Among its many uses, hypnosis has been proven to cure phobias. Common phobias include a fear of spiders and a fear of flying. Others are slightly more unusual, and some of them are just downright strange – but they can still have a serious impact on the people that suffer from them.

City Hypnosis is one of London’s leading hypnotherapy practices, one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners. Backed by a team of experts, City Hypnosis have an incredible 92% success rate in treatments.  Founded by Aaron Surtees,  with over 15 years of experience, Aaron has helped thousands of clients across all fields of hypnotherapy practice, including phobias, overcome anxiety, and building self-confidence.

Today, City Hypnosis practitioner Jana Sheena is sharing 5 of the weirdest phobias hypnosis can cure!

1. Fear of choking – the fear of choking is often accompanied by difficulty swallowing food, liquids, and medications. It’s associated with anxiety and panic attacks, which can then heighten the chances of choking. Hypnosis can certainly help, but it’s important that you first rule out a medical condition called dysphagia first, which makes it painful or difficult to swallow.

2. Breaking wind – breaking wind is a normal (and very important) bodily function that most of us learn to control. And while the idea of letting one slip in public fills us with embarrassment, some people are truly terrified by the possibility. Many sufferers will start avoiding certain social situations, slowly isolating themselves from other people.

3. Fear of earthworms – known as helminthophobia or vermiphobia, the fear of earthworms can take two different forms. Some people are terrified by the sight of them. Others are terrified by the mere thought of them, and especially of becoming infected with parasitic worms. This can lead to behaviours associated with OCD, like excessive washing or avoiding certain public spaces, like restaurants or public bathrooms.

4. Fear of technology – technophobia is the fear of technology, especially computers. Killer robots, ever-more sophisticated forms of surveillance, and AI bots that perfectly mimic a human voice are just some of the things that can plague the technophobe’s nightmares.

5. Fear of a virus or infection – hypochondria is a condition in which a person is excessively and unduly worried about having a serious illness. But when that worry turns into pathological fear, it becomes a phobia. Some people will have a general phobia of any diseases or infections, while others become obsessed with a particular condition, like HIV. Phobias of a specific condition can be lessened through more awareness and education combined with hypnosis sessions to get to the root cause of these irrational fears.

Coordinate in Style – The best of the Co-ords sets for Men

Words by Isaac Perry

The year is once again going incredibly quickly and after a couple of sunny days everyone has got excited and is busting out their best shorts and freshest tee’s. We want everyone to look their best this summer and can only do this by pushing you in the direction of some of the best co-ords this year.
Whether you want to standout with a dashing bright duo or go for something a little bit more low key this is definitely the place for you and is definitely an excuse for you to explore your style and try something out which you might not have before!
Oversized Graphic Print Set by Gucci at Selfridges
Floral print set by Jacamo
Multi coloured patterned set by Vilebrequin x Jean Charles de Castelbajac
Floral Set by Kem Cetinay X Primark
Lucha Libre print by ASOS Design
Palm tree print set by BooHooMAN
Orion Leaf Print Set by You As from MatchesFashion.com
Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

How To Choose The Right Luxury Watch For You

Whether it’s your first or your thirtieth, buying a luxury watch should be a pleasure. That sounds like it should go without saying, but given how broad the market it is and how many pitfalls there are, it’s easier said than done. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, so here are five tips to help you get the best out of your next watch purchase.

Buy From A Reputable Resource

Unless you’re the Columbo of clocks and really know whatyou’re doing, you’re guaranteed a more relaxed and ultimately safer experience shopping somewhere with a good reputation. Given the accuracy of today’s fake watches, better safe than sorry, plus a warranty is always a bonus for peace of mind.

Don’t Buy Just For Investment

If you’re planning on wearing the watch you’re purchasing and actually want to enjoy it, don’t trip yourself up thinking about investment. If the watch you really want has potential to go up in value, great, but don’t forego the timepiece that will make you happy just for a few extra quid down the line.

