The Art of Tailoring


When I first think of menswear my mind wanders to tailoring: the art of the suit. When in the city, most people recommend to take a moment and look up, we often forget to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and there really is some stunning architecture in London. I however have a slightly different approach when wandering down one of the most famous fashion streets in London: look down. When passing by the shop fronts on Saville Row, take a moment to peer into the workrooms below. Through the glass is a literal window into the art and craftmanship of the suit.

From looking down to looking right up to the top of the fashion tree at couture’s take on tailoring during Paris Fashion Week which saw a unique and stylish approach to modernising this art form. Dior showcased an eclectic mix of silks and sweeping shapes contrasted with bold lines and strong silhouettes, creating a blur between traditional men’s tailoring and women’s dress making. To contrast, Givenchy’s bold use of colour, sharp structure and fun flares certainly made an impact on the runway.

Sadly, we can’t all afford the luxuries of high fashion, but there certainly are some top brands out there you need to hear about before heading to Burton or Next for that wedding you’ve got to go to at the end of the month. Huge respect to our loyal providers of wearable, high-street suits for those moments when can’t even help, but for those of you wanting something a little unique, take a look at these options.

A relatively new brand, established in 2004 is Steel & Jelly. A particular favourite of my other half, partly because of the fashion but also because the name is just quite cool. A traditional and affordable brand offering stand out pieces with colour variety and interesting prints.

Noose and Monkey, now known as Twisted Tailor are ones to watch. A plethora of vibrant styles and original cuts who are indeed twisting tailoring to new levels. This brand will definitely steer you away from the safety of black or navy.

I’ll always be in awe of the beauty of the suit, the precision pattern cutting, the intricacy of each stitch, the power of communication and expression, the history and symbolism. But, arguably, the most important aspect that women’s wear just hasn’t caught up with; the pocket. Forever will I be jealous that a man’s trouser pocket has the ability to contain the equivalent contents of a handbag…

Your ESSENTIAL Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a time to let the mum in your life know how much you love her – if you are looking for the perfect gift for your own mum, your mother in law or simply want to notch up some brownie points at home then we at Clothes-Make-the-Man have the answer for you.

Once known as Mother’s ruin, British Rose Dry Gin is produced in small batches and has a subtly fragrant and elegant flavour and colour changing properties which mean it changes from pale gold to vibrant pink when tonic is added and British Lavender Dry Gin, a fragrant, calming gin which turns from purple to pink. Plus is currently on offer at M&S at the moment !

Urban Veda is a brand that is certified vegan by The Vegetarian Society, Lovingly manufactured in the UK, Certified Cruelty Free & vegan by PETA, Certified by Cruelty Free International and free from parabens, artificial colours, SLS, mineral oils, GM ingredients and microbeads.

So if that wasn’t enough give your Mother the ultimate gift of amazing skin this Mother’s Day by introducing her to Urban Veda. Make her day by gifting your Mum not one but two fabulous gifts from Urban Veda with their exclusive Mother’s Day offer: Receive any Facial Ritual Travel Set FREE with the purchase of any Facial Oil, applicable to all ranges.

Bit if a change from the traditional Bocquet of flowers, from are these 15 hand-iced Vanilla biscuits. 

This gorgeous bunch were inspired by beautiful botanicals. So much more interesting than a bunch of flowers – don’t you agree?

Now we all like to spoil our Mother’s as they have spoilt us so why not set out to explore the seas with Globe-Trotter’s new SS19 Riviera collection – from the glamour of the Cote d’Azur to picturesque Portofino, the collection is an embodiment of the luxury and excitement of coastal living.

Globe-Trotter will be introducing three new colours for their seasonal suitcase range; Citrus Yellow, Pink Lemonade and Ocean Blue – available as either a brand new stripe option, or solid coloured vulcanised fibreboard along with ivory leather straps and corners on both versions. Inspired by the sun-washed pastel shades of coastal villages and the glistening blue of the ocean, the collection is perfect for any sun, sea or adventure seeker this summer.

Mmmmm Cake, we all love a bit of cake and although this gift has a double meaning, I don’t think anyone will complain ? Nourish Cakes puts a celebratory spin on free-from baking, with an emphasis on using exciting, fresh ingredients. Whether you’re looking to reduce your dairy intake or need a wheat-free sweet treat, there’s something for everyone, and is available from Faceface.

Traditional button down style receives a pretty update with this 100% lightweight cotton pyjama set. As well as an all-over pink leaf print, special details include curved lapels, mock mother-of-pearl buttons and a delicate, herringbone drawstring from the White Company.

