Cruzin into Summer – Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skateboards has been an industry-leading manufacturer of board sports lifestyle products for over 40 years. Established in 1973, Santa Cruz defined a generation with eye-popping graphics and innovative products that continue to resonate with tastemakers, professional riders and younger generations. With some of their graphics being some of the most iconic in skateboard history. Santa Cruz is a mecca for skate and surf culture.

So therefore, Santa Cruz Skateboards launches a Spring 22 collection that honours its skateboarding heritage. Santa Cruz Skateboards has been at the forefront of skateboarding style and skate-inspired style since its inception. The menswear collection extends an almost 50 year legacy of taking striking graphics and overtly eye-catching designs and transcending from its home in the skate scene onto the wider style world for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you skate, want to skate or just like the style and have no intention of getting on a board, Santa Cruz’s staple, Classic, Organics, SCB and Speed Wheels capsules will bring the inspiration and options.

Alongside familiar styles and favourites like the ‘Classic Dot’, which first emerged in 1978 and various rebirths of Jim Phillips’ now-legendary Screaming Hand graphic, timeless styles and cuts are reinvented by introducing new graphics and colourways that create memorable clashes.

Highlights in the collection include the Unite Hidden Hand jacket and its screaming hand-printed twill, which take a clean-cut style and give it that unmistakable Santa Cruz touch. The toned-down retro colour blocking on the Castle Rock Jacket and Ridge Vest is right on trend with a utility styling.

Short sleeve Cuban collar style shirts come back in strong with an electric pink Broken Dot shirt, and from the Organics capsule, the Cabana Shirt with a tropical leaf/screaming hand graphic fusion. The standout has to be the Advertising shirt which has dived into the archive of the Speed Wheels capsule for inspiration. This capsule specifically celebrates the golden era of the Jim Phillips Studio and Santa Cruz Speed Wheels from 1985-1991

On the flip side of these eye-catchers are wardrobe must-haves like the Classic Work Pants and the baggy oversized Local Pant, available in various colours, which when worn casually or dressed up are obvious spring picks. T-shirts are abundant, from the Classic Label and Classic Dot to various new logo reworkings.

Santa Cruz’s boardshorts and swimshorts take centre stage when temperatures start rising. From the subtle Classic Dot Swimshorts to the in-your-face Camo screaming hand boardshort, those pool days are looking good.Not forgetting the accessories – reversible bucket hats, tote bags, socks, sunglasses, caps and backpacks. Consider all of your festival needs covered.

But come on, it’s the UK and once those April showers hit, turn your eye to the fully equipped Reign jacket, with its waterproof and ripstop fabrics; if “when” you get caught out, you’re protected without looking like you’re heading to the alps.

Metaverse to Social Media, 5 Expert Tips to Keep Your Child Safe Online

(image by Thom)
Research has shown that over 80% of children (aged 12-15) may have been subjected to harmful experiences online, which has led to heightened searches for ‘cyber safety’ (20.5K) and ‘cyber security’ (451.9K), according to Google trend data.

Child game platforms such as Roblox have amassed over 47 million daily active users globally and are moving towards metaverse technology. With increasing concern over child safety in the metaverse  and social media usage, experts at OnBuy Smart Watches spoke exclusively to cyber security expert James Bore, who has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has provided  professional advice for keeping children safe online. 

To accompany James’s advice, in-house experts at OnBuy Smart Watches also manually trawled through internet safety threads across major parenting forums, such as Mumsnet , Netmums, and MadeforMums, to compile a uniquely collated list of cyber security threats and top tips directly from parents as to how they can protect their children online.

Expert Comments from Chartered Security Expert, James Bore: 

(Image by John Schnobrich)

1. Open Dialogue

Ensuring that children are aware and encouraged to talk about anything that they’re unsure about. This means creating a safe space where your child won’t feel judged or worried about being told off for anything that happens. It is far too often that when people do prey on children online, they use the idea that adults in the child’s life will be angry at them, and that things are their fault. The difference it can make when they can have clear, honest communications with parents or guardians is huge, and is arguably the biggest step towards online safety.

(Image by FLY:D)

2. Explanation of safety and censorship tools.

Allowing your child (particularly older children) to understand why certain rules are in place and what they do. Children are inventive, and most parental control tools can be worked around by any child with a sense of curiosity and a desire to push boundaries.

