No Time to Buy ? Nonsense ! – Turnbull & Asser’s James Bond Collection

Although we should be currently relishing in the delights of the latest 007 adventure, No Time to Die, it has been pushed back again to April 2021, so no Bond fix for us this year. However, in celebration of their 58-year strong relationship with Britain’s most famous secret agent, Turnbull & Asser proudly launch a refined and expanded James Bond collection. Presenting five new products, each piece a homage to those created for and worn by Bond on screen; a process involving the consultation of archival products and paperwork, as well as film stills and many hours of footage. These exclusive pieces join the shirtmaker’s existing James Bond Collection, much of which has also been refined, bringing them ever closer to the on-screen originals.

Turnbull & Asser’s long-standing connection with the James Bond franchise originates from Dr. No (1962). Terence Young, Dr. No’s director and a loyal Turnbull customer himself, dispatched, the late and great, Sean Connery to Jermyn Street ahead of his role as the very first Bond of the silver screen. It was this relationship that saw the creation of the now-iconic Dr. No shirt.

Leading the new additions is an exceptional voile dress shirt inspired by the shirt made for Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in Die Another Day (2002) featuring a pleated front, double cuffs and our classic T&A collar. Here, the exact number and spacing of the intricately detailed pleats have been immaculately recreated in homage to its on-screen original.

Inspired by Bond’s love of a classic pocket square and created using knowledge gleaned from archived receipts, a hand-rolled voile pocket square has also been introduced. A pure white pocket square is a regular feature of Bond’s tailored ensembles and gives devoted fans a chance to accessorise authentically.

The heritage brand also adds three new Brosnan-era ties to the collection, from Tomorrow Never Dies (1995), The World is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day, respectively.

“From the outset, Turnbull & Asser was the perfect fit for James Bond; built to withstand any situation with stylish sophistication. Our relationship with the James Bond film franchise over many decades has inspired this new and exciting capsule which embodies those original features and qualities of the ‘Bond’ wardrobe.” – Steven Quin, Royal Warrant holder and Retail Director at Turnbull & Asser.

Beautifully handcrafted in their English workrooms, its James Bond Collection, like all Turnbull & Asser products, are characterised by their longevity as well as their personality. It is this strength of character in Bond, as with Turnbull, that keeps our two distinctly British institutions so intimately linked.

(Ad) Creating a transitional capsule wardrobe with a layered look #Sponsored

We live in uncertain times, but one thing you can bank on at this time of year is, the weather is gonna get colder. However, at the moment, we are in that strange period, where essentially the weather is unpredictable to say the least, the start of the day can be freezing cold and typical of a crisp Autumnal day. Then come mid morning bright sunshine and relatively warm when in the direct sunlight.

So it throws up all those sartorial questions of what to wear ? Within the fashion industry we call these periods transitional. It is a difficult period for guys where you can find yourself either freezing cold, as you have underplayed the what to wear card or even worse when we over play it and overestimate and end up a sweaty mess. Either of these two scenarios can be a great sources of embarrassment for us particularly if we are on our way to a business meeting, date, even meeting some mates.

Well, Very Menswear, have the answer to your style needs when it comes to this clothing conundrum and it can be summed up in one simple word, layering.

Layer up my friends and you are in control of your temperature. Feel too hot take a knit or sweatshirt off. If it’s getting a bit too parky simply finish your look with a jacket or coat. It does sound so simple but it can be difficult get it spot on. Below, we give you a selection of pieces where not only will they help you achieve a great layered look, but are versatile in being able to take you from work right the way through to play, plus they cater for give possible budget.

