by Isaac Perry

One of sports most controversial athletes at this present time and the UFC’s Irish poster boy Conor McGregor is not only an influential figure in the sporting world, he is now taking the fashion world by storm, through his love for high-end fashion and in-your-face outfits, specifically through his bespoke one of one suits. Suits have become part of the Conor McGregor’s image, with a focus on press days often switching to what he is wearing, rather than the up and coming fight. McGregor has been known to spend thousands on bespoke individual suits, with David Heil, CEO of David August, serving as his personal suit-maker in order to create some beautiful pieces. 

And for those interested in acquiring the three-piece wool suit, David August will be releasing this limited edition garment, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $6,500. As stated on the company website, the bespoke suit is made-to-measure, with an estimated completion time of 12-15 weeks. According to CEO David August Heil, he was bombarded by calls and messages from clients requesting for the said look, and it was a demand he was just unable to ignore. “We’re only producing a limited quantity, which will be numbered and signed by myself so it will be an exclusive group who own this style,” Heil said in a statement in an interview with GQ.

In the build up to McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather, some of Connor’s most suave and edgy outfits have been seen. With the standout piece so far being covered in the text ‘f*** you’ rather than your tradition pin stripe, the mixture of style yet disrespects within this one specific outfit caused social media to go into meltdown. Conor has openly said about the ‘McGregor Suit Collection’, which everyone originally took as a joke however soon came to the realisation that he was being deadly serious, is this something, which we would like to see?

I’ll leave you to decide.

Words by Isaac Perry

Iffley Road was founded in 2013 by Husband and Wife team, Claire Kent and Bill Byrne, a London based brand, which showcases A collaboration between Style and premium active wear, all pieces inspired by moments ‘rooted in running history’.

Named after the Oxfordshire-based track where the first four-minute mile was conquered by Roger Bannister in 1954, this brand wishes to be an introduction into the running world, through a mix of comfort, style and ventilation paired with your classic running wear silhouettes it fulfils all your needs.

Since creation, the brand has become renowned for their best-selling Cambrian t-shirt – an iconic piece that offers unrivalled performance and style. Lightweight and breathable, the Cambrian is crafted from highly wicking, bespoke dri-releasee Piqué fabric that dries four times faster than cotton. With a slim cut and slightly longer sleeves, the t-shirt has become the ‘go to’ classic for runners across the globe.

Ifflery Road Shirt

Made from super soft, highly wicking dri-release material.

The Cambrian t-shirt also features a nod to this iconic record, with a tri-stipe hanging loop incorporated into the design bearing the colours worn by Roger himself, whilst the brand logo reflects the roundel adorning Bannister’s vest.

You can purchase Iffley Road products online at as well as Mr. Porter.


Part 2 in our series of getting the best from shaving, this week covers the most important tool involved in the process, the razor. With over 93% of us males globally prefering the experience of a wet shave there are a couple of things you need to remember so we sort the top shaving tips from award-winning barbers Ruffians to ensure you achieve a close shave:

1. EXFOLIATE: It’s essential that you prepare the skin properly before you shave. Think about it – if you’ve got a face which is studded with bits of dirt, dust and who knows what else, that will create a bumpier ride for the razor. To eliminate this, it’s best to wash your face with a microgranular exfoliator which will help to smooth down the face, creating a flatter surface which the razor can glide cleanly over.

2. USE WARM WATER: It’s time to up the temperature! When washing away your exfoliator, use warm water or better yet, a towel that has been soaked in very hot water. This will help to keep the pores open and allows the hairs to become softer and less brittle. This will mean fewer rough passes with the razor and a far smoother finish.

3. CHOOSE YOUR RAZOR WISELY: The better the razor, the closer the shave. Make sure you choose a razor that is good quality, versatile and made with the customer in mind. The Dorco Classic comes with seven precision-aligned blades, making it a world first – ideal for the most challenging facial hair. However, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll need to protect against the blade’s efficiency: the Dorco Classic thought of this, and positioned a strip of lubricating balm just next to the blade. In the unfortunate event of nicking your skin, the natural extracts on the lubricating strip will soothe the cut and quickly disinfect it, so you can finish your shave without worrying about balls of tissue paper.

4. SHAVE IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS THE GROWTH: Shaving against the grain is the number one cause of irritation when shaving, as it will rip hairs unnecessarily from their pores and cause tiny blood blisters. The Dorco Classic has a pivoting head which increases flexibility and can follow your individual growth pattern with ease.

