We’re now beginning to see snippets of the weather one would’ve expect at this time of year in paradise or as some others would call it England, usually questionable however this year its looking on the up and hopefully we haven’t spoken too soon. What you tend to find in modern styling is that the actual outfit in itself takes a bit of a back seat at times with the accessories completing and making the overall look, therefore these are some of our key accessories for this summer to elevate your personal style!

Bucket hats-

The 90’s was dominated by full tracksuits a pair of clean trainers and not forgetting the headwear hats! From Hip Hop’s Run D.M.C to Manc Indie Gods The Stone Roses, well Reni, were very much ambassadors for the classic bucket hat. But thanks to the ever so dominant streetwear scene and influencers within it, this style has come back with a vengeance and is doing the rounds this very Summer with our number one pick being the Kangol Bermuda White bucket hat.


Some would of thought that Men’s jewellery had reached its peak however the demand continues to grow with items such as rings and bracelets becoming key pieces in your sartorial gent’s day to day outfits, with the Great Frog being our number one pick for adventurous men’s jewellery.

Whilst we’re at it we cant forget necklaces these add that little something to an open shirt look whilst walking along a white sandy beach or over a clean white t-shirt, basically you can’t really go wrong.

Jean chains-

Very Rock n Roll nonetheless something which we believe could become a staple piece within wardrobes very soonit is the jean chain, this helps outfits that would have previously been considered as basic only improves the look as an overall, there are many available with ones including beads and others such as key (fake) in case anyone was wondering, We find ASOS offers the widest variety at the best pricing with classic designs all available.


Possibly the most obvious one! Sunglasses offer varieties like no other and this Summer we highly recommend you venture out of the norm, try a different shaded lenses with pretty green offering a Red lenses, these automatically make you stand out from the crowd and improve your overall summer style.

Whether it’s working out in the gym, commuting on a packed tube, hot offices, or after work drinks on a sultry evening –  staying cool and fresh can be a challenge, particularly when the forecasters are predicting temperatures into the 30’s by the weekend. Indeed, 54.7% of Brits claim they suffer from heavy sweating and around 5% of the population are diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis (the clinical form of the condition). And according to Dan Bracey, the sweat expert, yes that’s his actually job title, for ODABAN antiperspirant, the problem is compounded by the UK’s typically humid summer weather, which leads to increased perspiration and feeling increasingly hot, bothered and embarrassed. In reality, practically everyone is affected by unwanted body sweat, often at precisely the wrong time – such as during dates, before work presentations, at the gym, travelling, or simply going about one’s daily routine with embarrassing sweat patches and body odour. Fortunately, Dan explains that by using the right antiperspirant and applying some simple tips, even sufferers of excessive sweating can stay noticeably cooler and fresher.

Stay Cool & Make Summer 18 ‘No Sweat’

1. Take a cooler shower: They’ve been shown to lower core temperature which is great for switching-off the sweat response. As a bonus they boost exercise performance.

2. Ditch the deodorant: Deodorant doesn’t prevent sweating and can result in unpleasant body odour.

3. Use ODABAN antiperspirant: It’s proven to safely partially-block pores and control sweating.

4. Don’t overuse antiperspirant: Using too much has an adverse effect – the secret is using a high-quality product and using the perfect amount!

5. Avoid clingy synthetic clothing: Wearing tight clothing man from man-made fibres such as nylon is a recipe for sweat.

6. Wear natural socks & underwear: Choosing cotton garments keeps things cooler and drier than synthetics.

7. Change twice a day: Stay fresh and cooler by changing socks and underwear twice a day.

8. Wear cooling base-layers: Invest in some special base-layers that contain cooling fibre technology – perfect for gym junkies.

9. Stay calm with meditation Apps: Combat sweat producing anxiety by using a meditation App in the morning and before meetings and travel.

10. Breathe deeply: Five minutes of slow, deep breathing helps calm the mind and body, reducing anxiety and core temperature.

