Today’s post marks the start of the first in a 3 part series all on the art of Shaving and how best to achieve the smartest, desired results. Staring today with 6 0f the best Shaving Creams/Gels. You have to be so careful when it comes to shaving and selecting the right products for you and most importantly that is right for your skin. No two of us are the same and so this is what we need to remember when selecting the tools needed for the  optimum shave. You may have sensentive or even very sensentive skin, the requirements for Black skin are different to White. What works works well for one person won’t necessarily suit your skin type and unfortunately there is a slightly element of trail and error in this whole art form.

Lab Series is a global authority on the needs of men’s skincare since 1987, leading doctors, scientists and skincare specialists work on their high performance products. The Maximum Comfort Shave Gel by Lab Series is a Rich gel-to-foam formula cools and calms skin, while softening and prepping the beard. Superior cushioning provides close, smooth shaves with reduced friction. Reduces redness and improves moisture.

When it comes to grooming and skin care products, men have been trusting NIVEA MEN since 1980, to protect men’s skin no matter what it goes through. For a clean shave and optimal protection their  Protect and Care Moisturising Shaving Gel with Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5, it cares for skin, supporting its natural barrier and protecting it from drying out. While Ultra glide technology gives an advanced shave by softening facial hair and protecting skin from nicks, cuts and tightness so it feels comfortable and cared for.


Ahhh the Luxury and Heritage of Acqua du Parma and their Collections Barbierre presents a well-balanced synthesis of elegant design, refined textures and stylish packaging designed with the modern man in mind. This collection celebrates this ritual and will undoubtedly appeal to man around the globe. The Shaving Gel give an immediate sensation of well-being and the high performance formulas contained largely from natural ingredients, make for a winning combination. Complete with a fresh neutral fragrance, these products will not overwhelm.

Scaramouche + Fandango creates a range of distinctive hair, skincare and styling products for men high in naturally derived ingredients. They takes pride in being paraben-free, suitable for vegetarians and not tested on animals. Their Sc – Shave Cream with NOURISHING CRAMBE SEED OIL + GINGKO EXTRACT is a luxurious shave cream enriched with anti-inflammatory Ginkgo extract to protect against razor burn. Crambe seed oil nourishes and moisturises the skin to provide the closest of shaves leaving the face and neck feeling smooth and fresh. Suitable for use with hands or shave brush.

Described as, “care-free charm and masculine elegance”. Vetiver Extraordinaire by Frédéric Malle. He himself defines the shaving cream as, “a razor blade gliding through our shaving cream is like a great skier carving their way with precision down a ski slope. Thick and nourishing, lightly scented with Vetiver Extraordinaire and topped with menthol, this luxurious shaving cream leaves the skin feeling refreshed and well cared for.”

Aveda men Pure-formance shave cream
Contains their exclusive phyto-active blend with naturally derived ingredients specifically created to treat men’s skin conditions with soothing, anti-oxidant power. it is 99% naturally derived. Has a rich and refreshing aroma combines organic lavender, vetiver and lemon.

Whether it’s a day out in the park or down the beach, even as part of a festival weekender a picnic is a great way to while away the Summer Holidays. It doesn’t have to be extravagantly expensive and the days of soggy sand filled sandwiches and seen better days scotch eggs have long gone. Picnics and of course the necessary accessories have come on a long way baby since our childcare nightmare so let us at the Stylish Dad reintroduce and re-educate you to some of the great accessories available to assist you in delightful picnicking !

This set from Marks & Spencer creates for a perfect luxury afternoon tea. This collection of scones, cakes, jam and tea to be enjoyed with a bottle of sparkling Casa d’Amello prosecco all presented in a beautiful deep lidded wicker basket, jeez what more do you want ?

The Root7 Canteen keeps drinks piping hot for 13 hours, or ice cold for 25. It’s ideal all year round, great for all drinks, wine and soups, use maybe not all at the same time.

