Is the Falke Cream Tailored Suit by British Menswear Designer, Oliver Spencer, The suit of the summer? A great piece of versatile summer tailoring, the unlined Theobald jacket is a two-button unstructured blazer with a single vent, perfect for a smart-casual look. This unlined style has been crafted in a soft midweight Portuguese cotton and linen blend for a relaxed summer drape.

The Drawstring trouser offers a casual alternative to your everyday. This relaxed trouser is straight cut through the leg with two back pockets, a cotton drawstring through the waistband, and a button fly. The Falke fabric is a midweight, soft Portuguese cotton/linen blend, which looks great when styled with our lightweight linen jackets and blousons, or just a simple linen shirt in high summer.

From early beginnings as a self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver Spencer has built a brand around his vision: hand-crafted quality paired with stylish accents and details. In the words of British GQ, a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

Over the years the brand have endeavoured to create trusting, open and transparent relationships with a network of suppliers, in order to support workers’ rights and their welfare. It is important to them that the people making their clothes are treated with dignity, respect and care. By situating their manufacturing in the UK and Portugal they avoid many of the labour issues which are prevalent in the wider supply chain of the fashion industry, such as forced labour, unfair pay arrangements and unsafe working environments. The countries in which they produce have tight legal frameworks on the employment of garment workers, which in the majority of situations prevents issues faced in less regulated garment manufacturing countries.

Homebody: How Sleep Effects Your Mindset

As we step cautiously out of this pandemic that has caused the entire world to press pause, it can feel strange and uncertain to start living again. Eating out, shopping, hugging are all positive steps back to normality but for many, mental health has really suffered.

One of the key aspects of getting back on track for many was getting good quality sleep and it has been proven how vital a good sleep routine is for our mental health.

The NHS website says “regular poor quality sleep can have a huge effect on your health, putting you at risk of developing serious medical conditions and can affect your body, thoughts, emotions and behaviour“.

Homebody‘s hand-crafted, modern silhouettes are designed to mould to the body for a perfect fit. At Homebody they are committed to making only small amounts of clothes each season and just the amount that they need to fulfil orders, reducing the amount of clothing wastage that is reaching epidemic levels. Their premium essentials are crafted, muted, classic colourways in their exclusive, super soft Modal-Sens fabric with sun protection 50+ UPF. They source all their fibres through the Lenzing group to ensure that the wood pulp used to create those fibres comes only from sustainably harvested trees. Their Modal sens fabric is derived from Tencel Modal fibers sourced predominantly from sustainable beechwood trees. The thermostatic properties within the micro-modal fibres react to changes in temperature and regulate body heat to result in a better night’s sleep or ensured comfort throughout the day with understated sophistication

It is a known fact that if you don’t get enough sleep, it can lead to depression and to mental health problems, so here are Homebody’s  top tips for a good new sleep routine : 

1. Keep to the same bedtime routine every night.

2. Create a nice relaxing sleep environment and a cool temperature in the room.

3. Make sure your bed is super comfy.

4. Exercise everyday even if it’s just a walk around the block, this will really help with stretching the muscles and prevent stiffness.

5. Cut down on caffeine after lunchtime and try a camomile / sleepy tea at night.

6. Don’t eat too much before you go to bed.

7. Take away the electrics and no watching your Ipad/Iphone in bed and charge somewhere far from the bed.

8. A bubble bath warm shower will help relax or a short yoga/ meditation for ten minutes will help aid relaxation.

9. Write your worries down or simply say them out loud to yourself – the think only positive thoughts and add some gratitude for all the amazing things in your life

10. Most important – wear some really soft and beautiful sleepwear – like errrr, ohhh yeah,  Homebody!


I think it’s safe to say 2020 was the year of DIY. At least when it came to grooming and hair care, we redefined simple grooming pleasures as moments of self-care and converted our kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms into our very own styling studios. We learnt new skills and experimented with tools and new styles, but now it’s time to take things up a notch. Dial up the performance and the power to clip, trim and tidy like a true professional with the Super-X Metal Series by BaByliss.

Firstly up we have the Super-X Metal Series is designed to offer barber grade grooming at home. For the Super-X Metal Series we have paired both style and substance.

Our advanced lightweight motor provides outstanding power and lithium technology offers sustained cutting performance.

The robust metal housing is both stylish and functional which gives superior handling and our precision engineered Japanese steel blades deliver smooth, effortless cutting.


A high performance hair clipper delivers exceptional performance and professional results. Japanese Steel blades with a unique super sharp cutting.