5. MOISTURISE: Be kind to your face – after all, you’ve just scraped off a few layers of skin and it probably needs some further TLC. Once you’ve finished shaving, splash your face with cold water (this will help to close up the pores) and apply an alcohol-free aftershave balm or moisturiser. This will form a barrier between your fresh skin and the bacteria floating around in the air which can no longer enter your pores. Finally – make sure you spray your aftershave somewhere which isn’t your face, as anything alcohol based will dry your already sensitive skin out significantly.

With the words of wisdom from tip 3 fresh in our little heads here’s are our 6 of the best Razors currently on the market;

It is estimated that the average man spends 125 days of his life shaving. With this in mind Cornerstone have worked tirelessly hard to take the stress out of shaving with their subscription service. They offer a personalise monogrammed razor handle and each durable razor has five blades, an aloe vera moisturising strip and a flexbile head for precision and control mounted on a lightweight alloy aluminium razor handle.

A man uses 170 strokes every shave, on average 120 of these are re-strokes over the same area of the face after the initial strokes have wiped away most of the
shave gel. Gillette ProShield NEW Lubrication Bar before the blades, in addition to the Lubrastrip after the blades, shields from irritation, paired with FlexBall handle technology handle with innovative pivot to respond to facial contours for maximum contact.

Once again Harry’s promises to taking the stress out of shaving with their hassle free subscription service. Their razor blades have been exclusively engineered in Germany in partnership with an almost one hundred year old company comprised of extremely talented craftsmen who have been manufacturing some of the world’s finest blades for almost a century. The handle has been  economically designed to assist and enhance in the shaving experience.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 is engineered to offer improved skin protection hydrated skin. The Hydro 5 razor features pioneering gel pools, which last up to twice as long as a lube strip and deliver 40 per cent less friction than a lubrication strip.
Not only does it come with hydrating gel pools, it’s also equipped with the razor-sharp Flip Trimmer providing a clear-cut finish with every shave. With a simple flick of the thumb the hydrating gel pools flip back to reveal five blades that deliver parallel precision and control, reaching the difficult contours of the face, so you can look sharp for any occasion.

Launched earlier this year the NEW Dorco Classic razor is looks set to revolutionise your grooming routine. With seven precision-aligned blades, making it a world first, you should be more confident you’ll achieve a close and comfortable shave in the fewest strokes. With angulated blade technology used in it, it gives slimmer, denser blades to reduce any irritation to the skin. Plus it also has an open structure design to enable easy rinsing, helping to keep blades sharper for longer. A Honeycomb Guard Bar with soft rubber surface allows effortless gliding over skin, adapting to the contours of your face.

That’s not all! An advanced lubricating strip with antioxidants from Argan oil and Calendula extract helps sooth sensitive and dry skin, and heal razor burns. To improve precision, the lubricating strip has been shortened from Dorco’s previous models, making it perfect for those hard-to-reach places without the need for a separate trimmer.

Grüum is another subscription service making massive waves in the shaving market. Its precision-engineered razors are manufactured from high grade Swedish steel, exclusively for grüum. The added roller component helps to lift hair away from the face, creating a close and comfortable glide.
Their oska razor handle is the ultimate fusion of form and function; bold styling, striking colours and ergonomic design combine to deliver a gripping shave.
Plus the osku razor cartridges give a shave as close as the big brand razors, for a fraction of the price.

Words by Isaac Perry

With Autumn Winter looming in the not so distant future, it’s no surprise that we’re already thinking about it here at Clothes Make The Man. Barbour and Land Rover, two of Britain’s most valued heritage brands, have collaborated to create an AW17 menswear collection that fuses style and comfort for the ultimate driving experience.

land rover x barbour

Both brands respectively dominate their individual industries in their own ways, with this season’s inspiration coming from the Land Rover Defender which alongside Barbour, has been dominating the countryside for countless years.

These two brands have worked tremendously well together and seem to be a match made in heaven, creating an interesting collection using their classic colour palettes of olive greens and blues. This has allowed the brands to use their recognised design and styling techniques, creating a consistent and true-to-brand range of timeless garments ready for all environments. Whether it’s worn within the city or out on the wet and windy countryside, this collection contains a wide variety of product suitable for everyone, from essential tees to signature jackets.

Land Rover x Barbour

The standout pieces for us in this collection are the classic waxed cotton Broome and Gillingham jackets. The Broome jacket is perfect for colder weather, featuring large bellow and hand warming pockets to keep you warm and dry whatever the weather. The Gillingham is the perfect shorter length jacket in a windcheater style and can worn casually with jeans or chinos for comfort. Versatile and timeless, both these jackets are perfect to throw in the back of the car.  The collection also features tees, shirts, sweaters and accessories designed for spending time in the city or country, work or leisure, so there’s definitely something for everyone in this Barbour x Land Rover collaboration. 

land rover x barbour

Lindsay Weaver, Branded Goods & Licensing Director at Jaguar Land Rover said, “The Barbour for Land Rover Defender Collection perfectly complements our much loved icon. With over two million Defenders produced they remain a common sight and are synonymous with the countryside. This collaboration is the perfect fit, two brands with mutual aims; quality, durability with timeless design.”

