Paq is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels that has been seen in recent times with the channels pure focus being on the fashion industry as a whole and various styles from some of the biggest trends of today, as well as the future (shout out to Astro boy), sorry, what, pardon ? Just what exactly is, are a Paq? The four presenters, Elias, danny, Shaw no Dex, are incredibly different in the ways that they dress; however this channel truly shows that you should not judge a book by its cover the friendship bond which they all have some tight, endearing and funny at the same time.

But what are these four Horsemen of the style apocalypse about? First up,  Danny has a very classic style with Fred Perry being his go to brand paired with some nicely fitting trousers and loafers showing a different style to the street wear dominated industry of today!

Elias shows what we would call the most out their style with from all the boys with his love for high-end and futuristic designs formulating his personal style, however beyond the bright colours he showcases multiple styles making each one his own.

Shakka.d.badmon makes each outfit individual through his creative eye as well as implementing his art background within all the personal challenges they are set. In multiple challenges he has shown his artistic eye by personally altering garments, also congrats on your recent graduation!(brains as well)

Dex’s style in one word would be ‘Black’. All of his outfits consist of this colour however he changes it up through wearing different clothing silhouettes and branding which makes his overall look ‘incredibly him’. However when he does venture out of just black he really suits it with the most memorable being the red track suit in my honest opinion.

They are probably better known for hosting the best dressed ‘Youtuber’ Awards, this brought the whole Mens fashion YouTube community together with people shortlisted from the UK all the way to The US.

This competition consisted of three groups based on the amount of subscribers each ‘Youtuber’ had, once the public had voted for their favourite one from each group there was a final showdown which took place in Berlin where Magnus, Sangiev and Rickey Thompson all had to pick one outfit from a warehouse which had been set up by the Paq boys and HIghSnobiety.
This was something, which had never been seen before within the fashion industry, and if you haven’t already, we highly recommend that you go and watch The Best Dressed ‘Youtuber’ Awards as well as many others, which they have released.

We’ve been watching the Paq boys for a while now and seeing the channel grow as quickly as it has is something which we’ve very much enjoyed, they bring a different side to the ‘Youtube’ community and freshness to an increasingly, for the moment, dull industry. This is something we haven’t seen for a long time and its only going to get bigger and better, best of luck and we look forward to seeing your success grow.

With airlines being SO tough on the regulations of what you can and more importantly, what you can’t bring with you, grooming product wise, the contents of your soap bag have becomes more sensitive than your skin at the end of the first day of day long Sun worshipping.

Whether you’re riding the waves, sailing the seas, or just generally topping up your tan, it isn’t just your skin that need super protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Another area of your sun kissed body you need to consider, is to protect your hair from the summer heat. 

These luggage-friendly grooming kits from SACHAJUAN.They incorporate the brand’s Ocean Silk Technology which is developed with extracts from sea algae that add valuable minerals and proteins to boost strength and shine, whilst protecting the scalp and moisture balance of hair. The perfect way to achieve and maintain effortlessly healthy summer hair. 

This collection combines the award winning Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, with the multi-tasking hero Volume Powder. Its travel sized shampoo and conditioner are a great holiday accompaniment; heat and UV protectants ensure hair is protected in the sun and will give it a boost of smooth volume. Use the Volume Powder to give hair structure and volume with a fresh feel. 

Rebalance and soothe a stressed scalp with this gentle cleansing collection. This two step routine can be used as part of maintaining a healthy scalp. The Scalp Shampoo contains Piroctone Olamine and Climbazole to remove dandruff, tackle irritation and soothe. Normalizing Shampoo and Conditioner provide the perfect follow up regime to maintain optimal scalp health. Also containing Ocean Silk Technology, the caring ingredients in this collection will boost hairs volume, bounce and moisture.


Dad shoes? I bet that you would never of expected this to be a key trend of 2018 would you, go on?  This trend started way back in the late 90’s and early 00’s with chunky trainers being a must, however for years fashion became dominated by clean cut, lightweight trainers with the best examples being Common projects with all designs being incredibly plain but consisting of high quality and coming in an array of colours to match all outfits.

However times are changing and trend come back around again, so with ‘chunky’ trainers dominating the high-end street style scene of today. As the fashion cycle always goes high-end brands such as Balenciaga and Gucci were the first to showcase these thick designs back in 2017.

To honour this trend we thought it was only necessary to highlight some of these key shoes that are dominating our timeless industry! The trend first came back to the limelight in Balenciaga’s AW17 menswear show and since then have been played a massive role in the sneaker market with many of those who would never has experimented within high-end fashion now doing so through a mutual love of sneakers.

Balenciaga Triple S

Possibly the shoe of the year the Triple S Balenciaga’s were the ones to first influence the resurgence of Chunky trainers and priced £615.00 they don’t come cheap, after the dominating year in which they have had this doesn’t come as a surprise to us, with a large amount of new colour ways having been released this year. However our favourite is one of the first colour ways, which was released, The Greys.