It’s features includes;

Cordless Lithium Ion | 3 Hour charge |

3 Hour run time

Japanese Steel blades | 10 Comb guides 0.5 – 8 (0.8mm-25mm) Left and right ear taper guides | 5-Position taper control

Digital battery life indicator | USB charging stand | Storage pouch

Last but by no means least is the SUPER-X METAL SERIES 15 IN 1 CORDLESS MULTI TRIMMER.  A high performance multi trimmer to trim, shape and create your own style, for ultimate all over grooming. With Japanese Steel blades for a super sharp, smooth 0.2mm ultra-close finish, easy to fit magnetic heads and digital battery life indicator

It’s features include;

Cordless Lithium Ion | Waterproof | 3 Hour charge | 5 Hour run time Japanese Steel precision trimmer for an ultra-close 0.2mm finish | 6-Position stubble comb guide 1-3.5mm | 4x Beard comb guides 5, 6, 7, 8mm | 2x Body comb guides 3, 4mm | 2-Position eyebrow comb guide 3-5mm | Japanese Steel power trimmer for an ultra-close 0.2mm finish | 3x Hair comb guides 9, 12, 16mm | Detail foil shaver | Nose and ear trimmer | USB charging stand Digital battery life indicator | Storage pouch

BaByliss grooming ambassador, Jody Taylor says on the range. XD

“I love the BaByliss Super X range because the two main characteristics I look for in clippers and trimmers are performance and design, the super X range has these in abundance.

The BaByliss aesthetic is always forward thinking with so much research into product development for both consumer and professional. The X range for me feels like a hybrid.

There is a simplicity for use with the cordless clipper as the size is slightly smaller therefore easy to use and manoeuvre and the taper control system is numbered on the adjustment lever making hair easy to blend and create symmetry on both sides.

The Chrome finish has been taken from the success of the professional range, and this makes the range feel like luxury.

The head attachments for the  multi trimmer are magnetic which makes them so easy to change, and the stand looks so good on display in any bathroom.

To get the most out of the key is being consistent, having a solid grooming regime.

Staying on top of unwanted or unruly hair.

Experimenting with different beard or stubble styles throughout the year i.e. it’s easy to give yourself a fresh look by simply changing the length or shape of your beard, remember only small amounts of hair make a big difference.

We have a saying in the industry “It’s not how much you cut off it’s what you leave on.”

The blades on the Super X range are made from the highest quality Japanese steel, exactly the same as the professional range, this allows for precision cutting as close as possible. And allows the blades to smoothly cut through thick and bulky hair of all textures.

To look after your clippers make sure to use the clipper oil provided on a regular basis, always blow hair away from the blades and use the small brush to remove any excess hair.

wash clipper guards with water after use.

The multi trimmer is 100% waterproof which makes cleaning so easy as each attachment can rinsed under water.

It’s so important to keep your tools clean as this prevents debris getting into the blades and machine and always allows for a cleaner trim.

My grooming  Faux Pas

  • Dont have a chin strap beard
  • Don’t let you uni brow get out of control
  • Dont let you back hair creep out your shirt
  • Keep it tidy downstairs
  • Dont cut your side burns up into your hairline
  • Dont shave your legs unless your an olympic swimmer”

Everything you need to know about SPF this summer – Be3 suncare

The Be3 sunscreen range is built upon research. Clinically tested and proven to work for all skin types. With advanced, patented formulas this is a range your skin and our environment will love.

With a focus on respect for our planet and a mission to remain eco-sustainable and eco-friendly. Comprised of six sun care products, this range is all you need to defy damage this summer.

As we all know everyone loves to spend a bit of time in the sunshine, when it shows up in the UK. This SPF guide from Be3 sunscreen will help you do that without sacrificing your  precious skin. Remember you need to wear SPF every day of the year!

Be3 Tan Accelerator – the canvas your skin needs pre- tanning. Damage from the sun is reduced, hemp water hydrates the skin and the tanning process is kickstarted in the safest way possible.

Progressive Sunscreen – SPF 20/30/50+. This is genius. Apply this product once for SPF 20, twice for SPF 30 and a third time for SPF 50+! Also available in sensitive skin formula – clinically tested, vegan and suitable for babies from age 0.

Natura Sport – also demonstrating progressive application this acts as an insect repellent as well as SPF. Prevents free radical damage to the skin and packs a punch of hydration.

Terra Sport – with this you get equal UVA/UVB protection making it ideal for outdoor activities in busy cities. Protecting against oxidative stress caused from smog and pollution.

Tattoo – This dry sun oil is formulated with Physavie to prevent tattoos from losing definition and becoming discoloured due to sunligh

Why do you need to protect your skin against UVA/UVB rays?

UVA rays are always penetrating into your skin when outdoors even if it’s cloudy. They account for 90% of visible signs of ageing. They are also linked closely with skin cancer and can be very damaging for your skin.

UVB rays are shorter and most dangerous on hot, sunny days. UVB rays will cause sunburn. 

When and how much should I apply? 

It’s crucial to apply in the morning at least 30 minutes before heading outside. This allows the product to absorb into your skin properly before exposure. It’s a good idea to reapply throughout the day too if you’re sitting in the sun. Be generous when applying, you want your skin to be completely protected. 

