Top tips for prepping your clothes to sell online

January is the perfect time to reset and clear out your wardrobes, ready for any fresh purchases in 2023. With searches for re-selling sites such as Vinted up by 308% in the last 12 months and interest spiking since Christmas, rather than simply throw clothes away, many people look to give their garments a second lease of life and sell on.

So, the experts at Suit Direct have put together some top tips for getting your items’ picture perfect’ ready for uploading and selling on sites such as Depop, Vinted and eBay.

Spot clean stains ASAP

No matter how hard you try and prevent it, from chosen tipples to sit-down meals, clothes will eventually pick up stains. When the inevitable occurs, don’t leave it to your dry cleaner – spot clean as soon as possible. Unless stated otherwise on the care label, blot with water using a clean paper towel.

Suppose this method doesn’t remove the stain; once you have the means, use a microfiber cloth to dab a stain remover, or a drop of neutral pH detergent, on the fabric. If your clothing is a more delicate material such as wool or cashmere, always use a fabric-specific detergent which will have a tailored pH level.

Always check the labelling on your clothing

Different fabrics require different methods of care. So, when caring for your clothes, you should always check the care label before getting started.

As a rule of thumb, cotton shirts can be thrown in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle. To protect the fabric, turn your garments inside out and use a mesh laundry bag so that buttons and zippers don’t get damaged or snag. Unbutton everything, including the cuffs, and remove any collar stays before washing.

On the other hand, particular wool and silk garments often need to be hand-washed to preserve their construction. To hand-wash, fill a basin with cold water and a mild detergent, soak your items, swish them around and rinse well. Afterwards, lay the clothing on a clean towel, roll it up with them inside and squeeze out the excess water – but don’t twist or wring; this could misshape your tailoring. Repeat this step until damp, then lay the garments flat to dry.

Air dry in a cool, dry place

Although most clothing can be tumble-dried, the best method to protect your clothes is to air dry them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Use a wide, sturdy wooden hanger with rounded edges to hold the shape of your garments. Trousers should be placed on a clipped wooden hanger. When air-drying, never cram clothes together as they won’t ventilate properly and may leave a musty smell.

Swap the iron for a steamer

Ironing poses a greater risk of your garments becoming heat damaged. This is especially true for heat-sensitive materials such as cashmere, velvet, corduroy, and structured jackets.

If you have access to a steamer, take care of your garment by running the steamer in downward strokes along the fabric. You don’t need to press hard or push the material against anything; the steam will gently remove the wrinkles on its own and deodorise the garment. If you don’t have a steamer, use the steam setting on an iron to gently run over any creases.

Store more precious garments in a cloth cover

Some garments may be more precious than others, so before you sell them, keep them protected from moths, mildew and dust, and store them in a breathable cloth cover. Always avoid plastic covers as they can trap moisture and leave your clothes smelling damp

Hang the clothing in a cool, dry, clean, and dark wardrobe. If you have several outfits, ensure that you space them evenly inside the closet to prevent creasing. For extra moth and mould prevention, place a few cedar blocks or sachets of lavender in your wardrobe.



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An ever Alluring Scent – Chanel Allure Homme

Allure is the definition of natural elegance, according to Mademoiselle Chanel. One of a kind, it cannot be put into words, only observed. Allure Homme was launched in 1999. The nose behind this fragrance is  Chanel’s Jacques Polge, who was also behind such classics as Bleu, Chance and Coco Mademoiselle. That unmistakable fresh, spicy, and woody notes of the fragrance.

CHANEL has expanded the ALLURE HOMME line to feature a new, generous, and instinctive way to wear fragrance: new ALLURE HOMME and ALLURE HOMME SPORT All-Over Sprays.

From the boardroom to the locker room, a touch-up throughout the day or before heading out for the evening, the new ALLURE HOMME all-over sprays are the perfect partners for men on the move.

With their 100ml on the go format, they envelop the body in a fresh and invigorating mist infused with Japanese green citrus extract, an ingredient developed by CHANEL specifically to keep sensation of comfort on your skin.



The fresh, spicy, woody scent of ALLURE HOMME, in a fresh and hydrating fragrance body spray.

