La Roche-Posay is a brand that is suitable for everyone in the family from the eldest to the very youngest. With over 30 years of research experience in sensitive skin and work with dermatologists all over the world, it is committed to a caring for sensitive skin, creating clinically demonstrated high tolerance and efficacious skincare. Whether you have very reactive and allergic skin, are prone to acne, eczema or rosacea.

The story of La Roche-Posay dates back well more than 30 years in fact it begins amid the ripples of the purest natural thermal water in the picturesque French village (La Roche-Posay). Local folklore that surrounds this magical spring speaks of the water’s healing powers as far back as the 13thcentury. The first written record of its powers emerged in the 1600’s, with none other than Napoleon recognising its health benefits, ordaining the construction of a thermal hospital at the source in the early 1800’s. A thermal centre dedicated to dermatology has been recognised by medical authorities for over 100 years.

The creation of La Roche-Posay Laboratoire and the birth of its philosophy and product range was in 1975. It’s now sold and prescribed in over 50 countries and recommended by more than 25,000 dermatologists worldwide.

La Roche-Posay products work to keep their formulas as simple as possible, in order to be kind to sensitive skin. Wherever possible, formulas are free from parabens, fragrance, and soap. In addition, all La Roche-Posay products are formulated with the soothing and softening La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water – naturally rich in antioxidant Selenium, a trace element with remarkable antioxidant properties,. Its virtues have been demonstrated in clinical trials conducted in collaboration with teams of dermatologists – with regards treating sensitive or irritated skin, it immediately soothes the skin and calms irritations.

Such key products within the wider ranges which men particularly might find useful are the Effaclar 3-step Anti-Blemish System. An award winning, simple System, which provides a complete skincare routine for oily, acne-prone skin.
Or the Cicaplast Blume B5 Soothing Repairing Balm. A multi-purpose repairing balm that soothes, protects and repairs the whole family’s delicate skin, ideal for a post shave moisturiser.

Or you may fall in love with the Toleriane Uktra Overnight Care which is specifically formulated for sensitive, reactive skin, prone to dryness, tightness, redness, itchiness or burning. A formula proven to soothe, hydrate and reduce skin sensitivity night after night, so no matter what the rigours of the daily toil may through at you, this will help you.

Sustainability and ethical consumerism are key topics in the world of Fashion at the moment, as simply we can’t carry on consuming clothes at the current rate we are for much longer. Think about it, the world’s population is increasing and we have a certain amount of space we can use to grow necessary crops, wheat cotton, barley etc. Farmers face the dilemma of, do they grow to supply the raw materials for clothing or for food ?

In turn more and more clothing brands are faced with having to become increasingly sustainable and in doing so ethical, which many of them are finding difficult. It’s hard to find brands that are truly ethical, sustainable and innovative all at the same time.

One such brand that are working hard to be fulfilling all three of these areas is Elvis & Kresse who create interesting lifestyle accessories by re-engineering seemingly useless wastes and combining them with traditional craftsmanship. In 2005 they launched their pioneering Fire-Hose range, made from de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses; after a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives they were otherwise destined for landfill.

The instant Elvis & Kresse met with the London Fire Brigade they fell in love with their old hose. After they scrubbed away the soot and grease that builds up from 25 years of active duty and discovered a truly remarkable, truly green textile.

All Elvis & Kresse products are hand-made and unique. The hose itself is weathered and marked, the ridges and grooves of a long life are self- evident. Some pieces may bear the printed details of the company that originally made the hose.

Fire-hose was just the beginning, with so much to save, they have grown by creating solutions for unwanted, unloved materials. Every effort is made to transform these materials into pieces they hope their customer will cherish.

Raw materials used in the Elvis & Kresse range are rescued from post consumer or industrial waste. They collect from across the UK and 50% of profits are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.

Although fire hoses were their first love, Elvis & Kresse reclaim a host of other materials including leather, printing blankets, coffee sacks, military-grade parachute silk, tea sacks and shoe boxes. So for example, most unroasted, green coffee is imported in 60kg jute or hessian sacks. Once the coffee beans arrive at their roastery, the often highly decorated, biodegradable sacks are disposed of. Whereas this brand re-use this material for various purposes, even down to individual strands for the string on our swing tags. Or when you’ve bought a pair of shoes and said “don’t wrap them, I’ll wear them”, the shoe box will more than likely have been thrown away (hopefully recycled). They collect these unwanted shoe boxes, flatten them and use the material to make our packaging and labels.

