Forget Gold your better off investing in Sneakers ! – The holy grail of Sneaker finds

With Michael Jordan’s first-ever Air Jordan sneakers recently selling for $560,000 at auction at Sotheby’s, no less, forget Gold and Oil. The new, young, smart money is on investing in Leather and laces rather than stocks and shares.

Sinking your savings into rare, vintage, desired sneakers is a safer bet to get a return on your investment and today we look at the top ten, kindly advised by KLEKT.


Air Jordan 1 Retro Chicago (1994)

The Air Jordan 1 arises in the Chicago colorway! It was reissued for the first time – back in 1994 – presenting white and Varsity Red colour obstructive on the upper’s premium leather structure. This time however, black accents emerge on the branding and collar giving that minimalist tone, adding perfect style to compliment a minimalist outfit. With a white midsole encapsulating Air, varsity Red on the outsole completes this kick with an essence that is born from a flair of the 90s. Keeping it comfy as usual, but without compromising on style, The Air Jordan 1 is the perfect sneaker for anyone wanting to keep things simple whilst adding a little extra jive to their wardrobe. Don’t hold back on purchasing a pair, now available to buy on KLEKT.



Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Wave Runner’ (2017)

The Dad Jokes won’t end, and neither will the “Dad Shoes”. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘Wave Runner’ make a return with the re-release of one of the best 700’s we’ve seen! After the first release in November 2017, they are back to represent the shift in Kanye’s design. The sneakers features an upper with black and grey suede overlays, premium leather with blue mesh underlays, neon green laces, and the signature Boost midsole. The Yeezy ‘Wave Runner’ re-released in March 2018. Even after the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 line dropped, these 700’s are an OG. If they are not already, they should be a part of any sneakerheads Yeezy collection.

£444 – £15,647


Nike Air Presto Off-White

Nike are back to team up with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White brand to bring us the ‘Air Presto’ which was released as part of ‘The Ten’ collection in November 2017. The sneakers come in the black and white colourway. The collection explores the themes of ‘Revealing’ and ‘Ghosting’, and the Air Presto were part of the ‘Ghosting’ category. The category is identified by the translucent uppers. The sneakers feature a mesh upper with a tonal “Swoosh” logo, the signature Off-White zip tie. Off-White’s iconic quotation mark lettering also appears on the heel reading the word, “AIR”. This exclusive collaborative sneaker from Nike and Virgil is available right here at KLEKT!

£1382 – £2660


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 ‘Turtle Dove’ (2015)

The sneaker is built with a solid turtle dove colour and chunky white sole. The rugged build uses a combo of ballistic mesh, suede and durable in the upper while the outsole is made of a high-traction rubber tread for increased grip on any surface. The sneaker is completed with a pull tab and debossed tongue label and was crowned 2015’s Shoe of the Year at the Footwear News 29th Annual Achievement Awards.

£850 – £3544


Nike x Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1

This Nike and Sean Wotherspoon collaboration was apparently inspired by Sean’s admiration for vintage Nike hats from the ’80s. Eagle-eyed sneakerheads will be able to recognise that the upper is of the Air Max 97, and the sole is of the Air Max 1. It also features a multicolour corduroy upper with frayed edges. This pair dropped on Air Max Day in March 2018 but if you missed this Air Max mash-up than KLEKT has you covered!

£887 – £1512


Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Beluga (2016)

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Beluga’ Sports Kanye West’s famous silhouette. This low top Yeezy Boost 350 features a bright Solar Red Stripe across the Steel Grey/Beluga striped upper with the text ‘YZY SPLY’. The pair is tidied up with a full length Boost cushioning system and a partly translucent Beluga outsole.

£718 – £1403


Nike Air Max 1 OG Anniversary Red (2018 Restock)

The Air Max 1 OG Anniversary ‘Red’ is a recent re-release of the popular 80’s University Red colourway. The design is an obvious classic, with it’s white mesh and grey leather upper, accentuated by the thick, red suede overlay that rounds off the edges and a matching tick. The standard Nike Air icon is present on the ankle and white tongue in stand-out red, giving an overall uniform look. A white midsole with a bar of Air cushioning, as seen. Due to huge success, they were re-released a THIRD time on 21st June 2018.

