Montblanc Collection: Four Chapters of a Unique Story Written in Fragrance



With a collection of four timeless scents, Montblanc introduces four unique facets of its rich heritage of creativity and craftsmanship told through the artistry of fragrance.

Crafted from fine, precious ingredients, each of the four fragrances in the collection reveals a different aspect of a legendary tale: from the birth of an icon of writing culture to beauty of the written word, from the luxury of Montblanc leather craftsmanship to the glacial majesty of the font Blanc Mountain that has continuously inspired the Maison’s quest for innovation and excellence.

The Montblanc Collection presents a sensorial way of experiencing the distinctive pillars that are core to the brand. Each of these original scents is an opportunity to travel through time, to experience Montblanc through a new lens, to be inspired or inspire others. 

The House will celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the iconic Meisterstück this year, admired for generations for its timeless design and the high-quality writing experience it delivers.

The signature design codes that define Montblanc have been creatively translated into the design of the fragrance collection.

The story of Montblanc unfolds with each frogrant chapter, where each Eau de Parfum conveys the attributes that have established the Maison as the pioneer of writing culture and craftsmanship through iconic and refined fragrance ingredients.

Black Meisterstück is a tribute to incense, warmed up with notes of warm spices and precious wood.

Patchouli lnk magnifies the intense dark and mysterious facet of patchouli softened in a veil of musks and Woods.

Extreme Leather exalts the character of a refined leather accord wrapped into the smoothness of iris and musky notes.

Vetiver Glacier is a burst of freshness embodied by a combination of bergamot and sandalwood, enhanced by the invigorating fusion of black current and lavadin.

Black Meisterstück – Absolute Incense

 An icon of writing culture, the sleek and timeless design of the Montblanc Meisterstück has inspired a rich fragrance that evokes an elevated writing experience, from the smooth precious resin reminiscent of the warm sensation of the iconic writing instrument warming against the fingers as the creative process unfolds and takes shape.

The intensity and opulence of the Meisterstück is expressed with noble Incense of Somalia drawn from wood resin. Warmed by nutmeg and illuminated by fiery ginger, the distinguished alchemy of incense radiates from top to dry down, evoking the timelessness and stature of a writing legend. A symphony of spices, aromatics, resins, balms and precious woods magnify the incense. The blazing dry down leans into a woody blend of vetiver, Indonesian patchouli and spicy Akigalawood, magnified by the mineral vibration of Amber notes.

Patchouli lnk – Dark Woods

As a nib glides across sheets of white paper and dark liquid crystalizes thoughts and ideas forever, inspiration becomes reality with every drop of Montblanc ink. Just as a writer makes an indelible mark with words, a perfumer creates a lasting sensation with a powerful and architectural olfactory tribute to the magic of ink.

Dark notes of Indonesian Patchouli evoke the smell of ink as the liquid coats the surface of paper, combined with coriander seeds and jasmine petals to create a pure readable first sensation. The refined power of orris roots and the warmth of vanillin carry the heart of the fragrance. A scent as powerful as words, the captivating Patchouli trail is highlighted an intense woody amber note. The intensity of Patchouli is softened by an artful pairing of white musk and vanilla, enlivening the fragrance.

Extreme Leather – Smoked Iris

 Handcrafted following age-old traditions, Montblanc leather delivers more than just style, it is a heightened sensorial experience. A journey that starts in the ateliers of Tuscany and continues to far distant places, the touch and smell of soft luxurious leather are articulated in a woody, leathery fragrance. Like every Montblanc leather creation, the process begins with raw materials embodied in the scent of Saffiano™ leather accord with its distinctive texture. The fragrance opens with the natural sophistication of ambrette, reinforcing the musky facet. When paired with the very sensual notes of iris, the leather evolves into a softer, more noble and comfortable scent, creating an olfactory impression of natural suede leather enhanced with a powdery smoothness.

Vetiver Glacier – Frozen Santal

The majestic Mont Blanc is both endless source of inspiration and symbol of Montblanc’s pursuit of excellence, captured in the Maison’s emblem. The awe- inspiring beauty of the mountain is articulated in a fragrance that evokes the irrepressible spirit of adventure, climbing its glaciers high above the clouds.

