Crack the Code to a Stress-Free Night with Stress Flix

If you are like our family we spend more time searching on Netflix than actually watching. Finding the perfect movie for a night in with friends or family can be a real headache. As you know, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services around, and they make it convenient to watch different genres of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. But did you know there are secret Netflix codes that help unlock even more content? With over 36,000 films and episodes it is clear that all of these couldn’t be highlighted on your Netflix screen.

Just head to the ‘secret menu’ on Netflix. This collection of content offers more than what is normally found on the home page and through searching. To explore these collections – ordering off the secret menu, all you need to do is fire up your web browser, type in “” and begin scrolling through all the hidden gems that await you. This secret menu can be used by both new viewers and seasoned veterans to discover content that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Alternatively, just type the code into the search box on your TV or streaming device.

These codes let you filter through an expansive library so you can find something to watch quickly and easily. Discover what kind of content is hidden behind these special codes to help you maximize your Netflix experience. Here are some of the codes:

  • 90 Minute Movies – 81466194
  • Family Movie Night – 2013975
  • Pop Culture Icons – 81278963
  • Nostalgic ’90s – 2691941
  • Spy Action & Adventure – 10702
  • Romantic Comedies – 5475
  • British TV Shows – 52117
  • Musicals – 13335
  • Romantic Comedies – 5475
  • Cult Horror Movies – 10944
  • Tearjerkers – 6384
  • Independent Dramas – 384
  • Action Comedies – 43040

There is so much to choose from and when stressed out over what to watch on Netflix don’t worry – we have the perfect solution.

Introducing ‘Stressflix’, the genre picker – pick one of five emotions and let it do the work for you. It could be your go-to source for a stress-free movie night every time.

Use the Stress Flix Dice by Thumbs Up!, The ingenious gadget takes the pressure off so you can enjoy an evening of stress-free streaming. This innovative product has six different sides for you to choose from, each with its own genre that showcase a range of movies, shows, and documentaries. So take a chance and let the dice land wherever it falls – it’s time to relax and let the Stress Flix Dice pick the genre for you. If all else fails take out your anger on the Stress Flix, which can be crushed and squeezed until you calm your streaming woes.

Made in Britain, made to last, made like it used to be. – HebTroCo

Working with makers, mills and factories right here in the UK, HebTroCo is a brand inspired by the hardy Yorkshire environment and an unfaltering respect of the great outdoors. The influence of the local dales and moorlands, where the brand is based, creates a collection of stylish utility and workwear pieces for those who live, or aspire to live, a lifestyle in touch with the natural world. Everything is designed in-house, is exclusive to HebTroCo and is made using only the best and most sustainable natural fabrics, including wool from nearby farms. In addition to the highest quality fabrication and eco production methods, at the heart of the brand is a unique personality and sense of humour, helping to build a large and growing community of customers around the UK.  

HebTroCo is based in Hebden Bridge, an area once at the centre of the textile industry and somewhere that used to produce over 20,000 pairs of trousers a week (a million a year), leading to the nickname ‘Trouser Town’. It was this fact, coupled with a desire to support small British manufacturers, that inspired the founders, Brant Richards and Ed Oxley, to create the brand. Brant was the editor of men’s magazines; a cycling magazine and a lifestyle title, before going on to work in bicycle design and brand development. Ed had mostly worked in the outdoor industry running a mountain bike skills and guiding business. He also worked as massage therapist for ten years, all jobs that had a common thread of making people happy. Both had a passion for Yorkshire and for its natural beauty, which is now something intrinsic to the brand they created. HebTroCo was born via a crowdfunding website at the end of January 2016, with the aim to sell an initial batch of 176 pairs of trousers. The batch sold out in five hours, so the pair quit their jobs, and committed to HebTroCo full time, creating a hugely successful business with an army of loyal customers and employees.


Whilst the collections are non-seasonal they include items for warm and cold weather, and are always created with Yorkshire in mind, requiring durability and functionality. The result is a workwear wardrobe of stylish classics, designed for city dwellers and those in more rural areas. There are pieces that can be worn in the office, and pieces that will help you get to the top of a mountain – some of them even tick both boxes. Everything is carefully tested, perfected and guaranteed for life for manufacturing defects. If at any point something does happen, then the guarantee offers a repair or replace service.

