On yer Bike – How to make the most of your outdoor exercise time

With the country once again in lockdown, many may be wondering how to kickstart their new year in the best way possible with a new fitness regime. However, with gyms closed once again, Brits are now looking for alternative exercises to do that are in keeping with the new Coronavirus restrictions. 

Under these new rules, you are able to leave your home to exercise outdoors once a day, but this should be within your local area and should only be done with your household, support bubble or with just one person from another household. With indoor and outdoor gyms closed, the permitted outdoor areas for exercise are parks, beaches, public gardens, heritage site grounds, playgrounds and the countryside. 

Here, John Nolan-Neylan, co-founder of Revvies, offers some gym alternatives to re-energise Britain as we enter the new year, and our third nationwide lockdown:

1. Running

(image by Tikkho Maciel) 

The best thing about running? It’s free! During lockdown, it’s important to (safely) make the most of what is available to us. It doesn’t matter whether you run fast or slow, every run will help you remember what is important and get in the right frame of mind. With outdoor spaces open, running is ideal to help boost your energy levels; it also helps to increase your lung function and boost your immune system, as well as your good cholesterol levels. 

2. Hiking 

(image by Toomas Tartes)

Hiking is one of the best ways to feel closer to nature and appreciate the natural landscape around you. In order to make the most of your permitted exercise time outdoors, hiking allows you to appreciate your local surroundings while also helping to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, sleep quality and can also help to reduce tension and stress.

3. Cycling

(image by Paul Green)

Cycling is another great form of exercise, that enables you to appreciate your local surroundings. Much like hiking, cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness, burns fat and calories, helps to build stamina and improves muscle tone and strength in the legs. 

4. Yoga

(image by Yannic Läderach)
Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and can be done wherever you feel most comfortable- be it at home or in your local park. Depending on your choice of yoga, you can burn between 180 and 460 calories, while improving your energy levels, flexibility, balance, strength and can help you ease stress and anxiety levels.

5. Circuits

(image by Jonathan Borba)

With large public parks available to us, circuit training is a great way of packing in a variety of different exercises. Sit-ups, lunges, push-ups, squats, burpees, planks, star jumps, are all different ways you can exercise while gyms are closed. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat well in order to make the most of your exercise session.

Nolan-Neylan further comments on the impact the lockdown may have on our energy levels and how the combination of exercise and Revvies can help to recharge you:

“The entirety of last year has had a huge strain on all of our energy levels, and another national lockdown has many of us feeling down in the dumps. With gyms closing and many looking to start their new year in the healthiest way possible, many are looking for other methods to help them keep their new year’s resolutions; we are hope that these tips will help to keep Britain’s energy levels high. Another fantastic way to remain energised and alert is through the use of Revvies Energy Strips – used by elite athletes and sportspeople across the globe. We are really proud to be able to offer the same, high-quality performance supplements to the average person looking to boost their energy levels and fight fatigue. Revvies is the fastest and most convenient way to experience a great boost of energy, without the hassle and side effects of sugary energy drinks and gels.

Harry’s Hair Guide for Lockdown

Now we’re back to WFH being the new norm, urgh, I know for some of you, it never stopped. But now we are well and truly in Lockdown 3:0, it’s so important we don’t slip into bad habits, you know, come on, joggers with a shirt and tie, roll out of bed turn your computer on and slip straight into a TEAM’s session with, “Ohhh I’m having some issues with my camera today”.

With bad habits, these can really effect your physical and mental health. It’s only a small thing but, it’s the small things that make a difference these day. Thinking about this we wanted we wanted to share Harry’s easy-but-effective products for your at-home hair routine this January, whether you’re looking to simply step up your hair game in 2021 or in search for products to combat a stressed-out scalp, Harry’s are here to help.

