Wasted Paris – A Brand Born Out of Parisian Passion.

It’s the young, independent brands offering community that are capturing the imagination of millennial and gen z consumers today – in an era where the 90’s zeitgeist is still alive and kicking.

Wasted Paris, a young independent streetwear brand founded in 2012 by Johann and Fang, was born out of their own passion for fashion, photography and 90’s musical movements, such as shoegazing, britpop and indie rock.

The label is doing a great job of putting Parisian skate culture on the map, with a fascination with urbanism, globalization and a strong desire to help young skaters fit in to the scene whilst keeping their individuality.

The brand very much embodies today’s movement through mixed references and interdisciplinary creativity- a theme that has subverted luxury, where high prices and avant-garde designs are no longer the sole drivers of desirability.

Which is why the present era of contemporary fashion and sports-luxury continues to take over. A running theme throughout Wasted Paris’s collections.

Besides just apparel, Wasted have their own skate team which fuels the authenticity behind their brand purpose. The founders met in 2008, with one coming from a fashion background and the other skate. And it was after witnessing the evolution of the skate culture around them that they knew they could create something special.

For Wasted, it was the community that brought that special factor. Friends and skaters who hanged round their shop formed their first ever skate team, which was curated to contribute back to the culture and document it’s evolution.

This purpose has been key ever since, with it fuelling both their content and product strategy, using both mixed references and interdisciplinary creativity to create end results that fit their community’s needs through both mediums.

I recently had the chance to visit Wasted Paris’s store back in January and you can really feel the strong community that they have created. Achieving cultural credibility is like winning an Oscar for streetwear brands and that is exactly what Wasted have done. They know exactly when, where, and how to speak to their audience and have defined their distinctive voice which allows them to stay close to the core consumer that led to the brands existence.

You can check out Wasted Paris 2019 “Future Is Now” Spring Summer Collection here, a collection that draws inspiration from a period full of demands, particularly around global warming and the utopia of a free world here

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Something for the Weekend – SALE SPECIAL !!!

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

The summer sales are now in full swing and rolling in by the bucket load. In this weeks edition of ‘something for the weekend’ we’ll be constructing a vibrant summer fit from some of our favourite discounted brands and leave you with bread crumb trail list of websites, offering huge discounts for you to find your summer steals.

1 – Stussy Tye Dye Quarter zip – £120 down to £60 – 50%off

Stussy named after its founder Shawn Stussy, is a skatewear/
streetwear brand which dates back to the early 80’s.
Originally a surfwear brand operating out of Laguna Beach,California. Shawn Stussy began creating custom surfboards and then made the move into apparel later on referencing the graffiti styles of the time along with his uncle, Jan Fredrick Stussy’s signature to create the Iconic Logo we recognise today.
Through the years Stussy has made references from areas including hip-hop, skate, pop-culture and high-fashion visible in their archives such as the Stussy monogram collection, putting their own spin on the Vuitton monogram.
Today Stussy simmers near the top of a streetwear melting pot with recent collaborations including Dover Street Market and Nike. Stores can be found globally and on most fashion retailers in-store and online.
This quarter zip is the perfect starting point if your looking to get your colour game up this summer.
To shop the quarter zip above hit the image below:

For the latest pieces and to find out more about Stussy head over to their website below:

North Face Swim Short – £45 down to £29 – 35% off
“In the Northern Hemisphere, the north face of a mountain is generally the coldest, iciest and most formidable route to climb. Our founders thought this name reflected our mission and dedication to the extreme.” The North Face
The North Face, founded by Doug Tompkins was set-up to provide high quality climbing gear for those looking to tackle tougher terrain. Since its inception into the outerwear market back in 1968 the brand has established itself as THE go-to brand for professional climbing/ casual outdoor wear.
In recent years the brand has successfully risen in popularity by deepening its product width creating more apparel and through its best selling silhouettes such as the Nupste and its collaborations with the likes of Supreme, Timberland, Vans and high end designer Junya Watanabe.
To shop the shorts below hit the images below:

To learn the full story and sustainable commitments The North Face maintains :
https://www.thenorthface.co.uk/innovation/discover/ questionmadness.html

