OK for fear of being corrected, St Giles isn’t the Patron Saint of Fragrance, but he is of Blacksmiths, Cancer patients and the Mentally ill, amongst other saintly duties. But the man behind this new delicious fragrance range has been described as a Saint and is a true Fashion industry insider. To say what this man doesn’t know about the fashion, beauty, grooming and lifestyle industria isn’t worth even knowing.
Michael Donovan (above) has spent the last three years creating 5 individual mood inducing scents with the help of the master of innovative luxury fragrance, Bertrand Duchaufour.

The thinking behind this launch is the answer to the Holy Grail of fragrance questions, ‘How does a fragrance make you feel?’ We are all multifaceted creatures which experience different moods and have many differing sides to our complete our own personality and so we need an olfactory wardrobe that is multi-functional and fulfils the needs of our daily lives – a scent to make us feel empowered and successful or inspired, glamorous or stylish.

Think about a fragrance to match and maximise on the mood we find ourselves in or want to portray. Amongst our favourites are, The tycoon
This fragrance conveys luxury and power and is opulent, sumptuous and self-assured, wrapping you up in privilege. It will take you from boardroom to bedroom, it will lionise, it is empowered and entitled. The Tycoon is also a little intimidating!
The scent of extravagance is chypre and here it is balanced with an intense, vivid opening of bitter green galbanum, the gilded zest of pomelo and grapefruit, green lemons and fresh ginger.

Then we have The Writer
The written word is one of life’s great joys, from novels and poetry to newspapers and magazines, online content and the new cultural commentators of social media. Words have the greatest capacity to effect change. This fragrance, inspired by the talented writers that use their imagination, creativity and vision to enrich our lives, will aid concentration and summon the muse!
Rosemary stimulates memory performance and its bitter-green intensity provides the focus for this perfume. The scent opens with fresh ginger, rosemary absolute and the focusing sparkle of aldehydes.

Ohhhh next its the turn of The Mechanic
This is the sex scent! The smells associated with the mechanic’s pit – oil and rubber, fuel, hot skin – convey the purity of doing something physical and how empowering it feels. The Mechanic is animalic, hirsute and it growls!
Earthy geranium and patchouli open, conjuring the urban jungle, and then castoreum hits leather, caramel smooth, rich and dusky. There is something of the Grimm’s fairytale to this fragrance something, dark, smoky, brooding yet sensual, ready to overwhelm.

If that has whet your appetite, check all 5 of these individually crafted scents exclusively at Selfridges.


The island sibling of the Oxford, the Havana shirt – or Cuban shirt whichever you want to call it – is a classic old-school wardrobe staple – and it’s made a major comeback in recent seasons. With a number of brands reinterpreting the classic Guayabera, a style of shirt popularised by the late Fidel Castro and worn throughout South and Central America.

The piece is known by it’s defined by a pointed, two-tiered collar, which usually comes short-sleeved. And for this upcoming spring/summer season, we have picked 6 pieces that we believe you should add to your wardrobe, ranging from high street to high-end.


Marks & Spencer – Limited Edition Palm Print Chambray Shirt


Jigsaw – Capri Collar Dot Short Sleeve Shirt

Saturdays NYC – Canty Solid Shirt

Universal Works – Cuban Shirt In Indigo Pinpoint Denim

YMC – Malick Shirt

Maison Margiela – Cotton Guayabera Shirt




Pink for decades has been a colour often paired with femininity, as a result your average male tended to shy away from this toneal shade.  To this day males within multiple cultures around the world are scared to wear this tone and no its not because it doesn’t suit there skin tone. Only real men wear pink.


When summer approaches every year our wardrobes colours tend to get more and more colourful with Pinks, Blues and Yellows sneaking their way back in. However our pick of the bunch is pink! This is due to a large amount of tones, which pink offers as well as the vast array of styling opportunities, which it offers.


One of the best aspects of this Summery happy shade is the amount of tones which it offers, with a variety like no others, giving all those wearing it an opportunity to standout in a different way, whether it be Deep pink, hot pink or even baby pink, you decide!


However, how far are you willing to take your pink look? Will it be a basic polo or a pink suit to a wedding, we’ll let you decide?
Pink is an incredibly easy colour to wear with combinations of different silhouettes being endless and this is why its so surprising that it’s still not one of the key colours seen within our wardrobe, as long as the piece is styled correctly and worn with confidence it can definitely help take your style to another level.


Pink in general is an incredibly versatile colour and can be seen throughout a vast range of outfits as it simply brings that little something which was previously missing whether it is vibrant tie or standout pair of trousers and pairing pinks with a variety of greys, whites and beiges is something which we will never say no to!


Remember a pink garment is the statement piece within outfits so don’t over do it, Here are a couple of our pink picks for this summer!


POLO RALPH LAUREN (I think you guessed this one)



It’s already April and we’re ever nearing the summer holidays. Whilst some might have slacked off on the new year’s gym resolution as per tradition – we hope that you haven’t – there are many of us that have been powering on with our routines whenever we have enough time at the gym. We here at CMTM put importance on having the proper gear for any activity. We all need to carry our gear and other items on a daily basis, so we have listed out our favourite bags that can be used in the gym as well as in your daily routine.

Herschel – Sutton Holdall

Barbour – Banchory Nylon Holdall

Ted Baker – Rodrik Holdall

The North Face – Base Camp Duffel

Rains – Zipped Up Holdall

A.P.C. – Liam Duffle Bag


Fifty years is a long time for anyone to imagine,being married to the same person for fifty years. Fifty years is half a Century, If you leave school at 18, the government want you to work for at least fifty years before you can retire. I might jeez it’s the best part of a lifetime !

Well, can you imagine if your clothes were given this kind of guarantee ? This is exactly what Tom Cridland wants to do, after success with his 30 Year Sweatshirt, he now wants to build upon this with the Half Century Jeans!

Cridland works on the age old principle of it’s better to buy less but make sure what you do buy is special and The Half CenturyJeans is an attempt to promote the concept of sustainable fashion.

Working in the Fashion Industry Cridland became tired of the unnecessary waste, created by poorly made clothes and wanted to move towards protecting our natural resources by making truly durable clothing.

Cridland swears his Half Century Jeans are as comfortable as your favourite pair of jeans, but built from a special hybrid of materials including Japanese selvedge denim, sourced from Okayama, and ultra durable Spectra fibres, which are 15x stronger than cable steel.

These are the closest thing to indestructible jeans available right now. He is so confident of this that, for the next 50 years, they will be backed with a guarantee of free repair or replacement should anything happen to them.

We all know as consumers, we need to buy less and buy better, and to stop subscribing to the “fast fashion” mentality that has become so prevalent and has made fashion the world’s second most polluting industry.

Using selvedge denim is crucial to the design of the Half Century Jeans because it is more durable, better value in terms of cost per wear, made ethically and looks smarter.

All cotton used in the production of Half Century Jeans is 100% organic. Organic cotton is free from pesticides, genetic modification and artificial fertilisers. This is better for the health of our planet and the people living on it: whether you’re using cotton to make clothing or a consumer wearing it.