The Newbridge Silverware Company founded in 1934 is one of Ireland’s longest surviving companies. For this Mother’s Day consider the MoonKoin Collection by Newbridge Silverware evokes all the fun and vibrancy of summer. The MoonKoin half enamel bangle (€28) is bang on trend and looks great layered with other MoonKoin pieces. The rose gold-plated bangle comes in a variety of enamel colour ways including lilac, pink, nude, white, green blue and black.

Hand crafting chocolates with effortless precision and superior flavour since 1875, Charbonnel et Walker’s royal reputation precedes itself. Encased in a gilded heart-shaped box, the brand’s bestselling Marc De Champagne truffles are filled with a milk chocolate champagne centre. Sheathed in creamy white chocolate with hints of strawberry, they’re lightly dusted to sweeten the palate with a velvety taste so rich, you won’t want to share.

A chance to discover five classic fragrances by Joe Malone. These Colognes can be worn solo or layered on the skin to create a new combination. Experiment. Play. Find your new signature scent or give the gift of discovery. Be inspired: indulge in sensual Pomegranate Noir or flirtatious Peony & Blush Suede. Try a spritz of zesty Lime Basil & Mandarin, followed by lively Wood Sage & Sea Salt or luscious English Pear & Freesia. All perfectly sized in 9ml versions of our iconic bottles, ready to accompany you anywhere, from Harvey Nichols.

What’s goes around comes around – Justin Timberlake X Levi’s

Ask any tone deaf musical philistine and they’ll be able to tell you of the importance of Memphis as a musical Mecca. But the Tennessee city has been far more inspirational than just as the capital of America’s diverse musical taste. For the second of Mr Justin Timberlake’s collaborative collections for the all American clothing legend, Levi, Memphis and its historical touch-points have paid as inspiration. 

Timberlake, a Memphis native, that fact has had an outsized influence on both his music and his style. 

“Memphis and music have always been a big part of me,” says the Grammy award-winning artist. “And it became a huge part of this collection, just going back to the places and things I loved here as a kid.”

As the second installment of the collaboration, called “Fresh Leaves,” the Memphis-inspired lineup offers updated twists on timeless Levi’s classics.

Adding as inspiration from the graphic tees that reference the Zippin Pippin rollercoaster in the old East End Park, Skateland roller rink, and University of Memphis Tigers Basketball, to his spin on the Trucker jacket paying homage to the music idols who paved the way, the collection is loaded with nostalgic nods to the Memphis of Timberlake’s youth. And mixed in with all of this nostalgia is a range of modern styles and silhouettes, looks that speak to Justin’s signature blend of eclectic American musical styles. 

Along with the obviously iconic Levi’s 501 Slim Taper, the collection also features a range of hoodies and Truckers—several with “Fresh Leaves” sleeve screen prints—a Trucker-hoodie hybrid, graphic tees in short and long-sleeve, and a print short-sleeve button-up. It’s the Levi’s you know and love mixed with a splash of street style swagger, and then all wrapped up in a nostalgic love letter to Memphis.

Top Post Shaving Tips by Britain’s best wet Shaving Barber

It was recently announced that Enver Yeshilbulut (image above)has just been named Britain’s best wet shaving barber for a second year running.

Owner of Kings Barbers Male Grooming in Kent, Enver beat off razor sharp competition from hundreds of other talented barbers to win Britain’s Best Shave 2019, a prestigious event which is run in partnership between The Bluebeards Revenge male grooming brand and the British Barbers’ Association.

The 35-year-old impressed the judges on a number of criteria, including shave preparation, razor technique, post-shave routine, health and safety, and overall efficiency.

Enjoying the smoothness of a barber-grade wet shave is about more than just your accuracy and patience with a traditional straight razor. In fact, the most important stage of your shave takes place once your razor’s sitting back in its stand.

With the help of Enver, he has given us the ultimate post-shave routine. These tips, will elevate your daily shave from a dragging disappointment to a gliding success.

How and why to use an alum block

Once you’ve finished slicing through your stubble, wash your face with clean warm water to remove any excess cream and hair. Next, it’s time to apply an antiseptic to wipe away any bad bacteria that’s still clinging to your skin. This will help to reduce the chances of infection, irritation, spotty outbreaks and even ingrown hairs.