For an easy and effortless zoom-ready style: 

  • Texturising Putty  – Adds texturing and definition for an effortless style, this product works to enhance your natural look with lasting definition.
    • Harry’s recently partnered with Luke Hersheon to offer some easy tips and grooming advice for guys. Luke’s top tip – Slightly warm Harry’s Texturising Putty with a hair dryer before applying to make the product more workable and go further. 

To combat a stressed-out Scalp:

  • Scalp Scrub  – a once-weekly first step in your scalp health routine, this scrub features two types of sugars that work to exfoliate the scalp and remove dry skin, buildup and excess oil.
  • Dry Scalp 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner  – Made for guys dealing with dry scalp, itchiness and buildup, this formula lightly exfoliates and promotes overall scalp health. 
    • Contains Aloe to hydrate, nourish, and revitalise skin and hair, Black Pepper to soothe irritated skin and regulate sebum and Papaya Extract to exfoliate.
    • (Comes in 3 levels depending on dandruff severity: Dry Scalp, Anti-Dandruff and Extra Strength Anti-Dandruff)

Scalp Cream

The final step in your scalp care routine, this cream is a lightweight scalp conditioning treatment that soothes the skin and maintains a natural barrier, keeping it healthy and strong. This oil-free formula is safe to use every day without weighing down your hair

Working Class Heroes current top picks

Do you still have some money burning a hole in your pocket after Christmas, or maybe even saving yourself some cash, now we’ve all return to Lockdown, urgh, on your daily work commute? Or simply you wanna treat yourself to cheer yourself up. Hey don’t feel bad about it, we all have to do our bit and keeping the economy going is all important.

Now we sort the learned advice of Thomas Bowden founder of the ever of stylish menswear emporium Working Class Heroes.

Adidas Skateboarding Superstar ADV Shoes – 

A pair of the iconic Superstar trainers, made by adidas Skateboarding with an upper of durable leather with a lightly padded mesh lining and a moulded PU sockliner. It has a rubber outsole and toe cap with a herringbone tread.

The trainers have snakeskin textured details to the stripes and heel panel, and branding to the heel, side and tongue.

Clarks Originals Wallabee Boot – 

These boots from Clarks Originals are durable and comfortable, ready for the great outdoors. The Wallabee silhouette is an icon and these boots have the signature moccasin toe box running all the way up to above the ankle, with two eyelets either side. The boots have a heel cap for more support and the outsole is made from a rubber Crepe which is grippy, shock-absorbant and strong.

Dime Soupe Aux Pois T Shirt

A short sleeve tee from Canadian skatewear brand Dime MTL, made from a comfortable single jersey of 100% cotton with a ribbed crew neck, and graphic artwork printed to the front.

Former Systematic Hoodie – 

A pullover hoodie from Former, made from a warm and comfortable blend of cotton and polyester with a soft brushed fleece lining.
It has a ribbed hem and cuffs, kangaroo pocket and a drawstring hood. It features original graphic artwork printed to the front.

Former Lux To Burn Long Sleeve T Shirt – 

A long sleeve tee from Former, made from a comfortable ring spun jersey of 100% cotton with a ribbed crew neck and cuffs, and original artwork to the chest and back.

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Winter Headwear

For many of us we’ve already had and experienced the first snow of Winter. But this season is something that needs preparation. You have to make sure that the heating system is still working well and that the pipings are insulated.

More than just preparing your house, you also need to stock up on apparel that will not only give protection from the cold but comfort as well. Here, you’ll see the best and the trendiest winter headwear for men. Check this out so you can get an idea of what to wear during the snowy season:

Trapper Hats

This first item on the list is the most common men’s winter hat because they are applicable to a wide variety of activities. Trappers, derived from the Russian ushanka, feature ear flaps that are strapped around the chin. These flaps cover a significant area of the face from frigid winter winds.

Trappers are comfortable since they have thick layers of animal hair, usually wool and rabbit fur—moreover, men like wearing this type of headwear for their versatility. The earflaps can be strapped during extreme cold, and they could also be tucked away if the wearer deems it fit.

