Sundried – A sportswear brand with a conscience

Sundried is a rapidly growing British activewear brand offering everything the modern consumer wants and needs: professional quality performance wear at affordable prices with an ethical conscience. Consumers are now putting immense pressure on retailers as the world wakes up to the global plastic pollution crisis and the devastating effects of climate change. Only brands who align with consumer values will continue to thrive in the modern marketplace. The ethical market is now worth over £83.33bn and the average household spent £1,238 on ethical goods in 2017. 

Sundried is proud to offer two activewear collections made from sustainable materials – recycled plastic bottles and recycled coffee grounds – as well as a range of fitness t-shirts made from biodegradable polyester. The pioneering Eco Tech technology combines impressive performance qualities – such as moisture transport, UV protection and anti-odour – with ethical production to deliver an unrivalled product for anyone who demands more from their fitness clothing. 

On top of the professional quality of the clothing, Sundried promises to keep prices affordable for everyone from the everyday exerciser to up-and-coming Age Group athletes and aspirational professionals so that sport and fitness can be accessible to all, regardless of class, background, or financial status. Sundried® aims to remove all possible barriers from sport in order to encourage more of the population to get active and give young athletes a chance to shine on the global stage. The key sports in which Sundried specialises – cycling and triathlon – can be seen as unattainable for some due to the high prices of the technical kit, but Sundried is changing the game and proving that anyone can excel in these sports given the opportunity.

Founder and CEO of Sundried, Daniel Puddick, is a triathlete, father, and entrepreneur whose original mission was to create a brand his children would be proud to be associated with in years to come. “I’m excited about what the future holds for Sundried and continuing to deliver on our promise to keep our activewear of the highest quality, made sustainably, and affordable for all.”


Just in case it had slipped your mind, Mother’s Day is this Sunday coming and often it is idealised to be a lovely day filled with positive vibes, love, and quality family time. In reality, it doesn’t look like that for everyone. Many people have rocky relationships with their mums, meaning this special day usually ends in disaster or isn’t celebrated at all.

The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring is the leading accreditation body for professional coaches. Today, IAPC&M accredited coach, Sharon Kandiah shares her 5 tips for surviving Mother’s Day (if you have a a high maintenance mum):

1. Set the scene – simply send your love via telephone instead of visiting. However, if you are visiting in person, be up front about how long you’ll be staying (and stick to your boundaries). If mum is unpleasant in any way, have the courage to leave early – you do not need to put up with her. You may love them, but you don’t need to like her!

2. Focus on the positives – take this opportunity to practice gratitude, forgiveness and love by telling your mum what you’re grateful for, what you forgive them for, and end by telling them what you love about them – regardless of your other issues. Bringing up old dramas will only make the situation awkward and lead to negative feelings.

3. Be authentic – sometimes things do not go the way you hoped they would. For instance, if your intended message / thought / action was not received in the way you hoped. Remain true to yourself and value your intention, knowing that how the other person reacted is not your problem.

4. Acceptance – accept that your mum is only human and has made mistakes – we all have. Even the most difficult of relationships can be accepted for what they are with a bit of patience. Love and acceptance are the kindest feelings for both you and your mum.

5. Take charge of your life – remember, we are responsible for our own choices in life. And sometimes this means we have to let go when it is negatively affecting our lives. Don’t let your mum’s problems become yours and don’t feel responsible for her actions. Instead, be there for your mum, without taking on her baggage, knowing you can only do your best for her.

(DISCLAIMER– I had the best Mum and have the best Mother in Law in the world, just for the record) 

How sleep can help strengthen your immune system

As it is Sleep Awareness Week and what is currently going on in the world at the moment, now is good time to explain why 8 hours sleep supports a strong immune system and helps with your general wellbeing.

During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines, some of which help promote sleep. Certain cytokines need to increase when you have an infection or inflammation, or when you’re under stress. So sleep deprivation may decrease production of these protective cytokines and In addition, infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced during periods when you don’t get enough sleep.

We all know the value of a good night’s sleep, but few of us know that the financial cost of a bad night’s sleep could be as much as £46.80 every day.

The figures were put together by online bedding and bathware retailer, Soak&Sleep, following a survey of Brits which showed:

– 72% of people surveyed said they were more likely to fall into bad habits after a bad night’s sleep, including skipping the gym, snacking, buying tea and coffee and ordering takeaways.

The spend was even higher if you factored in other costs like taking the bus or train instead of walking, buying energy drinks, purchasing headache tablets, sleeping tablets or sleeping aids such as meditation apps and pillow sprays. 

Commenting on the findings, Soak&Sleep CEO Sarah Smith said:

We know that people are far less likely to be able to function at their peak after a bad night’s sleep but we were surprised at how quickly the cost of that could add up. Fortunately, the UK is becoming much savvier about sleep and we are also seeing that in purchasing patterns amongst our customers, who are investing in products that can aid better sleep such as breathable fabrics for temperature regulation at night or the right mattress for their body type. These seem like worthwhile investments in sleep compared to the money people waste every day they sleep badly.”