Atlantic Blankets is a family run business based by the sea in Cornwall and stock at This British wool picnic blanket complete with leather straps, and a practical waterproof backing, this blanket is a staple accessory for family picnics.

Pull on this four person picnic rucksack by Joules and seek out the most secluded spot you can. There’s no better way of carrying along your picnic essentials. Contains 4 x plastic plates, cotton napkins, forks, knives, spoons, plastic wine glasses, set of salt and pepper shakers, bottle opener, cheese knife and wooden chopping board.

Gather your family and friends together cos this bad boy offers outdoor entertainment and refreshment all in one. The Cricket Cooler is a 50 litre cooler box on wheels, equipped with a set of stumps which rotate upwards at the front. This means your food and drinks stay cool whilst you are hitting those winning runs – howzat!

Don’t be tied down to the  shackles of daylight with this great handmade woven lantern made from unpainted bamboo by The White Company. This lantern is perfect for adding that long Summer feeling to your picnic. Finish it off with a glass candle holder that’s positioned on the base, with a Citronella Pillar Candle inside for instant glow and to keep away unwanted, uninvited bug guests.


This 8 Litre Drinks Dispenser by Kilner at Debenhams can be used to serve many types of beverages soft or slightly harder and is ideal for parties and barbecues. It has a substantial, excellent quality clip and Kilner orange seal.

Build up an  appetite with a spot of tennis with this set by Brizillian brand Frescobol Carioca, each set is hand made and constructed with up to 17 pieces of wood. Much more of an investment piece for year after year.

Spoil yourself, have seat will travel and relax in style in this Olive and Orange by Orla Kiely Folding Chair. Featuring one of Orla’s retro prints, this camping chair is bound to get you noticed whether you’re at the beach, a festival, or simply catching some rays after your picnic. Quick to fold up and easy to transport, it’s a must-have for any stylish picniker.

If your out to impress and want to add a touch of sophication to your picnic look no further than The Lavender Closet who offers a curated selection of high quality handmade personalised fine gifts.

All to often I find myself having to go away for a night or two, whether that be a Press trip, meeting, work related or plain old pleasure. I don’t want to be lugging around bags, you know a bag with your laptop etc, an overnight bag and then on many occasions a suit carrier, as folding a suit and placing it, no matter how carefully, in a holdall just doesn’t work. Let me tell you dragged through a hedge backward isn’t a good look when you are trying to impress and at least try and convince someone your half way professional.

Well, I’m not on my own in experiencing this problemo and rather then sit there complaining and fuming at luggage manufacturers, this man has got up and done something about it.
Tim Degeler and his family take a very experienced and pragmatic approach to this dilemma. The DEGELER SkyHanger is an All-in-One Business & Garment Bag – Highly functional, made of high-end materials with a classic & puristic design. Carry 3 outfits: 3 suits, shirts, underwear, ties & accessories with all your business essentials such as 15′ laptop, A4 documents and your iPad – all in one carry-on bag. The included hanger is made in Germany from 100% titanium and has unique clamping brackets for a reliable fixation of up to 3 pairs of trousers. To cut a long story short, with the SkyHanger you can enjoy effortless and wrinkle-free traveling with your suit & business essentials in style. It’s defined by a masculine aesthetic, the design style expresses the structural details of a product. The impetus to create a bag-based brand was defined by the needs of a contemporary well-travelled man, not unlike yours truly. The starting point for the ‘SkyHanger’ was a list of essential items for a one night stay, with a constraint to conform to airline carry-on size restrictions.

When I was a kid, all I wanted was shelter outdoors, bizarrely. Being that I lived in a house and all, you really wouldn’t have thought that would be an issue, but nonetheless, all I wanted was sheds converted into castles, wigwams and tipis, and tents. Whether it was for a clubhouse, a castle, a base or whatever, having lairs seems to be a big thing to kids, and with such a huge benefits to outdoor play and pulling kids away from the TV, it’s a great idea for your garden, particularly if the weather carry’s on like this.