The collection includes denim, knitwear, hoodies, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, body warmers, trousers, outerwear, footwear and accessories. There is a range of four heavyweight ‘Big Jumpers’ available in navy, burnt orange, salt & pepper and red, each made from 100% British wool sourced from seven farms in Yorkshire. For lovers of tradition there’s a lighter Guernsey style fisherman jumper in navy or willow green, spun near Bradford using wool from two breeds of sheep in the Yorkshire Dales. A cardigan in 100% superfine lambswool comes in porcupine brown and Derby grey, and has been knitted in Aberdeenshire. Denim is a huge part of the business, it’s all produced at a high quality and is very popular with the HebTroCo customer. The range is made with selvedge denim from the Candiani Mill near Milan, one of the world’s most sustainable denim mills. There are jeans in black and indigo, available in various fits (but never too skinny! Phew) and two jackets in double black and indigo. The jackets and a selection of the jeans are in GOTS approved 100% organic (BCI) cotton, created using a micro-plastics free dye process, solar power and water recycling. For outerwear, the hardiest piece in the collection is a waterproof utility coat, based on an SAS zip-up smock jacket pattern, the outer shell is 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester. Its numerous pockets and practicalities means it serves well on the hill and for tactical trips to the pub in all conditions. Warmer weather pieces include 100% cotton hoodies and zip up hoodies which are made in Manchester. There are two body warmers made with fabric from the Olmetex Mill in Italy and padded with British HD wool; a natural, high performing active insulation that doesn’t rely on plastics and manmade fibres. For summer months, and for layering up, there are t-shirts in yellow, botanical green, grey, black and white. A forest green overshirt is made with luxuriously soft and hard wearing corduroy from the best German mill – the same piece also comes in light sand moleskin. The socks are produced using Scottish Merino wool or cotton, and are all made in Scotland, whilst a range of workwear boots are constructed using processes that go back to the 19th century. One of the biggest selling products has been the woollen tweed blanket cape which can either be used as a blanket, throw or worn poncho style over the head and shoulders.

Other eco initiatives include all items being shipped to the Post Office for delivery by electric cargo bike. HebTroCo also donates to Curlew Action; a charity set up to prevent the extinction of curlews, an endangered bird that inhabits the moors around Yorkshire. As Hebden Bridge is prone to flooding, the founders also decided to support a local Natural Flood Management Charity called Slow The Flow.

Harnessing the power of personality and humour (HebTroCo has it in bucketloads) is the brand web and social media content, including the Don’t Be A Dick tagline. An element of this sees the founders acting out some of the most obnoxious messages trolls have kindly shared with them over their social channels. This unique sense of self-deprecation and fun is a big part of the success of the brand, the engaging content is something its followers react to in a big way.

Expert advice on how to stay stylish and warm in 2023

Over the past few weeks, designers have been revealing their latest collections during men’s fashion week for AW23. In both Milan and Paris we have seen a glimpse into the upcoming fashion trends this autumn and winter. From cosy cashmere knits to oversized jackets and tailoring, there is something for every fashionable man this winter. Milan has hosted luxury fashion names such as Armani, Gucci and Prada, while Paris featured Dior, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. Fashion experts from T.M. Lewin have observed the standout styles from Milan and Paris’ men’s fashion week (FW) to give you an idea of what to wear during the colder seasons. 

Coats and jackets 

Following its popularity last season, the shearling jacket is still worth the investment, as this warm and stylish piece continues to trickle into 2023 fashion. Emporio Armani(pictured)  showed a sweeping shearling-lined coat inspired by aviators of the 1930s in their Milan show earlier this month. In keeping with this theme, they also showcased looks featuring bomber jackets, helmets and goggles. Prada had similar ideas as they presented an oversized parka-bomber jacket and duffle coat in their latest collection. 

In Paris, however, there was a noticeable theme of plush coats and jackets. Givenchy, Loewe and Bode presented daring plush teddy bear fabrics for their outerwear looks.

Ultimately, these collections tell us one thing: We should expect to see voluminous and hooded plush jackets in camel or purple as a staple statement piece in upcoming AW wardrobes. 


Dark grey was the preferred suit colour as Prada(pictured) opened their show with 11 suits in luxurious charcoal shades. In a slightly less conventional approach, Emporio Armani showcased a full charcoal wool jumpsuit paired with a matching coat.  

For the more adventurous dresser, inspiration can be taken from Paris men’s FW to help you stay warm and stand out in the sea of grey. Designer Hed Mayner presented oversized checked pieces with structured shoulders, while Rei Kawakubo sent his models down the runway in monochrome, grey and bright pink tailoring.  


As demonstrated at Paris men’s FW, layering pieces are a must-have for all trans-seasonal wardrobes. Models from Paul Smith (pictured), Kolor and Namesake were dressed in three or more layers, with some outfits showcasing a daring clash of muted and vibrant patterns.

Oversized fit 

Oversized, relaxed-looking garments were a popular feature at Milan’s FW, with Gucci presenting oversized pastel tailoring, whilst Prada(pictured) gave us an oversized parka-bomber jacket with orange lining.  

