WORDS BY Dr Elizabeth Kershaw-Yates

We often jump straight to physical causes when trying to work out where our illness have come from – but our mental wellbeing can cause some alarming physical symptoms. April is Stress Awareness month, so we spoke to the team at The Online Clinic to find out which physical symptoms might be a sign that you are too stressed.

1. Insomnia

Trouble sleeping is a classic sign that something is bothering you. If you are stressed and unable to sleep it can keep you awake throughout the night, which can then make things even worse as you lack the deep sleep needed in order to rest and repair the body’s tissues.

There are a few things you can do to step out of this cycle. First – try to stick to a routine that teaches your body clock when it is time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up. Make your bedroom a peaceful, quiet and dark place that’s a comfortable temperature.

Secondly, make sure you create a period of relaxation before you go to sleep. Off-load your concerns by writing a “to-do” list before you go to bed, rather than when you are lying in bed. This should mean that you are more relaxed when it is time to try and sleep.

2. Alopecia

Hair loss is often a natural and unavoidable part of aging – but premature hair loss might be a sign that stress is getting too much for your body to cope with. When you feel stress, your immune system can become strained and may attack the hair follicles – causing bald patches and hair loss. The only way to tell if stress is the cause of hair loss is to make a note of when you notice it and what your mood is at the time, to see if the two could be linked.

3. Migraines

Migraines can be triggered by a whole range of causes – including hormonal imbalances, dehydration, and diet – but psychological factors such as stress can also have an impact.

People who suffer from migraines have very sensitive nervous systems that are very perceptive to change. They might have chemicals in the brain which cause them to respond abnormally to signals. Stress can become one of these signals that can “trigger” a migraine attack. Keep a “migraine diary” to check in on what’s happening in your life when they appear to try and find the causes.

Taking the time to calm and down and relax can help you both physically and mentally. Your mental health affects all areas of your life and is just as important as your physical health. Keeping a diary of your health issues including your mood and diet can help to pinpoint what is triggering your health conditions. This can also be useful to show a doctor if you choose to seek medical advice.

Advice given by Dr Elizabeth Kershaw-Yates, GP and one of the medical team at The Online Clinic


Men’s streetwear has been a constant talking point for the last few years and the trend is only getting bigger. The idea behind streetwear is to offer the wearer a relaxed style whilst looking good, the hype around luxury streetwear brands like Supreme, Off White and Bape, make the style more desirable but also less affordable.

Other brands are offering everyday people more affordable alternatives to conform to the style that everyone wants, but what does the future hold for the style? Here’s a look at some of the upcoming trends to try in streetwear.

Dolce & Gabbana SS18

Miss-matched Patterns
With patterns and designs on clothing, the common style is to match a printed top or trousers to a plain garment, this helps highlight the patterns worn for a defined style. In streetwear currently, fashion shows and luxury brands are flaunting heavy designed patterns on all garments worn, tops with clashing patterns with trousers and jackets. It’s a bold style which is soon to become the norm in streetwear.

TOPMAN Design SS18

Regular Fit
Although skinny and tapered fit pants are a common occurrence in streetwear, the regular and wider fits are making their way in. To complement the relaxed style mentioned, the looser fitting jeans, joggers and trousers are all offered with the majored luxury retailers and another style spotted is that some of the trousers are ankle grazers. Designer socks are a popular bought garment and the slightly shorter trousers are helping to define this style.

Virgil Abloh, Brooklyn Beckham & A$AP Rocky

Tuck it in!
T-shirts and jumpers are being tucked into trousers with most luxury brands, it helps to define the trousers and belts. With streetwear, it can almost be seen as ironic, usually to tuck in a garment is to try to appeal as a smart style, but it’s certainly not the case in the men’s streetwear scene. with jumpers especially, it’s an easily spotted look that looks slightly off balance, as it’s not the common practice with jumpers.

Gucci SS18

Oversized Branding
Luxury Streetwear is staying strong with the heavy branding, letting your peers know what you’re wearing and the statement you’re making is part of the style. It’s a part of streetwear that has never really changed, branding is an important part of streetwear to most and it’s likely that people won’t spend as much on the brands if their garments become subtler.

Twitter: meadow_richard

In part thanks to the likes of TV shows, such as ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘House of Cards’, MadMen’, ‘Lucifer’ and ‘The Crown’, plus of course such cinematic icons as James Bond, Bruce Wayne and Iron Man’s, Tony Stark. Then when you look to the stylistic value we place on style conscious males in the limelight from Pharell, to Dermot O’Leary and Tom Hiddleston to Calvin Harris, is it any real wonder the suit is having such a renaissance ?  However, in this country we are blessed by such an incredible high Street, where retailers such as ASOS, TOPMAN, Reiss and Marks & Spencer are producing such incredible tailoring to fit any man’s budget. One such retailer who really is making a marking in not only creating contemporary satori all classics, but who too are moving men’s confidence in trying to be a little more daring is House of Cavani. Surprisingly, the tale of how this satorial brand came about has a most Anglo-Italian tale to itself.

