Top Tips For Caring For Your Clothes

Words by Melissa Chorlton

Clothing has a lifetime of around 2 years which sounds ridiculous, in reality, they last much less than this because we don’t care for them properly. The issue with this is that many clothes then end up in landfills. It is no secret that fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to pollution in the world, so taking care of your clothing properly is more important than ever. The global production of clothing increases every year and with fast fashion bringing out more low-quality clothing, it feels like a never-ending process. In this article, we will go through some of the top tips for caring for your clothes that will help to keep them for longer and look as good as the first day you purchased them.

Know Your Fabrics

Knowing your fabrics may be one of the most important things you can do when caring for your clothing properly. It can be complicated, but once you have your head around it, you will be able to determine the best methods for cleaning that certain item of clothing. Whether it is suede, plant-based, blended, organic or anything else that you may have, they will all have certain specifications. It is great to see innovations in fabrics for less disruptive and resource-intensive materials being used in clothing. Understanding how to wash certain fabrics, wash cycles, detergents to use and how to dry clothing is an essential part of caring for your clothes properly.

Wash Your Clothes Less

If your clothes aren’t dirty and don’t smell then don’t put them in the wash. Washing your clothes too often is going to deteriorate them much faster as it damages the fibres which in turn reduces your clothing lifespan. When you have only worn something for an hour or two or your clothing just isn’t dirty or it doesn’t smell, then consider putting it back in your wardrobe instead of the laundry basket. You can now buy fabric cleaners that you can spray on your clothing so it smells fresh for your next wear. Alternatively, you can hang your clothes outside and let them air out for an extra fresh scent.

Wash At Low Temperatures

When you are going to clean your clothing, it is important to do it in the kindest way possible. This means using low temperatures and also using a detergent that is gentle and possibly organic. High washing temperatures damage your clothes and will result in colouration fading as well as the fibres getting damaged. 30 degrees or less will do fine, as long as you buy the correct detergent. When washing jackets or denim, it is also best practice to wash them inside out and one at a time to save discolouration. If you are conscious about the environment, then you may want to invest in wash bags such as guppy bags so that the fibres don’t fall out in the wash. This is especially the case with athleisure such as tracksuits as these contain harmful fibres.

Always Sort Through Your Laundry

When an item of clothing is dirty you obviously put it in the laundry basket. This leaves all of your clothes mixed together. Darks, colours and whites should not be combined so it is vital that you sort through your washing before you wash them. The best way to do this is to separate your clothes and also read the instructions as some materials may be more delicate than others. If you do wash all your clothes together, you could face all of your washing being different colours, damaged fibres, pulled zippers or worse.

Store Your Clothes Correctly

We all have clothes that are looking a bit worse for wear and we all know how it feels when you open your wardrobe and it’s just a cluttered mess. This is one thing that is ruining your clothes. Instead, a top tip for caring for your clothes, you need to keep your clothing aerated with space between your hangers. Draws should not be crammed with clothes, you need to have this in a way that your clothes are folded neatly away without brimming out. If you don’t have enough room in your wardrobe, it is time to start purchasing some vacuum bags so you can easily store them away when out of season.

Repair Damage, Don’t Throw

One thing that doesn’t happen enough these days is people repairing their own clothing, or even getting them repaired at all. If you see any damage in your clothing, repair it as soon as you can so it doesn’t get worse. This will result in you still having a great item of clothing, rather than it ending up in a landfill. This is a great tip for caring for your clothes, but it is important to understand how to repair different types of clothing. Increasing the lifespan of clothing is a result of caring for your clothes properly, so if you have anything over 2.5 years and it still looks good to wear, then you are doing a great job.

Pre-treat Stains Before Washing

Stains are something that must be dealt with straight away and it is pretty simple to do with an easy cleaning solution. Take some warm water, and put some detergent in it. If you are hand washing, the powder is best as you can rub this into the stain to encourage it to come out in the wash. If using a liquid, simply add it directly to the stain. Once rubbed in, pop it in the wash for a final rinse.


