Words by Isaac Perry

Goorin Bros is a fourth generation family hat company; founded by Cassel Goorin in 1895. The brand has been passed down from generation to generation-gaining strength and popularity over the years.The brands first ‘store’ was a horse drawn cart loaded with Cassel’s passion and beautifully crafted hats, oh how times have changed!
Today the company has over 30 shops across the United States and Canada with each showcasing the brands heritage within, these can also be found online and within an variety of stylish boutiques within Europe.
Baseball caps
These caps can be interpreted in many ways, however take from them what you will to suit everyone’s individual personalities, with a couple of our favourite here at Clothes Make the Man being the Silver fox for your more mature male, Bad Ass, we think that speaks for itself and for the more humorous why not take a look at the Big Horns or nuts Baseball cap.
Other than these there are more plain alternatives, with some also containing the names of multiple cities across America.

Fedoras are an incredibly versatile hat and can be worn within an array of outfits, both in the summer and the winter. Goorin Bros offers a wide variety of Fedora styles in a large range of colours, adding class and style finishing off a look, with a few of our favourites being the Fatima, the Deakle and the James Dawkins, trust us these hats are really worth a look.
To make your hat individual Goorin Bro’s also offers an array of hat accessories, meaning you can individually chose out from a selection of feathera and pins, making your hat one of a kind.

These two styles are a small proportion of what the brand offers with multiple others available; take your pick to top of your look!



The cold weather is starting to evaporate as the snow recedes and the sun starts to shine through the clouds, which can only mean Summer’s around the corner. Out with the long sleeves and in with the short. Whether we disagree with it or not, when a new season starts to set in we’re all looking to see what’s in and what’s not for our wardrobe collection.
Luckily enough, you’re able to look in one place as we take you through the hot stuff for this year’s summer trends before the heat arrives.

Printed Shirts
Once a trend of the past with Dad’s over 50, the printed shirts are making their comeback in style. From floral prints to polka dots, the designs of printed shirts are bound to catch the eye in the Summer sun. The most popular types come with the short sleeves that are rolled up, but whatever you fancy, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd.

Ripped Denim Jeans
Some elders will say it looks like you’ve taken a fall and ripped your jeans in the process of doing so, but let them know that it was deliberately bought this way because it’s the ‘in-thing’ for Summer this year. Casual or smart-casual dress can be pulled off with ripped jeans, and lighter tones especially during the day are very popular.

Trucker Caps
If you’re not a big fan of wearing sunglasses there are alternatives to keeping the blinding sun rays out of sight. It’s always awkward when you’re walking down the street and look like you’ve got something stuck in your eye, when in reality you’re just squinting due to the blazing sun making it difficult to see. Keeping cool but safe at the same time may seem difficult, but mesh trucker caps resolve that problem well. 6-panel caps especially are also stronger than other styles, which helps in keeping their shape for them times when they need to be put away if the Sun was to fade.

Pastel Trainers
As well up top, we’ve got you covered for the ground too. Although pastel tones may remind you of the colour of your favourite ice cream, it’s definitely worth wearing for your kicks. Colours range from baby pink and blue , mauve, mint and others. They’re also a great different option to your typical white trainers but add a bit more flavour (we definitely weren’t thinking of ice cream we mentioned flavours by the way).

White Pants/Shorts
Okay, these may seem like a bold statement but accompany it with a formal shirt and a pair of loafers and a smart summer look is complete. Alternatively, the casual shorts are also likely to go with most trainer and t-shirt outfits. Most importantly they’re likely to keep you nice and cool in the Summer sun compared to your normal coloured jeans or chino shorts, as the bright colour is less likely to attract the Sun. I doubt the last place we’d want you to feel uncomfortable in the heat of the Summer sun is the lower region of your body.


Hello mate, how are you? Take a seat, can I get you anything to drink?

That is one of the most used ‘welcome phrases’ in the noble barbershop, give or take a few words, and it’s not one to be taken for granted. Why? Because the person who is ready to improve your image, boost your confidence and leave you feeling refreshed, deserves more than a subtle ‘thanks’ at the end of the service. It may seem a little over the top, however, we are speaking from a point of experience.