What’s more is that a playhouse can also provide a great outdoor storage space as well as a play centre. If you’ve got an area that you’re planning to use for a shed, consider getting a playhouse instead. The kids will love it, and it’ll last absolutely years. Here are some great options.


Shire Bunny Playhouse

A sweet, smaller playhouse, the Shire Bunny Playhouse is a great cheaper, budget option, and its ambiguous design and style allow you to customise to exactly what your kids are into. Looking for a fairy tale cottage? Give the window frames a coat of paint, some rustic pastel shades. Even plain, it makes for a great playhouse for all the kids, and with basecoat treatment to protect the wood, opening window, safety styrene windows and a cosy 4’ by 4’ size, it might be a cheaper option, but it’s always going to be a hit. 

Traditional Swiss Cottage Playhouse

At 10’ by 10’, this is one of the biggest and most spectacular playhouses available. Constructed from gorgeous redwood timber cladding, and a cute integral veranda for the kids to relax and play on, this is ideal for three or more children playing together. This is a great playhouse, but beyond the appeal to the kids, it looks absolutely gorgeous in any garden. If you’re going all out, this is the playhouse for you.

Shire Wigwam Playhouse

If your kids ever play cowboys and Indians, or have a love for history, this is the playhouse for them. The conical shape also passes fantastically well as a spaceship or rocket cockpit, ideal for your imaginative little astronauts. If you want a slightly more original playhouse in your garden, this is the one for you. At 7’ by 6’, and with such a unique design, this playhouse is sure to spark your kid’s imaginations and interest in learning and history

Windsor Rose Tower Playhouse and Slide

This is a magnificent playhouse. If you’ve a garden without the right kinds of trees to build a treehouse, a tower playhouse is the next best thing. You’re giving your kids a private space to play and enjoy, as well as a fun slide. At 13’ by 6’, this gives your kids the perfect centre for their play. What’s more is that you can use some of the dry space underneath as outdoor storage!

Shire Command Post Playhouse

If your kids aren’t all that into playing house, and are a bit more into their action films and army things, as boys are sometimes wont to be, this is a great option. At 6’ by 4’ this is a spacious playhouse that gives your kids room to let their imaginations run wild.



Words by Mia Riley

Everyone on their morning commute needs something to read or look at. With Instagram having 700 million monthly active users, it’s safe to say that it’s a go to app to pass the time of that morning journey. From the Frow to streetstyle, we’ve narrowed down the 7 fashion insiders you should be following on Instagram to get the inside scoops.

1)Luke Day – @Luke_jefferson_Day
Not only the Editor over at British GQ style, but the man responsible for styling many key Fashion campaigns and shows throughout Fashion Capitals of Milan, Paris and London. Posting latest campaigns, street style and editorial photos it’s got a little bit of everything.

2)Edward Enniful – @Edward_Enninful
Possibly one of the most interesting people to follow at the moment. I mine the man has an MBE, is best friends with countless Supermodels, ohhh and with his recent appointment as Editor In Chief at British Vogue, he’s one to watch and stay up to date with.

3)Derek Blasberg – @Derekblasberg
Writer and Vanity Fair’s Man on the street, this guy is the epitome of Man about Town and a party isn’t a party unless he attends. Expect a lot of locations, a lot of celebrities and a lot of behind the scenes.

4)Nick Wooster – @Nickwooster
He’s worked with some of the best fashion brands in the world as well as being Fashion Director at Bergdorf, nobody knows the industry as well as he does. 30 years in the industry, leads to an Instagram account that has the best of everything – outfits, front row views and all round culture.

5)Dan Rookwood – @Danrookwood
Yep a real live Englishman in New York, well he resides in Brooklyn, but. US Editor at Mr Porter, so  from politics to fashion to life, an important follow to stay up to date with a key person on one of the most influential digital based fashion companies. Always good to see what’s happening stateside.

Photographer – An Instagram account filled with beautiful images from his editorials with a long list of publications, and since Instagram is visual he’s the perfect guy to follow, what more could you want?