The Great Outdoors with FERA

Created by best friends Declan and Sid, who decided to set up a clothing brand after travelling around the world together. Fera is a new and exciting outdoor British label that’s all about enjoying the often overlooked pleasures of the British countryside. With a tagline of ‘Seek Your Wild’ think of messing about in boats, dirt biking it to the beer garden and communing round campfires with your mates rather than attempting to scale K2.

Inspired by classic workwear and old school outdoor kit, Fera makes the type of timeless, rugged gear that’s built to last and designed to withstand some serious outdoor enjoyment. Clearly passionate about the great British outdoors,

Fera have also committed to giving 5% of their annual sales to a number of charitable projects and organisations dedicated to preserving British wildlife. Sign up to their newsletter for 15% off your first purchase on the Fera site here and have a look at their new video ‘The Detour’ here.


Sensible Suncare -Top tips with Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme

Melanoma, which is often caused by too much sun exposure, is on the rise in the UK according to brand new research. Over 2,300 melanoma skin cancer deaths are caused in the UK every year – that’s more than 6 every day.

As we approach the summer, more and more people are looking for a healthy glow.

The incredible skincare expert, advanced Cosmetic Doctor and Founder of the award-winning clinic, Adonia Medical Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, gives us she expert tips on Suncare and what products to use.

When it comes to wondering about which sun cream to use, which product will give you the most protection and how often we should wear it, Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme is the person to ask.

What to look for in a sun cream?

Although any sun cream is undoubtedly better than none, some are better than others. The most important thing to keep an eye out for when shopping for sun protection is for physical and mineral-based chemical sun creams. A physical sun cream will contain zinc and titanium, so be sure to keep an eye out for these ingredients on the back of the bottle.

What level of protection should I be using?

Everyday sun cream for your face should be at least factor 50.

When should I be wearing sun cream?

No matter what day of the year, you should be wearing sun cream on areas of the skin which are exposed – so your face, neck and hands for most people. UVA rays penetrate clouds, mist, fog, rain – you name it – so 365 days of the year sun cream should be in your routine. When it comes to the sunnier months, it’s important to wear sun cream on all areas which aren’t covered by clothes. So when you’re on the beach [finally!] be sure to apply all over.

Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Skin Expert and Medical Director/Founder of Adonia Medical Clinic. Follow on Instagram @dr_ifeoma_ejikeme


If there ever was a time we needed an Early Majority, it’s now

Early Majority makes technical outerwear for all eventualities and all genders. Designed as a versatile, modular system to reduce waste and foster circularity. They’re leaning away from the Boy’s Club to deliver exceptional product via a disruptive membership model.

They discovered the lie of “leaning in,” which had come at the expense of their well-being and purpose. They had forfeited control over their own time and lost touch with each other and nature.

But not anymore. Early Majority gathers people who want to lean out— and make time in their lives for adventure, art, and activism. Departing from the dominant industry model, they are building a business based on growing supportive community over producing unnecessary product.

The brains behind the brand is Joy Howard has been recognized by Forbes and Fast Company as one of the most influential and creative global business leaders and was profiled by Bloomberg for her unconventional journey to the C-suite. She reignited Patagonia after decades of dormancy, sparking a media frenzy around the brand by launching Worn Wear and the New Localism (their campaign to defend public lands).

Before Patagonia, Joy led marketing for Converse All-Star, the world’s largest and most iconic footwear franchise. She launched the Chuck ‘70 and iconic collaborations with Andy Warhol Foundation and Maison Margiela, which she ensured were made in small sizes for women. Since leaving Patagonia, she has worked in the venture-backed world of technology, preparing Sonos for IPO and taking Lyft public. At Sonos, she launched their partnerships with IKEA and Hay. In 2020, she was named one of the world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes for work as a digital rights activist.

In January of 2021, Joy founded Early Majority with her long-time partner from Patagonia and Sonos, Dmitri Siegel. They’re backed by investors such as legendary Sequoia boss Jim Goetz and London-based Mosaic Ventures, early investors in blockchain applications and the enabling infrastructure for European SMEs.

Their members club model means the members are granted exclusive access and pricing, as well as practical tools for leaning out. They hold an active role in shaping future product development, ensuring we take care of the planet and make what our community wants and nothing more.

They’ve created a 9-piece technical system that can be layered, allowing for fluid movement between active, professional, and social pursuits.

Their collection is modular to reduce waste and foster circularity. Each piece is perfected with a relentless focus on multifunctionality and impeccable design

Their merchmap is the anti-merchmap. It shows their community how to construct their own modular kits—from bike to boardroom, backcountry to bar.

Their design philosophy seeks to transcend gender, letting you tailor the fit and tweak your silhouette. The degendered double zips found in our hero shell jacket can be pulled to remove the central panel and re-zipped to make a tighter waist. Side zippers can open to create a looser fit on the hips and detachable hoods come in multiple sizes to accommodate different head sizes.

