None of us are getting any younger and we could all do with a little help – NEW NIVEA MEN ANTI-AGE HYALURON RANGE

Did you know today is National Men’s Grooming day, I kid you not ! Now we all could do with a little helping hand, whether it’s dark circles, greasy skin, problematic spots, dry skin, sensitive skin, even sun burn. The newNIVEA MEN Anti-Age Hyaluron range is formulated with powerful cell-activating Hyaluron to combat fine lines whilst reviving and rejuvenating tired-looking skin – in just two weeks!

This formula quickly absorbs into the skin, adding intensive hydration without leaving skin feeling oily or greasy to the touch. What’s more, this special ingredient promotes cell renewal, stimulates deeper skin layers, and replenishes the moisture reserves.

The range comprises three different products including two facial moisturisers available in a cream or gel formula, to suit a variety of skin types and needs, alongside an eye cream.

NIVEA MEN Anti-Age Hyaluron Face Moisturising cream with SPF15: This multi-tasking hero product with SPF15 instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling deeply nourished whilst adding additional protection against sun damage

NIVEA MEN Anti-Age Hyaluron Face Moisturising Gel: This fast-absorbing product coupled with a non-greasy formula instantly hydrates and revitalises skin

 NIVEA MEN Anti-Age Hyaluron Eye Cream: With a high concentration of Hyaluron this eye cream visibly reduces deeper wrinkles and signs of fatigue

DPUS share their top picks of the Top T-shirts for Summer

We all LOVE a bargain and you can shop the for the latest designer goods at DPUS Outlet. Always heavily discounted they are an outlet concept providing the best in Mens & Womens designer brands.

Founded in 2008, DPUS is a high-end fashion outlet store located in London’s Brick Lane – and offers an online offering. The store has expanded over the years, widening their range of great pieces.

C.P. Company vintage logo crew neck t-shirt features a logo from the archives. Crafted from malfile in a jersey colour technique to give a distressed finish. Completed with chest pocket underneath CP logo.  


This is a little say what you see, no more words needed. Classic black t-shirt from Burberry. Printed logo on the front. Regular fit.  


Short sleeve cotton t-shirt with the Pirate Bear graphic on the front and Palm Angels logo across back of shoulders. Crewneck. Regular fit.  

OFF-WHITE t-shirt in a black cotton. Large embroidered floral marker on the back, whilst at the front is a small OFF-WHITE logo embroidered with flowers.  

The iconic KENZO Tiger takes on a stand out look thanks to the shading on this design.

Human Made by Adidas – Adidas Originals and Human Made

Adidas Originals and NIGO’s Human Made continue their ongoing partnership into Autumn21.

Adidas we’ve all heard of but NIGO is not only a visionary creative behind Hunan Made, but also a multifaceted force whose talents include design, photography, curation and music production. The sharp strategist has a profound perspective on the multi-layered and ever-changing market structure of the fashion industry. He started Human Made as a personal project in 2010, and the label has built a reputation for uniqueness thanks to its authenticity, quality, and unconventional approaches to seasonality and marketing methods.

A special graphic logo can be found throughout the collaboration, created by the Human Made team exclusively for the adidas Originals by Human Made collection. The partnership aims to look towards the future of creation under the message “The future is in the past.”

This latest collection of footwear and apparel is centred around particular adidas Originals and Human Made color stories. Including a windbreaker, wind shorts, and graphic T-shirt, all items in the collection will be available in a choice of two color palettes, one inspired by the iconic tones of the adidas “Aqua” colorway, and the second inspired by the signature colorways used by Human Made. Also arriving in matching colorways, the Questar HM and adidas Equipment Racing HM round out the selection.

The campaign is fronted by brother and sister Yoshiaki and Michi. Affectionately known as the Yoshimichi siblings, the Chinese wunderkinds are the face of adidas Originals by Human Made FW21. This last instalment for FW21 follows up on two Japanese-exclusive surprise-drops from earlier this season; the Tokio Solar HM sneaker, which made a return in two new colorways, in addition to the Human Made x adidas Originals EQT Racing HM.

Most Searched For Male Beauty Treatments 2020/21. Would you consider any of them ?