The invigorating freshness of bergamot heralds the clean, intense notes of vetiver. The warm notes of Tonka bean and cistus labdanum, heightened by black pepper from Madagascar, give it a sensual trail


The fresh, woody scent and aquatic notes of ALLURE HOMME SPORT, in a fresh and hydrating fragrance body spray. A composition that strikes a balance between freshness and sensuality.

Italian mandarin heralds the clean and intense notes of a cedar accord. The sensual, almondy Tonka bean note, enhanced by white musk, creates a deep and enveloping trail.

Winter blues? Check out the top 10 peaceful destinations this winter

Does yours Christmas break feel like a distant memory? Mine, certainly does and Summer is a long way off? Well you’re not alone in feeling blue. As we experience the effects of a harsh winter and the cost of living crisis, many are in desperate need of a break away. With this in mind, experts at sought to discover which town/village is the most peaceful destination in the UK. 

An index was created by compiling a seed list of peaceful locations, and then analysing weighted variables including; crime rates, Instagram hashtags (low number = more peaceful), population and peaceful outdoor activities. Combining these to establish an overall peace score out of 100 for each of the 53 analysed locations. Thus revealing the top 10 most peaceful UK destinations.

The UK’s most peaceful destinations


Peaceful destination


Crime rate
(per 1,000 inhabitants)

Hiking trails

Bird watching trails

Fishing trails

Instagram Hashtags

Peace Score (/100)


Bassenthwaite, Cumbria









Dartmouth, Devon









Over Haddon, Peak District









Broadway, Worcestershire









Bakewell, Derbyshire









Portmeirion, Gwynedd









Reeth, North Yorkshire









Kingswear, Devon









Mullion, Cornwall









Hathersage, Derbyshire







68.99 can reveal that
Bassenthwaite, a village in Cumbria, is the most peaceful UK destination, with a peace score of 86.62 out of 100. The area, part of the Lake District, is home to 39 hiking trails and 29 bird watching trails. No doubt many are around the Bassenthwaite lake which is an important habitat for many wild animals in the area. Of all the areas in the research, it has the fewest number of Instagram hashtags (100), giving it ‘hidden gem’ status! Although at 66 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, it has the highest crime rate of the areas in the top 10.


Photo Credit: Veronique Stone

Dartmouth, Devon ranks as the second most peaceful destination for a staycation, with an impressive peace score of 85.26 out of 100 alongside the second highest number of hiking trails (27)

Located in the Peak District, Over Haddon stands as the third most peaceful location to visit. This quiet village has a population of just 255 inhabitants and resides within cascading hills and dales, scoring 83.69 out of 100. There are 12 hiking trails in the area to amble down and an accompanying 6 trails for birdwatching.

Following closely behind among the most peaceful UK staycation destinations are the village of Broadway (78.97), the market town of Bakewell (77.22), and the Welsh tourist village of Portmeirion (76.65) respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.

In seventh place is the rustically charming village of Reeth, North Yorkshire with a peaceful score of 76.57 and rather fittingly the smallest population size of 724 inhabitants. Not only does this affirm it as a natural environment perfect for spotting wildlife, it is also ideal for a break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With 12 hiking trails you won’t be short of exploration options to fill your time. 

Completing the ranking in tenth is Hathersage, Derbyshire which gains a peace score of 68.99/100. On arrival, you will instantly be met by idyllic rolling hills that wouldn’t be out of place on a watercolour painting.  With a mixture of pubs, antique shops, and restaurants, to suit any visitor, Hathersage does not fall short of places to relax with a pint or pub grub after exploring along one or two of the 19 hiking trails.


7 tips on how to get out of bed when its cold

During the cooler months it can become increasingly difficult to get out of bed in the morning – and this is made even harder with the heating being turned off to save on energy costs. Here, Martin Seeley, Sleep Expert and CEO of MattressNextDay shares some practical tips on how to make getting out of bed easier in the mornings.

1. Wear something warmer to bed

This goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many people go to bed during the colder months without wearing sufficient, warm nightwear. If you’re going to bed with only a few items of clothing on, then you will have to wake up without any layers of protection, whereas going to bed suitably clothed increases your chances of waking up feeling much warmer; making it easier to get out of bed.

Not only this, not wearing warm enough clothes to bed could lead to a disturbed night’s sleep from becoming cold in the night and waking up. If you feel uncomfortable wearing too many clothes in bed, keep some warm clothes nearby that you can grab and put on when you rise. You may also want to reach for some fluffy socks too. Thermal lightweight pajamas are the best option for a warm yet comfortable sleep.