According to an analysis of Google trends data, there was a 215% increase in searches in the UK for ‘oversized men’s’ pieces over the past five years, with a peak in December last year. Oversized pieces are becoming increasingly popular for men who wish to dress with a more relaxed look and feel, and this is expected to carry on into this year’s AW season. Rather than seeking out oversized pieces, why not buy ones you love a few sizes larger than your regular size? This will give you the oversized effect with far more choices in terms of colour, fabric and style. Opting for oversized outerwear also lends itself to the layering trend mentioned above, allowing for multiple garments to be comfortably worn underneath. 


The luxurious wool made multiple appearances at Milan men’s FW, notably in the Fendi (pictured) show that focused on cosy and reversible cashmere pieces. At the same time, Emporio Armani presented cashmere tracksuits and bomber jackets in greige. Cashmere is renowned for its luxuriously soft, scratch-free texture and heat-retaining capabilities and for being lightweight, comfortable, and impeccably stylish. In these colder seasons, a cashmere jumper is the perfect layering piece for every man’s winter wardrobe.  

To round off his list of AW23-inspired trends from men’s fashion week, here is what an expert from T.M. Lewin had to say on the importance of finding comfortably stylish pieces that will keep you warm this winter: 

“It is clear that multi-hued layers and oversized pieces will be a trend to look out for this autumn and winter season. Whether you wish to stay timeless with greys and neutral colours or be more daring with checks and pinks, you can do so with style, warmth and versatility.” 

What is the most romantic capital city in Europe ?

New research has revealed which capital cities in Europe are the most romantic as the run-up to Valentine’s Day approaches by analysing Trip Advisor for the number of romantic restaurants and hotels in each city.

The European-based yacht charter group Catamaran Charter Croatia looked at each capital city in Europe and analysed Trip Advisor data on the number of romantic restaurants and hotels per million people in each city.

Lisbon takes the top spot in the rankings as the most romantic capital city in Europe to visit on Valentine’s Day. Despite having the ninth smallest area, the city sweeps across 100 square kilometresand has a population of 545,923. There are 588 romantic restaurants in the city, meaning there are 1,077 restaurants per million people, alongside 152 romantic hotels resulting in 278 hotels per million people. Therefore, Lisbon has the highest ratio of restaurants and hotels per million people in the city.

Monaco is Europe’s second most romantic capital city to visit on Valentine’s Day, with 54 romantic restaurants and six romantic hotels. The city has the second-smallest area in the rankings spanning only 2.1 square kilometres and has a population of just over 36,686. Per million people, there are 1,472 romantic restaurants and 164 hotels, resulting in Monaco placing second.

Paris, France, comes in strong as the third most romantic city, with a population of 2,139,907 people, 1,387 romantic restaurants and 542 romantic hotels. This equates to there being 648 restaurants and 253 hotels per million people. The city stretches over 105 square kilometres.

In fourth place is San Marino, with a population of 33,660; the city has 18 romantic restaurants and 14romantic hotels across 61.2 square kilometres, meaning there are 535 restaurants and 416 hotels per million people.

Following behind in fifth place is Rome, Italy, with a population of 2,761,632; Rome has 1,291 romantic restaurants and 1,371 romantic hotels in total across an area of 1,285 square kilometres, resulting in 467 romantic restaurants and 496 romantic hotels per million people, putting Rome in fifth place.

Sixth place goes to Andorra la Vella, Andorra, which has a population of 22,886 and is spread across 12 kilometres squared. The city is home to 23 romantic restaurants and three romantic hotels, meaning there are 1,005 restaurants and 131 hotels per million people.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, takes seventh place with a population of 905,234 people and stretches across 219 square kilometres in area. There are 486 romantic restaurants in the city and 155romantic hotels, which means there are 537 restaurants and 171 hotels per million people, securing seventh place.

In eighth place is Athens, Greece, which has 367 romantic restaurants and 63 romantic hotels across its area of 39 square kilometres. The population of Athens sits at 637,798, meaning that there are 575 restaurants and 99 hotels per million people in the city.

Prague, Czechia, ranks ninth in the rankings, spreading across 496 square kilometres. The city’s population sits at 1,352,374 people, and with 399 romantic restaurants and 246 romantic hotels in the city, there are 295 restaurants and 182 hotels per million people.

In tenth place is Reykjavik, Iceland, which has a population of 135,688 people meaning there are 420 restaurants and 182 hotels per million people. Reykavik is spread across 273 square kilometres, and there are 57 romantic restaurants and 125 romantic hotels, placing the city in tenth position.

