The Affordable Alternative – Battle of the Sneaker brands


Today we have the 2nd edition of The Affordable Alternative. This month we take a look the two best most recent sneaker comparisons for all you sneakerheads out there. Both releases from footwear giants Nike and Adidas caused long winded debates about the brand’s stances on authenticity, but are you choosing to spend big or save that hard-earned cash?

Off-White X Nike


Off-White & Nike or just Nike?

Before Nike released the highly anticipated 9th shoe of their “The 10” collection with Off-White’s Virgil Abloh – an Off-White spin on the classic Air Force 1. They released their Air Force 1 Utility pack, which stunned sneakerheads worldwide due to their identical look.

A genius business ploy? In my opinion yes. The creation of the Utility Air Force 1 fulfils Nike’s goal of cultivating more people into the sneaker community, and off course, a massive increase in sales, as it plays on Off-White’s signature motifs at a fraction of the price.

Sneakerheads will argue that the silhouette decreases the authenticity and exclusivity of the collaboration with Off-White, but with one priced at a resale mark-up of roughly £300 pounds and the other at £80, it leaves consumers with that affordable option.

Adidas Yeezy 700 Static

Adidas Yung 1’s

Adidas Yeezy 700 Static or Adidas Yung 1’s?

Another sneaker comparison for all you sneakerheads out there, this time with Nike’s most fierce rivals, Adidas.

The Yeezy ranges have become a worldwide phenomenon, in fact, they are so popular, most dad’s and mums are likely to know what they are. The latest Yeezy to release are the Static 700’s, which play on the ‘Dad’ shoe trend with a chunkier and more detailed sole. These Yeezys have been a huge hit, resulting in a sell-out of its retail price of £250and now warranting a £350 price tag on the resale market.

With the popularity clearly on show, Adidas decided to come out with the Yung 1. The 90’s inspired construction again epitomizes dadcore aesthetics, but at more than half the price, meaning you can join the dad shoe community for just £100.

Feel at Home with Soho Home

I’m not sure about you, but I never got the memo about January changing to have 71 days in it. But the end is nigh and we can, finally put the dower austerity, of Dry January behind us, phew. 

If you still have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket or if, like us, the moving bug has bitten you hard in 2019, well get your Rosary beads out as we we might just have the ultimate temptation to lead you into. 

Soho Home is an interiors collection from the international chic, luxury private member club Soho House featuring furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and accessories inspired by, or seen in, the Houses worldwide. 

Originally founded in London in 1995 as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, Soho House was a den where the movers and shakers of the creative world would congregate. Since then the brand has become Soho House  & Co has added equally aspirationally  establishments across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms, including, the Georgian splendour of Babington House set in the heart of the scenic Cotswolds, the historic White City in West London which occupies part of the former BBC Television Centre in White City, and has a rooftop pool and terrace, a 22,000sq ft gym and 45 bedrooms. Plus, Soho house Amsterdam, Barcelona, Chicago, Istanbul, New York and Mumbai, to name a few. 

These establishments are in diverse locations, but our mission has always been the same: to create a comfortable home from home for our members. With this very much in mind and although you might not be able to become a member, you can creat you own luxury VERY private members club within your own very home. Soho Home featuring furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and accessories inspired by, or seen in, the Houses worldwide. While others were designed specifically for Soho House Chicago, Soho farmhouse, Soho House Barcelona and Soho House Amsterdam. The website allows you to shop online, 24/7 and Soho Home ships to over 28 countries worldwide. Cheers ! 

Not just Moisture but Super Moisture! ClarinsMen New Super Moisture Collection

ClarinsMen  new Super Moisture Collection. Offers you the opportunity to discover three new hydration options that intensely moisturise and strengthen men’s skin.

As we know Water is essential for life, but also for our skin. Harsh weather, stress, sports, pollution, shaving and even testosterone, every day men’s skin is subjected to conditions that can take a toll on skin’s hydration levels.

Well-moisturised skin is skin that not only has enough water reserves via the microcirculation at dermal level, but also has effective natural water retention systems thanks to an effective barrier function and “sponge molecules” at all its levels. However, there are a number of factors that can weaken the skin’s barrier function and diminish the number of these “sponge molecules” resulting in dehydrated and weakened skin.

