The best skiing destinations in Europe

A new study has revealed the best ski resorts in Europe, naming Aleko in Vitosha, Bulgaria as being the ideal location for a trip during this winter period. 

The research, conducted by winter sports insurance company SportsCover Direct looked at eight different metrics from including total price for a day ski pass, average star rating, number of ski lifts, highest elevation, slope lengths, median price of hotels and number of hotels within 10km to determine the best resorts.  

The metrics were weighted differently, wherein the ratings given to star rating and the price of nearby hotels held the most value. The resorts were then given a rating out of 80, with the average rating found to be 52.9.  

The Aleko resort in Vitosha, Bulgaria was named the best resort for a skiing adventure. The resort landed a score of 74.2 out of 80 due to ease of accessibility with 197 hotels nearby hotels, elevation difference of 740m and an average of €26 (£22) for an adult day lift pass. 

Following them, the Straja resort in Hunedoara County, Romania received a score of 72 out of 80, pinching the second-best spot. Visitors also pay around €26 (£22.27) for an adult day lift pass and can expect an elevation difference of 738m, with 69% of holiday goers rating the slopes as ‘intermediate’ in difficulty.

Ravna Planina in Bosnia and Herzegovina took third best, with a score of 71.8 out of 80. The spot proves popular with people new to skiing, with an 86% rating of ‘easy’ for the slopes. Furthermore, the cheap adult daily lift pass of only €15 (£12.85) makes it an affordable destination.

In fourth place, Tornik – Zlatibor, located in Serbia, received a rating of 71.5 out of 80 thanks to its relatively cheap €952 (£815.3) average price for a week’s stay in one of the 45 nearby hotels. The elevation difference is only 380m and 23% of users rate the slopes as ‘easy’, whilst 60% rate it ‘intermediate’.

Ranked fifth is Montenegro’s resort Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600 adjoined to it. The destination gained a score of 70.1 out of 80 thanks to its seven ski lifts, cheap median price of hotels (€647, £554.12), and decently priced day pass of €25 (£21.41).

The sixth best skiing getaway location is in Bulgaria at the Bankso resort, which scored 69.8 out of 80 in the study. 59% of visitors scored the slopes as ‘easy’, making it an ideal choice for travelers new to skiing. Furthermore, the resort is one of the highest ranking, with an average star rating of 4.2 out of 5, proving to be popular with holidaymakers.

Another resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Malo Igman takes seventh spot with 68.9 out of 80. The resort has a cheap daily ski lift pass rate of €21 (£17.99) for adults and proves a viable choice for experienced skiers with an intermediate rating of 50% for its slopes.

With a score of 68.1, the Céüze 2000 resort in Gap, France takes eighth place in the ideal skiing destinations. With the average price of one of its 86 nearby hotels being €655 (£560) alongside its cheap daily lift pass of €19 (£16.27), families wanting to jet off and experience the joys of skiing can find an ideal holiday here.

The Mavrovo – Zare Lazareski resort in North Macedonia places ninth in the study with a score of 67.7 out of 80. The resort has an elevation range of 623m, with 42% of visitors ranking the slopes as intermediate in difficulty.

Lastly, rounding off the top best destinations is the Alpe du Grand-Serre resort located in La Morte, France. The place secured a score of 67.7 in the study and is more beginner-friendly with 65% of visitors rating the slopes as easy.

Commenting on why ski holidays prove popular and how to pick the right destination, Head of Marketing at SportsCover Direct, Sean Walsh, said “Ski holidays captivate enthusiasts with a blend of thrilling outdoor adventure, stunning snowy mountain landscapes, and vibrant apres-ski culture. 

The appeal lies in the exhilarating adventure experience, and it is important that holidaymakers ensure they pick the correct resort before jetting off.  

When considering locations, it is important to consider factors such as you and your family’s skill level, the resort’s terrain, elevation, available amenities, and accessibility to ensure you get the best experience. Tailoring your choice to your group’s needs and personal preferences ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience amidst the snowy peaks and endorphin-boosting slopes.” 



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Fielding & Nicholson are the tailors to know !