London, United Kingdom, has the highest number of romantic restaurants overall, and Rome, Italy, has the highest number of romantic hotels in the rankings.

Paris, France, has the highest number of Michelin-star restaurants, with 88 in total across the capital city, nine of which have been awarded three stars.

Rome, Italy, has the highest number of romantic hotels, which are rated four plus stars, currently sitting at 650 across the city.


The Most Romantic Capital Cities in Europe



Country / City



No. of Restaurants

No. of  Romantic Restaurants per million people

No. of Romantic Hotels

No. of Hotels per million people


























San Marino

San Marino
















Andorra la Vella






































A spokesperson for Catamaran Charter Croatia commented:

“The fact that there is such a high number of romantic restaurants and hotels in smaller populated cities just shows how many capital cities can profit from being a go-to place for a romantic getaway.

“European countries thrive during celebrations, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day, which is why this study is exciting to see which capital cities come out on top just in time for the most romantic day of the year.”


Vali Sachadonig

Mark de Jong


Christopher Czermak

Andrea Rodriguez

Evelyn Paris

Six reasons why you aren’t seeing results from your workout

Becoming consistent with your workout routine can be a challenge, but when you’re seeing no significant results it can be even more frustrating. Whether you’re experienced with working out or you’re new to exercise as part of a new year’s resolution, it’s helpful to know what will hinder your results to keep you on the right path. 

Thankfully, experts at Fitness Volt have highlighted six reasons why you might not be seeing results, plus tips to fix them. 

Neglecting sleep 

Never underestimate the importance of sleep. If you’re not getting enough shut eye at night, you’ll lack energy for your workouts and therefore won’t reach your full potential when it comes to your performance. On top of this, muscles release amino acids that build protein into the bloodstream during sleep which allows them to grow and recover, meaning you can get back to exercising sooner; aim for around 7-9 hours of sleep each night, even if it means going to bed earlier than usual. 

Not warming up 

Warm-ups are often overlooked, despite them being a crucial element of a workout. Without warming up, you won’t have your maximum capabilities and you won’t be fully prepared for exercises as your muscles won’t be activated. Warm-ups will vary depending on your specific workout, but in general, you need to get your blood flowing into your body by some simple steps like jogging. As well as this, perform a mobility routine to help with your joints that will be most used in your workout, such as arm and shoulder circles if you are training upper body. If you’re specifically focusing on weightlifting, you can warm up by practising the exercise with no weight – doing so will help with your form, too. 

Skipping food before a workout 

Skipping a meal before your workout may sound practical if you’re heading for an early morning session as soon as you wake up, but it’s vital that you eat beforehand to give your body energy. Carbohydrates in particular will give your body the fuel it needs, so opt for foods such as whole-grain cereals or whole-wheat toast with some fruit. However, stick to a small portion size so that you don’t feel sluggish for your workout. 

Not consuming enough protein 

Protein is an essential nutrient in your diet, whether you wish to build muscle or lose weight. If weight loss is your goal, protein supports a healthy metabolism and reduces your appetite, while it helps to build muscle by helping to repair and maintain muscle tissue. It’s recommended to consume around 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight for optimal results, so consider adding foods like chicken, Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, and walnuts to your diet which are all high in protein. If you struggle to reach your suggested intake, consider protein shakes which you can even have on the go if you have a hectic schedule. 

Not pushing yourself hard enough 

It may be easy to get comfortable with the same workout routine, but this habit can only lead to losing your determination by getting bored. As your body gets used to the workout, you’ll build strength and resilience and will eventually have the ability to push yourself to the next level. For example, you will find that you will soon be able to run for a longer amount of time on the treadmill or will be able to lift heavier weights if you stay consistent with your workout. Pushing yourself to the next level avoids a plateau and keeps your muscles challenged to continue building strength.  

Not letting your body rest 

You may assume that the more days you spend in the gym the better your results will be, but if you’re not leaving any time to rest, this can slow the process down. Over-exercising leads your body to exhaustion, thus affecting your performance when working out and preventing you from building strength. Not to mention, letting your body recover avoids injuries which would only cause lack of exercise in the long run. Three rest days a week is generally the recommended amount, although if you are partaking in particularly intense exercise or new to working out you may need to take more depending on how your body responds. 

 A spokesperson from Fitness Volt has commented: “For some people, fitness can be overwhelming, from understanding the correct form for exercises to learning which ones fit your goals in the first place. So, it can be quite stressful to feel like you’ve nailed your workout routine but you aren’t seeing any results after quite some time. Fortunately, the common reasons which hinder workout results aren’t anything too complicated, and it might be something as simple as having a day off from exercising – but it’s important that gym-goers are aware to keep them on the right track.”