How to Perfectly Match Your Shirts, Suits and Ties

Suits come in all shapes and sizes… and colours, and patterns, and shades too, come to think of it. In fact, there’s a lot to think about when choosing a suit — and that’s before you even consider what shirt or tie to wear alongside it.

So how do you match your suit to your shirt and tie? Menswear retailer, Slater Menswear have created a definitive guide on how to get the balance right.

Although trends come and go, there are certain staples when it comes to choosing a suit that have stood the test of time. In this guide, we’ve outlined how to create a look that will always come out on top.

How to use the colour wheel


Colour theory is more than just a tool for artists. It can (and should) be used when putting together an outfit to create a winning combination. By using the colour wheel as a starting point, you can see which colours work well together and which should be avoided.

As you have three potential colours to play with — your shirt, tie and suit — you still have the freedom to be creative, the colour wheel simply gives you a helpful starting point.

There are three main ways you can implement colour theory to help you mix and match your clothing:

Method 1: Monochromatic

You’ve probably already heard the term ‘monochrome’ before; relating to a single colour throughout. Rather than picking and choosing colours, this approach makes use of a range of tones to differentiate between each article of clothing.

This conservative combination is the easiest way to implement colour theory and creates a foolproof, harmonious look. As long as each item is its own distinct shade, you can’t go wrong.

Method 2: Complementary

Complementary colour schemes are the most striking. They consist of colours that sit opposite one another on the colour wheel, like blue and orange or red and green. These colour combinations provide a high contrast and appear more prominent.

Take caution when choosing this approach. Bold tones can be too jarring when used together. A good approach is to choose a single bold colour choice with more muted accent colours.

Method 3: Analogous

This option uses colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. This offers more versatility in tones, yet must be used carefully to avoid being overwhelming.

Experiment with a strong traditional colour and those that appear next to it to strike the right balance. For example, if you have a navy suit as your base colour, pair it with a sky-blue shirt and a purple tie. This combo utilises analogous colour schemes in a way that creates a sophisticated, well-put-together finish.

Finding the right tie

As well as finding the right colour palette, choosing the right tie can make or break the look of your outfit. When picking a tie to wear, you want to create another level of contrast between the shirt and suit. As we’ve already discussed, the colour of your tie is crucial, as is the pattern.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on a pattern for your tie.

Matching pattern

If you’re wearing a patterned shirt, opting for a tie that echoes the design is a great way to bring an outfit together.

The trick is to emphasise the pattern of one item, not both. If, for instance, you’re wearing a thinly striped shirt, a tie with thick, bold stripes will add a level of consistency without detracting from any particular piece of clothing.

The best part is that it works both ways, so a tie with a small checked pattern complements a shirt featuring larger checks.

Contrasting pattern

Taking a different route, a contrasting tie pattern can help to make it pop as part of your ensemble. A polka dot tie accompanying a striped shirt is a great example of how different patterns work strongly together.

If this is the avenue you’re taking, however, it’s best to choose a bigger pattern for your tie and a smaller one for the shirt. This way, you draw attention to the tie and capitalise on the contrasting styles.

Solid tie

If, on the other hand, you prefer to draw attention to your shirt, a solid tie is a conservative way to pull focus to where it needs to be. By correctly using colour theory, you can choose a solid tie that fits in with the palette of your outfit and choose a statement shirt with a bolder pattern like paisley.

Suits to wear with a white shirt

White shirts are often the number one choice for many men when putting together an outfit, and for good reason. It acts as a clean slate that can be combined with almost any colour and allows you to draw focus to ties.

For those who are looking for easy clothing combinations, white is the obvious choice.

Just do it – Justwears underwear

Whether working away at the laptop, working out or hanging on the sofa – you’ve probably experienced sweat ‘down under’, errrr if you know what I mean. Thanks to JustWears – a new British underwear brand, who are on a mission to create an entirely new genre of men’s clothing – unwanted perspiration can be a thing of the past!!! JustWears’ Boxer Briefs – dubbed ‘a palace for your phallus’ will keep you cool and dry all day long.