At the summit of the frogrance, Vetiver Glacier expresses a clear, crisp freshness with a thrilling iced-cold aromatic sensation reminiscent of the mountain’s glaciers, its bitter facets boldly strengthened by Ginger and Nutmeg to create a vertical cocktail of spices. At the heart, Vetiver and Cedarwood entwine their earthy and elegant characters to bring texture and depth, layered with White dusk for a touch of modernity. Sandalwood reveals a raw woody quality that wraps the frogrance with force and warmth.

Warming Summer nights, staying and looking cool – Santa Fe

Santa Cruz Skateboards has been an industry-leading manufacturer of board sports lifestyle products for over 50 years. Established in 1973, Santa Cruz defined a generation with eye-popping graphics and innovative products that continue to resonate with tastemakers, professional riders and younger generations. With some of their graphics being some of the most iconic in skateboard history. Santa Cruz is a mecca for skate and surf culture.

This lifestyle collection blends Santa Cruz’s beginnings in surf culture, its esteemed position within the skateboarding community, and creativity with reworks of their iconic skate collaborations, logos and silhouette whilst bringing fresh takes to previous classics.

Santa Cruz unveils a fresh interpretation of its classic graphics, drawing inspiration from the world of varsity sports. Among the highlights is the iconic Screaming Hand, reimagined with a playful foam treatment, featured not only on t-shirts but also as a the classic foam hand. Another standout piece is the ‘Til the End Worldwide’ graphic story, which takes centre stage on a striking vest and shorts ensemble. Additionally, the collection showcases the collegiate strip logo, meticulously appliquéd onto unisex fit hoodies and shorts crafted from 330gsm loopback fleece. 

Collaborations with long-standing and new Santa Cruz skateboarders introduce bold tiger prints from Steve Alba, demon face prints from Tom Knox, and Rob Pace’s Dungeon print. Consisting of denim, hoodies, statement tees, trousers, and accessories, the collection is perfect for easy summer styling.

From Work to a Weekend Away – Black bags are trending

The season of work-fun balance, everyone is looking for a holiday to get them out of the office for a few days, and Moss has the perfect accessories to accompanyyou no matter the plans. Searches for travel bags are up 20% this week, and searches for black shoulder bags are up 31%. Whether you prefer a shoulder bag, a backpack, or a holdall, they’ve got you covered. 

A little more modern than the classic briefcase, an attaché bag is the right way to tote your office essentials. 


For city sightseeing and busy commutes, a backpack is an absolute must. Pack up your essentials in Moss’black bag. 


Crafted in black faux leather with a Saffiano-style structure, this dispatch bag is great for storing office documents, laptops, tablets and the like. 


From work to gym to weekend mini break, Moss’ holdallis plenty spacious enough for all your essentials. 


This black backpack is all you need to keep your everyday effects in check. It has a pleasingly firm shapethat’ll do the trick for work and weekend trips. 



The number of Britons experiencing stress or burnout in the workplace doubled in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to new research from Indeed Flex, the online marketplace for flexible and temporary work.

A staggering 92% of UK employees admit to experiencing burnout or stress in the workplace during their careers. However the strain has grown rapidly as post-pandemic labour shortages intensified workloads. In 2023 the proportion of UK workers grappling with poor mental health skyrocketed to 37%, almost double the 19% who experienced problems during 2022.

A fifth (19%) of workers have already suffered from burnout or stress in 2024 so far.

The primary factor behind the escalating burnout and stress levels is higher workloads, with 58% of workers citing this as the root cause, while 42% say it’s due to persistent staff shortages. Meanwhile, a third (34%) of employees say their stress and burnout is due to pressure from bosses to work overtime and extend their hours.

The labour market remains tight, with official data showing there were 916,000 vacancies across the UK in the first three months of 2024, with a fifth of adults classed as economically inactive[2]. The number of people out of work because of long-term sickness rose to over 2.5 million people at the end of 2023, an increase of more than 400,000 since the pandemic.

Over a third of workers (34%) say they have called in sick as a result of burnout, nearly a quarter (23%) have taken time off using their annual leave and 16% have been signed off work due to the effect on their mental health.