Words by Anne Jones, author of ‘How to heal’

Family, friends and partners are important elements of life, and our happiness levels are affected by whether these relationships are positive and uplifting or toxic and depressing. A great deal (at least 50%) of my work as a spiritual healer is to help people improve the vibrations of their closest connections. I help clients to release the yearning for lost love, to heal current associations and to be open to finding a new partner.

The people who are closest to you, who spend the most time with you, are connected to you by energy cords. Your thoughts are energy streams and constant thoughts create links to the people you spend time with. If your relationship is loving, then the cord that connects you will be vibrant and strong with love flowing constantly (apart from the odd tiff!). However, if a friend, family member or colleague is too demanding, needy or overwhelming they will be stealing your energy and the cord between you will be heavy and toxic.

Here are just some of the situations that can occur with people you share time with or who are constantly in touch with you.


If a relationship is out of balance and the other person clings to you with hooks and takes a ride on your vibrancy and enthusiasm for life, they will drain your energy. You will be exhausted after spending time with them.

Negative thinking and depressed

If you spend time with a pessimistic, depressed, or miserable person you can be affected by their heavy energy and theirnegative thought forms of worry, concern and depression will bring down the vibration of your own energy.


If someone close tries to manipulate or control you by bullying or making you feel guilty then you will lose your self-esteem, lose your confidence, believe what they tell you and become programmed by their sense of superiority or their demands.

Angry or emotional

A person who allows their emotions to boil over easily will make you feel insecure. When you are the target of someone’s irrational and emotive venting, you will become weaker in yourself, unable to make decisions, vulnerable and low spirited.


The connections between you and other people are energy streams created by your thoughts. If you want to change the status of your relationship you need to start with an intention to transform the energy that flows between you. Forgiving and opening a positive dialogue can help and you can shift the energy between you by channelling positive vibrations into the link, the cord, that flows between you.

Here are several ways you can manage the health and positivity of your relationships at home and work.

Clearing toxic energies

The cords that connect you to people you know well are created by your thoughts and the energy vibrations are affected by the emotions attached to those thoughts. So, if you are angry with your sister-in-law then a stream of heavy energy will reach her and affect the way she feels. Your cord to her and her cord to you are intertwined by your association so anything she feels will flow through to you.

Here are simple steps that can help clear the toxic energy that flows between you and someone close and can also release you from their controlling or manipulative attitudes and behaviour:

1. Write the name of the person involved on a piece of paper
2. Hold the intention to clear the air between you – to let bygones be bygones and to forgive
3. If the person controls or dominates you, your intention is to set yourself free
4. Cut a length of thread to represent the cord that connects you
5. Release the negative energy in the cord by saying:I send love and forgiveness to clear the cord between [name] and myself. I set myself free, now right now, right now.And break the cord or cut with scissors
6. Complete by sending healing into the cord. You can use Reiki or this symbol (below) which will invoke light and healing energy streams that flow through your hands. Draw the symbol, with your hands, three times in the air then place your hands on the name of the person.

Prevent your energy from being zapped

Protection is the best option when dealing with the negative fall-out of other people’s issues. By protecting and sealing your energy field you can prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by another person’s negativity. Whenever I work alongside other people, I do what humans have always done when they are attacked I create a castle! Here your intention is to imagine a fortress that is a barrier to heavy and negative energies that can invade and contaminate your own energy. It is highly effective!

1. Visualise a castle, one you create to your taste. Here is an example.
2. Visualise it having extremely thick walls and say:My energy is sealed and protected now, right now, right now, only positive energy and love can enter.”

Other protective measures include pulling down a garage door when someone starts to vent their anger or frustration at you, ideal if you work with the public. Another is to visualise a large egg with thick walls that repel negative thoughts – they bounce off the outside layer. Any of these rituals will put you back in control and prevent other people’s emotions from disturbing or stealing your life force and vitality.

If a person is depending on you or leans too heavily, they will become a burden, and this will tire you. Burdens sit on your shoulders like boulders. Every day imagine sweeping these heavy burdens of dependency from your shoulders.