Elvis & Kresse make honest, genuine, practical pieces; from the belt you leave on your favourite jeans to the bag you can’t leave home without.

by Isaac Perry and Keanu Adorable

Last week was the 5th anniversary of London Fashion Week Men’s and the Brands, Good, Bad and Stylish came out in full, always pushing boundaries with their artisanal pieces. We here at Clothes Make The Man had the pleasure of attending various shows and presentations, and we have chosen our top 5 collections from the Spring/Summer 18 shows.


KTZ were ready to go to war with military wear and street style being combined for this urban collection. No Surprises, key colours used were black and Khaki, this remaining consistent throughout. With many of the clothing items being be ones in which you would be able to wear day to day casually, excluding pieces including chainmail which was seen included within multiple outfits, however, despite not being everyday wear the chainmail added a really interesting feature to the show, presumably influenced from armour.


Blood Brothers

The streetwear influence on this collection was very apparent, with many of the key colours seen being popular in today’s street fashion times, red being a prime example. The garments that were paraded had a statement picture or piece of text on them, which grabbed your attention, the most eye-catching being the car on both the blue shirt and bomber. All garments shown in this collection are ready to wear and could be worn casually day to day.

Oliver Spencer

WHEN it comes to the catwalks, one thing that we can strongly agree on is that diversity is always great to see, and this sentiment was strongly expressed at the Oliver Spencer show. Men of all races and ages walked the runway were present, showcasing contemporary fashion from one of the most wearable brands showing at LFWM.  the show ‘Love Town’ sought to pay homage to the “proud, tough and loving place” that is London. The clothes were sharp and sartorially aware, but still infused with a casual elegance perfect for summer. Warm pink and cool blue provided the palette of the collection, which are easy on the eyes.  At the end of the show, the models took one final walk, each wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Love Town’. It was a poignant moment as they collected at the entrance to clap the designer making his bow, and solidifies the spirit of London, and concludes that we are stronger together.

Kent and Curwen

This is Kent & Curwen’s second time showcasing at London Fashion Week Men’s and this time the inspiration is teams. The live presentation consisted of models walking on stage to form a sporting team photograph. The English rose motif was seen throughout the garments highlight the designer’s roots. ‘50s style Derby day suit had a modern twist as it was assembled with white trainers, an untucked striped shirt and an army, over-sized trench coat. Loose cream tank-tops with stripes and tailored shorts gave an old school boxing attire feel as did a frayed cream knitted jumper which had a touch of cricket. Calf-length socks and thick, hefty scarfs were present. The Kent and Curwen collection gave a very classic, British sportswear aura while still being very contemporary. All very wearable pieces for SS18


There are few brands currently generating the same buzz as London’s A-COLD-WALL*, and the brand’s show at its home city proved why many people are so excited by it. The designer’s latest assemblage blends utilitarian design cues with unconventional silhouettes. There were a variety of everyday staples such as jackets, hoodies and trousers receive a high-cut crop treatment. Head designer Samuel Ross ingeniously plays with traditional suiting and accessories. Standout pieces include elongated raincoats, down jackets, blazers with contrasted shoulder pads, patchwork trousers, and experimental bucket hats. Of course, we can’t forget the diverse range of bespoke NikeLab Air Force 1 Low sprinkled throughout the collection.



by Isaac Perry

Another season of fashion week has gone by, and this time it was the 5th anniversary of London Men’s Fashion Week, we went hunting for new, cutting edge individuals showcasing street style at its best during the event. Seen throughout are some of the most recent trainer releases, as well as the extremely hyped Supreme and Raf Simons pieces. Both summer colours and patterns being seen in many of the outfits shown in the bi-annual fashion event.

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Jeez its come round again,  the one day of year set to celebrate those hard working, long suffering, patient, ever ready Fathers, what, is that just describing me ? Yep Father’s Day is this Sunday, yes THIS SUNDAY. So if your struggling for gift ideas for the main man, whether he be a Sporty Dad, Posh Dad, Scary Dad or even Ginger Dad, we at Clothes-Make-the-Man have worked tirelessly with those genius people over at M&S to bring you the, now, legendary Father’s Day gift guide 2017. Enjoy and look after one and other.

