Looking to layer up as searches for bomber jackets up 54%

We recently got a short but sweet taste of the summer heat as temperatures rose to 31C in some parts of the country. With the sudden drop in temperatures, we are turning to search for extra layers to stay warm assearches for bomber jackets have shot up by 54% in the past week.

If you’re looking for the right bomber jacket to layer up this cold summer, JACAMO has shared a few below.

Grey Relaxed Fit Washed Twill Bomber – £48 (Was £60)


Jacamo Black Bomber Jacket Regular – £39 (Was £48.75)

Lyle & Scott Olive Quilted Bomber Jacket – £104 (Was £130)

BOSS Logo Bomber Jacket Black – £289

Brotherly love – The Brother’s Trust

Everpress, is proud to have launched the Lungs Of London campaign with The Brother’s Trust – a charity organisation founded by parents of Paddy & Tom Holland.  

Everpress is the platform for independent creatives. By offering their tools to sell, manufacture and distribute your creations; they are changing the way things get made. No risk. No waste.

This particular Tee was designed by Tom Holland’s brother, Paddy Holland, the design showcases their family dog, Tessa, alongside a large print of Richmond Park, where they spent many days walking Tessa.

”In memory of my childhood dog Tessa, I designed this tee for her to live on. Our lovely dog Tessa, not only was loved by the family, but loved around the world. That inspired the design for this tee. I loved the idea of selling a high quality, authentic garment, while supporting such great causes.” Paddy Holland, Co-founder.

The tee is priced at £28 and 100% of all profits go directly to The Brother’s Trust,

Now equally interesting, is The Brothers Trust was set up in 2017 by Nikki and Dom Holland, parents to four boys; Tom, Sam, Harry and Paddy – the ‘brothers’. Tom Holland is the focal point of the charity and its fund raising efforts, but he is ably supported by his younger brothers.

Using Tom’s reach and popularity, the trust intends to run a number of events each year and the funds raised then being granted to charities who we support. 

The trust is keen to shine a light on charities who struggle to be heard in the noisy and competitive not-for-profit sector – and charities who can best demonstrate the most effective use of funds to profit the people in need and not on bloated administration.

They support charities who struggle to be heard. To shine a light on charities where your generous donations can be used to maximum effect.

Currying favour – CURRY & PAXTON X FRED PERRY

British heritage eyewear brand Curry & Paxton has partnered with iconic British fashion label Fred Perry to launch the latter’s first ever eyewear product. Curry & Paxton have been a pioneer manufacturers of ophthalmic instruments since it was founded in 1886.

From opera glasses and binoculars to motoring shades, skiing goggles and bespoke tortoiseshell frames,Curry & Paxton’s innovative eyewear has always been popular receiving a royal warrant and cementing their place in popular culture with the iconic YVAN frame, as championed by Sir Michael Caine both personally and in his acclaimed film roles as British spy Harry Palmer. A fan of the brand, Caine revisited the frame again in 1969, sporting the YVAN sunglasses in the one of the most popular British films of all time, as Charlie Croker in, The Italian Job . Michael went on to wear the frame both on and off screen throughout the 70’s & 80’s.

Their iconic YVAN frame has been reworked in Black and Champagne colour ways to reflect Fred Perry’s definitive style culture that being represented by the Black polo with Champagne tipping.

Curry & Paxton and Fred Perry have a unique place in British pop-culture history. Reflecting both and featuring dual branding, the new frame perfectly complements each brands place in British men’s style. Peter Lynes, Curry & Paxton CEO said, “When we considered this inaugural collaboration it felt so natural that it should be Fred Perry. Bringing together two of the greatest British heritage brands with unrivalled histories, our iconic Y VAN frame is the perfect accompaniment to the F red Per r y shirt . As mentioned, first worn by Sir Michael Caine during the 1960s, the frame is a timeless classic and , as with the Fred Perry shirt, recognised the world over and continues to appeal to global fans.

Today, the Curry & Paxton x Fred Perry Yvan frame is made using premium quality cellulose acetate from Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli. The hinges are 5 barreled, generally considered the optical industry’s most durable, creating the famous Curry & Paxton six pin logo featured on the original frames. Premium lenses are sourced from the UK and Swiss lenses legend Zeiss and provide 100% UV protection. Finally, and staying true to its British roots, the frame is handmade in the workshop in East London.

Richard Gilmore, Fred Perry Managing Director said,

We’re excited to partner with Curry & Paxton on our first ever eyewear product. Both brands are shorthand for originality, rooted in the British psyche via film, craftsmanship and men’s style, resonating globally. The sunglasses come in two colours, inspired bythe most rebellious of Fred Perry Shirt colours – Black and Champagne, the shirt that’s been a piece of subcultural uniform since the 1950s.

Not just for the great outdoors – Sealskinz

Sealskinz, the Innovative, British performance wear brand is born and bred in the rugged beauty of Norfolk, a brand synonymous with waterproof, breathable, and windproof technology. Deeply rooted in the heart of the British countryside, Sealskinz has always embraced the wild, ensuring that every product stands up to the elements with unwavering performance and comfort.