Bringing a new relationship into your life

There can be several reasons why you are struggling to find a loving partner. If you have been badly hurt and abused in a previous relationship you will need to heal the wounds and imprints to your heart. You will also need to bring down any barriers you have put up yourself. The healing you need will depend on the intensity of the pain of the breakup and is best helped by a therapist. However, to get you started, here are some basics steps you can take that will help you free yourselfand clear barriers to new love:

1. Clear redundant cords

You will need to clear any old cords that may still be attaching you to past love. If someone leaves you, they will take their cord, but you may still be attached as you yearn for your lost love. Now is the time to cut yourself free – ready for new love. Do it now, get out the scissors. Take a thread and cut it, set yourself free right now.

2. Vows, contracts and promises

You may be tied to someone by a vow or promise – as in a marriage ceremony or even the words you say “I will be yours for ever and ever” – wonderful if you are still together but not so good if that person is long out of your life. Release any redundant vows by saying:I clear and release myself from all vows and contracts I wish to dissolve, now, right now, right now.”

3. Open your heart

You may have closed your heart deliberately when hurt by rejection. So set your intention to be open to love by placing your hands together in front of your heart centre (in the middle of your chest), these are now the doors to your heart. Open them slowly and deliberately three times and say:I open my heart to receive love, now, right now, right now.”Now use the healing symbol to receive healing for heartache and grief and after you have traced it in the air, place your hands on your chest.

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Building up a sweat with BAST PARIS

Launching a new beauty and grooming range into an overcrowded market is incredibly difficult. One brand that think they have cracked this conundrum with a different and unique selling point is BAST PARIS.

Every sport has its own challenges and pains. BAST PARIS believe that mental and physical preparation is the secret of overcoming any obstacle, they have decided to explore how products combined with mental and physical routines can support athletes in reaching their goals. 

Created in 2015 by David Frossard and Mats Johansson, a combination of French fighting spirit and Swedish craft.

BAST – Is a body care brand that supports and champions active lifestyles both pre & post workout. All BAST body care products are developed and produced in Halmstad, Sweden, and are designed to help feel good fitness enthusiasts prepare for physical routines, prevent injuries and take care of the skin, body and mind take care to prevent other negative effects of rough training and more.

Expert reveals hacks on how to keep cool in your workwear this summer

 (Image by Jason Goodman)

This summer, the UK has already seen some of the most record-breaking high temperatures, and for many, the struggle with what to wear to work in the heat can cause real annoyance.

Fashion experts at Karen Millen have revealed the best hacks to help you stay cool at work while looking stylish at the same time. Alongside the tips is some guidance on which items to opt for this summer if you’re heading into the office.

(Image by Austin Distel)

Hack 1: Wear more clothes –
It may sound odd but wearing more clothing on hot summery days can prevent you from working up a sweat. Obviously, avoid heavy layering with items like tights and thick jumpers – but try adding some lighter layers into the mix. Covering up in light layers will help to keep you protected from sun exposure and keep your skin shaded and cool.

(Image by Memento Media)

Hack 2: Stay clear from dark clothing – If your dress code is strict on all black – you might want to skip to the last hack! But, if your workplace is lenient with colours, try opting for lighter coloured clothing pieces which will reflect heat and light. Black clothing will absorb sunlight and lock in heat so try to avoid dark colours if you can. Whites, creams and beiges are your safest bet for summery days, and they will help to keep you cool and sweat-free!

(image by Jud Mackrill) 
Hack 3: Wear your workout clothes
– Don’t just wear your workout gear to the gym; try it out in the office! Most workout clothing is designed to keep you cool whilst enduring physical activity; therefore, the fabrics and linings of these pieces are often created in breathable, lightweight and airy fabrics. Not only will workout pieces keep you cool, but the athleisure trend is extremely popular, so no one will bat an eyelid.

(Image by Memento Media)

Hack 4: Wear breathable fabrics –
Not only are materials such as cotton always a cooler option, but linen is also a solid trend which returns every summertime. Its textured weave will keep you feeling fresh all day, and while this lighter fabric absorbs the heat, the light colour will reflect most sunlight anyway. Cotton is also a staple in every wardrobe, so if linen isn’t something you want to venture into, a cotton t-shirt or dress will do the job perfectly!