Nike air max 270 Bowfin – £125 down to £79 – 35% Off
If you aren’t familiar with the story of Nike…… I will refrain from sarky under a rock comment now. However I would highly recommend reading founder Phil Knights book ‘SHOE DOG’ which details in the full the story behind the largest sportswear brand in the world today. A true fairytale.
Enough blowing hot smoke. If you’re reading this, unfamiliar with the story of Nike. It was founded by athletics fanatic Phil Knight in the 60’s along with his former track and field coach, Bill Bowerman of Oregon University and was originally established as ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’. Knight was a keen runner and prior to his creation of Nike he sold shoes for Onitsuka as the main U.S. distributor.
The brand name of Nike came in a dream from Knights East Cost Factory Manger “Johnson” after various brain storms. Fairytale stuff.
The Air Max 270 is a fairly new silhouette from Nike, with this Bowfin iteration featuring ACG (Nikes outerwear sub-brand) aspects such as the adjustable-tie lacing feature, this sneaker complements the Stussy zip-up colour wise and provides and comfortable, breathable shoe for summer.
Hit the image  below to shop, other colours also available in sale:

Cav Empt Side Bag – £205.00 down to £124 – 40% off
Cav Empt, a relatively new brand on the streetwear scene with price points not shy off of its high-end counterparts has made a success of establishing itself, creating striking utilitarian pieces with its recognisable red embroiled logo on the left upper arm.
The dark story, of how the Tokyo based CAV Empt was birthed out of the infamous 2011 Earthquake which wiped out nuclear reactors and killed over 15,000 people after its shockwaves created an equally destructive tsunami. In an interview with magazine DAZED co-founder of the brand Toby Feltwell explained;
“The city normally has a ridiculous overuse of light all over the place. It clearly felt to us that this was like the ned of something, it’s time to work out what happens next”. Referring to the tragedy.
This use of a dark narrative can be seen clearly from collection to collection with a heavy focus on dark earthy colours such as greys, blacks, browns and greens with the t-shits and hoodies often appearing or in fact are over-dyed. Wearability and functionality are present in each piece, most obviously in the outerwear pieces which highlight a clear consciousness of the need to provide something with a purpose to the wearer beyond just looking good. The pieces do look good by the way.
Hit the image below to to shop the side bag

For more information head to their website but its a bit of a myth :

Other sales worth a checkout below : (LOW/MID/HIGH) refers to price point.
Farfetch (High) – https://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/women/sale/all/items.aspx

Working Class heroes (Mid/Low) – https:// www.workingclassheroes.co.uk

Mr Porter – (HIGH/MID) – https://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/ sale/all?cm_sp=homepage-_-P1-_-campaignsalebanner1stmd- _-20-06-19

End Clothing (MID/HIGH) – https://www.endclothing.com/gb/

Style Creep – (LOW/MID) – https://www.stylecreep.com

Machine-A – (HIGH) – https://www.machine-a.com

Selfridges – (MID/HIGH) – https://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/

Well Gosh – (MID) – https://wellgosh.com

Mulberry with an Urban feel – Mulberry Introduces New Urban Ranges For Men

Words by Daniel Ramsdale

Under the creative direction of Johnny Coca, Mulberry continue to spark a quiet renaissance, with the introduction of their new urban range for men adding fuel to the fire.

The iconic British brand have launched 3 new collections, Zipped, Urban and City, which have all been designed with modern lifestyles and functionality in mind.

The overarching aesthetic is relaxed but athletic, with a focus on everyday practicality, exploring new materials, styles and colours tailored to the needs of the man today- which there are many!

The small leather goods consist of soft pouches with exposed zips hanging from lanyards or snap hooks and studded wallets on metal chains. On the other hand, the bags cover all of the demands of modern life- from every day to weekends away- with Urban belt bags and backpacks, Zipped reporter bags and weekends and updated City iterations of briefcases and messenger bags.


Innovative and lightweight materials add a utilitarian energy to the ranges. The use of mesh, canvas, and nylon give a youthful, dynamic edge with a unisex appeal and are reminiscent of the military inspired aesthetic that continues to play a big part in a man’s wardrobe

A collaboration with HYPEBEAST celebrated the launch of the ranges via both a look book shoot and an interactive digital hub, where shoppers can scroll through the range, browsing eye-catching and interactive edits of the collection.