Aren’t all SPF products the same? 

No, there are different levels of protection and formulas. Be3 Sun Protection is progressive. That means the SPF level increases as you apply it again. Apply once for SPF20 and then twice more for SPF 50++. That means you are completely protected against harmful rays.

Progressive Sunscreen – SPF 20/30/50+. This is genius.Apply this product once for SPF 20, twice for SPF 30 and athird time for SPF 50+! Also available in sensitive skin formula – clinically tested, vegan

The buyers guide – Wellgosh

We haven’t cover The Buyers guide for quite some time but, is it back with a vengeance today with a truly deserved treat. The subjext of today’s post is Wellgosh an internationally renowned, directional streetwear store that specialises in trainers and clothing spanning the areas of sportswear, techwear and streetwear. 

With iconic and limited edition trainers at their core, Wellgosh have a strong history in cultivating, and then supporting the UK ‘sneaker scene’, and is now recognised as one of the world’s top tier trainer destinations.

The past 20 years have seen streetwear go from subculture to mass-culture, Wellgosh has been at the forefront of this movement. Functionality has been a key to streetwear’s success, and recent years have seen the rise of the Great Outdoors within the streetwear arena, Wellgosh have been early adopters of this, working with classic outdoor brands and pushing the boundaries with the next generation of tech-wear companies from around the world. 

Uniform Bridge showcase the Mountain Utility Jacket in Orange this season. Cut using both cotton and polyester, which makes for a windproof shell, this jacket offers excellent protection from the elements. With a full zip closure and adjustable cuffs, bottom hem and hood, an comfortable fit can be reached. A full zip closure locks in the warmth, and this jacket has two zipped hand-warmer pockets that are concealed by an adjustable button flap.

Uniform Bridge provide the goods in the form of this Bridge Arch Logo Sweatshirt, which takes on a Charcoal styling this season. Cut from a luxury French Terry cotton, this sweatshirt boasts ribbed trimmings to lock the shape and comfort in. Branding appears in the form of printed branding across the front of the chest on this daily staple.

Adidas and Human Made are back at it for Spring Summer ’21. A tight capsule collection designed under the watchful eye of Nigo consisting of two pieces of footwear, some sporting accessories and a classic Firebird Tracksuit. This Firebird Track Top is top notch, you pretty much get two for the price of one due to the reversible nature of the design. The Adidas x Human Made collection is available at Wellgosh now. 

The Bunnies Bomber Jacket from Billionaire Boys Club is primarily a top layer that has been designed to keep you nice and warm in mild weather. It’s based off of the classic bomber jacket shape and features embroidered brand artwork, button-fastened pockets and full zip closure. The brushed cotton build provides great levels of comfort and keeps the warmth in.

Clarks Originals drape the Desert Coal in an off-white camouflage suede this season. This modern update of the iconic Desert Boot is crafted from premium and features an exclusive, in-house designed print. With the classic crepe sole and lace closure system, Clarks do what they do best with this model.

The Needles W.U Pant in Black arrives here at Wellgosh this season. This pair of trousers showcase some seriously high quality thanks to their comfortable polyester construction and vertical darts that line both legs – a touch that merges the track pant and formal trouser perfectly. This pair features an elasticated waistband, 2 front zipped pockets, and a back zipped pocket too to ensure that all of your belongings aren’t going anywhere. A tonal Needles logo is embroidered at the top of the left leg and signs this incredible pair of trousers off in style.

The North Face introduce the EU Street 5 Panel in Black this season, which is a classic 5 panel cap that provides a comfortable, shallow fit. This cap utilises a WFlashDry™ sweatband in order to whick sweat away and keep you both cool and dry. A woven brand patch can be found at the front and a webbed adjuster strap allows for a customisable fit.

Satta introduce the Kodo Jacket in Olive this season. The Kodo Jacket is fabricated in a reverse weave cotton twill, and features two oversized chest pocket alongside two welt pockets that are situated at the hip. With a zippered-pop closure, a single collar and adjustable cuffs, it’s a great daily piece.

The Adidas x The Simpsons ‘YDWFWS’ (You Don’t Win Friends With Salad) Footwear starts to land at Wellgosh and first up we see the Superstar get inspired by the 7-Eleven Slurpee.  The iconic shelltoe is constructed from soft leather uppers and coloured up in a vibrant mix of Solar Green, Bright Orange and Sky Tint and are finished off with Black piping around the panels and finished off with a woven Kwik-E Mart tongue label and Slurpee lace dubrae.  Sizes and stock are limited.

Arriving in a subtle Light Bone & White colourway this season, Nike present the Solo Swoosh T-Shirt. A classic staple, this short-sleeved tee is made from a premium cotton and boasts a swoosh logo, which is embroidered at the left breast. A ribbed collar and top-stitched details offer a regular fit.