Other key questions and conversations for parents to ask and discuss include:

  • What social media applications do they use, if any? Do they have any games with social media functions or chat?
  • Make sure they understand privacy settings, and go through them with them.
  • Make sure they understand that people lie, and they should not meet anyone they only know online.
  • Do they understand about online harassment and bullying, how to recognise if they’re targeting someone, or being targeted, and what to do about it?
  • Do they play any games which allow in-game purchases, and do you have control over their ability to spend

OnBuy Smart Watches scraped online parenting forums to reveal 5 key ways parents can protect their children online easily

(Image by Bram Naus) 

1. Explicit websites

Search engines for kids and filtering programmes can be effective in allowing parents to control what sites children can see. Netmums recommends Net Nanny –  which  monitors online content, limits screen time and filters sites to protect your children. OnBuy Smart Watches discovered that parents also recommended the following search engines for kids – Aj Kids and Kids Search, whilst users on Mumsnet suggest censoring thread titles on the forum (keep Mumsnet forum names PG) so that children are not exposed to explicit words if they happen to look over at the computer screen. 

2. Inappropriate instructional websites

Netmums refers to ‘inappropriate instructional websites’ as sites that promote step-by-step instructions for inappropriate topics such as concealing anorexia or taking drugs. These can be accessed through other genuinely useful instructional sites, and so run the risk of being taken seriously by children. 

OnBuy Smart Watches found advice on all of the reviewed parenting  forums pointing towards blocking inappropriate websites, or downloading software that prevents pop-ups and inappropriate instructional sites from popping up. 

(Images by John Schnobrich)

3. Chat room safety

Mumsnet users suggest bans on ‘Whatsapp’ and social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter are all rated 13+) for younger children. However, parents are aware that there may be other chat room apps so suggest daily monitoring of your child’s phone. Regular checks can ensure that your children are staying safe on chat rooms and that nothing goes unmissed. 

Other users on the forum also suggest locking or removing the device overnight, so that your child gets adequate sleep and isn’t exposed to unsolicited and unmonitored messages when unaccompanied.  

4. Cyberbullying

According to the Anti-Bullying Alliance – one in five schoolchildren in the UK has been a victim of some form of online abuse.

Netmums highlight the importance of open communication with your child, in a bid to quickly identify when bullying might be taking place. Parents also suggest teaching your kids techniques for dealing with cyberbullies, such as muting chats and reporting bullies on social media. If your child is a victim of cyberbullying from their peers, Mumsnet advises getting their school involved. This will escalate the situation and send a clear message to the bullies that their behaviour is unacceptable. It will also make your child feel more supported and safer in the school environment.

(image by John Schnobrich)

5. Phishing

Mumsnet users advise to send any incidents of online phishing to: as soon as it’s spotted. Other advice includes either ignoring phishing emails/messages or changing your settings so that mail from that scam address goes straight to the deleted folder.

Painting the town Red to celebrate Montblanc Legend Red

 Synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and design, Montblanc has been pushing the boundaries of innovation ever since the Maison first revolutionized the culture of writing in 1906. Ingenuity and imagination continue to be driving forces for the House today as it advances its expression of fine craftsmanship across product categories.

One of which, the famous Montblanc Legend fragrance goes red as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary and now ow, the Montblanc Legend fragrance returns in a new iteration, bolder and more determined than ever.

There is no colour more intense than red. Visually striking and always captivating. Bold and eye-catching, confidence, resilience and strong, red is also part of Montblanc’s heritage, appearing in the design of the legendary “Rouge et Noir” fountain pen, one of Montblanc’s earliest writing innovations in 1906. Endless source of inspiration, it has since become a signature Montblanc colour carried down through the years, across collections from writing instruments to leather goods, and now fragrance with the introduction of Montblanc Legend Red.