If you are looking for trendy trapper hats, you should check out Tough Headwear’s winter collection. AKASO, City Hunter, and Ergodyne are also crowd favorites.


(Image by Will Spirit SBN)

For more casual and modern winter hats, beanies are the headgear of choice. They do not have brims and usually lack visors as well. They provide comfort due to their snug fit on the crown area of the head.

Beanies are made of stretchable fabrics like felt or cloth, so they are not very advisable for outdoor use, especially during snowstorms. Most people prefer wearing this type of headwear when they go to the grocery store or visit a friend’s house.

Because they are usable all-year-round, most major garment manufacturers retail beanies. Famous brands include Under Armour, The North Face, and Urban Outfitters.

Ski Masks

Image by Nick Olsen

The winter is also a perfect season for different snow activities. If you are looking forward to spending time outdoors skiing and snowboarding, you have to prepare headwear covering the entire face. Ski masks are just the item for that application.

Also known as balaclavas, ski masks protect virtually every surface of the head, except for the eyes and sometimes the mouth. Ordinary ski masks are made of stretchable materials like knit wool. However, specialized ski masks have multiple layers of synthetic fiber to provide better insulation against the cold.

Under Armour has a casual ski mask that a lot of users find comfortable and warm. On the other hand, those into snow sports tilt towards brands like Ergodyne, Self Pro, and Tough Headwear.

What Should I Wear?

Only three general types of winter headgear for men were discussed here, and there are still several types out there. To help you decide, ask yourself about your intended application.

Where will you go? How long will you stay outdoors? As soon as you have pinpointed your purpose, you can start donning your preferred winter headwear

Skin Care Routine Tips For 2021

These days, skincare routines can feel a bit complicated and overwhelming. There are so many products being pushed your way, how do you know what to use and what to do to take care of your skin?

Luckily, the basics of skincare are not that complicated – from finding a moisturiser or lotion that works for you, to perfecting your shaving routine, this easy-to-use, simple guide has you covered.

1: Back to basics

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. It can feel pretty intimidating seeing all the products out there – from cleansers and toners to complicated masks and moisturisers – but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. There are three basic steps for looking after your skin:

1. Face wash: Choose a product designed for your skin type and wash your face before bed.
2. Post-shave serum: Using a post-shave serum or balm will help avoid irritation.
3. Moisturiser with SPF: Moisturising is a great way to keep your skin glowing and the SPF will help protect from sun damage.

Anything else you want to add to your routine, you can, but these are the three base steps for any good routine.

2: Re-evaluate your shaving routine

The first time you can legitimately shave is a pretty exciting time, but it’s important not to stick with that same shaving technique you learned all those years ago. Always remember to prep your skin, make sure you use good-quality blades, and don’t skip out on post-shave skin care – this helps to prevent shaving rashes and lock in moisture.

For more shaving tips, check out this article full of advice from a master barber.

3: Avoid hot water

Long, hot showers are a great way to unwind after a long day, but this could actually be detrimental to your skin. The hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and can cause dryness and irritation. Instead, opt for warm – not hot – water and try and limit shower-time to 5-10 minutes.

4: Moisturise

Moisturisers work to help trap moisture in your skin, not only helping to avoid dry, flaky skin and give you glowing skin, but helping to avoid wrinkles and acne as well.

And it’s not just your face that deserves some TLC – make sure you use body lotion to avoid dryness and provide an all-over glow.  With a range of lotions out there to tackle a range of issues – from aging skin to sensitive skin – find one that works for you and fits with your routine. It’s best to apply after a shower or bath, to help replenish any moisture lost.

5: SPF

SPF is probably only in your mind during summer (and if it’s not, it should be) but SPF is important all-year round. Sun exposure can cause skin damage, so opt for a facial moisturiser with SPF to protect your skin

Remember: the best skincare routine for men doesn’t need to be complicated – just find something that works for you and your specific skincare needs.