Burnout and stress have led many to re-evaluate their work lifestyle and career choices. Nearly two fifths (38%) of UK workers agree that temporary work offers a better work-life balance and 30% believe it can enable people to scale up or down hours depending on their mental health.

A third (33%) also believe it can be a great way to rebuild their confidence before returning to full-time or part-time employment.

Novo Constare, CEO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, said: “The unrelenting demands on today’s workforce have pushed too many employees to breaking point through stress and burnout.

“Employers’ difficulty in recruiting and ongoing staff shortages have left existing employees overwhelmed, shouldering longer hours and heavier workloads. This has upset the work-life balance of many people, as work encroaches on the free time they need to rest and relax.

“The burnout crisis is also leaving many businesses stuck in a vicious cycle, with staff who call in sick or get signed off adding to the burden on other employees.

“Temporary work could be the answer, both for burnt-out employees and for businesses struggling with staff shortages.

“By giving people more control over their schedules and the ability to choose which shifts they work, temporary roles offer a way to better integrate work with life’s other demands.

“This flexibility empowers workers to find the right balance and can be a powerful antidote to the rigid schedules that so often lead to burnout among those in traditional, permanent roles.

“For businesses, employing temporary workers fills gaps without adding to the workload of permanent staff, reducing burnout risk.”

Unveiling Britain’s Best: The UK’s cleanest beaches revealed!

Britain’s beaches made headlines last year as sewage spilled into England’s seas had more than doubled with a total of 3.6 million hours of spillages from water companies, according to the Environment Agency.

A recent study by waste collection company, Clear It Waste has found which UK beaches have the best water quality for those looking to enjoy a swim as the weather looks set to heat up dramatically in the coming weeks.

The study examined over 400 beaches across the UK between 2018 to 2024, looking at various factors relating to the water surrounding them, including suspension due to sewage, the average Intestinal Enterococci count (E. faecalis) and the Escherichia coli count (E. coli). The study then determined an overall water cleanliness score out of ten.

Key Findings:

  • Fistral South is the best beach for swimmers, with an overall water cleanliness score of 9.99/10

  • A total of 11 beaches in Cornwall had a cleanliness score of 9.98/10

  • Over 300 UK beaches were ranked nine and above for water quality

The UK’s cleanest waters for swimmers

Waste collection company, Clear It Waste found that out of the 419 UK beaches analysed, over 300 had a cleanliness ranking of nine and above out of 10.

But with an outstanding cleanliness score of 9.9/10, Fistral South has been named the best beach for swimmers.

Located in Cornwall, the waters surrounding this beach have been labelled as excellent for the past four years, and is a top venue for major international surfing competitions, making it a much loved setting for holiday makers, water babies and water sports super fans.

A further 17 beaches scored a total of 9.98/10, with a total of 11 being based in the ever-so popular holiday spot Cornwall, suggesting this is a prime location for avid water sport fans.

The following six beaches all received the same cleanliness score of 9.98 out of 10:

Christchurch Bay, New Forest, is a perfect spot for a coastal walk with views of the Isle of Wight and the Needles. This spot was awarded the highest rating for water quality by the Environment Agency receivingthree stars, spanning across Mildford-on-Sea and Sandbanks.

A second New Forest favourite, approximately 20 minutes from Christchurch Bay, Milford-on-Sea is a perfect destination for divers, but with the beach not having lifeguards, extra care is key to safely enjoying the fresh water.

Calm waters and smooth pebbles, Slapton Sands Torcross in South Hams is perfect for explorers with a large freshwater lake backing the beach, this beach homes  some of the UK’s rarest flora and fauna.

With sand dunes near to the fishing village, Seahouses North beach in Northumberland hosts wonderful water quality for birdwatchers and sea anglers with a view of Farne Island in the distance.

Known as the English Riviera, Meadfoot’s beach in Torbay is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country with clean and calm waters. But not to forget, holiday makers can also soak up the famous Agatha Christie’s home.

Haven of tranquillity and sand dunes, Shell Bay Northalso ranks as one of the best options to enjoy a swim, or for those who prefer staying dry, is a perfect spot to watch ships coming through, including the impressive Condor Ferries on route to the Channel Islands.

A  further 12 beaches analysed all received a total ranking of 9.97 out of 10 such as a further seven located in Cornwall.