11. Stay hydrated: Drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day helps maintain an optimal body temperature, delaying the sweat response.

12. Healthy BMI: A healthy body mass tends to reduce one’s genetic sweating level.

13. Maintain balanced blood sugar: Eat complex carbohydrates to avoid sugar crashes, which are linked to anxiety and an increased risk of perspiration. Berries, porridge and fruit are great.

14. Boost fitness levels: Better fitness helps to reduce the temperature and sweat response to daily activities.

15. Sleep fresh: Fight sweat with ‘sleep hygiene’, by wearing breathable pyjamas, sleeping in a cool room and using fresh cotton sheets.

16. Cooling water: Add cooling ingredients such as cucumber, mint and watermelon to water for more refreshment.

17. Spritz sprays: There are countless sprays on the market with cooling essential oils which can help ease anxiety and help reduce body temperature.

18. Fashion fan: Fans are one of 2018’s fashion must haves – and they’re also a great way to stay cooler, calmer and fresher.

19. Cool mist diffuser: Put a cool mist diffuser on your desk to help reduce body temperature and aid calmness.

20. Wearing black or white: If you’re prone to sweating, wearing plain black and white clothing can minimise embarrassing ‘patches

During BaselWorld 2016 Rolex released the highly anticipated stainless steel Daytona with a black ceramic bezel.  This newest stainless steel variation is crafted from “Oystersteel”, a finish that is similar to the 904L steel used in previous sports watches in that it is highly resilient, easy to polish, and will withstand corrosion.  While Daytona watches in precious metal are desirable in their own right, the addition of a more affordablestainless steel 6-digit reference with a black ceramic bezel made the ref. 116500 an instant must-have among collectors.  The reference 116520 that preceded it was also made from steel, however, it was topped with a matching steel bezel, making this addition to the Rolex catalog even more exciting.

The Cosmograph Daytona 116500 is powered by a calibre 4130 self-winding movement, which boasts its own involvement in Rolex history as the first Daytona movement made entirely in-house.  The previous movement, the calibre 4030, was provided by Zenith and modified by Rolex to accommodate the needs of the Daytona watch.  The calibre 4130 includes stopwatchfunctions, a Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, and an accuracy of -2/+2 seconds per day.  Shock resistant and very precise, the calibre 4130 has what it takes to keep perfect time while on the racetrack.  Rolex protects the movement by hermetically sealing the case via a waterproof Triplock screw-down crown with three sealed zones and a stainless steel screw-down case back.  The case itself measures 40mm and is presented on an Oyster bracelet with an Oysterlock clasp.

What Makes the Daytona 116500 So Special?

As we already mentioned above, the men’s Rolex Daytona 116500 was an immediate success, thanks to an attractive price tag and the use of not only a steel finish but also a Cerachrom bezel.  The bezel itself is a highly sought-after feature among collectors for its highly resilient properties and the incredible craftsmanship that goes into creating the ceramic insert.  Rolex collectors with a keen eye will also notice the new placement of the platinum Tachymeter scale which now circles the bezel as opposed to lining up next to the hour markers.

Perhaps what makes the ref. 116500 so special, besides its ceramic bezel and steel finish, is its homage to the very first Daytona references from the 1960’s.  Early variations of the Cosmograph Daytona offered both a steel and black acrylic inlay bezel and were paired with either a white or black dial topped with contrasting black or white subdials.  The similarities are very apparent, which only adds to the desirability of this particular men’s Rolex.

Wait List

Even though the Daytona 116500 came to market in 2016, there is still a significant wait list of at least 3-5 years.  We already discussed above why the Daytona is so hot, but why is there such a long wait for a watch that is produced entirely by Rolex?  Well for starters, the ref. 116520 was also very hard to get thanks to the use of the first-ever Rolex movement and a popularstainless steel finish.  So historically, new stainless steel Daytona sports watches will most likely always be a very sought-after and hard to get.  Some collectors also suspect thatRolex is limiting the supply to create a high demand.  Or it could be that Rolex has simply produced what the watch community has been anticipating for so long, creating an instant demand.  Either way, if you wish to get your hands on one for the retail price of $12,400, you’ll have to call your authorised dealer and ask to be put on the wait list.  There are options available on the secondary market, however, they will command a higher price than retail due to the high demand.