The most common antiseptics used today are alcohol-based aftershaves, but Enver always recommends a more traditional approach: “Alcohol is a great antiseptic, but it’s also very good at drying out the skin and we want to avoid this when we finish shaving. These kinds of aftershave can also cause some irritation to those with sensitive skin. Instead, I’d always suggest using The Bluebeards Revenge Alum Block.”

Unsurprisingly, alum blocks are made from alum; a naturally occurring double sulphate salt. While they might sting a little upon application, they are second-to-none when it comes to cleansing your pores and maintaining vital hydration. They’re also fantastic at sealing off the tiny nicks and cuts that naturally occur during shaving – no more bloody blotches of tissue for you!

To use an alum block, simply run it under cold water before gliding it over your face. “When you find a spot that stings, simply take note,” says Enver. “The chances are you were a little fierce with your razor here so you might need to work a little on your technique next time around.”

How and why to apply a post-shave balm and moisturiser

Once you’ve finished going over your work with your alum block, give your face and neck a good splash with cold water and pat it dry with a soft towel. Notice we said pat, not rub. The difference here is minimal, but it’ll make all the difference.

“You should always finish a shave by applying The Bluebeards Revenge Post-Shave Balm,” believes Enver, “as this product is what separates those that suffer with razor rash from those that look forward to their next shave. Ingredients that should be sought out when choosing a post-shave balm include witch hazel, aloe vera, chamomile and other similar sorts that help to cleanse and soothe the skin.

With your favourite balm in hand, apply it in evenly in small circular motions to help penetrate yourpores. Be sure not to wipe the skin dry with a towel afterwards as well. Instead, let the balm soak into your skin naturally.

The most important thing to remember when caring for your skin post-shave is that it’s an on-going process. “Loads of my customers forget to continue caring for their skin in between shaves,” says Enver. “They watch me apply a post-shave balm and assume they’re good to go for another few days.”

The reality is that all men should be topping their skin up with the nutrients and moisture it needs on a daily basis. To this end, a daily moisturiser is essential and should be applied as often as required.

Feel Empowered – Top Tips for feeling Energised

Ahead of the release of her third book – this time focusing on boosting energy!Mind and body expert, business psychologist and nutritionist, Susan Scott (also known as The Energy Aunt) gives us her top tips for having more, better energy and feeling energised;

What are your top tips for better energy?

Tip 1:    Make time to eat.  Having three meals a day with a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon will balance your blood sugar levels.

Tip 2:    Eat good complex carbohydrates such as oats, wholegrains and brown rice.  Carbs are the fuel required for energy production in our cells but we need carbs that digest slowly so we don’t get a sugar rush.

Tip 3:    Eat a varied diet of chicken, eggs, oily fish, wholegrains, pulses, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds to provide the nutrients vital for the energy-making biochemical reactions in our cells.

Tip 4:    Have some good protein with each meal; meat, chicken, eggs, oily fish, cheese.  This slows the absorption of glucose into our bloodstream, preventing highs and lows in energy.

Tip 5:    Reduce or cut out caffeinated and sugary drinks such as coffee, cola, fruit juices.  These only provide a short energy boost then leave you crashing.

Tip 6:    Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (around 1 ½ litres). The brain is 80% water and doesn’t function as well when its dehydrated.

Tip 7:    Avoid alcohol in the evening.  Although you feel it relaxes you, it’s a stimulant which disturbs sleep patterns.

Tip 8:    Find time to exercise for each day.  This doesn’t have to be the gym, but can be running up and down stairs, going for a brisk walk at lunchtime or doing some squats and lunges while you brush your teeth.  This increases blood flow to the brain, providing more oxygen to the neurones.

Tip 9:    Take regular breaks from intense focused work to recharge your energy.  Break each hour into 50 minutes of focused activity followed by a 10-minute break.

Tip 10:    Have an electronic-sundown 2 hours before you go to bed.  The light emitted from smartphones, tablets and computers suppresses the hormone melatonin that helps you sleep.

Tip 11:    Know your limits and priorities and do not over-commit yourself.  Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’ when asked to do something that you really feel you don’t have the time, energy or capacity to do.

Tip 12:    Take time to relax and recharge.  Spend time with the family and friends, practice mindfulness, listen to music, read, do some gentle gardening.

Tip 13:    Use your full holiday allowance to help you unwind and recharge.

Tip 14:    Have an annual health MOT at your GP or supermarket pharmacy to check blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Susan’s first two books were best-sellers (How to have an outstanding career and How to prevent burnout). This third book is due for release in April by Eclipse Publishing & Media