Born out of the desire to set new standards in versatile and enduring tailoring, one that reflects Hemingsworth’s  core value of uncompromisable English quality. This philosophy is built into every piece they make, inspiring them to make comfortable, versatile & luxurious garments a man would want to wear all day, functioning as well in both formal & casual occasions and most importantly, the journey in between.

Partnering with British factories of yesteryear, every garment is lovingly produced by skilled craftspeople in London, Leicester, Sheffield & Blackburn, with a distinct focus on timeless design, the highest quality, sustainable & technical materials and a deeply considered approach to last a lifetime.

Working alongside Savile Row tailors, Founder Matt and Creative Director Henry Butler set about creating a garment that no gentleman has ever had in his wardrobe before – a luxurious short that men can wear all day without compromising on style, fit and most importantly comfort.

With the Brand’s uncompromisable pursuit towards quality, they developed a 29 piece pattern featuring 17 hand finished stages, launching in 2017 with a capsule collection that was crowned by GQ as ‘The Best Summer Swim Shorts.’

Having since been heralded by the press as ‘the World’s most luxurious swim short’, the Brand has taken its versatility of an enduring short and expanded to offer a full Ready-To- Wear (RTW) collection focused on versatile tailoring without compromise

Each pair of Hemingsworth shorts is perfectly packaged in a Luxury waterproof lined ‘Ditty’ canvas bag, before being placed in our own interpretation of ‘Whisky style’ recyclable tube, that features a hand-signed batch number when the shorts are produced.

Hemingsworth specialises in high end Ready To Wear, Swim and Leisurewear for men, entirely conceived and produced in the UK from the finest materials and trims.

Their garments are carried through an exclusive wholesale network including coveted luxury department stores (Harrods, Selfridges, Fenwicks, Fortnum & Mason), specialty stores and select high end hotels, resorts and spas worldwide.

Today, Hemingsworth is the brand for lovers of effortlessly & understated English made fashion that’s impeccably crafted and exquisitely designed.

The Perfect Weekend Away Wardrobe For Summer

With summer just around the corner, as well as the prospect of being able to go away, it’s time to start thinking about your weekend away wardrobe! These items are all classics, meaning you can wear them time and time again. Also, they can be mixed and matched so you won’t have to pack too much.

Whether you’re heading to somewhere busy like Manchester for your weekend away, or to somewhere a bit quieter like the Lake District, we have your wardrobe covered!

Graphic T-Shirts

First up on your weekend away packing list is a graphic t-shirt or two. Plain t-shirts work well if you are layering with other items, however in the summer, it is likely to be warm enough to just wear a t-shirt on its own (on some days). So, going for something with more of a pattern or design will help to make a simple statement.

You could wear a really plain outfit and throw on a graphic t-shirt and it will be completely transformed. This is the perfect opportunity to express yourself!

Lightweight Denim Jacket

Unfortunately, if you are heading away in the UK, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Even though it’s summer time, your first weekend away essential is a lightweight jacket. A black or blue denim jacket will go with everything, will be relatively light weight and will look great.

You might not need to use it all the time, yet it’s great to have there if you know you’ll be spending plenty of time exploring or in beer gardens. If you’re in need of some inspiration on how to style your jacket, we will give you plenty of ideas!

Blue Jeans

Your next summer weekend away staple is a pair of blue jeans. You can wear these during the day and night, and you can also dress them up and down, which makes them a great diverse item to take away with you! Let’s look at some of the ways you can style them.

Firstly, during the daytime, pair your blue jeans with a graphic t-shirt and smart trainers. This will help you to look effortlessly stylish and the graphic t-shirt will offer something unique to the outfit. Throw on your denim jacket at this point if it’s not very warm.

Now, as you head out for the night, you won’t be wanting to waste much time getting ready. So, simply swap your graphic t-shirt for a white shirt, tuck it into the jeans and add a brown belt and smart brown shoes or loafers. You’re ready to head out in no time!

Finally, for a hungover breakfast the next morning, throw your jeans back on with an oversized hoodie for a comfy outfit that still looks presentable. Adding a pair of sunglasses at this point might be a good idea, depending on how bad the hangover is!

