We all love a bargain – The Affordable Alternative

Words by Daniel Ramsdale-Harris

We all love the exclusivity and high quality of the clothes high end designers provide, but don’t you just get a sense of gratification when you find an alternative at half the price?

Well you’ve come to the right place…

This series at Clothes Make The Man involves turning our very own James Bond mode on, as we go spying for the best outfit alternatives to our much loved high end brands, offering you timeless style at half the price.

Carlo Rivetti’s Stone Island is the first luxury brand to feature. We’ve taken inspiration fromLeeds based streetwear brand MKI MYUKI ZOKU, Amsterdam’s Daily Paper  and a Carhart staple piece, to showcase you a full Stone Island outfit alternative.

The idea behind the outfit was to take Stone Island’s classic technical overshirt, layered with a sweat and finish it off with a classic pair of cargo pants. An outfit which provides you with a ready-to-wear street aesthetic, whilst appealing to a variety of age groups.

The whole Stone Island fit would set you back a total of £659, whereas our alternative saves you £429, coming to a total of £230. Every little helps, right?

Now it’s the time for what you have been waiting for. Are you heading straight to the Stone Island store? Or have we delivered an alternative which you love that’s much more friendly to your bank account.

Let us know in the comments below.

1. Stone Island Zip Shirt Jacket V.S MKI Nylon Zip Shirt Jacket

2. Stone Island Yellow Hooded Sweatshirt V.S Daily Paper Captain Hoodie

3. Stone Island Cargo Pants V.S Carhartt Aviation Cargo Trouser



Dr Sandra Garcia Martin is an industry-leading dentist in London who specialises in creating beautiful smiles with pioneering cosmetic dentistry, backed by studies at the prestigious NYU. As one of the selected few dentists who practice the DSD (digital smile design) concept – a form of dentistry that uses digital technology to be especially precise and efficient – Dr Sandra is able to offer a uniquely modern and care-focused approach.

There are few things more important to our sense of confidence than a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Dr Sandra is a verified specialist in helping her clients to achieve the teeth they’ve always craved by using the latest information and equipment in the field of dentistry.

As we all know, Diet plays a huge role in the health of your teeth and wellbeing in general. The nutrients that we consume can either heal us, strengthen us and nourish us, or damage the fragile ecosystem of our bodies. Today, Dr Sandra reveals what the worst foods for your teeth are!

1. Sugar – Sugar has to go at the top of the list because,

without a doubt, this is perhaps the single most harmful ingredient for your health and one of the prominent causes of tooth decay. We all have sugar in our diet, and a little of it is beneficial, but too much can have serious consequences for your teeth!

2. Processed foods –processed foods contain not only a lot of sugar, but also a hyper concentration of carbohydrates which can significantly damage your teeth. All in all, these foods are low in fibre and really don’t offer much in the way of nutritional value, so are worth avoiding when possible.

3. Acidic foods – foods with a high concentration of acids such as lemons and acidic drinks can contribute to dental health problems as they damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities. Ouch!

4. Chewy foods – hard, chewy, or crunchy foods are a particular danger to teeth, as it’s easy to misjudge and bite down too hard, leading to chips or cracks in your teeth. Once a tooth is damaged, it can act as a gateway that allows bacteria into the inner layers of your teeth, causing gum disease. Not to mention the pain involved with a cracked tooth!

Something for the Weekend

Words by Cameron Mclauchlan

Welcome to the first addition of our new regular “something for the weekend”, unleased on Fridays, the post will be comprised of our favourite picksavailable at that particular moment. Sometimes putting together collective outfits along with other worthy mentions from lifestyle, tech and events. The showcased products could be new releases or items which look oh so more attractive now they’ve hit the sale.

In addition we’ll give you a brief historical overview of each brand as-well as where to find the items instore/online. We hope that this can become not only a firm favourite of yours but an indicator as to current trends both high end and high street but a chance for you to get your brand knowledge up week by week.

