates authenticity and proudly displays its British character – with an emphasis on creating stylish and practical garments that are everyday yet aspirational.

As an official licensee they are proud to bring limited edition wares celebrating a British sporting icon Sir Henry Cooper. Designs capsule his career of the 1950’s & early 60’s, reworking his effortless understated style with the BVB brand spirit to reinvigorate a golden era.

As Britain’s most loved boxing figure Sir Henry Cooper’s anniversary approaches, I’d like to introduce you to the family run British business, BVB, inspired by the late British sporting legend.


British sporting legend Sir Henry is at the core of BVB’s inspiration. Cooper was best known for his two bouts with Muhammad Ali, the first a non-title fight in 1963 when he famously floored the then Cassius Clay, the second for his world title tilt in 1966. Cooper lost both, but in the process cemented his place within the hearts of the nation, and his name in boxing history. 

 Cooper was an archetypal working-class hero, noted as a gracious man who carried himself with dignity at all times. His appeal would transcend boxing into the very fabric of British sporting heritage, culminating with a knighthood in 2000. A great fighter but an outstanding man, Cooper was the epitome of an athlete and a gentleman. Considered by many as the patron saint of modern British heavyweights.

Daily Workouts During These Times That We Find Ourselves In

Words by Joseph Bryson


The COVID-19 pandemic that’s rampaging is no more news. In a bid to combat the spread of the deadly virus, lockdowns have been put in place in different regions around the world. This has restricted people’s access to social gatherings such as stadiums, cinemas, clubs, and even gyms.

Yes, gyms are closed in some states or countries depending on the severity of the outbreak. The virus may be unable to survive on highly sanitized surfaces, but there’s still a high risk.

In the gym, people share locker rooms, equipment, and towels. This is why fitness enthusiasts have to adapt to new living conditions and still stay fit.

Obeying the social isolation and social distancing rules should not be the worst thing ever for you. You’ll be spending all your time at home and you should make out some time to keep in shape.

Definitely, it may be impossible to reach the level of intensity you achieve at the gym. But constant home workout will guarantee physical fitness.

Sticking to simple workout routines will ensure that you don’t lose momentum during your time away from gym equipment. Home workouts are also a great way to battle anxiety by boosting endorphins.

What are the daily workouts during these times that we find ourselves in?

Let’s take a look at daily workouts that keep muscles active and guarantee general fitness. They are simple routines for everyone that require little or no equipment.


Burpees are a great choice if you want to do something intense without visiting the gym. You don’t have to go ahead and do 100 reps. All you have to do is start with something that is doable but would still pose a challenge. Starting with 50 reps is a welcome idea.

To do a burpee, you would have to stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. While in this position, keep your hands at your sides and ensure your knees are straight.

Ensure that your shoulders are upright with your back straight as you tighten your abs and squeeze your butt at the beginning of each rep.

Slowly, bend your hips and knees and go into a squat. Move your hips forward and bend your knees to face the ground. Straighten your back and keep your arms close to your body.

Next, place your hand on the floor in front of you. Make sure your arms are straight but don’t lock your elbows. Then, kick your feet back into a plank position.

It’s important that your hands are shoulder-width apart and properly placed on your floor while in this position. Drop to the ground and lie flat. Press shoulder-with arms and jump your feet forward.

Do this in one smooth motion but keep your hands on the ground. The final step is to jump upwards. You’re free to jump as high as you want to but stick to reasonable height to conserve energy.

That’s the end of one rep. Repeat the entire process for another burpee rep.


Asides from the burpees, you can also do some push-ups. You may stick to the same number of reps as the burpees. It’s a pretty popular exercise but how do you do it properly?

Get into a push-up position and place your hands on the floor. Make sure that you close your hips to engage your glutes and lower abs.

Pull yourself slowly to the ground while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Start out the movement by tensing your chest region.

Next, push your hands forward to maintain the tension in your chest. It’s important that your hips do not sag and keep your glutes and lowered and tight.

Plank Rotation

Another workout to try out is the Plank Rotation. Get into position by lying on your front with your elbows locked. Keep your legs straight behind you. Tuck your toes in, tighten your abs and lift your hips off the floor.

The goal is to evenly distribute your weight between your arms and feet. Make sure that your shoulders are above your palm. Focus on keeping your body in a straight line from shoulder to ankle.

To complete a rep, take one palm off the floor, open it and rotate it till it is in the 12 o’clock position. Place the arm back down and keep your palm facing the floor.

Plank rotation is harder, the closer your feet are together. Therefore, you can start out with a wider stance before closing the distance between your feet. This will add more intensity after a few simple reps.

V – Sit

Do you know how to do the v – sit? Take a look at how it’s done. Lie on the ground with your legs stretched out and keep your hands by your side. This will be the start and stop position for each complete rep.

While keeping your legs straight and outstretched, tighten your torso and lift it towards your thighs. Maintain a v – shape and stretch your hands towards your feet.

Take your hands closer to your feet by slowly lowering your back. To do this routine properly, you have to ensure that you don’t rush through it.

Make sure your torso is tightened throughout the routine. Keep your back from arching or else you’ll not be engaging your core muscles.

The intensity of this routine can be increased by adding some weight to your hands or ankles.


Squats are a straightforward routine to engage your muscles early in the morning. Stand on your feet with your hips-width apart. Tighten your core and keep your back muscles engaged. This will be the start and end position for each completed rep.

With your core tightened, sit your hips back, bend your knees and go into a squat. Keep the weight fixed in your heels, flex your knees, and go back to your starting position.

Tighten your glutes at a standing position and repeat the movements. During the routine, keep your body weight balanced on both feet. You can consult an expert to determine the correct body position for you.

It’s important that your back doesn’t arch throughout the exercise.

This period doesn’t have to be the end of your workout routine. It’s important that you keep feet and don’t lose too much momentum while staying at home. The routines above will keep you in shape during these times that we find ourselves in

[AD]The Bedroom IS the new Boardroom – Suitable WFH loungewear #Sponsored

While many of us are now having to establish working from home as the new normal, where zoom calls are replacing physical meetings and our bedroom is the new boardroom, well at least for the foreseeable.

Staying in your pyjamas through the day, and then the night, non showering and a lack of general grooming really can have a detrimental effect on our mental health and all-round levels of anxiety. 

All recent research has advised during this period of lockdown and self isolation establishing a routine is all important. Getting up, getting showered and getting dressed is essential in starting a positive mindset. 

Although attitudes seem to have relaxed on formal workwear attire no longer being enforced. Professionalism, employer opinion and our own stylish standards means sitting on our sofa in last night’s nightwear isn’t an opinion. But we don’t have to add to our already heightened stress levels Very Menswear, can cater to all of our loungewear needs from smart to, let’s agree on, smart casual. I mean as they put it, “our range is designed to give you a little bit of luxury at home”.

Tommy Hilfiger

Whether, it’s the regular start of the week meeting or taking your daily exercise. This look from Tommy Hilfiger won’t see you looking out like you’ve just rolled out of bed.

Polo Ralph Lauren

This casual look is great as the weather continues to warm up, fingers crossed, and won’t have you looking out of place whether it’s a 121 with your boss or answering the door to a food or maybe a delivery from Very.


Although this is loungewear it’s aspirational enough to maintain your high style standards yet tick all the boxes in the comfort stakes.

( This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Very Menswear)