Jackets and Coats

Calvin Klein Jeans – Faux Fur Trimmed Down Parka

Barbour International – Ariel Polarquilt Jacket

Superdry – Patched Field Jacket – Camo

Ben Sherman – Fishtail Parka – Midnight Blue


Very Man Marl Cord Shirt – Khaki

BOSS – Lovel 4 Overshirt

Lyle & Scott – Check Poplin Shirt – Caramel

Very Man – Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt – Multi

Polo Ralph Lauren Golf – Long Sleeved Non-Iron Oxford Shirt – White

Polo Ralph Lauren Golf – Long Sleeve Non Iron Oxford Shirt – Blue


Very Man – Straight Jeans With Stretch – Black

Calvin Klein – Slim Fit Denim Jeans

Very Man  – Straight Jeans With Stretch – Raw Wash

Knitwear and sweatshirts

Very Man – V-Neck Jumper – Navy

Armani Exchange – Sweat Bomber Jacket – Black

Lyle & Scott Crew Neck Cotton Merino Jumper

Very Man – Cardigan – Navy


Barbour – Victory Boot

Dr Martens – 1461 Mono 3 Eye Shoes – Black

Base London – Woburn Hi-Shine Lace Up Brogue Shoe


adidas Originals – Bobble Knit Hat – Khaki

Joe Browns – Peaky Baker Boy Hat

HUGO – Xianno Knitted Beanie Hat – Black

Five Ways to Stop Worrying About What People Think

Ruairí Stewart aka Happy-Whole Coach – is a London-based Psychotherapist who has dedicated his career to changing people’s lives. Specialising in self-esteem and relationships, Ruairí guides his clients towards new patterns of behaviour which grants them the freedom to live life on their own terms. Through one-to-one clarity sessions and talking therapy, he works with his clients to understand the intangible barriers which stand in the way of identifying their true calling. As a therapist to people from all corners of the world, Ruairí finds the most common struggle for those lacking confidence and suffering with anxiety, is that they are hugely concerned about what other people think or say. This can be a crippling affliction which embeds itself deep, causing negative self-image and a lack of self-belief and confidence.

Graduating from Queen’s University Belfast with a degree in Psychology in 2010 and later completing a postgraduate degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Ruairí found his passion for individual, couples and relationship therapy. Motivated by witnessing the moment clients connect with their core-selves and finally achieving self-belief, psychotherapy uses psychological methods to help people change their behaviour and overcome their problems.
Using an informal and personable approach, Ruairí illustrates to his clients how changing their behaviours can offer them a new lease of life. Vanquishing people-pleasing habits and building self-trust are the pillars of his methods, allowing people to escape feelings of self-doubt and frustration at being ‘stuck in a rut’. His most ardent supporters are his previous clients, who credit him for the success they experience following the healing process of his therapy sessions.
Ruairí Stewart, The Happy Whole Coach comments: “My work is geared towards behaviour change and results. I focus on raising self-esteem and confidence, building self-trust and helping my clients to tap into their most authentic selves. It’s amazing to watch people transform over a few weeks or months, all while letting go of the limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of achieving what they want. I speak to my clients like human beings, in a relaxed and informal manner, because getting results doesn’t need to be intimidating.

For anyone who struggles to speak up and be heard, Ruairí offers 5 actions to help remedy the problem and allow space for growth into a person who with high self-esteem and self-worth. He has shared these below – please do let me know if you’re interested in featuring? More detailed information is available on request.

1. Become solid in who you are as a person

It’s important to give yourself the space and time to understand who you are as an individual. You can do this by considering the following questions: what are my beliefs? What are my values? What matters most to me in my life? What impact do I want to have on the world? Reflect on your answers and compare them to the life you’re living now. Do you believe that the life you’re currently leading directly aligns with the life you want to lead?

2. Recognise your business

It’s very common for anxious people to waste their energy trying to ascertain what others are thinking. The hard truth is, you can never truly know what others think or feel unless they explicitly tell you. The other thing is, it’s not really any of your business! Focus on allowing the real you to be seen and heard. Showing up honestly will attract people who value you for you. You’ll learn to shrug off any external rejection or criticism you may experience because you’ll feel confident in yourself to an extent where the only opinion about yourself that matters, is yours.

3. Own and honour your feelings

Trust your gut! Especially those people-pleasers out there. Practice speaking the truth, let your feelings be known and you will unlock those deeper, intimate connections in your personal relationships. The right people will listen and respect you and your thoughts. The wrong people will kickback or react negatively. It’s about knowing the difference.

4. Understand that perfection does not exist

Ultimately, you cannot be all things to all people. Making mistakes is what makes us human, and your failures do not define you. When you fail, because you will, learn from the experience and empathise with yourself – pick yourself up and try again. Secondly, check the standards you hold yourself to. Hear your self-talk and listen to the judgements you are making about yourself. Ensure that these judgements are coming from you, not anybody else, no matter how important you believe their opinion to be.

5. Develop empathy and self-compassion

Do not forget that how you construct your inner-world has a direct impact on how you show up in the outer world. Become your own cheerleader. You can do this by:

  • Reminding yourself of your strengths and successes on a regular basis and taking stock over daily or weekly wins
  • Being aware of how you speak to yourself
  • Speaking to yourself in a loving and positive way

Lastly, remember that you can’t change thought habits or patterns of behaviour overnight. You need to work consistently to show up honestly in the outside world and push through the anxiety you feel. When you learn to let go of the need to control what others think of you, it will change your life and relationships for the better.


Back in 1985, a young film maker created a movie, nothing to shout about so far. Well, that young man was Robert Zemeckis, Who went on to make Cast Away, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Witches, Forest Gump, Polar Express. But the film in question today went on to spawn two subsequent sequels, made nearly $350,000,000 at the box office and made a star out of Michael J Fox. Yes that film, Back to the Future, is now shrouded in Fond nostalgia and Hollywood folklore. The tale of a teenager, Marty McFly,  and his crazy inventor Friend, Doc Brown, who accidentally sent back in time to 1955 in a time-traveling DeLorean car.

A capsule collection highlighting t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies, shorts, joggers and jacket has been created by the street wear brand HYPE to celebrate the beloved adventure film’s 35th anniversary.

The 16-piece unisex collection nods at the franchise era, the 1980s, with expressive designs in a monochrome and neon colour palette. The HYPE. stamp features enlarged graphics, all-over prints, contrasting flames, and illusion checkerboard with a cyberpunk aesthetic, whilst embracing the 80s grunge trend.

With supreme amount-of-comfort-soft-touch fabrics entwined with references to the iconic DeLoren time machine in a shirt and short matching set. Designed in a black base with the car in a contrasting neon fuchsia pink with neon blue cyber-inspired waves, finished with dual logo woven tabs.

A Fragrance to Watch, or rather Watches to Fragrances – Tayroc

Primarily known for its stylish and contemporary range of timepieces, Tayroc launches its first-ever unisex fragrance as a first venture into new product categories.

The British lifestyle brand, celebrate the exciting new launch of the brand’s first ever range of unisex fragrances. Launching this month, the Eau de Parfum fragrances will be available in six intoxicating and stimulating scents. Encompassing the fruity, to the floral, the spicy to the woody and everything in-between, the 100ml scents, priced at £98.00 will be available online at

The scents, named Elegance, Expedition, Style, Journey, Poise and Quest each have their own unique personalities with invigorating notes that capture the essence of nature.

1. ELEGANCE: opens with sweet citrus notes before a heart of bold pepper and geranium. Rich patchouli, warm cedar and vetiver complete this scent.

2. EXPEDITION: leads with fresh mint. This aromatic fragrance features a heart of lavender and rosemary. The base consists of warm tobacco, sweet vanilla and oud.

3. STYLE: Is a refreshing spicy fragrance with notes of grapefruit, mint and cardamom on top. The warm heart of nutmeg, cedar and lavender leads us into a woody base of sandalwood, vetiver and moss.

4. JOURNEY: explores a bright fragrance with notes of grapefruit and bergamot, before a bold warm heart of pepper and hemp. Cedarwood and amber are heady base notes.

5. POISE: exudes bursts of tangy grapefruit and rich cedarwood before an earthy warm base of patchouli, orris, pine and amber.

6. QUEST: has notes of zesty lemon and juicy mandarin on top, this fragrance has a soft floral and aromatic heart before a warm patchouli base.