1. Kapital Patchwork Bandana-print Denim Jacket, Exclusively at Mr.Porter.com

Named after


denim capital of Kojima, Kapital originally began in 80’s. Founded by Toshikiyo Hirata. Through his fondness of American denim whilst teaching in the US, Toshikiyo came back to Japan with a clear goal to produce his own denim.

Since opening his first factory in 84, Toshikiyo has built Kapital into an authentic body. Its Japanese heritage combined with western references are a common theme from collection to collection and something which has helped sustain the brands its test of time.

Maintaining its heritage, Toshikiyo’s son, Kiro is now the Head Designer for the brand after working for popular brand 45RPM for a number of years he made the jump to join his father. Speaking with Heddles:

‘Working together for over a decade, we’ve learned how to work as a pair with mutual trust and understanding ,It is like using chopsticks, once you’ve learned how to work together, you can do some pretty intricate things.”

The Jacket above boast’s a blend of paisley and bandana prints, a nod to the brands on-going relationship with western culture. The jacket fits small due to the tailored shaped, sizes are limited and already low online atMr.Porter!

Kapital is stocked in many brand-owned stores in Japan as well as Yoox and Net-a-Porter.

2. Converse One-Star OX, EndClothing.com  Pus free shipping. UK6-11 Still Available

The One-Star has seen a meteoric rise is the last few years. Previously most known as a skate/casual shoe. It has blown up to be a close rival on the chuck-tailor as a wardrobe essential.

This is due to the model laying the foundations for many lucrative iterations with many influential figures and brands putting their stamp on the silhouette.

The most hyped link up coming from  Tyler the Creator with his ‘Golf le Fleur’ line and has now formed an on-going creative partnership with Converse including apparel due to its commercial success.

Other successful collaborations include ; A$AP Nast, Yung Lean, Undefeated and Brain Dead. 

Converse was founded in 1908 by a Mr Marquis Mills. Originally called the ‘Converse Rubber Shoe Company’ it began producing

rubber soled shoes with a canvas upper and was mostly worn as a casual/sports shoe.

The brands initial rise to fame came around 1920 when they renamed their basketball shoe the ‘all-star’ which was swiftly followed by an endorsement deal with basketball player Charles ‘chuck’ Taylor.

Since this pivotal moment the Chuck-Taylor has become a household name seen on almost every fashion icon with the most notable loyal wearer being   Kurt Cobain.

In 2019 the Chuck-Taylor is the most recognisable silhouette around. Due to its simplicity much like the new kid on the block the one-star, it is easily adaptable to allow for collaborations such as commes des garçons or more recently J W Anderson.

The One-stars above complement the Kapital Jacket to allow for either a contrasting or blending lower pallet.

3. Nigo T-shirt, payhomageapparel.com

Continuing the un-intentional theme of Japans key fashion figures, who better to get as the final clothing item than the streetwear king himself Nigo.

Nigo is responsible for many streetwear projects but widely known for his creation of ‘A Bathing Ape’  more commonly knows as BAPE.

This T-shirt is from Homage Tee’s a brand born in the Summer 2016 with the pure purpose to celebrate our icons. It’s very cloak and dagger when it comes to the owners of the brand.

However in an interview back in 2017 with I-D mag, they stated:

”We don’t disclose who we are, as we want all the focus on the people we pay homage to, they deserve the shine we are just doing a service to our people. We’re Londoners born and bred.” A refreshing statement to hear indeed.

Homage Tee’s boast a large portfolio of Icon’s from all generations including  from Anna Wintour, David Attenborough, Louis Theroux, The Spice girls, Shabba Ranks, Princess Diana, Goldie and more.

Basically a shed load national treasures who I agree, do deserve as much celebration as humanly possible

Overall all of the T-shirts have a common theme, an entire custom print of the icon and other items of their time added for the full mise-en-scene.