It’s another edition of the world’s greatest tournament and we cannot wait to binge watch football for a whole month without guilt (come on England, let’s not go out of the group stage this time… please). Whether you’re a semi-professional or simply a Sunday sports fan, an amateur or an “I only watch football during World Cup” type of person, it is always hard to ignore the World Cup fever that blazes every four years. We here at Clothes-Make-The-Man have rounded up some goodies that can get you further into the World Cup mood, so don’t spend too much on bets just yet!


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To celebrate this next event in style, the Belgian brand Escuyer has designed a capsule T-shirt collection highlighted in the colours of the eight countries that support the label. Escuyer has created a sober T-shirt, perfectly cut and with a subtle twist: embroidered on the heart, an iconic player embodies the colours of his country and expresses all the fervor of its fans. Eight countries are represented by their legendary players, for instance, Bobby Moore for England, Zinedine Zidane for France, Pelé for Brazil and, of course, Eden Hazard for Belgium. To portray them in the heat of the action and in all their active glory, Escuyer enlisted Matthieu Regout, Belgian graphic designer (Club Sandwich). Just like the rest of the Escuyer collection, each t-shirt is made of a superior quality cotton and is produced in Portugal.

Shop the limited collection now online at Escuyer

London Denim

For this World Cup London Denim has made a tee-shirt for every single teams participating – yep that’s for all 32 countries, each t-shirt is made of a superior quality cotton and is produced in Portugal. They’re made in partnership with the UK’s No1 Eco Fashion factory so totally sustainable, and at £24 they’re 80% cheaper than our mainline collections. They’ve also added these fantastic women’s boyfriend Tees to our eco Graphic T World Cup collection.

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Saturday Night Fever Pitch by Simon Doonan

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Author Simon Doonan has two passions in life: Fashion and Football. At one time these two obsessions would have made very strange bedfellows. But times have changed: the unapologetic and unbridled style choices of today’s soccer stars offer a fascinating window into the heart of the game. Football and fashion have fallen in love.

Looking at the beautiful game through the lens of style, writer, columnist and football obsessive Simon Doonan celebrates the magic and madness of this unique culture with his distinctive laser wit and humour. Charting football style from its very beginnings, he pays homage to the great style icons of the game, from George Best to David Beckham, before turning his gaze to the hair, the tattoos and the cars, not to mention those other style icons of the game: fans, managers and of course, the WAGs.

Doonan’s hilarious observations are complemented by more than 230 photographs, making this a laugh-out-loud read for football fans and fashionistas alike.

You can purchase the book here

Louis Vuitton

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After South Africa in 2010 and Brazil in 2014, Louis Vuitton is proud to announce its ongoing relationship with FIFA for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. The House is marking its third participation in the world’s biggest sporting event with brand-new projects.

The collection has a distinctive and playful look, created by using an innovative and highly technical embossing process on Louis Vuitton’s classic Epi leather. The collection includes new versions of Keepall and Apollo bags, two wallets, a pocket organizer, a coin purse, and luggage tags. The collection also sports a specially designed Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup logo, while the initials “L.V”, in lettering first used on the personal trunks of Gaston-Louis Vuitton (1883-1970), are placed like a team badge. Continuing the House’s long tradition of personalization, an ingenious customization tool will give clients the chance to create original and unique flag-inspired coloured versions of the collection’s Keepall bags during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Customers can choose from one of 35 national flags, representing the 32 nations taking part in the World Cup and 3 others that have marked the competition’s history.



