Right now the World Cup fever has gripped the nation as England have reached the semi-final stage since that tearful night in Turin during Italia 1990. Today, the new England heroes are trying to emulate the heroes of 1966 and bring the World Cup home, and they have been donning the classic white home kit and red away kit in Russia. But today, we’re looking back to the past, and there have been so many great World Cup jerseys in the tournament’s 88-year history. And we here at CMTM we chose some of the most stunning kits, for each taking into consideration its originality, beauty and representation of a country’s culture and football tradition.

PERU 1970

1970 has been Peru’s best performance at the World Cup so far. In that year’s competition, the Peruvian side reached the quarterfinals. You can see this World Cup jersey has a very clean design, with a twist. Peru’s kit is striking in that it is one of the few World Cup jerseys ever to have used a diagonal stripe across the chest.


Need a more emblematic and iconic kit than this one? Diego Armando Maradona won the 1986 World Cup in this stunning jersey. It was the away kit that Maradona wore when he scored two of his most famous goals against England: one dribbling past the entire defence and goalkeeper, the other scored with the hand, the notorious “mano de Dios” (“hand of God”). However, it is the home kit that he wore in the final.

ITALY 1982

Marco Tardelli and THAT celebration. Not only is it one of the most iconic Italian football images of all time, it’s one adored by fans of the beautiful game the world over. So it’s little wonder, therefore, that the 1982 Italy World Cup-winning jersey is recognised as one of football’s most iconic tops.


Adidas reimagined the 2018 World Cup kits for Germany which is reminiscent of 1990’s designs, though their success did not live up to expectations in Russia, it is impossible not to feature Germany’s 1990 uniform Geometrical patterns in black, red and yellow contrasted beautifully with the white in the background. An absolute 90s classic!


France won the 1998 World Cup wearing this amazing uniform. In this jersey, Zinedine Zidane lead “Les Bleus” to their one and only World Cup title so far. It has a V-neck, predominantly blue background, and red and white stripes that beautifully evoke the French flag. In the jersey, you can also see the lingering 90s designs giving way to the new millennium fashion standards.

Brazil 1970

Brazil’s squad, loaded with the finesse and explosive firepower of Pele, Gerson, Rivelino and Jairzinho, was one of the finest ever assembled. Its stylish, flamboyant play style was as if choreographed by Cirque du Soleil. This was the first World Cup to be broadcast in colour, lending the television footage an evocative quality which captured the warmth of Brazil’s classic golden shirts in all of their finery.

England 1966

It’s only appropriate to close this list with what is, without a doubt, the most iconic kit of all time (not biased, promise). The red England Away kit from 1966 remain veritable grails for British football fans and sports memorabilia collectors around the world.

For one, England won the World Cup on home soil in 1966 and that victory stands as the country’s last silverware in international or European competition. That alone should be enough to elevate the kit worn to grail status. But it’s the simplicity of the kit, a plain red cotton shirt with the England crest on the chest and white numbers on the back, that makes it stand out.


The 2018 World Cup has arrived, and 3.4 billion people around each globe are currently glued to their screens, cheering on their country… and judging some of the horrendous hairstyles in motion. We’re not trying to be cruel but, historically, football players have been guilty of sporting some truly hellish hairstyles while playing the great game. From dye jobs to rat-tails, mohawks to mullets; experts in the field of ensure you look at your best in the hair care stakes are, Murdock London who have take a look at some of the World Cup footballers that will be remembered more for their tragic haircuts than their fancy footwork.

Chris Waddle, England, 1990

The first crime against style is our very own Chris Waddle, sporting a mullet that would make Billy Ray Cyrus jealous back in 1990! Though Waddle experimented with many styles over the years, it’s his trademark mullet which will forever be remembered in the footballers’ haircut hall of shame.

Rudi Voller, Germany, 1990

Rudi Voller’s permed mullet gave him the nickname “Tante Kathe” in his native Germany, which loosely translates to “Aunt Kathy” in English. If that wasn’t bad enough, the centre-forward’s hair also made headlines after a memorable falling out with Frank Rijkaard in a match at the 1990 World Cup. After an argument over a foul and subsequent free kick, Rijkaard famously spat in Voller’s luscious locks… and did so again as the pair were leaving the pitch after being sent off. Some sources also say that Voller’s mullet took a third phlegm-ing on the touchline afterwards.

