The First Noel – Noel Mens jewellery

New men’s luxury jewellery brand –Noel Fine Jewellery was founded in London by Noel Samra, Noel is inspired by attitude, expression and the unorthodox. In creating unconventional beauty, Noel is able to highlight luxury, modernity and maverick in his jewellery art creations.

Born in a third-generation family of jewellers based in Dubai, Noel’s connection to gemmology was kismet. The mystic world of jewellery inspired him to discover his cosmic purpose- creating fine jewellery for the modern, rebellious man. Noel believes in the healing powers and different energies and elements, such as crystals and stones.

Noel’s collection currently includes two main lines – Revolution and Cosmos.

Revolution is a collection inspired by attitude and the unconventional spirit – discover fine jewellery with uncompromising beauty and start your own personal rebellion! Handcrafted in 18 Karat White and Rose Gold with reversed White and Black Princess Cut Diamonds to signify a wonderfully subversive nature. ​

Go where you feel most alive with Cosmos. An artistic expression of a comet sent down from the universe to present divine light and spread truth. Express your rebellious nature with Cosmos, handcrafted in 18 Karat White and Rose Gold with White and Black Brilliant Cut Diamonds.​

Would you wear a pearl necklace fellas ?

Are you more of a silver or gold necklace guy? This year’s Love Island boys are neither with the pearl necklace bug infecting most of the males in the camp.

Love Island is arguably impacting UK fashion trends again in 2023, with searches for ‘mens pearl necklace’ rising 115% since last month following the start of this year’s series.

Ron, Tom, David, Will, Kai and Jordan have all been sporting pearl necklaces and accessories, variations from simple white pearls to the more rugged double chain look.

Most are convinced Ron is the guy behind the trend due to his pre-villa pics where he can be seen wearing the statement piece before having contact with any of the islanders. Although Harry Styles, Timothée Chalamet and Pharell Williams are a few names to have worn them recently.

The trend has left viewers wondering if there’s any meaning around the trend, that’s why experts at mens accessories and jewellery brand, Trendhim have provided insight into the meaning of pearl necklaces and the best ways to style them.

On men, beaded and pearl necklaces are often associated with the idea of relaxation and freedom and they can add a bohemian and laid-back feel to an outfit. The first beaded necklace was found in the Skhul Cave in Israel over 110,000 years ago.

They are best paired with upper body wear that isn’t restrictive, like loose, subtly patterned short sleeve shirts with a few buttons undone or a simple, slightly oversized crewneck with a neckline that’s not too high.

The good thing about pearl necklaces is they can be luxuriant, minimalist or a big statement piece, but that doesn’t mean they’re not without their don’ts. Pearl necklaces work best with fewer layers, so over layering your outfit with a hoodie and a jacket alongside a pearl necklace can look too much and confuse the look.

Timeless Tailoring by Threadbare LUXE

Threadbare LUXE is premium menswear for the modern man, a concept collection part of
the Threadbare range. With everything you need to transform your wardrobe into semi-
formal or formal, Threadbare LUXE is here for the men who want classic styles made new.

Threadbare is a family-run fashion house, where style and quality meet the needs of
everyday life. Our core is family, It’s at the heart of what we do, who we do it for, and it’s
what we celebrate. Since launching in 2014, we’re now so much more than a clothing
brand. We have a passion for creating purposeful product that’s made to last, and
affordable investment pieces you can wear again and again.

The second drop follows the successful AW22 launch and encapsulates the luxury
discipline of crafted silhouettes and technical innovation. Invest in elevated separates
inspired by timeless tailoring, and kick back in relaxed curated casuals with a premium
aesthetic. With rich fabrics and a blended palette of new neutrals, it’s all in the details. In the pursuit of luxurious legacy dressing, these hand-picked pieces are crafted for those
moments when a little luxe is desired.
With hero pieces including the statement Jersey Blazer and Quilted Funnel Neck Jacket,
the collection focuses on transitional essentials and forever investment pieces.

Louise Thompson, LUXE Menswear Tailoring Buyer comments:
We wanted to offer our customers an elevated package of separates which is slightly smarter than our current main range, but nothing too formal, LUXE was designed as a capsule collection meaning each piece could be worn head-to-toe LUXE or mixed with your current wardrobe for everyday elevated basics, but still feels you.”

Taking the moisture out of moisturiser

Researchers at the University of East Anglia have developed a new technology that turns beauty products like moisturiser into a dry piece of confetti-like ‘paper’.

The breakthrough means that 98 per cent of the water in products like moisturiser, sun-cream, shampoo and conditioner can be removed.

Users simply need to add a drop of water to the paper-like disc to rehydrate it instantly.