Recently, Sealskinz has embarked on a refined mission: to blend high-performance functionality with contemporary design. This evolution enhances their renowned outdoor gear, infusing it with an elevated sense of style. From state-of-the-art socks and gloves to innovative hats and accessories, Sealskinz products now offer a perfect marriage of form and function.

The brand has expanded its current offering with the launchVitae, a dedicated fashion and lifestyle collection to run alongside performance accessories, waterproof socks and functional apparelThe line is the brainchild of the former CEO and founder of Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin whose unparalleled passion for design and product development is clearly evident in pieces that combine premium quality fabrics, on trend silhouettes and innovative, multi-functional detailing synonymous with the brand.

Ray grew up in a family with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which instilled in him a keen eye for detail and a passion for unique, high-quality designs from an early age. His innovative approach and dedication to excellence have earned him a reputation as a trailblazer, blending classic elegance with contemporary flair. Ray’s journey began with a single shirt shop in Glasgow, which under his leadership, grew into the international fashion powerhouse, Ted Baker, celebrated for its distinctive style and uncompromising quality. Now, with his latest venture, Sealskinz, Ray is bringing his innovative spirit to the world of adventure wear. Sealskinz offers cutting-edge, weatherproof gear that combines functionality with style, further showcasing Ray commitment to creativity and excellence. His dynamic leadership continues to inspire and shape the future of both fashion and outdoor apparel.

Building on the brand’s unique heritage and expertise, Kelvin introduces Vitae as part of the brand’s next phase. Taking inspiration from his love of the outdoors, combined with his unparalleled passion for design and Sealskinz innovative technology, Vitae is built to perform and designed for life. Chore Jackets and unstructured Blazers are made from stretch fabrics and have water-repellent finishes, whilst tees and signature polos offer UV protection and feature secret pockets. Baseball caps are waterproof and foldable so they can easy be stored in a pocket. The premier performance with style collection also includes classically cut chinos, shorts, shirts and statement swimwear that will take you from the trails to the city.

Top Ten Tips on Safe Tanning

The Summer is finally here its official ! It might only last for a few days, it could be here for a few weeks, who knows it could be a couple of months that we are basking it this seasonal halo. Now I don’t mean to bring your mood down, but there is a very serious side to this fantastic weather, because of Summer’s very late arrival it means we are not use to how powerful the sun it right now. Please take a few minutes just to watch the video below PLEASE –

OK then, now because we at Clothes-Make-the-Man care about our loyal readers and we want you around for as long as possible we sort the advice of an expert to offer her top ten tip for safe tanning. Clare O’Connor is the Suncare expert for one of the most trusted names on the high Street, Boots. Clare is a scientist with over 20 years experi­ence in the cosmetics industry spending the last 18 years specialising in sun protection. She works with experts internally and externally, plus academic institu­tions who manage research projects in the area of skin protection and was a key player in developing the Boots Soltan’s Once platform.

1) Make sure you use enough product – you should apply a blob about the size of a two pound coin for each limb and your front and back, as well as a blob about the size of a pound coin for your face, one 200ml bottle of Soltan contains roughly 6 full-body applications.

2) Protect your skin before you first go into the sun – we recommend applying sun cream 15 minutes before going into the sun, then reapplying again as soon as you go out in the sun. After that, you should reapply every 1 to 2 hours, as well as immediately after swimming or towelling.

3) Check for 5 star UVA rating – ensure your chosen sun care product has maximum 5 star UVA protection as well as a high SPF, as this will provide the best protection from skin ageing as well as burning. All Soltan products have 5 star UVA protection!

4) Use an SPF of at least 15 – you should be using a high SPF (30 or 50) if you’re going abroad or have fair skin. Also don’t forget
your lips, they are prone to drying and cracking and long term exposure can cause uneven colouration as well as more serious skin conditions.

5) Wear suncare in the UK – research by Boots UK has uncovered that nearly three quarters (72%) of adults admit that either they or someone else in their family has been sun burnt in the UK because they didn’t think it was sunny enough to require sun protection. Don’t forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses that offer 100% UVA & UVB protection.

6) Stay out of the sun during the hours from 11am – 3pm – spend time in the shade during these hours as the sun is at its strongest at these times and use clothing to minimise sun exposure. Pop on a hat and a long-sleeved t shirt.

7) Use self-tan – try to limit your sun-exposure and use a self-tan from the Soltan Beautiful Bronze range for colour. Self-tan has
developed enormously in recent years, with new colour-modifiers that make the colour more natural and less orange and new
technologies which eliminate the characteristic odour that always used to be associated with self-tans.

8) Exfoliate and moisturise now ready for the summer – it’s easier to keep your skin in good condition rather than repair it after the sun dries it.

9) Choose a well-known brand that you trust – when buying sun care make sure you look for a brand that are investing in research into the latest suncare technologies as well as in educating people about sun safety.

10) Aftersuns can help – sun exposure is incredibly dehydrating for the skin, aftersuns are formulated not only to provide moisturisation but also to cool and soothe sun reddened skin like Soltan Aftersun Soothing Gel with Aloe Vera. Many also contain ingredients such as antioxidants which help your skin to recover after sun exposure.