A Collaboration made in Sustainable Heaven – VTG LAB Burberry X The North Face

Avid CMTM family members will remember we recently covered VTG LAB who are doing an amazing job on highlight the incredible work they are doing with upcycling and give pre-loved items of clothing, literally, a new lease of life ! Well, the latest VTG LAB collection is working with a merging of Burberry + The North Face jackets.

These jackets are an exclusive drop from the True Vintage VTG LAB range, a collection of up-cycled and high-end vintage from brands like Nike, Burberry and Adidas. The VTG LAB Burberry + The North Face drop includes 10 items and lands Tomorrow with the Items ranging from £300 – £550.

The VTG LAB collection drops a minimum of six items every Thursday on the True Vintage website. Items range from £120 – £400 and feature brands like Nike, Adidas, Coogi, YSL, Burberry and Carharrt. These collections have been super popular, with all drops selling out in less than a minute!

The Clown Prince of Denim – HIUT DENIM CO X CLOWN

Two brands with a shared history that are renowned for supporting makers, creators and outsiders, have joined forces to finish what they started over Twenty years ago.

With Clown making a mighty comeback after an extended Fifteen year power nap and Hiut continuing to break boundaries in the world of Denim, this meeting of minds reflects the core value they both adhere to – creating with a passion.

David and Claire Hieatt are bringing jobs back to Britain making raw jeans in a beautiful corner of Wales, with HIUT DENIM CO. This area previously lost out to lower production and labour costs of distant lands. The skill base remained however. It just took the vision of a couple who wanted to make great quality jeans in the UK to harness them and set up their small workshop in Cardigan Bay.

At Hiut, manufacturing is coming home. Their mission is to “do one thing well”, making the best jeans that time and skill allow.

Whereas, CLOWN SKATEBOARDS was born in AUGUST 2000, launching with the inaugural release of the ‘CLOWN BANKSY TEST PRESS’  series, two skateboard designs and their legendary logo. They had one of the UK’s leading skateboard teams, with Simon Skipp heading up the crew and bringing onboard Chris Oliver, Benny Fairfax, Woody, Mattias Nylen, Bryan Jones and some amazing up and coming talent.

Operating from their East London headquarters, Clown were punching well above their weight. In 2005 however, it was consciously decided to put the brand on ice with the aim of restarting at some point in the future. That future is now.

The foundations of this project goes back to the late Nineties when Jeff Boardman was running the howies skate team, a brand founded by Dave and Clare, of HIUT. Jeff left howies to form Clown Skateboards, but the connection, the friendship and the idea to all work together was always discussed.

So the wheel has turned full circle and they are working together again.

Older, maybe wiser BUT definitely better.


Tweed clothing has been a staple in men’s fashion for decades because it’s quintessential British clothing at its best.

Like many pieces of outerwear, tweed was developed out of necessity to help protect outdoor workers from the elements. Over time, however, tweed jackets, trousers and more have been reinvented into a must-have article of clothing that most men now own, yet many men still don’t know how to make tweed work for them.

To show you just how versatile this material is, Slater Menswear has created a guide on how to wear tweed the right way, explaining when you should wear tweed, on what occasions and worn with what.

What is tweed?

Tweed is a natural fabric made from wool that features a soft, open weave. It was first introduced in the 18th century by Scottish farmers as a way to help endure unforgiving winters.

Soon after, the popular material was gentrified and became a hit with the British aristocracy. Tweed became the go-to material for sport thanks to its water-resistant properties, with the upper classes donning the fabric for shooting, hunting and sailing.

Modern tweed has become a much more accessible clothing option, with people choosing to wear the versatile fabric for casual get-togethers as well as more formal events.

Tweed in the summer

Although originally developed to keep wearers warm, lightweight tweed blazers make a fantastic addition to any summer wardrobe. Summer weddings, barbeques and graduation ceremonies are all perfect excuses to slip into your favourite tweed jacket.