£312 – £533


Adidas Ultra Boost 1.0 ‘Key City Pack’ White (2015)

A coveted model renowned for its clean design and cushioned support, the 2015 adidas Ultra Boost 1.0 in ‘Key City Pack’ White gained notoriety for its association with future adidas collaborator, Kanye West. A black outsole with Solar Yellow torsion spring and silver lettering on the heel add a touch of colour, highlighting the pristine whiteness of the colourway. Yeezy made headlines for unveiling this all-white design before its release date and sending sneakerheads into a preorder frenzy, thus ensuring its place in the heart of every collector.

£292 – £447


Air Jordan x Off White Nike AJ I 1 Chicago ‘The 10 Ten’ (2017)

Nike’s Jordan Brand partner up with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White label for the first time to bring us the highly anticipated Air Jordan 1 Retro High ‘Chicago’ which were part of ‘The Ten’ collection and originally released in September 2017. The sneakers come a Chicago Bulls-inspired colourway and feature red, white and black colours. They feature an upper crafted from deconstructed leather. The lateral side features a large black “Swoosh” logo, while the medial side features the signature Off-White quotation lettering in black. Additional details include quotation lettering present on the midsole which reads “AIR”, and on the ends of the shoelaces reading, “SHOELACES”. The look is completed with a red outsole. Grab these exclusive Off-White Air Jordan 1s at KLEKT today!

£3347 – £15639


Adidas Superstar White ‘Gold Tongue’ (2016)

Dropping in June 2016, the Adidas Superstar White ‘Gold Tongue’ are the kicks Superman should be wearing. With a black on white colourway running through the leather upper, the sneakers also feature extra cushioning in the innersole, a soft shell toe and gold tongue to complete the star finish.

£94 – £141


The return of Something for the Weekend !!!

Welcome back to the return edition of Something For The Weekend! After a few editions devoted to Something To Watch This Weekend when lockdown restriction’s were at their most stringent, we have resumed normal service with clothing related posts from here on out ! I don’t know about anyone else but if anything, lockdown has been nothing but an enabler in increasing my spending on all things fashion related. Anyway let’s get straight into this weeks fit!


1. AWAKE NY SS20 Classic Embroidered Hoodie 

AWAKE NY, inspired by the early/mid 90’s, was launched in 2012 by ex Supreme Brand Director Angelo Baque and aims to ‘capture the unique cultural spirit and sensibility of New York City’.

Since its relatively small beginnings as a T-Shirt and Hoodie based name, it’s sharply grown in popularity with some impressive collaborations, most notably with its footwear link-ups with sportswear’s ASICS & Reebok. With continued success in its growing network of retailers across the world such as Dover Street Market, Slam Jam and SSENSE. SS20 is truly AWAKE NY’s most impressive collection yet.

To shop the Hoodie hit the image below :

To check out the rest of the collection :

2. H&M CONSCIOUS Cotton Joggers

Fast fashion giant H&M has continued to develop its conscious range little by little. The product offering is slowly but surely becoming more diverse for both men and women. These black slim fit joggers made from a combination recycled polyester, organic cotton and viscous don’t  compromise on H&M’s price or style but do reduce the impact on the environment from the conventional product construct.

Whilst CONSCIOUS is still a long way off where we’d like to see all fashion products be. It’s definitely a good place to start if your looking to begin buying more sustainably.

3. Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy 2.0″ Split-Style

Released originally in 2015 as the Air Max 95 “Greedy” 1.0 — now dubbed the “What The Air Max” — this Greedy 2.0 is the sequel to that 2015 shoe. This seemingly mis-matched pair of Air Max 95’s is in-fact a carefully selected combination of iconic 95 colourway’s from over the years.

Nike has a habit of mashing a silhouette’s most iconic colour ways together into one cluster-ball of a sneaker, capitulating tunnels of hype into two individual shoe’s packaged as one. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Personally I think this particular “What The” model is pretty good! But i’ll let you guys and girls be the judge of that!

To shop the Greedy two-point-o’s hit the image below:

Thanks for reading another week of Something For The Weekend, Stay safe everyone! Until next time

Scents Make the Man – Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Have you ever smelled someone and been instantly transported back in time to a  younger you? Vividly reminding you of an ex, a parent, or even a destination.