Male grooming and plastic surgery have increased exponentially over the last decade; a 2021 US survey suggests the men’s skincare market share will grow to $18.92 billion by 2027, 6.2% up from the year before, plus a recent survey reported 31% of men were “extremely likely” to consider a cosmetic procedure.

Hair transplant and Cosmetic Surgery specialists Vera Clinic wanted to ascertain which beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures were most popular amongst men, so they’ve taken a look at search trends across male beauty topics.


Here are the main stories your readers may be interested in:

  • Waxing is the most popular beauty treatment for men with 28,800 yearly searches
  • This is followed by hair removal in general with 16,600 yearly searches
  • Botox is more popular than facials amongst men, with 12,000 yearly searches vs 10,560
  • Eyelash tints, eyelash extensions and laser treatments are the least popular treatments for men with 1080, 600 and 240 yearly searches respectively.
Search term Monthly SV Yearly SV
waxing for men 2,400 28,800
hair removal for men 1,300 15,600
hair transplant for men 1,000 12,000
botox for men 1,000 12,000
manicure for men 880 10,560
facials for men 880 10,560
pedicure for men 720 8,640
eyebrow threading for men 480 5,760
eyebrow tint for men 320 3,840
spray tan for men 260 3,120
eyebrow wax for men 260 3,120
veneers for men 170 2,040
eyelash tint for men 90 1,080
eyelash extensions for men 50 600
laser treatment for men 20 240

Hair removal seems to be a popular theme in men’s grooming, with waxing (28,800 yearly) and hair removal (15,600 yearly) the two top searches. Laser treatment (240 yearly searches) (method of hair removal) however comes bottom, so it seems men still prefer the more traditional hair removal methods.

A manicure is more popular than a pedicure amongst men, with 10,560 searches per year vs 8,640 searches per year.

Botox comes in the top 5 of the list, with botox for men gaining 12,000 yearly searches.

Commenting on the research, Waleed Taleb, business director at Vera Clinic said:

“We are noticing an increasing number of men coming in for plastic surgery. Hair transplants have of course always been popular amongst males, but we now offer small procedures in the clinic also such as botox, which more men are going for alongside their transplants.”

Would you consider Cosmetic surgeon ? We’d love to hear you opinions!

Say what you see – Hit & Run

Providing a zero-waste platform for today’s change-makers and angry young things; Hit & Run puts society under the microscope, and you need to check it out.

It’s setting out to take the slogan tee / sweater into the next decade at a time when there are so many issues that need discussing in the world.

Slogan t-shirts have reflected political and social discord for the last half century. Angry, determined young activists, designers and artists have used them to communicate deep and profound messages in a few simple words or pictures. They set out, often very successfully, to bring about social change. Some of the slogans and the issues they represent become part of the national psyche; most notably those designed by Katharine Hamnett in the 1980s.

Hit & Run; is a platform designed to give a voice to designers, artists and causes. It promotes expression and cultural awareness, but in a way that ensures a minimal environmental impact.

Every collection is designed by someone who wants to make a difference and to inspire others with their message. All are exclusive to Hit & Run*, including works from emerging artists and more established names such as Matthew Miller, Jake Chapman, Pam Hogg, Elizabeth Ilsley, Kyle De’Volle, as well as partnerships with i-D and the RCA.

T-shirts and sweaters on the site explore themes including LGBTQ+ rights, gender and race issues, female sexual exploitation, capitalism and consumerism, popular culture, as well as shining an introspective light on the fashion and art world. The results are often tongue-in-cheek, witty, unapologetic (and uncensored!)… but always creative. The webpage reads less as a fashion e-commerce site, more an art gallery. You’ll find yourself browsing in a way you’ve not done before – so many voices and each of them communicated so uniquely.

Hit & Run was created by Mickey Ellis in 2020, as the antithesis to what he saw as a creatively barren and environmentally devastating fast-fashion industry, which he had worked in himself at the start of his career. Staunchly anti-fast fashion, the ethos of Hit & Run is that no one visiting the site needs new clothes. Everything is made to order, fair trade, and produced in organic cotton or recycled polyester. All designs are digitally printed using non-toxic ink, nothing is screen printed as the chemicals used are highly toxic and there’s zero plastic packaging.