What your foot type says about your Health

Did you know, today is National Barefoot Day ? It is a time where we are encouraged to look after our feet and appreciate their importance, and as 75% of the population reportedly suffer foot problems in their lifetime, it is vital we get to know our feet and what they need.

In light of this, Cas Paton Founder and CEO of OnBuy.com’s Shoe Department reveals the structural characteristics of each of the seven main foot types and the primary aliments they are likely to experience:

Peasant foot is defined by the big toe, long toe and middle toe being short and of equal length. To accommodate for the lack of balance caused by the shortness of these three toes, peasant foot is structurally ‘flat’. Despite aiding stability, having fallen arches can affect the bodies alignment which increases the risk of ankle, knee and hip pain.

Square foot is characterised by all five toes being of equal length, giving a broad, firm base. A wide ball and narrow heel are typical of this foot structure, resulting in increased pressure on the toes and ball of the foot. This unequal distribution of weight can result in persistent metatarsalgia if incorrect footwear is worn over a significant period of time.

Greek foot also known as the flame foot, is defined by a protruding second toe and is one of the most common foot types worldwide. This shape is caused by a structural ‘abnormality’ in the metatarsals, which are long bones connecting the toes to the back of your foot. With this foot type the first metatarsal bone is shorter than the second, which can cause more weight to be put on the thinner second metatarsal bone. This can result in pain in the arches of your feet.

Stretched feet are characterised by separated toes caused by wideset metatarsal bones. Due to the already wide nature of this foot structure, people with ‘stretched feet’ are a lot more prone to ‘splay feet’ which refers to the sinking of the transverse foot arches over time which, much like with the Greek foot, leads to load-dependent pain.

Roman foot is the most common and is characterised by inward pointing toes and, much like the peasant foot, the first three toes are of similar length. People with Roman foot typically have high arches allowing for greater acceleration and ease when changing direction suddenly.  This is due to stiffer form limiting supination and pronation, allowing the foot to adapt and move quicker. People with Roman foot are however more prone to ‘hammer toes’, which is caused by the weakening of the muscles surrounding the toe. People with Roman foot are more prone to this due to already having an imbalance in muscles and ligaments that keep the toes straight.

Egyptian foot is distinguished by a long, big-toe, followed by the other toes being on an incline. Such feet are usually longer and narrower than any other shapes. Despite being the foot type least likely to suffer from arthritis, bunions and load-dependent pain, this narrow structure allows for greater supination when walking. Supination is one of the leading causes of ankle pain.

Simian foot is identified by disproportionally small inward facing little toe and an inward facing big toe. This shape is caused by a curvature in the phalange bones. Due to both toes tending to drift laterally people with this foot type are most likely to get bunions.

So good they put my name on it- Could these sunglasses be the ONES of the season – Kirk Originals

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for you, is as difficult as fInding the perfect house to  buy. Well by Jove, I think we might be able to make you life a little bit easier for you this Summer.

You know how it is, my face is too round for those frames, and these are too small for me, these style doesn’t suit me, etc etc. Well let me introduce you to the ‘Anthony’, by the leading British sunglasses brand, Kirk Originals. The Anthony, not only have a wonderful name, but their frames have a universal shape that suits pretty much every face shape.

Plus, Kirk Originals have a pretty envious heritage in the industry and are the go to brand for fashion insiders and those in the know. What who are this brand?

Well, Kirk Originals was established in 1992, however, to recount its history from then would be disingenuous as the business’ foundations were laid all the way back in 1919. It was then that two brothers by the names of Percy and Sidney Kirk established Kirk Brothers, an innovative optician, lens and frame manufacturer operating from 34 Grays Inn Road in London.

The optical industry in the UK was at this point in history thriving, and London was the epicentre of this burgeoning trade. The two brothers were perfectly-matched for a family business enterprise, with plenty of business and marketing acumen genetically combined ingenious creativity, and so the business was founded on solid ground from which to build from. 

Percy was the marketing trailblazer and came up with several profound ideas that bolstered Kirk Brothers’ reputation. These include setting up the first publicity department for a London-based optician and utilising motorcyclists as couriers, the latter of which is hard to imagine given that today it’s standard practice.

Sidney meanwhile was a deft creator, a resourceful and hands-on kind of guy, who notably transformed a sewing machine into a lens cutter which was a pioneering feat at the time. Because of him, Kirk Brothers registered many patents in the 1920s and 1930s in creating component and lens parts, pince-nez and safety lenses for motoring.

In 1941, London was subjected to a dark and oppressive cloud and deafening sounds of The Blitz. This gave the Kirk family no option other than to sell the business, as its headquarters was sadly caught in the crosshairs of Luftwaffe’s offence. Each brother then went at it solo within the optical sphere. Percy became a wholesaler of motoring lenses under the name of Percy Kirk, and Sidney then started an optical manufacturer called Kirk Optical in Hatton Garden. 