A barbers 9-5, and some, is of course barbering. They cut hair, trim beards, shave faces and welcome the modern, everyday gent, to take a seat and relax for the duration of the service. They take pride in their work, take care of their clients and most importantly, ensure you enjoy your experience, from the moment you step into the barbershop and back out the door at the end.

This is why here at Clothes Make The Man, we have made it our mission to inform and educate our readers on the importance of barbershop etiquette.

Of course it’s to be taken tongue in cheek, however it might just be something to remember on your next trip to your local barbers.

1- Please wait to be called forward.
This might seem like common sense, however you’d be surprised at the amount of people who sit themselves in the chair before being called forward. Barbers, just like you and I, deserve some space and some time to breathe. If you jump into their chair without being called, you are invading the barbers privacy and somewhat disrespecting them. More often then none, the barber will want to tidy their section before calling you forward, however they might also want to grab a drink, make an urgent phone call or use the mens room. Give your barber some time to prepare for you, after all, it is his or her chair you’re going to be sat in.

2 – Be prepared with an idea, pictures or the exact specs of the haircut you want.
Again, this may seem like an obvious one, however many fail to prepare for the simple question of ‘what can I do for you’. Whether you’re certain on the clipper grade and length you want retained, or have some idea of what you want to achieve, make sure you can help your barber reach that conclusion. It’s no good sitting in the chair and saying you haven’t the slightest clue of what haircut you usually have or want. The barber can’t read minds and certainly hasn’t the time to waste. Of course, they will carry out a thorough consultation to understand your wants and needs, but help them all you can, even if it’s with a simple photo.


3 – Sit still.
Recall your mother, father or sibling telling you to sit still whilst having your hair cut as a child? Well it’s not the time to forget. If you want the best end result, sit as still as you can, so the barber can carry out the service with the upmost precision and accuracy. Furthermore, leave your phone in your pocket or bag. Your barber is there, giving you his or her full attention, so be kind and do the same. Make conversation, tell a story, communicate and connect with the person providing such a personal and somewhat of an intimate service. Your barber has other clients waiting, so don’t answer that phone call mid service. Respect the time your barber is giving you, and forget the troubles of the daily grind for 30 minutes. You’ll feel better for it afterwards, promise.

4 – Don’t Touch.
It’s a rarity in the barbershop, but it does happen. Very few customers, but some nonetheless, lean forward and touch the barbers tools, simply out of curiosity. There’s nothing wrong in being curious and by asking your barber, he or she might very well show you and even let you hold whatever tool you’re interested in, however these scissors, clippers, combs and other tools of the trade are very expensive and are highly valued by their owner. Some of these tools, such as scissors, can cost anything up to £1000, so be respectful and keep your hands off. After all, they’re very sharp and I doubt you want to lose a finger, curiosity killed the cat remember!

5 – Don’t be afraid to ask.
This may seem like a contradiction, however your barber wants you to leave with the best haircut you can get, so ask if you want something left a little longer, taken a little shorter, or changed completely. As much as your barber will know almost exactly what you want after the consultation, he or she might not know that a few strands of hair that fall over the temple are covering a scar, so let the barber know you want it left a little longer to cover them. And don’t forget the sideburns. If you want them taken up a little, let em’ know.

6 – Appraisal.
At the end of the service, whether it was a haircut, beard trim or shave, make sure you let your barber know exactly how happy you are. Of course, if you’re not too impressed, it might be worth being the bigger man, keeping quiet and heading elsewhere next time you need a trim. However, if you’re truly happy with the end product, let them know. They work extremely hard, passing on social events on the weekends and missing lunches to deliver the best service they can. Their backs will ache, their feet will swell and their fingers will go through the wars, yet they turn in each day to carry on grinding in the profession they love. Love the haircut? Tell them. Best shave experience you’ve ever had? Let them know. It’s a small gratitude that they’ll really appreciate, and it might just help them get through a rough day at the office.

Next time you’re heading to your local chop shop, it might be worth remembering a few of these tips. It’ll keep your barber sweet and therefor, they’ll keep you sweet. Develop a relationship, make conversation, but most of all, enjoy your experience. Do you have any tips you think we’ve missed? Learnt any of these the hard way? Let us know and tweet us at ClothesMakeMan on Twitter.