Rather than the traditional, earthy tones that remain a common staple of tweed clothing, opt for a brighter approach. Try light greys and pale blues to pair with a classic white cotton shirt or some bold checks to wear as a statement garment.

Tweed in the winter

When you want to combat the cold without sacrificing your style, tweed is ideal for layering.

For milder weather, a matching tweed waistcoat may be enough to keep you warm when wearing a jacket. When the temperature starts to drop, tweed’s rustic roots make jackets a great accompaniment to a warm knitted jumper. For smarter events, you can keep out the cold in style with an overcoat, helping to maintain your well-structured winter look.

Dress for the occasion

Tweed may have originated from a one specific, distinct look, but today you’ll find it much easier to experiment with your wardrobe to create styles suitable for any occasion.

Traditional tweed style

Although tweed can now be worn to almost any event, the traditional tweed look is still a fashion favourite. From striding through the countryside on a shoot to making an appearance at a formal city event, the traditional muted greens and browns of traditional tweed are a sure sign of a modern gent.

Always choose a full three-piece suit if you’re going for the traditional look, paired with a check shirt. If you like to accessorise, you have plenty of options with this style.

Tweed in the workplace

Tweed’s association with the upper classes has cemented its connotation with smart, refined style. The sleeker and more comfortable blends of modern tweed have made the fabric suitable for wearing in a workplace environment. The appeal of tweed over a standard business suit is that it leans towards formality while also creating a more relaxed look filled with character.

When you’re adopting tweed for office wear, opt for more contemporary colours like greys and blues rather than greens and browns. Make sure your clothing is fitted but not tight, and perfect your look with a smart pair of brown or black brogues.

Smart-Casual tweed

The beauty of a tweed suit is that a jacket, waistcoat and a pair of trousers can be worn in a multifaceted range of smart-casual ways. Not only will you be prepared for whatever event is thrown your way, but you’ll only need a single suit to mix and match with other items in your wardrobe.

If you’re heading out for after-work drinks, try dressing down your look by keeping your waistcoat without your tie and jacket. Or lose the waistcoat altogether and supplement it with a smart cardigan and a striped shirt.

Casual Tweed

Keeping an air of sophistication for casual events has been made easy thanks to the tweed jacket. A simple pair of dark jeans and a casual shirt look great with a blazer, creating a look that is more relaxed yet still refined.

Avoid t-shirts at all costs when wearing tweed, even for casual events. Ensure your blazer is fitted to your proportions. Finish off your outfit with a pair of chukka boots, loafers or a pair of boat shoes in summer.

Finishing touches

Whether you’re dressing up or down with your tweed, remember that you can make any outfit your own with accessories like ties, shoes, pocket squares and more. Explore our full range of tweed suits and tweed blazers or head over to our Style Inspiration page for more fashion tips and advice

Call the Fire Brigade – William Wood Watches

In a nutshell, William Wood is a British luxury watch brand that upcycles firefighting materials into unique luxury watches.

Founder Jonny Garrett was inspired to create William Wood Watches in memory of his heroic firefighting grandfather and a percentage of sales are donated to firefighting charities.

Each watch contains a piece of firefighting heritage – part of a 1920s London Fire Brigade brass helmet is melted into every crown and the straps for each collection are made from hand-cut British fire hose that has served and protected the UK Fire and Rescue Service for over a decade, and you can still smell the rich smokiness in the red, yellow, blue or cargo green rubber! The latter being British Military fire hose donated by the British Armed Forces’ Defence Fire and Rescue Unit.

Jonny’s vision is to become the leading British luxury watch brand that upcycles firefighting materials for a new life whilst giving back to good causes.

“We are proud to say that any customer who wears a William Wood watch is wearing a real piece of firefighting history. We have certainly come a long way since jumping on our flight to Baselworld in Switzerland with our watch drawings in hand, and a tenacity to create a recognised best of British business.”

Back in 2016, he founded William Wood Watches in honour of firefighters everywhere and one in particular – his late grandfather, William Wood, who was a decorated firefighter for 25 years, winning commendations for his acts of bravery.