For dads on the go the Corkcicle Canteen is a must! Keeping your beverages cold for over 25 hours and hot for over 12. Offering both functionality and a sleek and stylish design. You have the option to choose from: metallic, a pop of pastel, or an edgy matte finish. The Canteen also helps to avoid those spillages and save those white shirts with a shatter proof design and leak proof screw top, It’s the latest in flask tech

What Dad wouldn’t want the Multi Tool Pen? Durable and handy! This multi-tool pen features a comfortable rubber grip and has many features including a can opener, mini-knife, white LED light, and a convenient, chrome ring that allows you to hook just about anywhere. Batteries Included !!!!

From the sports-obsessed to the DIY fanatics to the ultimate cool guy we’ve got the perfect grooming essentials kit that is sure to become indispensable to every dad this Father’s Day. The Grooming Essentials Kit contains four of Clarins bestselling men’s products housed in a sleek navy wash bag.
Super Moisture Balm 50ml Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml Smooth Shave 50ml Shampoo & Shower 30ml

Don’t just spend some time with dear old Dad this Father’s Day give him the gift of time with a beautiful classic timepiece from Rotary Watches.

Is this perfect gift for a dad and child to share this Father’s Day ?
The London Sock Company’s ‘For Me & My Dad’ gift is available in a 2 pair of 4 pair set, which includes matching father and child socks. Finely knitted using luxury Scottish Lisle Cotton, these limited edition socks are as comfortable and stylish for little feet as they are for big. Available for ages 2-12 years

Would you like to relive a special moment you shared with your father? Chances are you are one of the 81% of Brits who have expressed this very wish, so this year, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is committed to making Father’s Day matter by giving you the chance to relive a memory. With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday, 18th June), we are honouring fathers up and down the country by launching The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, Father’s Day Fund. The fund will offer the chance to win £1,000 worth of funding toward recreating a treasured experience shared with your father. It couldn’t be easier to get involved, to enter simply share a picture with accompanying message or a video explaining what your fondest, most precious memory with your father.

Relive your favourite team’s highs and lows as reported at the time, with Personalised Football Books from Historic Newspapers. The huge handbound luxury leather covers feature the recipient’s name embossed in gold, a message on the title page with a variety of luxury leather covers available.
The books are set to release with the latest season’s coverage.

TOM FORD’s Eau de Parfum gets its bold, complex scent from the rare and highly coveted ingredient Oud Wood. It opens with captivating notes of exotic Rose Wood and Cardamom and slowly reveals a smoky centre of Sandalwood and Vetiver. Tonka Bean and Pepper provide a warm base.

Portable yet powerful, the RIF6 Cube projector is designed to connect to your mobile devices. Small enough to carry with you wherever you go, it will transform any screen into a 120-inch display.

Drawing on it motor-cycle heritage, quintessential British label Barbour is lauded for its enduring outerwear options. Ideal for the approaching milder months, the Mira jacket is crafted from a quality waxed-cotton and punctuated with handy patch pockets and a detachable hood – perfect for the unpredictable autumn (summer) weather. Layer it over everything from pared-back denim to smart tailored separates.


A selection of award winning craft beers from British breweries in a wooden carry crate with a handy bottle opener attached!!! Including such favourites as;
Double Hopped Citra IPA contains- Barley, gluten
Island hopper Pale Ale contains- Barley, gluten and wheat
Battersea Rye contains- Barley, gluten and rye
Five Hop Lager contains- Barley, gluten
Sorachi Saison contains- Barley, gluten and wheat
British Clipper IPA contains- Barley, gluten

When it comes to something new, the recently released Protective Moisturiser is the ultimate all-terrain moisturiser that ensures your skin is ready for whateverimpressive crusade you end up on. It combines a broad-spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen against UV exposure with Radicare, which provides effective anti-aging properties (something your old man will thank you for in the long run, now he can stop stealing mum’s special creams on the sly).

Encourage Dad’s to have a sleep in and add a touch of luxury to your night’s sleep with these Star Wars pyjamas from M&S.

After something a little different ? What better way to enjoy a couple of hours together, than urban beekeeping and craft beer tasting? After a sell out in the first season in 2016 and rave reviews from Time Out and The Nudge, The Hiver experience is back for Spring/Summer 2017 from The two hour session starts with a short introduction to Bees and Beekeeping, the equipment and tools commonly used by Beekeepers as well as a first glimpse inside the hive. We’ll then get suited up for a Hive inspection and help Hiver’s Beekeeper, Barnaby Shaw, in handling the frames and checking the health of the Hive. After the fun of getting up close with the ‘Ladies’, you can relax over a tutored beer and food matching session before leaving you to explore the rest of Bee Urban and answer any questions.