The seeds of thoughts first came about in 2010 on a trip to the world renowned Men’s Fashion event Pitti Uomo, in the heart of Italy’s original home of Fashion and style, Florence. I mean it’s hard not to admire the amazing views on show in this beautiful city, but bi-annually the citadel is also known as a place where men globally show off the peacock side to their stylish ego. This is where, inspired by the fabulous clothing on display, upon returning home to the slightly less glamorous East Midlands, the Cavani guys were buzzing with stylish aspirations.

The idea behind this tailoring gem was to transport that Italian flavour back to the UK, bringing that level of quality and fit, enabling stylish men the opportunity to wear expertly crafted Italian style suits. All of their pieces are designed in house by a team of experts with countless years of experience in the fashion and tailoring industry. With this in mind, and fast forward seven years later the House of Cavani’s website is continually updating with products and constantly adding more items to their range.

OK for fear of being corrected, St Giles isn’t the Patron Saint of Fragrance, but he is of Blacksmiths, Cancer patients and the Mentally ill, amongst other saintly duties. But the man behind this new delicious fragrance range has been described as a Saint and is a true Fashion industry insider. To say what this man doesn’t know about the fashion, beauty, grooming and lifestyle industria isn’t worth even knowing.
Michael Donovan (above) has spent the last three years creating 5 individual mood inducing scents with the help of the master of innovative luxury fragrance, Bertrand Duchaufour.

The thinking behind this launch is the answer to the Holy Grail of fragrance questions, ‘How does a fragrance make you feel?’ We are all multifaceted creatures which experience different moods and have many differing sides to our complete our own personality and so we need an olfactory wardrobe that is multi-functional and fulfils the needs of our daily lives – a scent to make us feel empowered and successful or inspired, glamorous or stylish.

Think about a fragrance to match and maximise on the mood we find ourselves in or want to portray. Amongst our favourites are, The tycoon
This fragrance conveys luxury and power and is opulent, sumptuous and self-assured, wrapping you up in privilege. It will take you from boardroom to bedroom, it will lionise, it is empowered and entitled. The Tycoon is also a little intimidating!
The scent of extravagance is chypre and here it is balanced with an intense, vivid opening of bitter green galbanum, the gilded zest of pomelo and grapefruit, green lemons and fresh ginger.

Then we have The Writer
The written word is one of life’s great joys, from novels and poetry to newspapers and magazines, online content and the new cultural commentators of social media. Words have the greatest capacity to effect change. This fragrance, inspired by the talented writers that use their imagination, creativity and vision to enrich our lives, will aid concentration and summon the muse!
Rosemary stimulates memory performance and its bitter-green intensity provides the focus for this perfume. The scent opens with fresh ginger, rosemary absolute and the focusing sparkle of aldehydes.

Ohhhh next its the turn of The Mechanic
This is the sex scent! The smells associated with the mechanic’s pit – oil and rubber, fuel, hot skin – convey the purity of doing something physical and how empowering it feels. The Mechanic is animalic, hirsute and it growls!
Earthy geranium and patchouli open, conjuring the urban jungle, and then castoreum hits leather, caramel smooth, rich and dusky. There is something of the Grimm’s fairytale to this fragrance something, dark, smoky, brooding yet sensual, ready to overwhelm.

If that has whet your appetite, check all 5 of these individually crafted scents exclusively at Selfridges.


The island sibling of the Oxford, the Havana shirt – or Cuban shirt whichever you want to call it – is a classic old-school wardrobe staple – and it’s made a major comeback in recent seasons. With a number of brands reinterpreting the classic Guayabera, a style of shirt popularised by the late Fidel Castro and worn throughout South and Central America.

The piece is known by it’s defined by a pointed, two-tiered collar, which usually comes short-sleeved. And for this upcoming spring/summer season, we have picked 6 pieces that we believe you should add to your wardrobe, ranging from high street to high-end.


Marks & Spencer – Limited Edition Palm Print Chambray Shirt


Jigsaw – Capri Collar Dot Short Sleeve Shirt

Saturdays NYC – Canty Solid Shirt

Universal Works – Cuban Shirt In Indigo Pinpoint Denim

YMC – Malick Shirt

Maison Margiela – Cotton Guayabera Shirt