Fielding & Nicholson nestled just off Savile Row, on Sackville Street is an independent tailors which has been providing a highly personal, exceptional service, creating pieces from some of the finest fabrics in the world for eighteen years. With origins in the North West of England, the brand now has showrooms on Sackville St, close to Savile Row, and in Manhattan, Zurich & Manchester.

Founded by award-winning tailor and menswear specialist Ian Fielding-Calcutt in 2006. However, Calcutt grew up in a small town in Leicestershire called Ashby De-La Zouch. He had a keen interest in fashion from a very early age, often wearing waistcoats and 3-piece suits to college and when out socialising. He studied International Politics and History at Keele University but wasn’t sure he wanted to do for a living and sampled a number of careers from PR to retail. In 2002 Ian was lucky enough to get a role with Tom James, a premium tailoring company, and was very successful early on winning a number of awards and becoming a Senior Tailoring Consultant in a very short space of time. His passion always lay more in the luxury sphere so he then decided to embark on his own adventure building a brand. In 2006, with the help of his friend Adam Nicholson, he created Fielding & Nicholson. After one year in business with Adam, Ian bought him and out to run the business on his own. In more recent years he has made his husband Oliver a shareholder and recruited his brother Lewis, making it a truly family-owned and run enterprise. Ian now resides between Franschhoek, South Africa, and London, visiting his team and seeing clients once a month to refresh wardrobes, fit and advise on new styles.

Today, it is a go-to  for those with impeccable sartorial taste all over the UK and the world – the team regular travel for personal appointments to clients from the Scottish Highlands, to the City of London, Europe and the United States. The tight knit and long established team share decades of tailoring history between them. It is also one of the few tailoring brands offering a 5-year guarantee. It also has its own in-house cutter who has over 40 years’ experience in the business working with the likes of Paul Smith, Anderson & Shepard, Welsh & Jeffries and personally for members of the British Royal Family.

Consultations can be booked to create formal business suits, country & shooting pieces, smart casual, wedding & formal suits and bespoke shirts in over 1,000 different fabrics. Primarily these cloths are handpicked from three main partners; Dormeuil, Loro Piana and Scabal, but also the likes of Dugdale Brothers, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, Abraham Moon, Reda and many more. In the last few years Fielding & Nicholson has expanded the offer to include jackets, jeans, t-shirts, chinos, sweaters and hoodies. There is also a range of ties, cufflinks and leather goods.

The brand is committed to long term relationships, and even longer term quality, believing that good tailoring is something that stands the test of time. You will never find a Fielding & Nicholson suit hidden and forgotten at the back of someone’s wardrobe, no matter how many years it has existed for. For this reason the suits come with a five year guarantee to cover wear and tear, and fluctuations with clients weight, a dedicated suit-for-life.

Cost for the service is structured via four ranges and three packages:

The Icon Range. From £1200 – £4500, this is entry level made to measure. Measurements will be taken and the suit is laser cut and made to finish. Any alterations would be at the studio after the fitting. The main difference between this and the Gallery Range (below) is that there isn’t a try-on fitting and there aren’t as many fabric options available in this range.

The Gallery Range. From £3000 – £8000, is a premium made-to-measure collection. As well as measurements, clients will be asked to put on a try-on garment in the meeting, so body shape is accounted for eliminating any configuration issues before the suit is made. The pattern will be adjusted and only minor tweaks will be required.

The Elegance Range. From £5000, is the Savile Row experience. In-house master tailor Raymond is given your measurements, who hand draws an original pattern and chalks it onto the fabric. This is then cut out and hand-stitched together, along with the chest canvas and padding. The suit is then brought to the first fitting  It will be pinned and chalked for any minor alterations and taken back to Raymond where it’s then completely taken apart, re-cut with any of the minor tweaks and made to finish.

Handmade Shirts. Starting at £300 – £650, each shirt takes 9 hours to make by more than 26 experts and artisans. They are made with immense care and using 23 to 24 invisible hand stitches per inch – more than any other shirt you can purchase. Luxurious 3.5mm mother-of-pearl buttons feature as standard. They are sourced from the finest Australian oyster shells, cross-stitched to the body and inserted into 120 stitches per inch buttonholes.