Sometimes you want to be easy to spot, other times more elusive. Designing for this reality is another part of the brand’s all eventualities ethos.

Their brand badges snap on to all of our garments and come with custom-made magnets. They can easily be removed or replaced with a badge of your choosing.

This platform for self-expression and allyship gives their partners a blank canvas to hack our gear, creating visibility and becoming part of the community.

Artists with whom the brand collaborate choose a mutual aid organisation to benefit from the sale of their badge. Some badges directly represent and benefit the organisations themselves, others will support movements and commemorate moments.



7 budget-friendly alternatives to popular luxury holiday destinations

Summer is here and so is the desire for a relaxing holiday away from home. However, with prices rising across the globe, far-flung holiday destinations seem to be an unachievable luxury. 

With this in mind, Forbes Advisor discovered the best luxury holiday location dupes to offer an amazing experience without paying a hefty price tag!  

The study looked at the cost of the most popular bucket list destinations, and compared them to visually similar destinations, in order to determine the price difference and provide a list of dupes for travellers. 


Total Savings


Luxury Holiday

Budget Alternative

£ Saved

% Difference


Bora Bora, French Polynesia





The Bahamas





Hawaii, U.S.

Florida, U.S.









Lisbon, Portugal

Mexico City, Mexico




Athens, Greece

Istanbul, Turkey




Paris, France

Marseille, France




Rome, Italy

Cairo, Egypt



Bora Bora
is undoubtedly one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations, with Google searches showing more than half a million Americans (534k) have searched for it in the past month. However, did you know you can get a similar experience for a quarter of the price? 

Switching your destination to Panama will save you a whopping £4,839! From exploring indigenous communities to checking the traditional cigar factories, or just enjoying a day at the beach (there are over 3,000 kilometres of coastline), Panama offers not just a holiday, but an all-around unforgettable experience – on a budget. 

The second biggest saving you can make is by switching your holiday spot from The Bahamas to the island country of Curacao! This switch could save you approximately £1,708. Although the beaches in Curacao might not be pink, and you probably won’t see any swimming pigs like you would in The Bahamas, there are plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful island, such as: swimming with the sea turtles, learning how to dive, and not spending a fortune on it!

Although Hawaii is a gorgeous destination to visit, if you are on a budget you might want to book a plane to Florida instead, saving approximately £1,476! Apart from enjoying some time on the beach, a trip to Florida brings a multitude of attractions for you to enjoy such as Walt Disney World, The Kennedy Space Centre, and for the movie lovers, a trip to Universal Studios. 

Fiji is a great holiday destination dupe for those wanting to go somewhere like the Maldives, but on a budget, this switch would save you approximately £632. With so many attractions to enjoy in Fiji, such as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, the hot spring & mud pools, and the Fiji culture village, you are offered a luxurious experience, without paying an exorbitant price.

Lisbon, Portugal could be switched up for Mexico City, Mexico, saving you approximately $564. Whilst in Portugal you can visit the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos (former monastery of the Order of Saint Jerome, built in the Manueline and Gothic styles), the Oceanário de Lisboa, and the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum’, in Mexico City you can see the Frida Kahlo Museum, the Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.

Instead of a trip to Athens, Greece, you can save approximately £321 by going to Istanbul, Turkey. 

If you’d like a holiday to France, a trip to Marseille would cost you 7.59% less than a trip to the capital, Paris. 

Lastly, going to Cairo, Egypt instead of Rome, Italy can save you approximately £126 (and you can try to figure out how they built the pyramids)!



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Luxury eyewear brand L.G.R and Robe di Kappa launch exclusive Limited Edition sunglass

L.G.R launches a Special Edition of sunglasses in collaboration with the iconic  clothing brand Robe di Kappa, sharing common values related to Italian style and authenticity. The concept will focus on the campaign claim “Robe di Occhiali”, also engraved inside the temple to emphasize the limited edition and the exclusive nature of the product.

L.G.R has been producing eyewear since 2008, blending together traditional Italian methods of craftsmanship, lens technology, and a history that dates back to Africa. L.G.R eyewear is entirely handmade in Italy by three artisanal families, who build each frame from start to finish using traditional methods of production in order to deliver an authentic and noble product.

L.G.R preserves Italian values and heritage through hard work by real people who have spent their lives specializing in this meticulous line of craftsmanship. The result is a genuine product that translates excellence through passion. The brand has a celebrity following including Tom Cruise, Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince William, Marion Cotillard, Kirsten Dunst, Giorgio Armani, Gigi Hadid, Paul Bettany, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi amongst others.

For this collaboration the brand has used as a reference the iconic Fez, a bestselling model of the L.G.R collection, and have customized it on the basis of colours chosen in line with Robe di Kappa style and positioning.

For this collaboration with Robe di Kappa, the matt finish of the Fez frontal was achieved through a natural thermal opacification process called sandblasting, preserving the very high quality of the cellulose acetate and giving a modern design. The slogan of the collaboration “Robe di Occhiali” is stamped inside the sunglasses’ temples.