Boasting JustWears’ unique, ergonomic pouch design, separating meat from your two veg, these Boxer Briefs feature high-performance ventilated fabrics on the underside offering more space and airflow right where it’s needed most and wicking away unwanted perspiration. Made from MicroModal Air fabric – 50% more absorbent and breathable than cotton – you will be kept pleasantly cool whatever you’re up to – whether lifting weights in the spare room at lunchtime or jumping on yet another work Zoom call.

Launched on Kickstarter in 2017, JustWears’ husband and wife team, Alex Walsh and Yang Liu, quickly became the most backed apparel project in the UK ever. Since then, the brand has sold more than 100,000 pairs to over 25,000 customers in 73 countries and have been featured on BBC Dragons’ Den (where they received two offers) and shows like ITV’s This Morning. In just under two years, JustWears has grown to seven figures in revenue and happy customers say that these underpants are literally the only underwear their, errrr pride and joy deserve.

JustWears’ Boxer Briefs don’t just solve sweat ‘down under’. Made from luxe-feeling fibres from sustainable Austrian Beech trees that are 40% cellulose and produced in a non-toxic and renewable process – not only are these underwear CO2 neutral and biodegradable, but they are also five times softer than cotton. What’s more, the remaining wood left over from the process of making them is recycled to supply energy back to the JustWears factory – making these the ideal gift for any modern-day, eco-conscious man looking for boxers so soft and comfortable, he won’t know they’re there.

Tested by more than 15,000 men who vouch that the breakthrough underwear are a game changer, the natural super fibres in these pants are also antibacterial, helping to prevent body odour – so he’ll be smelling sweet all day long!  Last but not least, JustWears’ underwear is also proven to improve sperm count – ideal for couples who are looking for some extra help when it comes to trying to conceive.

Says JustWears’ Co-Founder, Yang Liu: “We’ve spoken to hundreds of men to find out exactly what they want when it comes to underwear – which is basically premium fabrics with a truly ergonomic design. So we’ve created something that meets that challenge – whether our Boxer Briefs, Trunks or more streamlined Briefs, we believe that comfort is king and there should be no compromise when it comes to the crown jewels! With this in mind, we know our underwear will bring more than a smile to your man’s face this Valentine’s Day – what’s more, they’re so stylish, you’ll probably want to wear them too!”

JustWears’ Boxer Briefs come in two different designs: Active – with Pouch – the perfect athletic cut with JustWears’ signature pouch, and Pro – without Pouch – the ideal daily wear.

Cut & Pin Definitely Not Cut & Paste

Of the many things that occurred in 2020, the opportunity for reflection and a burning desire to do better was one of the more positive. An example of this is Cut&Pin, a new Yorkshire based menswear brand launched by Al Baker and Martin Parker, two friends sharing one vision; to create a wardrobe of everyday pieces, using recycled cashmere, jersey and organic cottons – designed and made with integrity at the core.

Having been a part of the industry and witnessing first-hand the impact it was having on the planet, the pair felt the time was right to launch a dedicated menswear brand that married style with responsible sourcing, creating pieces that will stand the test of time. Cut&Pin uses a three-pillared approach in the creation of its collection, which is produced from either deadstock piles (the pieces big manufacturers throw away), recycled materials and organic fabric. This low-waste philosophy is coupled with a particular attitude towards the design process, in which consideration is given to the shape, detail and fabric, ensuring a fad-free wardrobe is created that can be worn time and time again. All supply partners are low-scale, family run businesses that share the ethical Cut&Pin mindset and can make small, exclusive runs. Nothing is ever mass produced.

The debut collection takes its inspiration from, another proud Yorkshireman, David Hockney. It includes oversized ribbed knits, long-line scarfs, rugby-striped cardigans and navy cotton trackpants for a style that is as effortless as it is considered, comfortable and thoroughly timeless. The next drop, timed for the end of February, will consist of utility overshirts, knitted polos, cashmere sweaters and an all-in-one created from linen deadstock. The range will also include chinos and denim.

There’s a strong ‘less is more’ philosophy behind each of the pieces, all of them designed for versatility and the work-from-home, easy weekend culture we were all heading to, but which has seen an acceleration in recent months.