Gucci Rhyton sneakers ‘Fake logo’

On first view these shoes look incredibly basic with an off white colour way being the most popular however keeping to tradition Gucci love to outrageously brand absolutely all of their products and this one is no exception! On both the outsides of each Sneaker can be found Gucci’s classic Colours and name.

Yung 1’s

The most recent release out of all of these trainers as well as being on the lower end of the pricing are the Adidas Yung 1’s, these were originally released in 1997 however have recently been released in both a red and orange colour way, with the most anticipated white colour way yet to been released, however keep your eyes peeled as they are on route!

Air Monarchs

In our eyes this is as Dad as Dad is ever going to get and these are a pair of shoes, which you will be able to wear forever thanks to a combination of basic design, and simplistic colour ways allowing the monarch to go with almost everything! You are able to pick a pair up for as cheap as £38.00, which makes them the cheapest sneaker on our list by a mile.

Yeezy 700’s

Now something in particular for the Hypebeasts of today, the Yeezy 700’s, these were the first pair of sneakers created Kanye which adopted a different style then we originally seen within his Adidas Yeezy collections, however the chunky sole likened them to the Dad shoe trend and soon after release they entered this category. If you are a Dad who loves his Supreme and Palace then these are the shoes for you.

Raf Simon Ozweego

The Raf Simon Ozweego’s in particular have been a love or hate shoe since there first releases, this silhouette was first seen in 2013 with it adopting a shape never seen before with it the sneaker almost doubling up looking as though it has two separate layers, however thanks to the release the of Triple S this high-end design has taken a back seat.


This Trend has been helped progress by celebrities such as Jayden Smith, Ian Connor, Travis Scott and the list could go on, however now at its strongest. If your wanting to impress the youth of today why not bust out a pair of your old Monarchs or showcase a crisp white pair straight from the box. Let us know what you favourite pair are in the comment section below!


Influential figures in the world of fashion are joining forces with the Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) in a bid to overhaul the shopping habits of the nation and change their wardrobes through sustainable fashion. Founded in 2O13, GFX makes an impact through innovative clothing swap events, curated talks and cultural activations around the world. UK citizens, alone, throw away over 300,000 tonnes of textiles every year and, on average, wear each piece of clothing for only seven days and only 16% of clothes are being reused, with the other 84% being either burnt, dumped in landfills or sent to other countries to only reuse buttons and zips.

GFX founder Patrick Duffy is highlighting the environmental damage fashion is having through a series of ground-breaking pop up talks and sustainable fashion swaps across the country, to highlight the environmental damage fashion is having on our environment. Over the years, GFX has helped save 22 tons of clothes (over 40,000 pounds) from going to landfills through events held on three continents, in four global cities.

According to the not-for-profit global movement, Fashion Revolution, 25% of the carbon footprint of clothes come from the way we care for them; for example, one million tonnes of synthetic fibres discharge into waste water every year – the equivalent of approximately 53,000 plastic bottles coming off our clothes in the wash. Fashion Revolution has teams in over 100 countries around the world. The organisations campaigns for systemic reform of the fashion industry with a focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

As such, if everyone wore their clothes more, we could reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by up to 30%. To put things into perspective – most people wear their clothing for an average of seven days, when the average should be three years.

The next swap will be taking place on Sunday 23 September and will be available for all to experience.

There was a time when travel use to always be associated with Romance, mystery and luxury. Now thanks to the likes of Budget Airlines and profits coming above customer experience, yes you may experience mystery, but it’ll more than likely be, you questioning, “Where the hell am I?” After a horrendously delayed flight which has been diverted to some Godforsaken airport in the middle of nowhere. Plus, you may very well have paid pennies for your flight, but add on Tax, luggage fares, the cost of not printing your boarding pass, priority board (which the entire flight seem to have also bought) and your budget airline deal isn’t looking so budget after all.

So, as our thoughts start to slip to a sun kissed beach and of cocktails being sipped while watching a spectacular sunset, you need to think and be smart, don’t get caught out by these sneaky, hidden charges. Swedish retailer ARKET, have your best interests in mind. As part of its travel range of functional packing systems dedicated to people on the move. The luggage bags come in two styles – the 48-Hour Tote and the 72-Hour Duffle – sized to perfectly fit essential items required for a two- or three-day trip. Both bags are made from durable and water-repellent nylon and trimmed with
tonal straps, embroidered with a unique ARKET ID number. The 72-Hour Duffle is a multi-purpose bag and can be worn in three ways – on the back, with a shoulder strap, or carried by hand.

This series in question includes CORDURA nylon luggage, ultralight packable bags and a set of minimal travel accessories that fit compactly inside and are specifically designed to optimise the standard carry-on dimensions. Plus the range is available in five netrual colourways – black, olive, navy, burgundy, and beige – with prices ranging from £10 – £130. So don’t worry if you want to do a little more shopping in your final destination, you aren’t going to be stung, as you’re sorted with carry on luggage.