It could revolutionise the beauty industry by dramatically reducing both its carbon footprint and packaging waste.

The new technology also removes the need for preservatives in these products and improves their shelf life.

Lead researcher Prof Sheng Qi, from UEA’s School of Pharmacy, said: “Most cosmetics and toiletries contain up to 95 per cent water, leading to heavy units by volume and bulky packaging.

“Every year, 120 billion units of cosmetics and toiletries are packaged and shipped globally, so the industry has a huge carbon footprint.

“The technology that we have developed uses a no-heat process to transform a range of water and oil-based based beauty and skincare products into small discs of paper-like material.”

The innovative process allows up to 98 per cent of water to be removed, while preserving the stability of delicate active ingredients.

Just add a single drop of water, and the dry sheets rapidly reconstitute to a cream or lotion, which can be applied in the same way as conventional products.

Prof Qi said: “We originally developed this technology for the pharmaceutical industry, but it quickly became clear that it could really help reduce the carbon footprint of the beauty and skincare industries.

“Removing the water and oil from toiletries like moisturiser, sun cream, and other hair and beauty products means that we can not only improve their shelf life but hugely reduce product and packaging weight, transportation costs, plastic waste and the need for preservatives.

“Above all, it dramatically reduces their carbon footprint, which is better for the environment. We hope it will help the beauty industry achieve Net Zero carbon targets and sustainability goals, without compromising product quality and performance.”


Leading Fashion etailer MR PORTER and Nordic lifestyle brand ARKET have collaborated for the first time to launch a limited-edition menswear and childrenswear capsule collection inspired by nature. The collection will launch on 15th March, with 120 pieces at MR PORTER, and select styles online at ARKET and ARKET’s flagship stores in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris and Amsterdam.

MR PORTER and ARKET worked together across the full collaborative process, from collection development to creative campaign. Across these, inspiration was born out of a shared principle of modernist, bold and colourful design that embraces nature – important principles for both brand’s global customer base.

The collection features a bright assortment of everyday ready-to-wear staple pieces and accessories; coats, anoraks, jumpers, T-shirts, trousers and caps are designed for modern living. It’s a true family affair, with select pieces twinned in design across the collection of 70 for men and 50 for kids.

A proportion of the collections are created in collaboration with London-based Planet Good Earth, a community project that brings together families through gardening, inspiring them to be part of the worldwide environmental movement. This is brought to life through a series of Planet Good Earth patched graphics on select garments, including a green fingered “good earth, good energy” character, a Good Earth smiley world cartoon – and a series of animated garden friends.

Menswear highlights include a rugby shirt, available in both a striped red and orange, and green and yellow, a quilted jacket and matching gilet vest in lilac, and a mustard long-sleeved T-shirt with Planet Good Earth pocket and rear graphic. Extra attention has also been paid to fabrications – a windbreaker is available in blue and green is designed in Limonta fabric, a highly regarded, premium technical fabric made in Italy. Accessories include a multicoloured five panel cap, a lilac and green beanie and two colour-block ribbed rugby socks.

Styles and colourways are mirrored throughout the childrenswear collection, allowing adults and children to style the collection intergenerationally. Bright pops of colour, such as the blue fleece vest with orange piping or the hooded towel robe, again ideated in rugby stripes, offer a playful and vivid wardrobe for the whole family.

This sense of family duality is celebrated in an accompanying creative campaign that candidly captures the notion of togetherness and embracing life outside in the garden – a core focus of Planet Good Earth’s work. These stories, which will profile families involved in city gardening and interviews with farmers and the team at Planet Good Earth, will be championed across MR PORTER and ARKET’s editorial and social channels, and provide the immersive window displays across each selected ARKET store.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with MR PORTER for our first ever ready-to-wear design collaboration on this scale and proud to be part of a new chapter in their beautiful curation of lifestyle products. It is an innovative collection, both unisex and ageless in its approach, inspired by the joy of colour and nature. Launching this collaboration with MR PORTER gives us a unique opportunity to reach a global, style-conscious audience looking for modern and sustainable everyday design.”

Mr Karl-Johan Bogefors, Brand and Communications Director, ARKET

“Planet Good Earth is an Earth-friendly organisation that inspires the next generation of gardeners to be part of the environmental movement worldwide. We are an initiative that supports young people to protect our planet and cultivate a sustainable future. Our food education programme is a micro-cosmos of activity-based learning that feeds back on our health, the Earth and the environment. We are super excited to showcase our playful graphics across the ARKET x MR PORTER men’s and childrenswear collection; it has given us an awesome opportunity to tell our story and reach out to new audiences who want to be part of our fun community. Cultivate and appreciate, love the land, choose to reuse.” Ms Louise Page, Founder, Planet Good Earth