Records from this point onwards until the early 1990s are irritatingly vague. But that’s customary given the industry’s major decline in Britain in the 1970s. However, the post-war period in Britain and abroad as progressive and culturally dynamic entities have proven to be more influential and crucial to Kirk Originals approach today in comparison to details on the fragmented and confusingly dissolved Kirk Brothers business. This, we will touch upon later. 

Purely by chance in 1992, a descendent of the founding Kirk family discovered a box of vintage frames, like one does. They were reminiscent of a seemingly bygone era of style: emphatically bold, full of character, heavy in weight and made to a level of quality that was nonexistent across the early 1990s eyewear market. 

These vintage frames were retailed from Covent Garden, yet the supplies quickly ran out, and so Kirk Originals sought out a manufacturer in England and injected a spectrum of contemporary colours and tones across these classic styles of sunglasses. It was very much a winning formula, as no other eyewear brand for men had ventured in this direction before. 

Kirk Originals was an instant hit, frequently seen in the pages of style bible The Face, and on-stage being worn by leaders in the burgeoning Cool Britania, Brit Pop, Acid Jazz, Rave Music scenes. Liam Gallagher is the best-known patron, however, The Brand New Heavies, Paul Weller and The Young Disciples were all equipped with non-conformist attitudes and were well-accustomed to Kirk Originals’ confidence-boosting aesthetic.

As cyclical as trends are, the market for Kirk Originals in the early 2000s waned and the business moved into optical frames. With this, the British essence of the frames was lost with manufacturing undertaken overseas. However, its legendary status for 1990s style continues to exist. 

In June 2017, Kirk Originals was relaunched by IDL Group, a premium architecture business with experience in the luxury sector, at London Collections: Men. The business embarked on a strategy that had a simple but effective ethos: make frames in England by hand using the best materials and most skilled craftspeople and produce perennial eyewear that transcends fickle fashion

To do this, Kirk Originals has gone back to basics and even sourced a workshop where its craftsman produced handmade frames for the business back in the 1990s. Spearheaded by Mark Brown as Creative Director, he has revisited the glory years of masculinity and references mid-century and modernist eyewear through a global lens, channelling traits of confident men with modern design updates.

Luminaries that have helped frame the business’ aesthetic are spread across music, film, the arts, literature and design, both in the UK and abroad. From your silver screen icons such as Robert Mitchum, Jack Nicholson, Terrence Stamp, Alain Delon, and both Paul Newman and Michael Caine in the 1970s, to stage commanders such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Chet Baker and The Clash, and finally to great minds such as James Baldwin and I. M. Pei, Mark Brown has endless reserves of post-modernist seeds of inspiration to work with.

The reception to this new frontier for Kirk Originals has been well-received in a relatively short period of time, and stockists such as Mr Porter, The Rake, Lodenfrey and more, are all testament to that and we’re extremely grateful for their on-going support.

While having stockists that are held in such high regards is a wonderful bonus, the mission statement will always be the crucial aspect of the business. 

Kirk Originals is and always will be totally committed to making the best frames possible in England, and despite time moving at a seemingly accelerating speed, it will always look to champion the aesthetic and attitudes of the 20th century’s foremost characters.

The Blue Line of Friendship – Linea Azzurro

Founded by two lifelong friends and retail entrepreneurs Nigel Gee and Russell Goodkind, Linea Azzurro, the London based knitwear brand specialises in Italian knitwear and accessories for both men and women. It combines the founders’ passion for design and substantial knowledge of the industry to create a timeless collection of knitwear pieces.

All pieces in the brand’s growing collection are soft, luxurious and durable. The brand’s rigorous commitment to quality means that they source premium yarns to ensure they achieve very high standards of craftsmanship in the manufacturing of their garments. Linea Azzurro pieces are the perfect building blocks for any capsule wardrobe.

The name Linea Azzurro, which translates as ‘blue line’ represents success, continuity and optimism. The designers first garment was created from a single sketch: a blue sweater with horizontal lines on the arms, this is how the brand was born. Founders Russell & Nigel had also spotted a gulf between expensive Italian cashmere and cheaper high street versions; Linea Azzurro was created with the intention of bridging this gap by offering an affordable Italian cashmere range of extreme quality.

Understanding the importance of transparency and traceability within their supply chain is integral to the brand’s ethos; their cashmere is sourced from Mongolia where the cashmere goats live freely in their natural habitat. The raw materials are then collected by herders and brought to a dehairing mill before being shipped to their artisan factory in Italy, with all yarns being meticulously quality tested at every stage of the process.

The brand’s ready-to-wear collection consists of 100% cashmere V-neck, crew neck and scoop neck jumpers. Linea Azzurro is also excited to be expanding its product offering to incorporate other yarns, which have been introduced as part of the SS21 collection.

A shot of energy for your skin – ClarinsMen Energisers

Give your skin the shot of energy it needs with the new energising duo from ClarinsMen. Full of vitality and hydration, the fresh and invigorating textures help to reset and stimulate tired and stressed skin. Studies conducted by the brand show that men’s skin needs more energy. But why? There are two main causes:

1st Cause: Richer in testosterone, men’s skin is thicker meaning that skin cells renew themselves faster, therefore their skin needs more energy in order to function optimally.