Now as some of you may or may not know, something called Botanicals, which are naturally-occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots and flowers of plants. They have been revered for thousands of years for their health benefits. These botanical components are the base of all essential oils, supplements, teas and other products.

Whether it’s the sedative high altitude Himalayan Lavender, the tenderness from Provencal Lavender and supporting Lavender from the Cornish Coast, genuinely support your sleep.

Lisa Artis, Head of The Sleep Council added:

“We believe sleep should be recognised as the third pillar of good health alongside diet and exercise, and this study by Soak&Sleep shows how closely the three are interlinked. People are more aware than ever of the benefits of sleep and today, on World Sleep Day, we will be specifically promoting how essential a good night’s rest is to a healthy lifestyle and boosting your quality of life.“


Something for the Weekend

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

Kicking off this weeks edition of Something For The Weekend is a lovely knitwear piece from easily my favourite brand and one the hottest out right now
Aimé Leon Dore.

Aimé Leon Dore Ribbed Raglan Sweater 

Taking aesthetic cues from 80s and 90s, the brand feels much older than its 2014 birth day suggest’s. In a good way. Its recent collaborations are a testament to how successful their brand is at sparking feelings of nostalgia in us.

The brands most notable link up with sports car king Porsche was truly beautiful. Ill let the video do the talkingLink to Sweater and even more appetising video of a vintage 1990 Porsche going sideways through the snow.

Aimé Leon Dore x Porsche :

Carharrt WIP Single Knee Pant 

Big painter and decorator vibes! Theses pants from the kings of workwear, whilst white, are constructed in a way to be able to take a battering. These are easily coupled  with with either loafers, boots or sneakers.

To shop the pants hit the image below

Nike Blazer Mid ’77 

This very sneaker helped lay the foundations for the subsequent Nike sneakers which changed the course of sneaker culture forever. Before the Dunk High or Jordan 1, there was the Blazer.

Bringing it back almost to the beginning, with the first Blazer being released in 1973, this 77 is as close as it gets to the original iteration. Simpler times in the 70s in terms of design has allowed this sneaker to travel through time as a fashion staple. Used in smart/casual and street fits.

Link to the Blazer below:

A View to a kill print 

In the wake of the news that the new Bond film has been pushed back until November, its out with the new and in with the old.

This print from Roger Moores last bond film A View To A Killis one of the best on the 007 web-store and whilst the film wasnt all that great, the Duran Duran theme tune and movie poster surely make up for it.

To shop the poster:

Need a little Sun in your Life – Armor Lux

Iconic French brand Armor Lux is known for making high-quality, long-lasting, traditional garments. Whether it’s a rugged workwear jacket made for the young bohemian sailors of the French Riviera, or one of the brand’s popular smocks worn as much on the streets of Paris, as it is on terraces across the continent, their clothes are seen globally in all walks of life. But that’s not all if you visit their website or have the pleasure to visit one of their many stores you will be invited to partake in celebrating the Armor Lux lifestyle in Mens, womens, kids, homeware and Grocery sections!!!

For SS20 it’s no different. They’ve unveiled their next collection that will put some colour into this typically grey weather. Taking some of their most classic and iconic pieces, Armor Lux has given their entire collection a summer-ready makeover, playing and using a variety of pastel colourways throughout.

Classic garments like the Breton Tee, Fisherman Chore Jacket, Logo Crew Sweat, Heritage Crew Knit, Cable Knit Jumper and the humble Rugby Shirt have all undergone a seasonal makeover.

While we are still in the midst of Winter ‘19 and the sun does seem some way away, why not think ahead to the warmer climates and begin planning out your summer rig in plenty of time?

The Breton Pride Shirt is designed and produced in Brittany, France by Armor Lux. A vintage Breton Shirt was featured in MoMA’s exhibition Items: Is Fashion Monitor? Originally developed to increase sailor’s visibility, this 21st-century version shows up for gay rights.

in 1938 The Bonneterie d’Armor was founded in Quimper from the desire of one man: Walter Hubacher. At the age of 31, this Swiss man of Alemannic origin made the bet to create and produce high-quality underwear under the Armor Lux brand name. in 1982 Armor Lux continued to develop and launched a network of stores. in 1997 The Bonneterie d’Armor was taken over by two Breton industrialists who wanted to perpetuate the business of the company in Quimper: Jean-Guy Le Floch and Michel Gueguen.  in 2007 The French railway company SNCF entrusted Armor Lux with manufacturing its controllers’ new outfits and in 2014 SNCF and GEOPOST choose Armor-Lux to entrusted Armor Lux with manufacturing its employees’ new outfits.