Think About Servicing

There are some superb watches from some of the best manufacturers in the world that can be purchased at a significant saving from new when bought pre-owned, however—pay mind to the cost of servicing it. A Ferrari still costs Ferrari money to maintain even if you buy one cheap; the same goes for high-end watches.

Don’t Listen To The Internet

Modern watches are rarely bad these days. Taste is a personal matter, however, and one person’s grail can quite easily be another’s fail. If there’s a watch you like that the internet says is bad, so long as it’s not for reasons of build quality or reliability, pay no heed.

Keep Focussed

If the watch you’re after requires a bit of saving to secure, keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let other watches you could afford now get in your way. The temptation of the immediate reward versus the ultimate payoff may be strong at first, but crumble and break and you’ll likely regret it.

Something for the Weekend

Words by Cameron Mclauchlan

Whilst spring still remains, in light of recent Temperatures it is  clear that the proper summer weather is imminent. Officially speaking we are still a month off of the start of summer.

However in the spirit of wishful thinking, i’ll provide a fit for summer below in the hope that the sun will keep on shining.

1. Polaroid Havanas – Sunglassesshop

Edwin H. Land founded Polaroid as a result of his scientific investigations into the application of polarising light filters. In 1926 he gained his first patent for a form of polarisers that reduced headlight glare. A few years after this in 1932 Edwin formed ‘Land-Wheelwright Laboratories’ with his ex physics professor to investigate whether these polarising filters could be applied in a commercial format to sunglasses and automobile headlights.

Following on from these revolutionary milestones, in 1939 Polaroid produced 3D-Glasses, ski-goggles, and a dark-adapter goggle for the navy and army. The rest is history.

Polaroid, in addition its groundbreaking insta-camera in 1943, which has seen a re-surge in popularity, has and continues to make attractive and affordable eye-wear! 

The pair above, the ‘Havanas’ come in the way of a tortoise shell construct colour way, with army green lenses to match. As well as being praised for their quality, the lenses, sticking true to their roots do a really good job of blocking the suns glare. Coming in at £54.00 these are a real bargain.

Oh and by the way, the website linked above is offering £20 off if you sign up to their newsletter making these polaroids just £34.00! 

2. YMC – Floral Malick Shirt

“You must create” or YMC as they’re widely known is an English brand established in London, slap bang in the middle of the nineties in 95’.

 The Name of the Brand came from Raymond Loewy, the recognised industrial designer. He was giving a speech to Russian students in which he emphasised the value ‘you must create’, something which stuck with owner, Fraser.

Fraser Moss along with his business partner managed to raise enough capital at the time to get going. In an interview with Peggs & Son a few years ago in the build up to their 20th anniversary Fraser Said:  

“We had the concept, and with the small investment we managed to scrape together enough to create the collection. I had worked for Vivienne Westwood for five years previously and a lot of my friends at the time were setting up magazines like Dazed & Confused or working for i:D and The Face. Through these guys I pulled in a lot of favours for them to sort of back our brand. And they did and it was amazing because they helped introduce us to new markets.”

Overall YMC offers for both men and women,  premium, often utilitarian street/workwear. The brand has multiple stores across London and on the other side of the world in Seoul, South Korea. To see YMC in all its glory and find out more head to their website below! 

3. COS Relaxed Cotton Trousers (With Buckle)

Swedish brand, COS which stands for ‘Collection of Style’ was formed by H&M group in 2007 and launched with a fashion show at the Royal academy in London, something which at the time was highly un-common for a fast fashion brand, but they aren’t a fast fashion brand.

COS was actually set-up to go against the grain of its fast fashion team mate in H&M  and instead aim to create its own trends through their minimalistic designs and store concepts. The clothing draws inspiration from the likes of comme des garçon and other contemporary designers whilst maintaining mid-market prices.

Alongside the opening fashion in 2007 show COS opened their first store on Regent street, swiftly followed by  expansion across the UK and  launch of their website in 2011.