For those looking to build a wardrobe of bespoke, tailored pieces – likely for professional purposes, there is also a range of three packages:

Package One. From £3700, includes 2 suits (or smart casual combinations), 4 shirts and 4 ties (or the equivalent). This package also comes with a £100 gift voucher.

Package Two. From £7400, includes 4 suits (or smart casual combinations), 8 shirts and 8 ties (or the equivalent). When purchased this includes a £200 gift voucher.

Package Three. From £15,200, includes 8 suits (or smart casual combinations), 16 shirts and 16 ties (or the equivalent). When purchased this includes a £500 gift voucher.

The Hottest Skincare Trends And How To Do Them…

The effort that goes into creating a skincare routine that works for you can be challenging. Using the right products with the right ingredients can lead to a lot of trial and error, especially when so many are making big claims.

New trends also follow, which is why health and wellness experts at Ethos Aesthetics and Wellnesshave put together the hottest skincare trends right now to have your skin looking health and at its best.

Skin Streaming 

The days of long, intricate, and confusing skincare routines are gone as we step into 2024. Skin streaming is a process that whittles down the number of products in your skincare routine, leaving you to use only the essentials. Pairing your skincare routine with fewer products and allowing the skin to breathe will ensure all the products you choose to use work properly and are as effective as possible.  

Skincare can be complicated, from remembering the order in which to use your serums, acids, moisturisers, and creams to how to apply each product correctly.  

 Experts suggest that this new wave of streamlining your routine will make the process much easier and make your skin feel free from irritation or damage. Make sure your routine includes a gentle but effective cleanser, a hydrating moisturiser and an SPF. It is also suggested to involve vitamin C in your routine at the start of the day to brighten your skin and boost collagen.

Skin Flooding 

Hydration is vital when it comes to taking care of your skin, which is why this new method of locking in moisture is so popular this new year, especially in colder climates. Skin flooding is where you apply lightweight layers of hydrating products such as moisturiser and hyaluronic acid to the skin to ensure high hydration levels, leading to happy and healthy skin.  

If you want to try skin flooding, follow these few steps to see the best results: 


  1. Apply a gentle cleanser to the skin, double cleanse if desired.
  2. After this, allow the skin to stay damp before applying the crucial step of hyaluronic acid. 
  3. Lock all of this in with your favourite moisturiser immediately after the hyaluronic acid whilst the skin is still damp, or you can apply it after dabbing your skin dry.

A spokesperson from Ethos Aesthetics and Wellness commented: “The world of skincare can be complicated and daunting, and with a constant cycle of new products and trends taking over social media, it can be tricky to know who to listen to, which products to use and how to use them.”

Survey Reveals Top 10 Green Flags for a Thriving Relationship

With today being St Valentine’s Day, this recent Study revealled that on average within 42 minutes and 29 seconds of a first date, most people know whether they would progress to a second date or not, proving that the first impression really does count, relying on green, red and beige flags as a cheat code for compatibility.

So what are our top dating flags? Interested to find out, surveyed over 2,000 Brits and uncovered some of the most common red, beige and green flags and discovered the best and worst dating habits we are all guilty of.

The top green flags 

Rank Act Viewed as a green flag (%) 
1 Attentive listener 59.7
2 Offers to pay the bill 46.8
3 Organises dates 42.5
4 Shared sense of humour 38.7
5 Is spontaneous 34.7
6 Good manners 30.8
7 Remembers your likes/dislikes 29.4
8 Family orientated 28.8
9 Showing enthusiasm 28.1
10 Responsive/good communication 27.0

According to Brits, being attentive is the top green flag, with 60% loving being the centre of attention and their date being present in the moment.

Get your wallets ready, the age-old debate of who pays for the bill lands in second place. If you offer to paynearly half of the UK (47%) award this act as the second best green flag. Both men and women find it attractive for their date to offer to pay, with 48% of women and 44% of men considering it a positive act.

Meanwhile, being proactive and putting in the effort is a turn-on for many, with 43% of people declaring organising dates a green flag and the way to their hearts.