As you can see, jeans will be a staple in your weekend away wardrobe. Perhaps pack a black pair of jeans also as they might look slightly dressier if you are going somewhere really fancy!

Chino Shorts

If you arrive at your weekend away and the weather is nice and warm, it is unlikely that you’d want to be stuck in jeans. So, pack a pair of chino shorts. Pick a navy blue pair and then the t-shirt and shirt discussed above will still look great.

Knowing the right shoes to wear with shorts can make or break your outfit, so stick with either slimline trainers or boat shoes. Make sure you remember to pack trainer socks, as long socks with shorts isn’t a great look. Shorts can be so diverse as they are perfect for almost every occasion.

Casual Shirt

You are likely to have a smart shirt packed if you know you are going out for the night, however a lightweight casual shirt is another great piece to have with you on a weekend away. You could wear it buttoned up with your shorts for a slightly warmer mens streetwear look than shorts and a t-shirt. Also, you could wear it unbuttoned over a white t-shirt and your jeans for a night at the pub.

If you aren’t too phased by the cold and want to minimise your packing, then this casual shirt could replace your lightweight jacket.

Final Thoughts

When you are going away, you don’t want to pack loads and want items that are easy to throw together. Hopefully that is what you will achieve with these staple items! Going away is the perfect opportunity to try something different with your style, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

3 Tips To Get Back In Style After Isolation

It has officially been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, bringing along with it a slew of government-mandated quarantine measures and social distancing guidelines. With holiday parties and social gatherings canceled, and many people either losing work or being forced to work from home for a year, it may feel like you’ve put your personal style on the back burner for a while. Now that vaccines are ramping up and safety measures are beginning to wane, it’s time to refresh your look and get ready to step back out into the world. If you’re feeling a bit rusty, these 3 tips will help you start to get back in style.

Get A Fresh Hairstyle

Without the ability to socialize in public for a year and with many barber shops or salons closed for the majority of the time, you may find yourself looking like you’ve spent the year trapped in a mine shaft. Not to worry, now you can safely go back in and get a fresh cut and style. Think of it as an opportunity to try something new, and reinvent your look. Maybe your hair has grown out enough that you can try a different style than you normally would. Or on the other hand, if you feel that your hair is thinning, consider exploring hair loss treatments to address it. A fresh new look will likely give you a confidence boost for meeting new people again.

Start Working Out

If you haven’t been exercising during isolation, you aren’t alone. With the gyms closed for the majority of the year, and the cold weather during the winter months stopping you from being active outdoors, it was easy to let it slide. You may have gained the dreaded “quarantine 15” or “COVID 19” (as in lbs) unwittingly. Check your local area to see if gyms are open and be sure to follow any existing safety measures such as wearing a mask. If the gyms are open, but you’re not keen on wearing a mask while you work out, consider purchasing some home gym equipment so you can work out on your own terms.

Update Your Wardrobe

The urge to throw on your most comfortable joggers is probably strong, maybe even habitual at this point. Put them away until your next Netflix binge, hopefully a long time from now, and put together an outfit that reminds you how polished you can be. Again, this could be a time to reinvent yourself, so if you’re not used to wearing more thought-out looks, start with the basics and build from there. Check out a few of our recent posts for inspiration, or this list of clothing essentials for every man.

All it takes is a little more time, effort, and consideration to emerge from the pandemic looking and feeling your best. For many men, it may seem like a big change to get fully ready every day and start taking better care of themselves. These basic steps are a great starting point to help you not only “get back to normal,” but also step into your best self.

Something to Celebrate – The Rotary Henley Watch

Since 1895, British designed heritage watch brand Rotary has crafted accurate, reliable and high quality timepieces that have been cherished from one generation to the next. And has consequently developed a reputation for quality in horology around the world. First originating in Switzerland the brand moved its headquarters to the United Kingdom in 1905 and today the brand stays true to its historic values of craftsmanship and is rightfully proud of over 125 years in watchmaking. Over the years Rotary has achieved true horological feats that have been treasured and housed within an archive.