WORDS BY Dr Elizabeth Kershaw-Yates

We often jump straight to physical causes when trying to work out where our illness have come from – but our mental wellbeing can cause some alarming physical symptoms. April is Stress Awareness month, so we spoke to the team at The Online Clinic to find out which physical symptoms might be a sign that you are too stressed.

1. Insomnia

Trouble sleeping is a classic sign that something is bothering you. If you are stressed and unable to sleep it can keep you awake throughout the night, which can then make things even worse as you lack the deep sleep needed in order to rest and repair the body’s tissues.

There are a few things you can do to step out of this cycle. First – try to stick to a routine that teaches your body clock when it is time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. Make your bedroom a peaceful, quiet and dark place that’s a comfortable temperature.

Secondly, make sure you create a period of relaxation before you go to sleep. Off-load your concerns by writing a “to-do” list before you go to bed, rather than when you are lying in bed. This should mean that you are more relaxed when it is time to try and sleep.

2. Alopecia

Hair loss is often a natural and unavoidable part of aging – but premature hair loss might be a sign that stress is getting too much for your body to cope with. When you feel stress, your immune system can become strained and may attack the hair follicles – causing bald patches and hair loss. The only way to tell if stress is the cause of hair loss is to make a note of when you notice it and what your mood is at the time, to see if the two could be linked.

3. Migraines

Migraines can be triggered by a whole range of causes – including hormonal imbalances, dehydration, and diet – but psychological factors such as stress can also have an impact.

People who suffer from migraines have very sensitive nervous systems that are very perceptive to change. They might have chemicals in the brain which cause them to respond abnormally to signals. Stress can become one of these signals that can “trigger” a migraine attack. Keep a “migraine diary” to check in on what’s happening in your life when they appear to try and find the causes.

Taking the time to calm and down and relax can help you both physically and mentally. Your mental health affects all areas of your life and is just as important as your physical health. Keeping a diary of your health issues including your mood and diet can help to pinpoint what is triggering your health conditions. This can also be useful to show a doctor if you choose to seek medical advice.

Advice given by Dr Elizabeth Kershaw-Yates, GP and one of the medical team at The Online Clinic


Men’s streetwear has been a constant talking point for the last few years and the trend is only getting bigger. The idea behind streetwear is to offer the wearer a relaxed style whilst looking good, the hype around luxury streetwear brands like Supreme, Off White and Bape, make the style more desirable but also less affordable.

Other brands are offering everyday people more affordable alternatives to conform to the style that everyone wants, but what does the future hold for the style? Here’s a look at some of the upcoming trends to try in streetwear.

Dolce & Gabbana SS18

Miss-matched Patterns
With patterns and designs on clothing, the common style is to match a printed top or trousers to a plain garment, this helps highlight the patterns worn for a defined style. In streetwear currently, fashion shows and luxury brands are flaunting heavy designed patterns on all garments worn, tops with clashing patterns with trousers and jackets. It’s a bold style which is soon to become the norm in streetwear.

TOPMAN Design SS18

Regular Fit
Although skinny and tapered fit pants are a common occurrence in streetwear, the regular and wider fits are making their way in. To complement the relaxed style mentioned, the looser fitting jeans, joggers and trousers are all offered with the majored luxury retailers and another style spotted is that some of the trousers are ankle grazers. Designer socks are a popular bought garment and the slightly shorter trousers are helping to define this style.

Virgil Abloh, Brooklyn Beckham & A$AP Rocky

Tuck it in!
T-shirts and jumpers are being tucked into trousers with most luxury brands, it helps to define the trousers and belts. With streetwear, it can almost be seen as ironic, usually to tuck in a garment is to try to appeal as a smart style, but it’s certainly not the case in the men’s streetwear scene. with jumpers especially, it’s an easily spotted look that looks slightly off balance, as it’s not the common practice with jumpers.

Gucci SS18

Oversized Branding
Luxury Streetwear is staying strong with the heavy branding, letting your peers know what you’re wearing and the statement you’re making is part of the style. It’s a part of streetwear that has never really changed, branding is an important part of streetwear to most and it’s likely that people won’t spend as much on the brands if their garments become subtler.

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