Harry’s now helping you with your skin looking A1

So after revolutionising the world of Shaving, smashing into the hair care marketing and offering everything from masculine scented candles to stylish wash bags. Now if that wasn’t enough Harry’s have just unveiled their full skincare range with the introduction of 4 new easy-to-use skincare products for healthier looking skin. In addition to its existing Face Wash and Face Lotion, the new products feature innovative formulas with effective ingredients like wintergreen leaf extract and niacinamide. The entire product line helps guys prep, moisturise and target blemishes and enabling your skin to look it’s best.


Gone are the days of alcohol-heavy formulas that dry out the skin. This toner is alcohol-free and uses a botanical astringent-like extract paired with Niacinamide to leave your skin feeling tingly clean and hydrated


Struggling to get your skin to its ideal texture? This nighttime moisturizer uses a mix of Phytic Acid, Niacinamide, and other effective yet gentle ingredients to hydrate and improve the skin’s texture while you sleep


Sometimes no matter how much sleep you got the night before, you still look tired. Solve your dark under eye circle woes with this lightweight and cooling cream that provides immediate hydration and visibly brightens

the area by using a blend of algae extracts, Niacinamide, and other brightening ingredients


This fast acting spot treatment is a lightweight cream featuring Wintergreen Leaf Extract,

a natural source of salicylic acid, and an ingredient known as ‘tiger grass’ to help

target the source of the blemish, while relieving irritation and redness

A problem you may have not had to consider for a while- Checking what am I going to wear to work ? Giles X IWG

As thousands of workers across the UK gradually plan their return to the office. Greatly talented and Iconic British fashion designer Giles Deacon has revealing a new post-pandemic workwear collection developed which reimagines how we will dress for the office as WFH comes to an end, so not trashiest bottoms then.

Giles has teamed up with IWG, the world’s largest flexible space operator with brands including Spaces and Regus to envisage what workwear will look like in the new hybrid working world.

The Giles x IWG capsule collection includes three prototype looks (male, female and non-binary), and is informed both Giles’ creative vision and a nationwide office worker survey of how attitudes towards dressing for work have shifted since the pandemic. The collection plays to workers’ wishes to express individuality at work as 55% of workers surveyed for this campaign said they work better when given the freedom to dress how they like, and 40% said they are more creative.

The capsule collection has been designed to combine office sharpness with lockdown comfort style. They provide insight into how the shift to hybrid work is changing office fashion trends as many businesses embrace flexible working and ‘dress for your day’ policies.

All fabrics are organic with poplins, soft needlecord, compact wool and cotton jerseys at the collection core. This is a move away from more traditional fabrics commonly worn pre-lockdown, with the aim of guiding workers to make more considered choices for their work wardrobes by buying pieces that are sustainable and have longevity.

The colour palettes move from traditional black and white to a broader muted palette of charcoal greys alongside soft-washed navy and brown chosen to invigorate strength and dependability of the wearer. Alongside, colours of khaki and sand chosen for their calming properties, with brighter colours such as light blue to help the wearer feel happy, confident and have authority, with red for leadership and determination.

Part of the inspiration for the collection came from Giles’ visits to IWG locations including several in the Spaces portfolio, such as Spaces Liverpool Street, where the IWG X Giles capsule collection was shot. Spaces provides creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit in hundreds of locations worldwide – perfect for forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident of success.

You’re not mistaken it’s Puma mirage

PUMA expands its iconic Mirage franchise with the addition of Mirage Sport. Taking cues from the archive and mixing them with contemporary design elements comes this new style inspired by the energetic, trippy world of DJ culture.

Mirage Sport is a successor in a long lineage of Mirage shoes that started back in the 70s. The design team worked hard to bring PUMA’s FUTRO design language forward, playing with archive references and mashing them with futuristic details. The color palette is muted, almost washed-out to keep the attention on the richness of the materials and the construction of the shoe.

“For the initial drop we wanted to expose the manufacturing process and the imperfections that come in the early sampling process of a sneaker,”
says Danny Taylor, PUMA’s Design Lead for Sportstyle Footwear. “This can be seen through exposing the foam under the collar, exaggerating the loose edges of the materials and various elements that are intentionally disconnected from the upper to emphasize the overall layering.“

[Ad] The Very Denim Guide

Their isn’t a more versatile material within any man’s wardrobe, than Denim. For nearly 300 years guys have been wearing denim, yes originally used exclusively for workwear of the working class manual labourers involved in the Gold Rush of the Wild West of America. However, over many years denim has evolved into the most multifaceted, fashionable, inclusive and of course you can’t forget symbol for rebellion. Plus, no longer is it’s use restricted to just workwear, OK I’m not talking the Britney and Justin double denim, Canadian Tuxedo of the the turn of the millennium, but think how many different pieces of clothing you own made of Denim? Jeans, Jacket, shorts, shirt maybe even a bag and then think about all the shades, washes, tones that are available.

Now as we’ve said Denim has come a long since those crazy, dusty days of the American Gold Rush. Today’s consumer is a lot more informed and wary when it comes to their purchases and sustainability is a key factor in many consumer’s choices these days. Another factor high on the male consumer’s agenda is versatility and as we’d said you can’t get more versatile than Denim.

So the first point to remember is, invest in a pair of good quality jeans. You can’t get any better than the original Denim brand with a trusted heritage to match in Levi’s. These original fit Levi’s 501’s have amassed a cult following of wearers. They can’t be wrong, so add these original denim jeans to your wardrobe for a reliable, hardy staple. As well as this, they form the cornerstone of a great flexible wardrobe that will take your from work right the way through to play.

So now we have the foundation piece we team them with classic pieces. A blazer like this Light Grey, Broken Check Suit Jacket by Ben Sherman can formalise a pair of jeans in an instant.

Teaming this look with this Breton style tee or add some Summer colour with a t-shirt like this one from Lacoste. The all important finishing touches come with the right accessories and what could we more classic, cool and reflective of the Summer, when it finally arrives,  than these Wayfarers from Ray Ban.

Finish the look off with these Stan Smiths from Adidas so the feel of this look isn’t too formal and reflects the Summer months. Plus these bad boys are almost as classic and versatile as these jeans themselves.

Last but by no means least, flexibility is the name of this game and simply swap this blazer for a light Sumer jacket like this Harrington, totally gives this look a completely different feel.

Now my friend with a couple of simple capsule pieces you have Summer totally covered and who cares if we can’t go to tropical climes? 😭

Don’t forget to get Lippy in the Sun with Carmex

When it comes to protecting body parts from the sun, shoulders, chests and faces are usually the first to receive a healthy slather of sun cream. But when it comes to  the often forgotten lips, many of us forget to put on the SPF – unless you’re a professional cricketer donning Zinc Oxide and a bright white lip (not a vibe or a look for everyday life).

CARMEX has a range of products crafted to include protection from the sun’s glare. SPF 15 helps to filter around 93% of UVB rays which makes a huge difference to the amount of radiation reaching the skin.