2nd Cause: Clarins Research revealed the impact a busy life can have on our mitochondria, also known as our skin cell’s ‘energy-producing factories’, that help to support efficient cell function.

The mitochondria can become damaged by oxidative stress brought on by continuous exposure to external aggressors and therefore produce less energy, which means cell function slows down and the affect on the skin is visible: loss of radiance, signs of fatigue and premature skin ageing.

Tired and stressed skin can look dull with a puffy eye area and dark circles, whereas skin that is energised is toned, hydrated and supple, whilst being protected from external aggressors and pollution. The solution?

ClarinsMen Innovation: [G-Red Complex]

Introducing a new generation ingredient complex developed by ClarinsMen using organic red ginseng extract that helps to boost energy production when mitochondrial activity has slowed down, which in turn helps to preserve the efficient functioning of skin cells even under the effects of external aggressors. This means that more energy is produced, and skin cells continue to function well. Red ginseng is known for its exceptional ability to energise and stimulate, as an adaptogen plant it helps the body to resist all kinds of aggressions, extreme temperatures and the effects of stress. It is matured for six years which increases its richness in active molecules that help to boost the skin’s energy production. This powerful plant extract is paired with organic bison grass for its energising properties, and gymnema extract which boosts the synthesis of ATP – the energising molecule required for healthy cell functions, when combined their energising and soothing properties help to stimulate the skin.

In one step this fresh, toning gel energises, hydrates and strengthens the skin whilst leaving an invisible non-oily and non-sticky finish.

An immediate refreshing effect of -2c.

Energising Eye Gel is an ultra-refreshing gel that revives the eye area by reducing dark circles and puffiness, whilst hydrating and strengthening the eye contour.

Dispensed with a cooling tri-ball applicator that massages and refreshes the delicate eye area.

Alongside the ClarinsMen [G-Red Complex], these two energising formulas are boosted with the protection of the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex. Now in its eighth generation, the innovative Anti-Pollution Complex has continued to evolve alongside changes in our environment to incorporate the latest scientific discoveries. It is a powerful fusion of three highly- effective plant extracts that offer multi-protection against skin stresses linked to pollution, including discomfort, redness, and signs of premature ageing.

✓ Furcellaria extract has a second skin effect to help it physically protect the skin against dehydration caused by pollution ✓ Organic nipplewort extract has anti-free radical properties that help to stimulate the skin’s natural defences against environmental aggressions, indoor and atmospheric pollution

✓ Organic white horehound extract is a plant that thrives in highly-polluted soils, its extract helps to protect skin against atmospheric and indoor pollution A Plant-Powered Duo

This plant-powered new energising duo has also been formulated with the following botanical ingredients:

✓ Organic houseleek extract to help the skin resist dehydration

✓ Bamboo extract to help promote firmer skin

✓ Organic oat sugars to fight skin dryness and soothe sensitive skin, as well as providing exceptional tightening benefits

✓ Plant-based caffeine for its toning effect on the face whilst visibly reducing the look of under-eye bags

✓ Organic horse chestnut flower to help activate the skin’s micro-nutrient network for a boost in radiance Responsible Beauty

When developing our plant-powered formulas Clarins have always respected the delicate balance of nature and biodiversity. For every plant extract used, Clarins Research ensure its traceability, making sure its future is not threatened and favouring fair trade programmes. The new energising duo is formulated using five organic plant ingredients and housed in packaging formed from recycled materials with outer cards sourced from sustainably managed forests.


Is the Falke Cream Tailored Suit by British Menswear Designer, Oliver Spencer, The suit of the summer? A great piece of versatile summer tailoring, the unlined Theobald jacket is a two-button unstructured blazer with a single vent, perfect for a smart-casual look. This unlined style has been crafted in a soft midweight Portuguese cotton and linen blend for a relaxed summer drape.

The Drawstring trouser offers a casual alternative to your everyday. This relaxed trouser is straight cut through the leg with two back pockets, a cotton drawstring through the waistband, and a button fly. The Falke fabric is a midweight, soft Portuguese cotton/linen blend, which looks great when styled with our lightweight linen jackets and blousons, or just a simple linen shirt in high summer.

From early beginnings as a self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver Spencer has built a brand around his vision: hand-crafted quality paired with stylish accents and details. In the words of British GQ, a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

Over the years the brand have endeavoured to create trusting, open and transparent relationships with a network of suppliers, in order to support workers’ rights and their welfare. It is important to them that the people making their clothes are treated with dignity, respect and care. By situating their manufacturing in the UK and Portugal they avoid many of the labour issues which are prevalent in the wider supply chain of the fashion industry, such as forced labour, unfair pay arrangements and unsafe working environments. The countries in which they produce have tight legal frameworks on the employment of garment workers, which in the majority of situations prevents issues faced in less regulated garment manufacturing countries.