The top red flags 

Rank Act Viewed as a red flag (%)
1 Not independent 78.9
2 Only talks about themselves 76.2
3 Talks about ex-partners too much 75.7
4 No fashion sense 74.5
5 Gets your name wrong 70.7
6 Lazy 70.1
7 Rude to others 64.9
8 Excessive phone use 61.9
9 Uses slang such as yeet, cop or bussin’ 57.8
10 Doesn’t tip 56.8

The most common red flag amongst Brits is lack of independence, with an outstanding 79% voting for it. Whether they rely on their parents for too much or simply are easily influenced by others, this is a real turn-off amongst us all.

Meanwhile, in second place, 76% of respondents believe only talking about themselves earns a spot in the top three most common red flags. In third place, talking about your ex too much will put you in the bad books, with 76% of Brits referring to it as a red flag.

The top beige flags 

Rank Act Viewed as a beige flag (%)
1 Not adventurous with food 61.7
2 Gives indecisive answers 55.5
3 Never been abroad 54.3
4 Only likes one genre of music 52.3
5 Non-specific/genuine compliments 51.3
6 Agrees with everything you say 46.2
7 Doesn’t know their left and right 43.4
8 Makes cliche statements 40.8
=9 Doesn’t want to leave their hometown 37.2
=9 Makes a food or drink their personality (coffee, craft beer) 37.2

Beige flags have taken TikTok by storm, with many flocking to the app to share their thoughts. This term refers to things that make someone a bit odd, straddling the line of being an ‘ick’. Whilst they’re not ideal, they aren’t deal breakers for most. However, it’s best to steer clear of them, especially our top spot, not being adventurous with food, no one wants to make a romantic connection over bland food with 62% of votes.

Coming in second place is giving indecisive answers, not knowing where you see yourself in five years or even your favourite film can really put a downer on those hoping to find love, with 56% of Brits declaring it a beige flag.

In third place sits those who lack wanderlust, not travelling abroad can definitely put off the adventurous spirit, with 54% of respondents branding it a beige flag.


Images by

Duping Huu

Roselyn Triado

Afif Ramdhasuma

Who is crowned most popular sneakers of all time ?

Sneakers have evolved from athletic gear to global cultural icons. With high-profile collaborations, limited releases, and a vibrant online community, they’ve become more than just footwear – they’re a symbol of style, identity, and a booming global market with it estimated to be worth over £300 billion pounds in 2023.

With this in mind, experts sought to discover which sneakers take the crown as the most popular of all time. They utilised trends in Google searches  to find out the global monthly searches for popular sneakers, as well as Instagram to record the number of hashtags, totalling a final popularity score out of ten. 

The most popular sneakers of all time 



Instagram # ‘[sneaker]’

global monthly searches for ‘[sneaker]’

Popularity Score (/10)


Nike Air Force 1





Adidas Superstar





Nike Dunk





Air Jordan 1





Vans Old Skool





Adidas Samba





Nike Air Max 97





Converse All Star





Adidas NMD





Adidas Stan Smith




Sneaker Experts can reveal that Nike Air Force 1s are the most popular sneaker of all time with a score of 9.80/10. The staggering influence of the Air Force 1 is exemplified by an astounding 2,400,000Instagram hashtags and an equally remarkable 2,543,931 global monthly searches. Since they first came on the scene in 1982, new versions are still being released over 40 years after their initial introduction



Following on in second place are the Adidas Superstars with a score of 9.68/10. This exciting shoe, with a history spanning over 50 years, has garnered an impressive 560,000 Instagram hashtags and 2,955,076 global monthly searches. The enduring popularity of Adidas Superstars is seen in the widespread adoption by celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who consistently feature these classic sneakers in their social media posts and public appearances. 



Securing joint third spots are the timeless Nike Dunks and Air Jordan 1, boasting an impressive score of 9.64/10. These classics have amassed a notable 1,300,000 Instagram hashtags and draw attention with 1,701,003 global monthly searches, showcasing their enduring popularity in the ever-evolving world of sneaker culture. Likewise, Air Jordan 1 has a staggering 689,000 Instagram hashtags and2,486,372 global monthly searches. 


Shutterstock/ Madcat_Madlove

In fifth place are Vans Old Skool (9.56/10), followed by Adidas Sambas in sixth place (9.44/10). Interestingly, the search interest for Adidas Sambas has surged by over +400% in recent weeks.