‘The collection is a shared celebration of heritage and authenticity’. Available exclusively with yet another classic British retailer, Department store John Lewis will be releasing the collaboration from the end of July onwards, both online and in stores nation wide. 

Words by Charlie Britton

It’s clear that the fashion industry in particular is renowned for being a throw-away one, with fast fashion and high street retailers turning out new ranges of clothing every fortnight or so. This comes from the ever-increasing consumer demand for new product, particularly as clothing and accessories can now cost less than your daily coffee.

To our relief, brands are starting to turn a corner and follow in the footsteps of those who create beautifully manufactured, timeless goods that’ll last a lifetime if you take good care of them. Good craftsmanship should always be at the forefront of product design and it’s here, we’re thrilled to introduce Campbell Cole.

campbell cole leather products

It’s true that we develop a connection with pieces we use each and every day and this is something designers and co-founders, Ian and Felicity understand phenomenally well and represent through their products. Inspired by simple timeless design, Campbell Cole produces a fantastic range of leather goods, which are of course intended to be used every day. From key wraps and card wallets, to pouches, bags and belts, Campbell Cole design and create beautiful everyday essentials for both men and women.

The craftsmanship in these products is immediately evident, with the design, construction and raw material being well considered at every respective stage of development. The result is a strong and beautiful end product and each new collection clearly represents the growth this brand continues to make.

campbell cole leather products

We wanted to know a little more about Campbell Cole, so we spoke with Ian and Felicity and went through a handful of questions we had. It was a great opportunity to get to know the brains behind Campbell Cole a little better and understand the brand from their point of view;

Q : When did Campbell Cole start and what was the foundation for the brand?

Felicity and I started Campbell Cole in 2011.

After a number of years working as designers for other people, we wanted to create something meaningful for ourselves that represented our personal values and beliefs. Neither of us are big consumers of stuff. We like beautiful things that have been made to be used and loved for a long time and believe completely in buying less but better. I know this sounds like a bit of a cliché but it’s super important to us – there’s so much stuff being made with so little care and consideration – it doesn’t seem sustainable to carry on producing rubbish that’s going to wind up in landfill within a matter of weeks. We are by no means perfect in everything we do, but as conscientious designers we feel it’s important to do the best we can.

Q: What inspires you when designing products and why?

We create products that we would like to own and use ourselves. The details, shapes, colours, patterns and so on are inspired by various different things that interest us.

The Simple Coin Pouch with lanyard is probably quite a good example of this – I wanted a small zip pouch for holding a few essentials when out on my bike – couple of cards, coins, folded notes and a house key. Carrying the pouch with a lanyard works really well if you don’t have secure pockets. A couple of years ago, Felicity and I got quite obsessed with watching films about climbing in Yosemite in the 60’s which led to our use of paracord and the knot details. Our colour palette and emboss details are inspired by the paintings of Le Corbusier.

campbell cole leather pouches

Q: What are the biggest challenges you’ve tackled with Campbell Cole?

There’s been too many to mention! But probably starting a business with no experience of running a business. Everything we have learnt, from finding reliable factories and suppliers, through to doing our accounts, we have figured out from scratch. I think that’s also what makes it exciting – learning so much, and beginning to feel in control of it – particularly now as the business is growing. It’s all starting to make sense.

Q: How has Instagram had an impact on the brand?

Instagram has been great for Campbell Cole. We are not really big ones for words so using a platform that allows us to communicate our taste and aesthetic through images is perfect for us. I’m not sure where we’d be without it really – probably still trying to figure out the point of Twitter! Instagram has also been great for meeting people. There are so many like-minded people out there doing amazing things… many of the people we have met and become good friends with over these last few years have come through Instagram. I like how informal it is too – nice and friendly.

Q: What’s next for Campbell Cole?

Next up is our new Simple Zip Corner Wallet, which we are launching at Design Junction in September.

We’re attending Design Junction in September, so we’re excited for the new release and look forward to seeing what else Campbell Cole has to offer. One thing we know for sure is here at Clothes Make The Man, we’re in strong agreement that this is one of the best accessory and leather brands we’ve come across to date. If you’re looking for a new wallet or belt gents, head on over to Campbell Cole and check out their range. We guarantee you wont be disappointed.