Ronaldo, Brazil, 2002

Before the World Cup in 2002, Ronaldo asked his barber for a short back and sides… and middle, top and, well, everywhere except that iconic fringe at the front. The legendary striker later said that he was trying to divert press attention away from his groin injury… though, it may have worked a little too well as his hairdo is often better-remembered than the eight goals he scored for his country!

Lionel Messi, Argentina, 2006

Whilst Messi might be considered to be the ultimate heartthrob by both women and men across the world in 2018, 2006 was a different story altogether. For his debut World Cup, the youngster sported a crop that was reminiscent of something that your mother might style using a bowl and pair of scissors. Luckily the Argentinian sensation quickly got the chop and is now considered one of the most stylish players in the world!

Taribo West, Nigeria, 1998

The Nigerian defender’s neon green dreadlocks that matched his kit really does encapsulate everything that we remember about the 90’s. Though this look was a definite style-faux-pas, you really have to admire his dedication to stand-out hairstyles throughout his World Cup career – even despite his impending baldness!

Jose Perlaza, Ecuador, 2006

At Germany’s 2006 World Cup, José Luis Perlaza sported a hairstyle which had even the most experienced barbers scratching their heads. Was it a mullet, or would you describe it as “short front and sides”? Either way, the burnt curl fringe, cropped top and long locks at back certainly got people talking.

Roberto Baggio, Italy, 1990

Roberto Baggio’s iconic rat-tail-inspired style at the 19990 World Cup became so famous that the Italian footballer was given the nickname ‘Il Divin Codino’. This loosely translates into English as ‘the divine ponytail’ – but I’m afraid the jury is still out on that one!

Carlos Valderrama, Colombia, 1994

As well as being regarded by many as Colombia’s greatest player ever, Valderrama is also well-known for his iconic ‘do at the 1994 World Cup. Serving up ‘Sideshow Bob’ inspired style, it’s safe to say that all eyes were on him as soon as he stepped onto the pitch.

Trifon Ivanov, Bulgaria, 1994

Whilst the bearded centre-back helped Bulgaria to the semi-finals of the 1994 World Cup, he’s better remembered by many for his dishevelled look on the pitch. Best known by his nickname ‘The Bulgarian Wolf’, Trifon Ivanov certainly showed the other countries who to be afraid of.

Romania Team, 1998

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Something we are all guilty of is allowing our toothbrush to get a bit weathered and over used. In fact 70% of us fail to replace our heads every 2 months as recommended by dentists! Well Ordo want to revolutionize the dental hygiene market with their slick online subscription service and streamlined electric toothbrush Ordo pack, which fits precisely and conveniently through your letterbox.

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GEYM gets its name from the mantra of America’s 19th century explorers: “Go East Young Man”. At that time, conquering the East was a source of ingenuity and fulfillment. By creating the Transcontinental Railroad, companies redoubled their efforts to link the West to the East. Two centuries later, connecting to each other is more relevant than ever. The Paris-based streetwear label GEYM was founded in 2016 by Thomas Erber, Charles Gaston-Dreyfuss and Claude Sérieux.
Before launching the brand, Gaston-Dreyfuss used to produce a line of T-shirts working with Paris-based street artists. Sérieux previously worked as product director at Paul Smith then Yves Saint Laurent, under Hedi Slimane. He went on to launch his own record label while continuing to consult for brands like Kolor and Y-3.

GEYM’s SS18 collection is inspired by the ocean, and how the ocean has been interpreted through centuries of Eastern and Western art. The movement of waves, the strength of the wind, and the different shades of blue on the horizon have all provided inspiration for this collection.

This collection, remaining true to the GEYM spirit, includes technical fabrics often mixed together: water resistant, coolmax, and 3 in 1 transformative items are at the core of GEYM’s sensibilities.

Hero pieces from the collection include kimonos, sailor trousers, and innovative interpretations of layering. New functionalities are key to the GEYM aesthetic, while never losing sight of GEYM’s core urban street aesthetic. GEYM is an encouragement to exchange and innovate to be in tune with its time, looking towards the future. With the objective to accompany and support the movements of the Man of the 3rd millennium by providing them comfort and protection. This genius and symbolic way of thinking inspired a collaboration between these guys are two other guys called Damon Albam and Jamie Hewlett and the latter’s creative, iconic outlet ‘Gorillaz’. Inspired by Hewlett’s iconic imagery for Gorillaz, a teaser capsule will launch on July 1 at selected stockists worldwide, with a full line inspired by the characters set to launch at the end of the year.