The T-shirt’s greens matches nicely with the earthy tones of the needles track pants to further create cohesion for the full fit.

4. Awake NY sidebag, £65.00, doverstreetmarket.com

Awake New York, originally began in 2013 selling 6-panel caps. Serving as a side project personifying the spirit of New York, Owner Angelo Baque was the Brand Director for Supreme at the time of creation.

Since leaving supreme in 2017 Angelo has set up his own creative agency ‘Baque Creative’.

Since this date he has also been able to focus more on his own brand and now Awake NY has grown steadily in the last couple of years. Widening its product range to include outwear, Accessories and signature logo hoodies.

In addition to its upper level of quality clothing items, Awake’s logo is distinct and extremely pleasing on they eye something which I’m sure has contributed to its wide success.

The brand is now stocked globally, with stores Dover Street Market likely being your best bet. Other UK stockists include ; Patta, Good-Hood and The-Hip-Store.

A true European Collaboration – Private White V.C. and Lori Piano

Private White V.C. is a Great British is every way, shape and form. A true heritage range based on the on the everyday wardrobe of Private Jack White.  The VC part of the moniker is after the Victoria Cross which was awarded to Jack at the tender age of 20 for outstanding bravery under intense enemy fire during World War I. The clothing line has a subtle nod to Jack’s military legacy, with many items based on classic wartime pieces, updated with added functionality and detail for the modern man.

After returning from the killing fields of the Great War, he undertook an apprenticeship with a local outerwear factory, Cooper & Stollbrand, which is where to this very day his Great grandson, James Eden and his business partner Nick Ashley, yes as in Laura Ashley, his Mother, produce the collection inspired by the clothing White wore in his daily life, items he customised to suit his everyday activities .

All clothing is expertly constructed by hand in the Private White V.C. Factory in Manchester, where garments are designed and developed using only the finest regionally sourced fabrics, trims and materials.

Materials are sourced locally where possible with the majority of cloth being supplied from the mills in the surrounding area. These too have a wealth of history behind them.

Almost twelve months ago Eden pledged, quite publicly, that the brand were going to shy away from conventional retailing, embrace price transparency and staunchly continue to develop and grow their own factory nestled in the heart of Manchester. A bold declaration in the face of unprecedented levels of change and upheaval across technology, politics and consumer behaviour.

Since May 2018, the business is thriving and they have enjoyed record sales, shipped to over 50 countries and last month was their best-ever April (up almost 700% on the previous year).

This season the luxury brand have produced a collaborative collection they are very proud of. Crafted in their very own Manchester Factory by their highly skilled team this collection is created with fabric develop in partnership with Loro Piana, the universally revered cloth and cashmere specialist synonymous with luxury and unrivalled quality and performance. A match made in sartorial heaven. Each piece in the collection is a highly limited edition of 50.


There are moments in life that are filled with light, when everything seems possible. When letting yourself go as you step into nature is as easy as breathing. These magically moments have tried to be captured by the Blu Mediterraneo fragrances, each one inspired by the unique landscapes of the Italian Mediterranean – like Cipresso di Toscana. Acqua di Parma’s new fragrance embodies all the vitality of a walk in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, where the majestic Cypress tree, with its aromatic, balsamic, energy-giving scent, a tree so symbolic of the Tuscan landscape.

Today, there are cypress trees all over Tuscany: every street corner, every church, every garden, every hilltop, is graced by the presence of this centuries-old tree. Rolling hills bathed in sunlight, woods and farms, pretty villages scattered among the hilltops: this fragrance takes its inspiration from these landmark features that you may spot on a walk along the paths of Tuscany’s nature.

The fragrance opens with refreshing star anise and elemi, illuminated by sparkling notes of orange and petit grain. A vivaciousness that introduces an aromatic heart of sage and lavender, while woody balsamic base notes of cypress and pine evoke the silence of nature and a gratifying sense of wellbeing.