Although we’re all hoping Summer is close by, it’s not quite here yet. The cold weather is renowned for causing dry skin and worsening conditions such as eczema and rosacea. In the winter months, keeping your skin protected and hydrated is a challenge, as Vitamin D exposure is low. Winter is harsh on our skin, especially on our face as we can’t shield them completely from the elements.

We spoke to DR Ejikeme, an NHS Medical Consultant and highly experienced Aesthetic Medicine Doctor with extensive global training in Medicine and Surgery and, who is, Medical  Director at Adonia Medical Clinic – a medical and aesthetic clinic based in London that prides its self on offering the most advanced treatments in skincare and skin renewal.

We asked Dr Ejikeme to shares her top tips for keeping dry skin at bay this winter.

1. HYDRATE: to keep your skin supple, it is essential to re-hydrate constantly. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day and eat water-rich foods such as cucumber and grapes. If you’re a big fan of hot drinks like tea and coffee, try and swap them for de-caffeinated alternatives – caffeine is known for causing frequent urination and eventually, dehydration.

2. MOISTURISE: showering with a cream-based wash may feel moisturising, but it can strip your skins natural oils. Showers and baths can contribute to dry skin if you’re in there for more then 5-10 minutes, so keep it short and make sure you moisturise afterwards.

3. KEEP WARM: when you’re inside, try and make sure there’s no draughts and that the heating is on. Keeping your body at the right temperature will allow your skin to retain moisture, preventing dryness. When you go out in the cold, wear gloves and a scarf – it’ll stop your skin getting cold and feeling uncomfortable.

4. TREAT YOURSELF: facials are invaluable when it comes to your skin. Combining a mixture of masks, cleansers, scrubs and moisturisers, a facial is the full works, tailored specifically to your skin type. With the cold weather wreaking havoc on sensitive skin, taking the time to be pampered makes all the difference.

5. GO NATURAL: every day household products such as washing up liquid, bleach and air freshener are full of chemicals that are harmful if they come into direct contact with the skin. To avoid dry skin and irritation, swap your usual products for natural alternatives such as lemon juice or vinegar for removing stains. Always make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands.


Words by Keanu Adorable

In the modern day of fashion, we believe that everyone should be equal, and when it comes to footwear, we understand that men get the upper hand when it comes to footwear collection launches. We believe that everyone should get a chance to own a pair of sneakers no matter who they are. It is the 21st century after all! That’s where brands like Twelvesons are stepping up to give people an opportunity to express themselves through fashion and let people feel free and creative in their own skin. Their new collection features unisex silhouettes that both the ladies and the gents can rock with pride.

With the collections released in instalments with the monikers ‘Art 1’ to ‘Art 18’ there are plenty to choose from, and you can collect them like and build up your collection like a true sneakerhead. These sneakers took inspiration from the classic dress sneaker and revamped the classic Ultra Mid silhouette with intriguing colour and material combinations. The sole of the sneaker is made from a high-end rubber from Margom, providing flexibility and bounce as well as durability. The sneaker has a natural grip and a snug comfortable fit as the upper is lined with natural calfskin for a buttery experience as you dip your feet into the sneaker. You will not only stand out the right way but have a comfortable experience also.

We love aesthetically pleasing combinations, and that is something CMTM and this brand both believe in something, footwear can completely renew any outfit. You can grab or preorder shoes now  over at

The sun has started to show its face, the  daffodils are out, and the desire to escape the city and head to the great outdoors is growing. So to help you out and get you ready for the weekend, the weather forecasters are predicting perfect conditions for immersing oneself in nature – piecing together a hiking look, that doesn’t involve a painful trip to Millets can be hard but below are some slick yet practical pieces that elevate any kind of elemental experience. Or simply take inspiration from natures gritty landscapes with these masculine yet effortlessly cool pieces.

Arlos Down Bomber Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger 

Dingsley Trousers by Hugo, Hugo Boss

Olive Rookie Deck Jacket by Superdry

Macnee Backpack by Eastpak

Men’s Ultra Boost Running Shoes by Adidas


Green Zac Camo Parka by Peak performance 

Clinique is one of THE most trusted names, not only in men’s grooming, but the entire beauty and cosmetics business. Now, for 50 Years they have been producing great producing like their Post Shave Soother or the Maximum Hydrator activated water gel concentrate and their latest offering is no exception.

CliniqueFit sees life like a marathon, jam-packed and full of surprises and they want you to look your best whether your off for a hike, on your bike or simply off for some lunch, healthy, obviously.

This range is a carefully curated unisex line of athletic-inspired, high performance skin care and makeup that’s long-wearing and designed to fit seamlessly into your on-the-go lifestyle.

Concentrating on the more male focused products for this post, we have the CliniqueFit Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer is a double action moisturizer that hydrates skin for up to 8 hours while keeping surface oil in check. This lightweight, oil-free gel formula provides a matte, shine-free finish leaving skin soft, comfortable and nourished.

The Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray is a water-based on-the-go spray that instantly refreshes and hydrates parched skin. The non-sticky, oil-free formula absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable with a healthy glow.

The Post-Workout Face + Body Cleansing Swipes help to refresh and invigorate skin leaving it soft and hydrated. The pH friendly towelletes remove excess dirt, oil and debris, while also gently exfoliating and moisturizing skin for a smoother surface. Suitable for all skin types and appropriate for use on both the face and body.

There are few footwear brands with such an enviable heritage and iconic status as Blundstone. The Australian brand have been producing their ever ready, tough, quality boots that are equally at home whether at work or play since 1870. Their boots have combined hardy resilience with classic style and appeal. Each Blundstone boot is finished with the core design element of the boot loop, a ‘tab device’ that contains the recognisable Blundstone logo. Whether its as a work boot, a trusted festival footwear or versatile shoe, which completes any formal to casual look effortlessly.  Every pair of Blundstones are designed to be a true, trusted partner, for every journey. Wherever you go, and whatever life throws at you, Blundstone will help you on your journey.

Staying true to their Antipodean history the colour plaette of Blundstone boots is inspired by the unique landscape of Tasmania, using shades and tones such as rustic brown and black and stout brown.

This season the brand have launched a stand alone retail experience which encapulates Blundstone’s ethos of action, initative and classic style with a new 600 sq ft store in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. White walls are covered with minimalist wooden shelves finished with black detailing. The rear of the store will feature a floor to ceiling countryside landscape in contrast to the concrete accents surrounding the store. Ferns line either side of the shop floor, emphasising the town and country adaptability Blundstone provides.

CEO of the brand, Steve Gunn, sums up the thinking behind this launch because, “With over 200 products available today throughout 50+ countries, we are extremely excited to provide our customers in the UK with an all encompassing Blundstone shopping experience. This store allows us to create a one stop shop to showcase the breadth of our product set.”