Rotary is delighted to introduce new additions to the Henley watch family, a sports timepiece collection that delivers on precision and performance. Henley blends a sporting aesthetic with the everyday and offers the wearer useful functions that relate to specific sporting activities such as diving or travel.

A superlative dive watch that is water resistant to 100m. The range offers 3 robust dial options in a classic black, deep green & black or ocean blue, available only on a solid stainless steel 3 link bracelet featuring a deployment clasp. High grade dual-colour luminosity for optimum visibility features heavily on the applied hour markers and

hands. Used in conjunction with the red luminous divers’ dot at 12, the uni-directional rotating bezel allows for the measurement of elapsed dive time using the minute hand which is in matching luminous. All timepieces are 41mm case diameter and powered by an automatic Miyota 8215 movement and feature durable, Sapphire glass

An exquisite utilitarian style timepiece which is the smallest within the Henley range at 36mm case diameter. The light reflections on the case sides highlight the elegant profile of the Henley case and its simple clean design. The polished angled bezel blends into the stylish case with a date window at 3pm and Henley is water resistant to 100m.

“La Spugnatura” – An ancient art captured and bottled – Acqua di Parma Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura

Acqua di Parma have launched a new Limited Edition fragrance for the Summer, Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura. As with all the fragrances in the Blu Mediterraneo Collection, they each take inspiration from a specific part of the Italian Mediterranean, the origin for this fragrance being the beautiful bergamot fields of Calabria. It is here where a special and rare process of juice extraction by hand is used; “La Spugnatura”. Practiced by only a few artisans in the world, the bergamot essence is manually extracted in this fascinating traditional process, a true art which requires time and skilful, precise gestures.

The new fragrance of Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura by Acqua di Parma revolves around the artisanship, the human touch, and the fullness of nature. A limited edition born from using a unique essential oil extracted using a time-honoured artisan technique, which makes the world of the Blu Mediterraneo fragrances even more special.

A project long nurtured by the Maison which has always loved to preserve the oldest and most valuable artisanal processes of the Italian micro-territories. The origin of this new fragrance is deeply rooted to the bergamot fields of Calabria, where very few artisans in the world still practise the old sponging technique. A fascinating traditional process, which results in the complete manual extraction of the bergamot essence.

A true art which requires time and skilful, precise, delicate gestures. The artisan cuts each fruit in two equal halves with a well-sharpened knife. Then, using a utensil in the shape of a spoon called “cavatore”, he separates the skin from the pulp. Immediately after, the bergamot rinds are manually rubbed on sea sponges which thus absorb all the essence. In the final phase, the artisan squeezes the sponges full of essential oil with precise movements inside a terracotta container, in order to collect the precious scented liquid.

The limitedness and therefore the uniqueness of the essence depend on the human production capacity. Two artisans manage to go through between 75 to 100 kg of fruit in an hour and at least 200 kg are required to obtain one kilogram of essential oil. In one day of hard work, around 4 kg of essential oil are collected, but the result is inimitable. The sponge, malleable and soft in contact with the rind, preserves all the facets of the fruit and it is this unique sillage which distinguishes the Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura.

Designed exclusively in the 100ml format, Bergamotto di Calabria La Spugnatura is made with care up to the very last detail. The pump can be separated from the bottle thanks to a screw top, obtained with a special grinding technique specially developed for Acqua di Parma. It is this screw pump which allows refills of the fragrance, exclusively available from Acqua di Parma Boutiques due to the rarity of the essence.

A masterpiece of craftsmanship, the bottle is such a particular and refined object that it feels only natural to preserve it to embellish the interior of one’s own house.

The iconic cylindrical box is wrapped in PSC certified paper set in a special blue tone, in perfect harmony with the blue tone of the porcelain bottle. The label is also produced with waste powder from marble quarries. Finally, to stamp the uniqueness of the fragrance, the small golden seal which portrays the Bergamot fruit and carries the engraved words “Limited Edition – La Spugnatura”.

A fragrance of inimitable charm, which rises from the human and natural history which it recounts.