The answer… is, drum roll please,  ClarinsMen Innovation: Hydra Resist Phyto Complex. This new unique complex combines two plant extracts selected for their super hydrating ability.

Organic houseleek lends its super hydro-resistant power to help offset the negative effects of testosterone, helping retain moisture even in extreme conditions by reinforcing the skin’s surface barrier, whilst organic leaf of life encourages the natural hydration of the skin to help promote the production of “sponge molecules” in every skin layer.

ClarinsMen Complex & Anti-Pollution Complex. Integrated into all of the products in the range, ClarinsMen Complex with a blend of gymnema extract and bison grass extract, offers energising and soothing properties, stimulating and preserving skin’s energy whilst the Anti-Pollution Complex with extracts of nipplewort and furcellaria helps shield the skin from the harmful effects of pollutants.

This super effective hydration formula comes in three different textures, to suit all skin needs:


North Face’s vintage vibes!

Words by Isaac Perry

With temperatures being very low, too low for our liking the only thing which we can recommend is wrapping up, then wrapping up even more so! But where can you find a beautiful jacket which keeps you toasty in the process? Well North face as we all know is one of the most recognised brands from around the world keeping people warm from pole to pole, but not only are they known for their ability to provide warmth but are also seen throughout the fashion community as a key piece to have any winter.

In 1989 North face released it first Rage collection and this was purely based around the snowboarding culture of that time, this was incredibly vibrant and had a rebellious edge which allowed them standout whilst being able withstand some of the harshest sporting conditions in the world as well as wipeouts and crashes! The re-birth of the Rage collection has kicked 2019 off with a bang for North Face as recently it been dominating the streetwear scene and this only cements that statement even more! We have been discussing up and coming trends for 2019 and feel that North Face has absolutely hit the nail on the head with this recent collection as it consists of everything from vibrant colours, patterns and designs.

The collection consists of so many wearable, must-have pieces, but the two standouts for us are the ‘NORTH FACE 92 RAGE FLEECE CREW SWEAT’ and the ‘MEN’S ’92 RETRO RAGE RAIN JACKET’. The North Face 92 Rage fleece crew sweat offers those ultimate vintage 90’s vibe with the Aztec patterning making you stand out from the crowd as well as being that perfect piece for layering this winter. As well as this piece the 92 retro rage rain jacket is a standout for us as it offers that classic rain jacket silhouette however bright and bold colours which will make you stand out in the up & coming cold times!

Enjoy shopping!

The Affordable Alternative

Words by Daniel Ramsdale-Harris

Breaking down the designer items we crave with the all-important cheaper options that won’t leave us with that dent in our bank accounts! This IS the fashion holy grail.

Why spend hundreds of pounds on luxurious goods when you can find the more affordable alternative? We’ve all been asked this question, right? Don’t get me wrong, we are all lured in and excited by the status of owning your Gucci’s, Givenchy’s and Prada’s, as well as their undoubted high quality. Buying these items however take a big hit on the bank balance, so we at ClothesMakeTheMan are on the hunt for that like for like alternative that may catch you by surprise, and please you on the eye.



Balenciaga VS The Kooples?

The checked ‘shacket’ is gaining fast popularity amongst the generation z and millennial audience after being spotted on both American rappers Kanye West and Travis Scott.  The Balenciaga padded flannel shirt comes in at a steep £1275 but has been a best seller for the French brand over the last month.

The alternative? French fashion retailer The Kooples, who provide an oversized flannel in almost an identical colourway, whilst still remaining a streetwear edge with the oversized cut.



Acne Studios VS Mennace?

Swedish label Acne Studios can be accredited with the ‘collar logo’ trend that has now been widely adopted by fashion conscious consumers and repurposed by many other brands.

The silhouette is built in with relaxed capabilities, accompanied with their signature logo, whilst it’s minimal outlook reflects the brands Scandinavian roots. Acne’s tee is priced at £149 however, leaving consumers to either go with authenticity in trend setters and status, or adopt a fast fashion alternative at a fraction of the price.

This leads us on to fast fashion menswear brand Mennace, who have adopted the Acne look, but with a slight change in the contrasting colour at the neck. However, they are providing a potentially huge saving of £125, depending on that all-important decision you decide to make.

Let us know in the comments which choices you’d go for?