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Limited to 2018 pieces, Hublot presents the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Smart Watch, the ultimate accessory that all football and Hublot fans have been waiting for. Instantly connecting you to every decisive second of the matches being played at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a much-anticipated innovation sees the watchmaker and the footballing universe collide to create a silhouette rendered in gleaming titanium that catches the light to frame a circular digital screen, connecting to your Android or smartphone for on-the-go style and instant match updates.


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Back in 1966, Umbro was all set to kit out all 16 teams in that summer’s world cup. John Humphreys, son of Umbro founder Harold, had travelled the world to arrange deals with all the competing nations.

However, when the tournament started, only 15 of the teams wore Umbro. The USSR arrived with their own kits rather than the agreed Umbro designs, which were then lost to history. This story is the inspiration behind a new lifestyle collection unveiled today – Unforgotten. Ahead of this year’s tournament in Russia, the new collection uses 1960s design, sportswear style and striking graphics to create a smart capsule.

The Lev range is inspired by possibly Russia’s greatest ever player, Lev Yashin, who was always played head-to-toe in black. Known as the Black Spider, Lev is still the only goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or, and was known for his dynamic, athletic style of play.

Shop the collection here

Yes you’re right perfume isn’t, strictly speak, for Men. But the latest launch from The Perfume Society, just might very well be. 

The Perfume Society, was established in 2014 by two beauty and grooming Industry legends, the award winning,  Jo Fairley and former fragrance and beauty buyer for Harrods and QVC, and responsible for setting up the Liberty Perfumery  Lorna McKay. They bring deep knowledge and enviable Little Black Books of fragrance contacts to The Perfume Society, which acts as a ‘hub’ for all things fragrant. Whether it’s calls to help finding a long-lost fragrance, The Perfume Society has become the go-to fount of fragrance wisdom and knowledge.

The Perfume Society have for a number of years been offering Discovery Boxes to introduce femalescent-lovers to new fragrances. But let me introduce you to  The New Man Discovery Box – brimming with 13 male-focused scents (and an incredible ‘extra’ worth £20).  Their most bumper men’s collection yet, the sensational scents in the box include Creed Viking (winner of The Fragrance Foundation‘s Best Male Fragrance 2018!), niche offerings from Nejma, Florisand Jack (Richard E. Grant’s fragrance line) and a preview of new Shay & Blue King’s Wood (not out till September), among this far from dirty dozen.

Plus as a special treat, they are also including a FULL-SIZE Escentric Molecules 03 Body Wash (worth £20!). With so many incredible scents featured, any man will feel like a new man, with this…

This covers every grooming need – so any man can smell, look and feel amazing with the  latest Men’s Discovery Box.

Alongside the fragrances, find a FULL-SIZE Escentric Molecules 03 Body Wash,  along with a handy travel size shave gel from Ted Baker London.

The New Man Discovery Box is priced £15+ p&p* to VIP Club Members/£19+ p&p* to non-Club Members –

Goutal Bois d’Hadrien 1.5ml eau de parfum (100ml normally £130)

Nejma KoEptYs 1.5ml eau de parfum (100ml £130)

Creed Viking 2ml eau de parfum (50ml £185)

Dunhill ICON Racing 2ml eau de parfum (50ml £63)

Floris for Turnbull & Asser 1.2ml eau de parfum (100ml £140)

Issey Miyake L’Eau Majeure d’Issey 1ml eau de toilette (50ml £44)

Jack Piccadilly’69 1 ml eau de parfum (100ml £95)

Jimmy Choo Man Blue 2ml eau de toilette (30ml £32)

Michael Kors Extreme Speed 1.5ml eau de toilette (40ml £45)

Montblanc Legend Night 1.2ml eau de parfum (30ml £32)

MUGLER Alien Man 1.2ml eau de toilette

Shay & Blue Kings Wood 2ml eau de parfum (preview sample – released in September)

Ted Baker Ted’s Grooming Room Cologne 1.5ml eau de toilette (200ml £40)

PLUS! Anyone who buys the collection between now and 25th June 2018 will be entered into a draw to win a full-size of one of the fragrances or ‘extras’. Jeez !