Research has found our sense of smell as being more powerful than the others. Scents have the ability to influence human behavior and trigger emotions and memories instantaneously. When combined with other marketing tactics, a smell can amplify your business experience and help establish a lasting connection with customers.

Today we are starting a new grooming post where we focus on key, distinct and classic fragrances that have had a real impact on  both Men and the world of Men’s Style.

To kick processing off we look back on what has to be one of not the all time classics in Men’s Fragrances. KOUROS by Yves Saint Laurent.

Kouros Cologne was launched by the French luxury powerhouse, Yves Saint Laurent, In 1981 and it embodies everything about that time. KOUROS, inspired by the gods of ancient Greece, is a men’s fragrance that embodies strength, triumphant masculinity and a conquering spirit, many of the qualities associated with successful men at this time. It is a heady scent, which turns heads and demands attention when someone wearing it walks into a room and equally leaves a presence when they leave.

The resounding note of Coriander is enhanced by the energy of Bergamot and the virile power of Artemisia. The sensual Clove and floral notes of Jasmine then warm this complex and vibrant essence before Ambregris and Oakmoss complete the perfection of the trail. A divine and conquering spicy chypre fragrance with a powerful and intense trail

Pierre Bourdon is the nose who worked on this classic cologne. Before he began his career in perfumery, he received a degree in political science. And other iconic fragrances Bourdon devised include Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, CoolWater by Davidoff and Sun by Jil Sander.

The equally iconic Bottle and Packaging was designed by Alain de Mourgues. The inspiration for the bottle was based on Greek Architecture and other Fragrance packaging he created include Armani Eau pour Homme, for Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace, for the renowned Italian fashion house.

Later, in the evolution of this scent it was joined by Kouros Body & Kouros Silver.

Why tech is our best friend during lockdown

Words by Ritam Gandhi, CEO and Founder, Studio Graphene

Rarely, if ever, have people spent so long within the remit of their own home. As daily freedoms remain curtailed in the battle to contain the spread of COVID-19, we have been forced to adapt our daily lives to this temporary new reality.

Social creatures at heart, for many people this transition has been challenging. Feeling productive and engaged during this time is paramount – not only to enable you to keep a healthy work-life balance, but also to maintain close relationships with your loved ones and protect your mental health.

As in many situations, technology has been a blessing in disguise, allowing us to continue our lives (almost) as normal throughout the continued period of social distancing. Below are just a few ways you can utilise technology to stay positive in lockdown…

Don’t isolate in isolation

Technology’s greatest strength is its innate ability to break down geographical barriers. And as people around the world experience lockdown in one form or another, there has never been a better time to test its ability to help keep us close to our loved ones.

You might be across the world from your friends and family, or you might be living just down the street – but for the first time, we are all in a position where we’re unable to keep in contact as we normally would. But this doesn’t mean we should shut ourselves off from the world; indeed, popular applications can invigorate social interactions and bring a fun new element to the table.

Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp are hardly new innovations – yet they have never been relied on as heavily as they are today. Newer to the mix are software solutions like Zoom and Houseparty, which have facilitated the rise of curious new phenomenon; pub quizzes, dinner dates, study sessions, and even birthday parties have gone digital as people seek ways to reinvent old habits. Formerly casual catch-ups are now done through the medium of online games and interactive activities.

Social connections are important in times like these, and we should be thankful that technology keeps our channels of communication open. You might find that you’re actually engaging with your loved ones more than usual, which can build a sense of real-life community from within our screens.


Healthy body, healthy mind

If your normal routine before lockdown involved a healthy dose of exercise, you may have struggled to get used to the transition to a largely housebound lifestyle. Especially for those working from home, it can be difficult to find the time – and indeed the motivation – to stay fit.

With their customers staying indoors, our favourite gyms and exercise studios have had to rethink the ways they can deliver their services. This has opened up a new world of online classes as people continue to share their knowledge throughthe medium of the internet. Livestreamed sessions have soared in popularity, bringing these spaces right into people’s homes and fostering a new sense of community among fellow fitness fanatics.

If this doesn’t strike a chord with you, personal training apps are readily available for those keen to integrate exercise into their day, while platforms like Flo enable people at all levels to engage in at-home yoga sessions. If you prefer to take your exercise outside, there are apps for you too! The rise of social media challenges like Run for Heroes has inspired a new wave of runners, with many using fitness applications like Strava to monitor their performance and share their achievements with their friends.