Red symbolizes so many diverging emotions and traits. It’s this ambiguity that makes the colour so fascinating, and the inspiration for a fragrance expertly crafted by perfumers Anne Flipo and Nicolas Beaulieu that captures all its complexity and masculine intensity. The red sensation starts with the juicy freshness of Blood Orange and zesty Grapefruit blended with the spicy contrast of Cardamom.  The encounter between Clary Sage, Cedarwood and Juniper Berry dresses the citrussy freshness with aromatic facets, while the magnetic combination of Mahogany, Atlas Cedarwood and a touch of Tonka Bean add a creamy sensuality to Legend Red. A charismatic woody fragrance, fresh yet intense, bold yet sensitive, the olfactory experience evokes the thrill of speed and makes the heart beat a little faster. For the creation of the fragrance the Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Tonka Beans are ingredients sourced from LMR, a company that works with local producers around the world to source pure, natural and sustainable ingredients with a strict ethos of complete transparency, and supporting environmental management, sustainable development and local communities. In addition, the fragrance itself does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is formulated with naturally derived alcohol.

I got Ninety nine problems but Basics ain’t one – Ninety Percent Menswear

Ninety Percent, a London-based sustainable womens and Menswear label that shares 90% of their profits. Creating a pioneering business model, to try and approach the fashion industry differently.

Way back in 1988, the co-founders Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan met and a bond was formed over John Lennon, David Attenborough, world music, disappearing tribes and craftsmen, and the virtues of organic food, amongst other things. Back then, and somewhat ahead of her time, Para said to Shafiq, “Planet comes first”, and it’s this ethos that has powered their business partnership and friendship for 30 years in the garment industry – culminating in the creation of an industry-leading garment manufacturing facility in Bangladesh that puts planet and people before profit.

Launched then in 2018, Ninety Percent was born out of a revolutionary caring spirit with a model that is based on sharing and 360-degree empowerment. They share 90% of their distributed profits between charitable causes and those who make their collection happen. Then they invite you to vote for your chosen cause using the unique code found in their garment’s care label.

At Ninety Percent, they do pared back, luxury basics to elevate the everyday. Well-cut organic cotton sweats, detail-driven jersey staples and comfortable tops crafted from soft TENCEL. These are clothes built to last, and love. They don’t believe in short-lived trends and hope that once you have finished with your Ninety Percent garment you’ll pass it on for somebody else to love, too.

Whilst the brand has previously been available for purchase on Mr Porter, Ninety Percent’s collection ofresponsibly made, timeless essentials will be sold for the very first time directly at perfectly-cut T-shirts to the comfiest organic cotton hoodies in neutral colourways, this collection brings premium quality staples to form a capsule wardrobe of everyday pieces, that are the perfect choice for you, and the planet.

“We created a concept that is all about making maximum change with our profits, where our customers know they are being a part of a revolution in the way businesses are run. Why not change and find a new version of capitalism – our version? We’re trying a crazy idea and seeing if it connects with people.”

Shafiq Hassan, Co-founder

Make It Yours: The Mountain Bike Customisation Guide

As a mountain biker, your bike is incredibly precious to you. It helps you tackle the unbeaten track, take your skills and tricks to the next level, and is also a part of your biker identity. As an integral part of your evolution as a cyclist, it feels very personal to you.

Off-the-shelf mountain bikes are designed to elevate your performance and support you on your biking journey. But as you cycle along the unbeaten track, you start paying more attention to the details. Perhaps you feel like a different type of geometry would better suit your build, or you would like a certain set of gear-change and braking componentry.

Whatever the reason is, there are a number of ways you can customise your mountain bike to best suit you.

Why are people customising their bikes?

As the weather starts to warm up around March, bikers start riding the customisation wagon with full force up until October. The autumn and winter months are a bit quieter in the customisation realms, along with the bike rides.

Intriguingly, the spring/summer of 2020, which coincided with the start of the pandemic, saw the biggest boom in Google search volumes for “bike customisation”. While in 2019 the highest search volumes were 2,900 searches in July, September, and October, in May and June 2020, Google search volumes reached a whooping 3,600 searches.

Currently, we’re getting ready to tackle the off-the-road trails, so it’s the perfect time to start thinking about customising your mountain bike. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or an enthusiast, you probably already have a good understanding of the functions and parts of your bike, as well as your cycling goals.

With that in mind, customising your bike can help you elevate your riding style, boost your performance, and make you feel like a cycling superstar. Here is what to consider when giving your old mountain bike a revamp or designing a new one.