Cut&Pin is the brand for men who want to make conscious decisions about what they wear, buying pieces that support a more sustainable fashion industry. Low impact, seasonless essentials designed to last.

So throw those curtains wide ! – Clearing that MIND CLUTTER

The 12 months has passed in a blink of an eye for many, but during that time we have all experienced an upheaval and a series of new routines to quickly adapt to. From home-schooling, working from home, lack of social contact, worries about the virus and plans cancelled.

During this time, some of us may have had clarity on where they want their focus their time and energy, but many people have felt as though they have been (and are) in a whirlwind. With foggy thinking, lack of focus, sleepless nights, anxiety and stress just some of the wellbeing factors.

But what can we do to help ourselves get ‘back on track’ and get some clarity? Here pharmacist, Sultan Dajani (see above) from shares some of his mind clutter clearing tips

• Me time: It’s an old cliché, but a good one. Remember to make time for yourself, even if it is just a long bath, but even better to get out and do something you love. It will release endorphins which will lower stress levels – and may ignite a new routine

• Sleep Routine: Being out of a routine means sleep is inevitable affected, which is a worry as sleep is the foundation on which we operate. If we have sleepless nights, we experience lower moods, stress, lack of concentration, yet if we’ve had a great night’s sleep, we feel we can take on the world. As hard as it may be stick to a sleep routine, going to bed and waking up at the same time. If you are struggling to sleep, try Dragonfly CBD oil. A few drops of DragonflyCBD as part of your daily sleep routine ticks all the boxes for helping you feel relaxed which also means better quality sleep that we need to fully restore our body and mins. DragonflyCBD oil has been shown to reduce conditioned fear and anxiety and the World Health Organization has recognised that CBD may have the potential to help health issues such as insomnia and anxiety.

• Thinking time: Take some time to yourself just to think about things. Things you would like to achieve, things you would like to change, things that are important to you. Make a list and write them down. Use this as the start of a plan, or use it to remind yourself when you get thrown back into the whirlwind

Connections: Keep connected with people. Have chats either on the phone or in person. As humans we need social contact, as we stray away from these it can be detrimental in terms of mood and stress. It also gives a chance to talk about any worries you may have.

• Relaxation techniques: Though the day and evenings may be busy, taking 5 to 10 minutes out to use a relaxation technique such a meditation can help greatly. Just sitting quietly, taking deep breaths can help reset the day and give you the energy to tackle what lies ahead. Is also good to use this option when the day is getting frazzled. Often 10 minutes out gives a clearer perspective

The Stylish Dad – Parenting 101: Funny Mistakes and Life Hacks from Parents

Becoming a parent and raising a child is no easy task. Not only do kids learn new skills as they grow, but parents do too—especially first-time parents. Although parenting can be stressful, it also creates some of our funniest family memories when we least expected them to happen.

Children have the wildest imaginations, and there is never a dull moment when they verbalise the bizarre and hilarious thoughts that pop into their minds. From the mispronunciation of words to finding their way into mum’s makeup drawer, every day entails some form of humorous mishap.

But what about the mistakes that parents have made? Here, we discuss some of the funniest parenting mishap stories that adults have shared on Twitter, as well as some of the most innovative life hacks.

1. Tired Talks

Parents will know that raising a child often means being able to function on as little as two hours of sleep per night and waking up to do a full day of adulting all over again. For one parent in particular, a lack of sleep had finally caught up to her. She explained:

That’s one baby name you probably won’t find in the book.

2. Hilarious Haircuts

With coronavirus restrictions affecting access to hair salons,some parents have had no choice but to give their kids DIYhaircuts. Not everyone is gifted with a talent for hairstyling, with one parent sharing the below tweet:

Perhaps it’s best to opt for a hair bobble next time instead.

3. Dress-up Disasters

As your kids start school, you’ll be aware of the abundance ofemails and letters you receive. Sometimes, finding the time to read all of them in detail is no easy task. For one parent in particular, the content of the letter seemed to get lost in translation: