Hit + Run working to make the World and better place & you can do your bit !

Hit+Run, the platform designed to give a voice to passionate creatives and causes, and Revision, the  responsible and progressive online store that enables you to shop archival, new season and made to order designer collections have collaborated for a one-off t-shirt collection in aid of Ukraine. The range includes pieces from 15 of the UK’s most exciting designers and artists, including a host of the Revision brands – but also Know Wave Radio, illustrator Helen Bullock & Ukrainian born Epoch-A (soon to launch on Revision).

The For Ukraine collection consists of 42 designs, with profits going to support the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee). There are long sleeve and short sleeve options, some feature illustrations, others abstract prints, bold graphics and slogans. Each of them has a powerful impact, and are truly unique.

The campaign was shot in and around West London’s Trellick Tower, as a nod to the brutalist architecture that can be found all over the incredible city of Kyiv.

Everything at Hit+Run is made to order, fair trade, and produced in organic cotton or recycled polyester. All designs are digitally printed using non-toxic ink, nothing is screen printed as the chemicals used are highly toxic and there’s zero plastic packaging. These high standard eco-credentials match those at Revision, which is a circular fashion retailer that enables you to shop past, present and future, directly from luxury designers around the world. It sells archival pieces alongside new season collections, helping independent brands reduce their waste and contribute to the circular economy, keeping products in use for as long as possible and thus extracting their maximum value.

The 15 designers who have created pieces are Andel, Eleanor Butler-Jones, Emily Frances Barrett, Epoch-A, Fiona O’Neill, Johanna Parv, MARIEYAT, Ruth Leslie, Second Best, Sweetlimejuice, The Ouze, Worme, Helen Bullock, Petra Borner and Know Wave.

The full collection will be available to shop viarevision-store.com & hitandrun.ltd prices start at £50 to £60, with all profits going to DEC.

70 Years of a classic – the Navitimer by Breitling

For 70 years, Breitling’s original pilot’s watch has been beloved by aviators and tastemakers in equal measure. Worn by an astronaut in space and the biggest stars on Earth, it is Breitling’s most iconic timepiece. Breitling honors the legend with the introduction of a new Navitimer that captures its most classic features, while enhancing them with modern refinements.

“We don’t throw the term ‘icon’ around lightly,” says Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling. “The Navitimer is one of the most recognizable watches ever made. It’s on collectors’ lists of the greatest watches of all time. What began as a tool for pilots has gone on to mean something profound to every single person who has had this timepiece along on their personal journey.”

The Navitimer’s appeal stretches far beyond being a tool used by pilots to navigate their course, it’s a symbol for those plotting their personal journeys through life.  A new campaign, NAVITIMER—FOR THE JOURNEY, featuring the Navitimer Squad, made up of basketball superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland, and aviation pioneer and explorer Bertrand Piccard embodies this spirit. Each member has been on an incredible journey to land where they are today, each at the top of their particular field. Each one has charted a course and stayed on it through sheer determination. And each one is en route to achieving their next set of ambitions. Using powerful visuals and the Squad Members’ own narration, the campaign aims to get right to the heart of these moving journeys.

Available in 41mm, 43mm and 46mm case sizes, in steel or 18K red gold and in a variety of bold dial colours all equipped with Breitling’s Calibre B01 chronograph, we invite you to discover the collection via the attached press release.  We’ve also attached a small selection of low-res images but please do let us know if you would like to receive high-resolution images, we have lots of lovely images to choose from.

Have a good night’s sleep on anatomē

A good nights sleep is worth it’s weight in gold and we only know the true value of it, when we experience a lack of it

Well, Brendan Murdock, founder of anatomē, may well have the answer for you in creating a calming and contemporary brand, which is driven by a simple belief that nutritional and emotional balance is the key to a healthy, fulfilling life and that a healthy, nourished body will support a healthy mind.

Anatomé have exciting new products and have just launched 4 new sleep soundtracks to create a sensory experience with the brand’s 4 sleep oils.  The collaboration is with recording artist, Snoozy, produced and mixed with Grammy award winning producer, Jonathan Quarmby and will be streamed on Apple and Spotify.

Clients are encouraged to listen to the recordings before sleeping,  simultaneously applying the sleep oils or pillow spray for an immersive sensory experience.

The 4 tracks take the listener on a sonic journey through the landscapes linking them to the ingredients of each anatomé sleep oil blend, Cornish Lavender, Somali Frankincense, Blue Chamomile and Japanese Seaweed. Grounded in sleep science, peer reviewed studies have found that listening to natural sound affects the bodily systems that control the ‘flight or fright’ and rest digest but autonomic nervous systems with associated effects in the resting activity of the brain.

The project is a continuation of sleep months these formulations are at the core of everything anatomé do, see the new formulated Recovery + Sleep Pillow spray, Candles and Recovery + Sleep tea leaves…

Re-record don’t throw away – ReKovered

Established in Bath, England, in 2013 with sustainability at its core, today, over 15,000 people are proud Kovered bag owners.

As well as being sustainable (all bags are made from natural canvas, reclaimed leather or recycled vinyl and nylon, and are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging), the bags are high quality and offer a true lifetime guarantee with a ‘no quibble’ returns policy. 

With a wide array of products including backpacks, holdalls, messenger bags and heritage style water bottle holders, there’s something for to suit everyone’s needs.

Made from 100% recycled materials, this all black range of bags brings a technical twist to the brand. They have been carefully designed and manufactured with explorers in mind to ensure they deliver on the toughest of routes.

Zipped compartments keep tech safe, while a water repellent, recycled ballistic nylon fabric ensures possessions stay dry.

Kovered’s most technical range yet, these styles stay true to the brand’s 100% no quibble lifetime guarantee, making it the only bag you’ll ever need, meeting the brand’s promise of reducing landfill. 

The ReKovered collection includes two backpacks (Dee and Arrow) and a holdall (Trent).

Dee is a technical backpack with drawstring and front snap buckle closure designed to maximise functionality. Made with water-repellent, bluesign approved, 100% recycled nylon and 100% recycled polyester, the Dee is part of our most sustainable range to date. Its 17l functionality combined with sophisticated design makes this the perfect everyday bag for leisure as well as work

Arrow is an extremely durable backpack, made with water-repellent bluesign approved materials. This zipped rolltop backpack and front snap buckle closure are designed to maximise functionality and keep your items well protected. It features a foam-padded back panel that fits up to a 15″ laptop. The Arrow is a multi-functional backpack that can be used for anything from a mountain exploration or your daily office commute and is guaranteed to keep your belongings safe and dry.

From planned getaways to spontaneous breaks, the modern Trent is the perfect accomplice for your next trip away. This multi-functional holdall is made from water-repellent bluesign approved 100% recycled nylon and 100% recycled polyester. With a zip-tight closing and technical features, the Trent will keep your belongings safe and dry. Its 32L functionality combined with sophisticated design makes this the perfect holdall for wherever your journey takes you. 

Should I be worried about my hairline? Men’s health expert shares the signs of male pattern baldness & what you can do to stop it

Ted’s Health believe all men should have the chance to be their best. Things once considered problems no longer need to be. There are smarter, embarrassment-free ways to get help with issues like erectile dysfunction, hair loss and testosterone deficiency. Ted’s Health is a safe space with an expert team of in-house medical staff so you can access personalised treatment programs, where any consultation fee is redeemed against the price of medication. 

By the age of 30, you have a 25% chance of showing signs of balding.

By 50, 50% of men have at least some noticeable hair loss.

For such a common problem, male pattern baldness (MPB) is a huge pain point for many men out there spending hours inspecting their hairlines in the mirror.

Men’s health expert Dr. Shaan Patel of Ted’s Health shares the early warning signs of male pattern baldness and what you can do about it

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

MPB is a genetic condition that can be inherited from either your mother or father. It is also referred to as androgenic alopecia, and occurs in a predictable pattern as a result of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) production. DHT is essentially a byproduct of testosterone which shortens the life cycle of hair follicles. DHT does not affect hair on the sides and back of the head – and the Norwood scale is often referred to when showing the stages of hair loss.

How do I know if I have Male Pattern Baldness?

We normally shed around 100 hairs per day without even realising. When we start to lose more than this, it means the average lifecycle of our hair is beginning to decrease. Dr. Shaan recommends these 2 methods to figure out if you might be suffering from MPB:

• The Pull Test – try pulling on a pinch of hairs on 3 different areas on the top of your head. If you pull out more than 10 hairs each time, this could be a sign of hair loss.

• The Comb Test – Run a comb through your hair and collect the hairs that fall off in a bag. If this looks to be over 100 hairs, you may be suffering from hair loss.

Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Medications such as finasteride block DHT from acting on the hair, slowing hair loss and promoting new hair growth. You may also want to consider using a minoxidil shampoo – applied twice a day to the top of the head to increase the supply of blood and nutrients to hair follicles.

While the chance of going completely bald depends on a few factors, aggressive hair loss such as Norwood 4 by your early or mid 20s means you have a higher chance of going completely bald earlier. The sooner you treat your MPB, the more of a chance you have of growing your hair back.