Bike frame

Generally, mountain bikes have smaller, sturdy frames, complemented by wider tyres. This structure allows it to tackle muddy trails, rocks, debris, and even jumps and climb.

Low-end bikes usually feature a high-tensile steel or aluminium frame, while intermediate to high-end mountain bikes feature Chromoly steel, titanium, or carbon fibre frame.

Nevertheless, you can play around with the bike frame and change it up by having a custom paint job and applying a different bike frame material.

For example, you can repaint your whole bike to reflect your favourite colours or add a splash of colour or two to some of its components, such as the bike frame or the handlers. A custom paint job can do wonders in terms of personalising your bike, and you can turn to a graffiti artist, for example, to add their artistic magic to your bike.

Moreover, off-the-shelf bikes usually come with clear-coated bike decals, which you can easily remove and apply new ones to your liking. You can even design your custom vinyl decals! They not only add a personal flair to your bike but also protect the frame from scratches. Alternatively, you can fully remove all (or some of) the decals for a cleaner, more simplistic look.

Bike-building expert Gustav Gullholm (aka Dangerholm)advises:

Try not to have more than three different colours on your bike. For example, if you have a black frame, you can add some white and red details (e.g. decals and components). But as soon as you add a fourth or fifth colour, it all becomes messy-looking. I’m not saying that it can’t work but that it rarely does. Keep it simple.”

Suspension is really important when it comes to mountain bikes, and everyone’s preferences differ, but, thankfully, most modern-day suspension systems have adjustable settings.

You can choose whether you want a hardtail or full suspension bike. A hardtail mountain bike is one that only has front suspension, also referred to as a suspension fork. The suspension fork is essential as it helps with control and comfort. A full-suspension bike has both a suspension fork and a rear suspension. The latter adds more weight and most competitive riders swear by it.

Wheel size

While 26-inch wheels used to be the standard for mountain bikes, nowadays ‘the bigger the better’ seems to be the wheels mantra. The 26-inch wheels can still be found on jump bikes, junior bikes, and extra-small mountain bikes.

Then the 29-inch wheels were introduced. They offer lower rolling resistance and increased grip, which makes them ideal for hardtails. Nevertheless, the additional weight rotationalinertial meant that they weren’t a perfect fit for full-suspension and downhill racing mountain bikes.

That’s why the 27.5-inch wheels were introduced, as they’re much lighter than the 29-inch ones yet have better grip and lower rolling resistance than the 26-inch wheels.

Depending on the purpose of your mountain bike, you can experiment with different wheel sizes to see which works best for you.

Mountain bike pedals

Stock pedals aren’t included with mountain bikes, which provides you with a great opportunity to choose your own.

According to Bike Radar, “What’s right for you will depend on where you ride and how you ride, but the first decision you need to make is whether you want flats or clipless”.

Flat pedals are literally a platform for your foot. They’re double-sided and usually have strategically placed pins to provide you with some extra grip.

Clipless pedals, or also called SPD pedals, on the other hand, “are a bit of a misnomer since they clip onto special cleats mounted on the soles of your shoes”, says Bike Radar. They’re also double-sided and are preferred by some bikers because they provide a sense of stability and pedalling efficiency due to the connection with the bike.You not only have a choice in terms of which type of bike pedals to choose but also which colour. Let your creative side flow and decide if you want to match your pedals’ colour with the handlebars, for example, or a different component.

Brighten your bike

You don’t have to spend a fortune on customising your bike with fancy components to make it uniquely yours. Whether you prefer a sleeker style or would like to be adventurous in your design choices, there is an array of exciting and affordable customisation hacks.

Bike stickers are also a great way to customise your bike and show your loyalties to a particular bike crew.

You will likely spend a good amount of time looking at your stem when going uphill on your mountain bike. Brighten your view by adding funky patterned stem caps with images or slogans. Did you know that you can even get a bike cap with a clock fitted into it?

The handlebars also provide an opportunity to brighten up your bike. They usually come in plain black, but you can add any colour or pattern through grips, bar tape, or hood covers.

There is a whole range of both model-incorporated and aftermarket customisations you can consider. From wheel size and bike breaks to gadgets and colours, the playground is yours to explore.