2. Consume something warm as soon as you wake up

If you wake up in a cold room, not only are you feeling cold and shivery from the temperature, but this will also heighten any feelings of hunger you may have or reduce your energy levels. You should consume a hot drink and a hearty breakfast as soon as you can, a hot tea, coffee and a bowl of porridge will help you to warm up from the inside out and feel better. Remember, when you’re hungry you feel the cold even more and vice versa.

3. Give yourself a 10 second rule

The worst thing you can do when waking up cold is to just lay in bed and fixate on how cold it is and how much you want to stay in bed – this can often make us feel even worse and unmotivated for the day ahead. As soon as your alarm goes off and you wake up, give yourself 10 seconds before you jump straight out of bed, grab some warm clothes such as a dressing gown and leave your bedroom. Furthermore, if you stay in bed for longer than usual, you may be sabotaging the day ahead of you, as lying in bed longer will set you back time wise and you may find you have a rushed start to your morning (which could set you up for a fall)

4. Make sure your alarm is soothing and calm

No one wants to be woken up startled because of an aggressive and loud alarm. If you can, set your alarm tone to something soothing and calm. Many alarms have a gradient setting which allows you to set an alarm which builds up gradually, getting louder and louder until you turn it off. Waking up abruptly can cause higher blood pressure and heart rate, furthermore an angry alarm can add to your stress levels by getting your adrenaline rushing. Try to choose a relaxed alarm tone for a better start to your day.

5. Have a hot shower right after waking up

If you’re struggling to wake up properly because of the cold, the quickest way to fix this is to have a hot shower first thing. A hot shower helps to regulate your body temperature, get your blood flowing and warm up your body gradually, this will also help you to feel warm until you get dressed, making your morning routine a lot easier.

6. Purchase a light box

One of the hardest aspects when waking up during autumn winter is the lack of natural sunlight in the room. During the summer, the natural light that enters the room each morning can often help us to wake up naturally as it signals to our brain that it’s time to rise.  

During the darker mornings, this can become increasingly more difficult, with the lack of light making it hard to wake up our internal body clock (circadian rhythm) and you may find that your brain wants you to wake up,  but your body is saying something different. The best way to deal with this is to purchase a light box. Light boxes essentially replicate sunlight, and are an effective way to add some light to your mornings.

These boxes are set to light up when your alarm goes off to help your body wake up. You’re more likely to experience cognitive benefits such as improved memory and concentration when you wake up from light rather than sound. Furthermore, it has been noted that sunlight in the mornings can improve your overall well being, increase energy and productivity – and so this may be useful in helping you to rise each morning.

7. If you’re turning your heating on, set it to come on early in the morning

I understand turning the heating on is not something that anyone wants to do at the moment – but if it gets much colder it is important to keep your environment comfortable and liveable.  If you’re turning the heating on, look at setting it to come on early in the morning and on a low setting, this should take away that early morning nip in the air and help you to wake comfortably. You may want to also keep your bedroom door shut to ensure the heat stays in your room.

7 Styling Tips For Men That Will Up Your Style Game

Words by Anna Jason

Do you want to improve your fashion game and leave a lasting impression? Look nowhere else! You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd by using these 7 styling tips for men. Whether you’re dressing for a formal occasion or just a night out, this advice will help you put together an outfit that exudes effortless style and is sure to attract attention. These suggestions will elevate your appearance, from picking the ideal color scheme to selecting the right accessories. Continue reading to learn how this simple styling advice will help you step up your style game.

1) Invest in Quality Outfits

Investing in high-quality movie outfits is important for appearing your best. Generally speaking, high-quality clothing is constructed of better materials that will last you longer. You can also create a polished, sophisticated appearance by dressing well. An iconic fashion item like the Top Gun Leather Jacket is an enduring choice for guys during the winter. This classic jacket offers the ideal level of warmth and weather protection.

Similarly, for the summer months, Eddie Munson Vest is the perfect option for a classic yet stylish look. Its distressed denim material will keep you cool and comfortable while providing an edgy aesthetic. Investing in these pieces can be beneficial for building a wardrobe that will last you through the seasons.

2) Wear Fitted Clothing