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Their isn’t a more versatile material within any man’s wardrobe, than Denim. For nearly 300 years guys have been wearing denim, yes originally used exclusively for workwear of the working class manual labourers involved in the Gold Rush of the Wild West of America. However, over many years denim has evolved into the most multifaceted, fashionable, inclusive and of course you can’t forget symbol for rebellion. Plus, no longer is it’s use restricted to just workwear, OK I’m not talking the Britney and Justin double denim, Canadian Tuxedo of the the turn of the millennium, but think how many different pieces of clothing you own made of Denim? Jeans, Jacket, shorts, shirt maybe even a bag and then think about all the shades, washes, tones that are available.

Now as we’ve said Denim has come a long since those crazy, dusty days of the American Gold Rush. Today’s consumer is a lot more informed and wary when it comes to their purchases and sustainability is a key factor in many consumer’s choices these days. Another factor high on the male consumer’s agenda is versatility and as we’d said you can’t get more versatile than Denim.

So the first point to remember is, invest in a pair of good quality jeans. You can’t get any better than the original Denim brand with a trusted heritage to match in Levi’s. These original fit Levi’s 501’s have amassed a cult following of wearers. They can’t be wrong, so add these original denim jeans to your wardrobe for a reliable, hardy staple. As well as this, they form the cornerstone of a great flexible wardrobe that will take your from work right the way through to play.

So now we have the foundation piece we team them with classic pieces. A blazer like this Light Grey, Broken Check Suit Jacket by Ben Sherman can formalise a pair of jeans in an instant.

Teaming this look with this Breton style tee or add some Summer colour with a t-shirt like this one from Lacoste. The all important finishing touches come with the right accessories and what could we more classic, cool and reflective of the Summer, when it finally arrives,  than these Wayfarers from Ray Ban.

Finish the look off with these Stan Smiths from Adidas so the feel of this look isn’t too formal and reflects the Summer months. Plus these bad boys are almost as classic and versatile as these jeans themselves.

Last but by no means least, flexibility is the name of this game and simply swap this blazer for a light Sumer jacket like this Harrington, totally gives this look a completely different feel.

Now my friend with a couple of simple capsule pieces you have Summer totally covered and who cares if we can’t go to tropical climes? 😭

Don’t forget to get Lippy in the Sun with Carmex

When it comes to protecting body parts from the sun, shoulders, chests and faces are usually the first to receive a healthy slather of sun cream. But when it comes to  the often forgotten lips, many of us forget to put on the SPF – unless you’re a professional cricketer donning Zinc Oxide and a bright white lip (not a vibe or a look for everyday life).

CARMEX has a range of products crafted to include protection from the sun’s glare. SPF 15 helps to filter around 93% of UVB rays which makes a huge difference to the amount of radiation reaching the skin.

We’re all going on a Summer Holiday ! I wish – Essential packing tips

Wish you were here ?

With the foreign holiday season well and truly up in the air this year and a staycation looking increasingly far much likely, again, we at Clothes-make-the-man.com, as always, are looking out for your best interests and to offer you invaluable advice. Now because of all this holiday shenanigans, we know no one like packing, it throws up all sorts of issues, leaving it to the last minute, have you packed enough or too much, I really should replace those speedos, yes you really should replace the budgie smugglers, honestly !  Do I have my passport, suncream, travel adaptor. The list is literally endless as is the headache, until you’re laying on that lounger, relaxed with a bright coloured drink in hand. So, because we think so highly of our beloved readers we sort the advice of the experts and asked travel expert  Ian Chapman, to kindly provide a few essential tips on how to look great in the sun, wherever your holiday destination. He advises ;

Pack light: Have a good think about your destination and what you’ll need. Don’t just empty your entire wardrobe into your bag.

For example, are you really going to need that expensive, crisp shirt in the clubs of Ibiza? Likewise, those lazy sweat pants aren’t going to get much wear for your long weekend in St Tropez!

If you pack carefully and selectively, you should be able to get a week’s holiday clothing into one carry-on bag (thus, saving money and time on checked baggage). All airlines have restrictions on the size of carry on luggage you can use, of which Ryan Air seem about the most onerous with a measely 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, whilst Easyjet and British Airways offer a more reasonable 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

Ahhh this should get you in the mood

Plan ahead: Think about how you can mix and match different pieces to create different outfits; which shorts can you wear with t-shirts and vests during the day, but can be dressed up with a smart shirt worn casually for evening? Planning ahead and visualising your different outfits, and different scenarios will help you realise you’re never actually going to wear those extra pair of jeans – so just leave them at home. In fact, if you think you’ve packed the right amount of clothes, chances are you’ve packed too many!