Whatever your preferences, exercise and activities in any shape or form can do wonders in helping to transform our mood; and technology can bring these well within our reach.

Pick up a new skill – or kick a bad habit

While there is no pressure to upskill during the lockdown, there is also no better opportunity to get around to any tasks you’ve been putting off. Whatever hobby or skill you’ve wanted to pick up, you can almost certainly learn it from the comfort of your own home.

Learning a new language, for instance, is firmly within everyone’s grasp thanks to platforms like Duolingo and Babbel. Keen to widen your horizons and enrol in a university course? Websites like Coursera are offering virtual classes from world-class universities like Harvard – and all for free! If, instead, you want to brush up on your cooking or pick up a new instrument, you’ll find no shortage of online tutorials to help you reach your goals.

On the flipside, there might be habits that you’ve been trying to give up for a while but haven’t had the motivation to overcome. Now might be an opportune time to work on kicking old habits for good.

Traditional journals can be used to track daily progress – whether it’s giving up smoking or spending too much time on your phone – but high-visibility habit tracker apps can help give you the boost you need to stay on track. A common feature across these platforms is the ability to set regular targets; and, backed by behavioural economic theories, platforms like StickK even allow you to assign a friend or family member to check in on you to see that you’re sticking to your goals.

We are soon realising that things we previously thought were reserved for face-to-face interactions can actually be done just as easily – if not more effectively – through digital means. And while there is such a thing as too much internet (remember to switch off every so often!), it’s been refreshing to see how technology has helped people stay positive and inspired through these hard times.

Ritam worked as a consultant for a decade for the likes of Accenture and Bank of America Merrill Lynch before, in 2014, going on to found Studio Graphene – a firm that specialises in developing amazing blank canvas tech products. Working with many startups alongside innovation teams in more established companies, the London-based agency plans, designs and builds astounding tech products for its clients. What’s more, Ritam and the team also use their experience and expertise to help leaders grow their business from ideation, to launch and beyond.

Short back and sides ? MANSCAPED keeping you smart all over

For years ladies have been maintaining and caring for the upkeep of their nether regions and in recent years this has been a trend adopted by an increasing number of gentlemen. The idea of being free and letting your private areas reflect this laissez-faire approach is fast becoming less and less popular amongst the male, well groomed, of the species.

Now such brands do experience serendipitous elements when they launch and MANSCAPED are very much one such brand. With The Arrival Of Leading U.S. Premier Below-The-Waist Male Hygiene Brand, MANSCAPED, have launched in The United Kingdom.

“British men pride themselves on being very refined, and rightly so. They are highly invested in fashion and grooming – and are certainly not new to manscaping,” claimed Katy Hopwood, MANSCAPED’s chief financial officer, who was born and raised in the UK. “The massive volume of blokes who already manscape, coupled with their discerning taste in grooming products, makes this launch extremely exciting for us.”

MANSCAPED offers a full line of premium products that have become part of a daily ritual of more than 1,000,000 consumers in the U.S., plus thousands more in the company’s two new key markets, Australia and Canada. The intelligently designed product range includes precision-engineered tools, unique formulations and accessories that ensure an effective and hygienic manscaping routine.

“85% of women prefer men who manscape, and British women have a big voice,” added Katy. “They feel that if they are taking care of themselves down there, the men should, too,” Needless to say, all genders and walks of life across the UK will resonate with MANSCAPED’s notion of Refining the Gentleman and the brand’s commitment to providing the great products available on the market.

MANSCAPED offers a one- stop-shop online at This platform allows consumers to purchase a range of packages and hygiene plans, get limited time offers, and even learn trimming tips and tricks on the highly educational and entertaining blog, The Man Cave.

Founded in 2017, San Diego, California-based MANSCAPED is the only brand dedicated to men’s grooming and hygiene below-the-waist. The product range includes top-of-the-line precision- engineered tools, unique formulations and accessories to ensure a simple and effective manscaping routine. With direct-to-consumer shipping in the U.S., UK, Australia and Canada, as well as in-store options across the U.S., MANSCAPED is a one-stop shopping destination for men looking for a brand that is focused on the needs of what has, for too long, been a sensitive and often taboo subject.