The partnership  very much reflected the direction in which Johnny Coca is looking to take the brand, in appealing to a younger, street-savvy and more urban consumer. With luxury powerhouses generating the majority of their profits from the millennial of today, it’s a direction which Mulberry must continue with to stay relevant and connected.

CHÈ – Leading the Menswear Revolution

Oliver Cheshire is best known as one of the most well known Male Supermodels on the circuit today. He has been a model for over 15 years and is represented by Select Model Management and has fronted campaigns for brands including Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and Marks & Spencer. Over the years Oli has received numerous offers to put his name to collaborations and collections. However, none were quite the right fit – until the opportunity came along to team up with his friend, and now business partner, Toby Watkins.

The launch of the stylish Menswear brand,   CHÉ is Oli’s first foray into the fashion world as designer and Creative Director, it’s an exciting new step for him.

The very first collection from CHÉ focuses on resort-wear and features a fresh take on men’s swim shorts that combine clean lines and relaxed styling with Savile Row influences and technologically advanced, environmentally sustainable fabrics such as ECONYL. ECOVERO is derived from certified renewable wood sources using an eco-responsible production process. The manufacturing of LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM fibers generates up to 50% lower emissions and water impact compared to generic Viscose. It’s fibres are produced using pulp, which is derived from the renewable resource wood as raw material. Meaning ethically conscious consumers can be assured that retailers and brands are incorporating genuine LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM eco-responsible Viscose in their products.

In CHÉ’s first collection, playful details and luxuriously tactile fabrics echo Oliver’s own sense of personal style. Inspiration comes from the past as well as the present, with references and cues taken from a contemporary streetstyle aesthetic as well as vintage photographs and the best traditions of British tailoring. Oliver, who is Creative Director, and Toby, CHÉ’s Managing Director, have also called on the expertise of Savile Row alumnus Mehm Ali. Formerly of Hardy Amies, Mehm comes onboard as Technical Design Consultant.

CHÉ is a proudly British brand, but doesn’t shy away from cosmopolitan, international inspiration. An aesthetic of retro Miami street-styling has been beautifully captured in the campaign photography shot by internationally renowned fashion photographer Olivier Yoan. The shoot features some of Oliver’s closest friends, who are also among the biggest names in the modelling world: Jacey Elthalion, Sasha M’Baye and Sam Webb.

Oli says of the CHÉ launch:

“I’ve been approached to design collections in the past, but I was always keen to create a brand and designs of my own. With CHÉ, Toby and I are business partners, and we’ve worked together on everything from the initial concept, to the development of the garments and the look and feel of the brand.”

“Men’s swim shorts and resort-wear have come a long way in the past decade or so and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the brands at the forefront of that change. However, over recent years I’ve struggled to find great styles that reflect me. With CHÉ, we’re shaking things up by creating relevant, wearable designs that are genuinely different from what’s already on the market.”

Stranger things have happened – Nike’s new Stranger Things range

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

A welcomed collaboration between Netflix’s superstar series stranger thingsand Nike has been announced with a scheduled release date of 27th of June.

For those of you who dont know, Stranger Things is a Netflix hit series in which 4 best friends unearth an alternate world and must use their youthful grit and determination to overcome the many dark and mysterious tribulations that lay ahead. The series is set in back the 80s and offers an authentic mis-en-scene of the time. Major E.T. Vibes.

This anticipated collaboration boasts nostalgic silhouettes from the 80s including the Blazer, Cortez and the Tailwind. All featuring the signature green and orange tones of the Hawkins Highschool featured in the show. In addition all three feature the schools tiger emblem.

1. The Blazer consists of a white mid-sole and upper with the orange and green tones coming Im the way of the swoosh, heel counter and tongue tab. The tiger emblem is seen on the inner upper pictured below.
2. The Cortez, one of nikes first ever trainers and probably  the most iconic out of the 3 features a similar simple colour-way to the blazer with again a coloured swoosh, heel counter, tongue tab  and a bold orange streak racing through the mid-sole.
3. The Tailwind is by far the most colour filled lout of the three featured a an entire green upper and tongue, orange swoosh and heal tab with the tiger emblem emblazoned on the heel.

Running along this sneaker collection will be a small addition of branded Hawkins Highsportswear.