Pack carefully: Cramming things into your bag an hour before your flight departs will have you looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed at the other end. Creased, shabby-looking garments will not get you access to the Yacht Club de Cannes. Take tips off those assistants on the High Street. A few minutes properly folding your clothes will help no end with their condition at the other end. Another method is to double up items such as shirts and tees etc and roll them. This avoids those sharp fold creases.

Materials and ‘the look’: When you’re at home, it’s easy to look brilliant in a freshly ironed top, but once that has spent four hours stuffed into a bag, the effect isn’t going to be the same. Think about those items in your wardrobe that might need a little less care or attention. Linen hangs great, even with a few creases in, and patterned or check shirts can disguise the well-travelled shirt quite well too.

Take time on arrival: Don’t be tempted to chuck your bag on the bed and hit the pool bar straight away. Spend just a few precious minutes getting all your essential shirts, t-shirts, trousers and jeans out of your case and onto hangers. Your mates may think you have the early onset of OCD, but you’ll have the last laugh when you hit the clubs looking pristine.

The shower trick: Whilst getting ready for a night out a good tip is to hang any creased clothes in the bathroom whilst you take a shower. Keep the door closed and let the steam take effect. The creases from your clothes will fall out much quicker.

Re-use, recycle: We know. It gets hot on holiday, especially if you’ve just spent eight hours sweating in a Balearic super club, but think back to your match-ups you thought about when you were packing back at home. Time to switch around a few of your outfits so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing the same get-up every day.

Flip the flop: How many pairs of shoes do you really need to take? Once reserved for the beach only, the flip-flop has become a summer must-have which goes with almost any look. Havianas in a neutral colour will sit just as comfortably with a pair of swim shorts by day or some chinos at night.

Your new Best Friend when it comes to travel

Carl Friedrik creates masterfully made leather and travel products for the modern professionals. Elegant aesthetics, premium materials and excellent craft is imperative to each product. Selling exclusively on their website and direct to consumer only, Carl Friedrik offers marketing leading value with outstanding service. With a lifetime warranty, Carl Friedrik ensures each product will last.

It’s a luxury accessories brand for both men and women founded in 2012 by brothers Niklas and Mattis Oppermann.

Using timeless design and time-honoured craft, Carl Friedrik creates simplistic yet innovative solution based products that not only make you look and feel your best but fill you with a sense of pride with every use.

By providing the customer with the finest quality, functional items, their products encourage a more confident, simpler and elegant lifestyle.

They work to an ethos that one thing their customers love about their products is how the leather develops a patina over time. For this reason, they ask their Italian craftsmen to try to recreate this characteristic darkening. The result is a beautiful collection made with a carefully developed hand painting technique.

So every piece in their collection is created with one simple purpose, to fulfill the needs of customers.

Form follows function with every product crafted with precision from premium materials. From the supple leathers used across their ranges to the utilitarian details embedded in the collections, every item is intelligently designed and thoughtfully considered to support a modern lifestyle.

Their relentless pursuit of quality means you can be confident that the products will perform on demand day in and day out, offering a lifetime of luxury.

The brand take pride in offering everyday elegance that not only delivers on aesthetics but also fulfils all your daily needs. Whether organising in the home, moving through the city or travelling abroad, our aim is to inspire confidence every single day.

For a man with real Drive – Driven by Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill is a luxury house that has seen many changed in its illustrious nearly 130 year history. It is a brand with a forward thinking, contemporary perspective.

The dunhill man is not one, but many. The figure of Alfred Dunhill himself is a case in point, as a seeker of fortune in daring enterprises.

It may be over 100 years old, but is design-driven with style and purpose for an uncompromising stance on modern luxury. Their latest launch is a new fragrance, to their impressive and fragrance repertoire.

Introducing DRIVEN, the newest fragrance pillar from dunhill. Exploring the interplay of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design at the House, this distinctive new fragrance is a tribute to the dunhill man.

DRIVEN EAU DE PARFUM dunhill DRIVEN EDP conveys a refined approach. Both resilient and impactful, it is a fragrance guided by intuition and insistence.

Created under the direction of perfumer Dave Apel, dunhill DRIVEN EAU DE PARFUM is a woody citrus floral blend that is elegant and modern with a bold signature.

Dunhill DRIVEN EAU DE PARFUM opens with an exciting blend of Bergamot, Lime, Red Apple and Plum. The heart of the fragrance delivers freshness with an unexpected blend of Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Jasmine, all harmoniously combined with velvety Rose. The base maintains a warm depth, with notes of Amber, Amyris Wood, Vanilla, Cedarwood and Musk for a modern dry down that balances ease with confidence.