With customers in more than 50 countries, William Wood combines traditional British design with world-renowned Swiss and Japanese movements.

They have plans afoot to convert a closed British fire station into their showroom and flagship store The William Wood logo represents the side profile of a 1920s British firefighter’s helmet in dedication to Jonny’s brave grandfather and the years of courage he showed.

There are three limited edition collections and a fourth due to be launched in March this year. The first three collections include the dress watch range called Chivalrous and the diving range called the Valiant and heritage range called the Bronze.

Valiant is a collection of six stainless steel automatic dive watches, featuring the

famous straps and a host of unique features. It comes in a range of six colours which take inspiration from the different watch colours of the UK Fire and Rescue Service (Red Watch, White Watch, Blue Watch and Green Watch, plus Rose Watch and Black Watch). The 12 o’clock indices represent the two collar markings on the lapel of a UK Fire and Rescue Service Crew Manager. Printed around the perimeter of the dial are the chequered markings from the side of a British Fire Engine. The sweeping second hand takes inspiration from the chime inside a vintage fire bell and the double domed sapphire crystal glass is tinted blue as a tribute to William Wood’s tenure on the blue watch. And the turning bezel traditionally used by divers for oxygen capacity can be used for a firefighter’s oxygen tank. Super-LumiNova on the indices, hands and bezel means you can follow the time no matter how dark an environment, and this premium timepiece is water-resistant up to 100m. It comes with a choice of either Swiss Sellita SW200 Automatic or Japan Seiko NH35 Automatic Movement. There are six different watch straps to choose from.

Leave your name and your number and I’ll get back to you – Area Code

Area Code is a label with community at its heart. Formed in Stockholm, Sweden, it creates high-end streetwear to support its own charitable foundation, which is designed to improve the lives of underprivileged communities around the world.

Founded in 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand was born with the aim to facilitate opportunity for people living in developing communities around the globe through selling good quality fashion. The collections are inspired by urban trends, with an inspirational nod to the countries and the communities it is seeking to support via the Area Code Foundation.

At Area Code, the aim is to build a community; one whereby consumers are connected to people in need. Each purchase has a purpose to make a meaningful impact. Therefore, the more commercially successful the brand becomes, the more positive influence the community can provide in areas across the world that require a helping hand for positive change.

The belief is that knowledge and education are the key for sustainable growth. For that reason, the Area Code mission starts with the building of the school GOROM 3, in Bambilor, Senegal, progress on which is regularly posted on the brand website and on the Instagram account.

GOROM 3 is only the beginning, in the future Area Code aims to help communities in other parts of the world, focusing on education issues as a first step but also striving to improve lives and empower people beyond the classroom. The new brand aims to build a community; one whereby consumers are connected to people in need. Each purchase has a purpose and will make a meaningful impact.

Each piece in the collection is produced in limited quantities, with 15% from the sale of each item going towards the work of the foundation. Due to the limited availability, Area Code has created subscription only access to the website. The ethos behind this is to develop its own community of supporters; followers of the mission behind the brand but also of the unique style of the pieces it creates. After signing up, members are able to view progress on the current project, and to register for updates on new collection drops and news about the Area Code initiatives.

The debut SS21 collection takes its inspiration from the community it is currently supporting the children of Bambilor, Senegal. The West African country provides the creative inspiration for the range, with pieces named after members of the community. Khaki and black provide much of the colour palette, predominantly over a range of sweatpants and hoodies, with a red African print making an appearance on a reversible jacket. Standout pieces include a multi-stripe kimono, named after 11-year old Moussou Kera Sane from Bambilor, the heavy-cotton piece exudes the spirit of Senegal and comes in various shades of warm orange and earthy browns. A green satin bomber jacket takes its name from 10-year old Gallo Dia, while 12-year old Cheick Niang, who dreams of being a fisherman, is the name behind a heavy-duty cotton gilet, in black, with white and orange reversible African print detail. There is also a selection of socks and canvas accessories.