Since 2007 COS has seen a meteoric rise. According to HM it now has  some ‘270 stores’ across ’41 markets’ globally.

COS offers minimal but effective modern silhouettes which can be worn casually or matched for a smarter occasion.

4. Oi Polloi x Sebago Portland boat shoe

Sebago to form part of their SS19 footwear collection has chosen five European concept stores to re-work their iconic Portland shoe. For the UK they have partnered with much loved menswear retailer Oi Polloi who have designed two colour-ways of the Portland.

Sebago was founded in 1946 by friends : Daniel J. Wellehan Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau. The three from New England, Massachusetts. The first shoe in their remit was a hand sew penny loafer inspired by Indian Moccasin.

The company’s most acclaimed shoe, the ‘Dockside’ boat shoe was born in 1970 and has subsequently spawned a globally recognisable silhouette coined by the masses. Public figures of today seen donning the Dockside include Pharrell Williams and Kate Middleton, amongst others.

To add to the outfit already listed, this particular colour of green and cinnamon finished with a gum sole continues the earthy theme transcended from the Polaroid sunglasses and printed YMC shirt.

This colour-way, an additional iteration from Sebago x Oi Polloi and further Sebago shoes are available exclusively online at OiPolloi.com 

We hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of something for the weekend! Let’s hope the sun stays!

From Wizardry to Westminster: The Tourist Destinations that Magic your Money Away

With half term only round the corner a recent comparative study revealed the top 20 most expensive tourist destinations worldwide, with Harry Potter Studios ranking higher than the Houses of Parliament.

The online comparison and search portal, TicketLens, has published a list of the 20 most expensive attractions around the world according to admission costs. The findings aim to help diligent travellers budget their itineraries ahead of schedule. Researching and planning a holiday can be a tricky and exhausting task. From the cost of travel, accommodation, sightseeing, and food –  it’s wise to start counting pennies in preparation long in advance.

The twenty attractions in the world with the highest admission prices





Entrance Price




Warner Brothers Studio Tour –

The Making of Harry Potter





Hengdian World Studios





Burj Khalifa





Madame Tussauds




New York City





New York City

Trolls: The Experience




New York City

Empire State Building




New York City

Top of The Rock




New York City

Color Factory





Palace of Westminster


Full Results can be found at https://www.ticketlens.com/en/magazine/the-most-expensive-attractions-in-the-world


• If a visit to the viewing platform of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifaat £42.80 is too expensive, you can switch to the world’s second tallest building – the 634 meter-high Tokyo Skytree, which costs just £13.80.

• Madame Tussauds is a world-renowned wax museum. A visit to the exhibition in London will cost you £35 in admissions. Once inside, you can mingle among royals like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, among other wax replicas of the rich and famous.

• Entrance to Buckingham Palace costs £24. However, a visit to the Bavarian castle, Neuschwanstein, reminiscent of childhood fairytales, is a cheaper alternative, with admission prices just £11.20.• The most expensive attractions are often the newest and have branches around the world. Harry Potter, Trolls, Marvel and One Piece, are films that now have their own remarkable exhibitions, public studios, and attractions that showcase their unique characters and props.

• With 6 attractions on the list, a sightseeing trip to New York City is the most expensive destination. Holidaymakers would be wise to prepare a solid budgeting plan long in advance.

• The Colour Factory, a pop-up exhibition currently based in New York City, offers trendy photo motifs alongside a pricey admission of £29.

• The new One World Trade Center has a viewing platform that offers spectacular views of Manhattan and Central Park. With an entrance fee of £26.80, it’s cheaper than both the Top of the Rockobservation deck, at £30; and the Empire State Building, also at £30.

• The admission price of Potala Palace, home of the head of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, is £22.80. Visiting the Pope is a more economical alternative, with admission to the Sistine Chapel, his official residence in the Vatican City, just £14.