You can’t keep a good woman down – Agnés B’s latest collection

 As the pandemic still rolls on and affects our lives in different ways we hadn’t even anticipated. One such way is the staging and attending of international Fashion Weeks, buyers and Journalists alike are unable to attend these events designed to showcase the highly anticipated collections of the world’s best creative clothing minds. So what, I don’t/can’t afford designer clothes, you may well say, well this is where many trend are first seen and interpreted by pretty much every high street retailer.

Designers, fashion houses, street wear brands etc are all having to think outside the box when it come to staging their showcase events and to be enough more creative in drawing in consumer, buyers, stylists, bloggers etc, only last week British Designer, held an event for his first couture collection for the iconic Italian fashion House Fendi, where the models included none other than Ms Demi Moore, both Mother and Daughter Dynamic duo, Kate Moss and Lila, as well as Christy Turlington, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell etc etc.

On the menswear side of things, the French tour de Force Agnés B has created a video to celebrate the agnés b Homme collection at Paris Men’s Fashion Week with French actors Reda Kateb and Nicholas Maury, from the Brilliant Netflix series from Call My Agent. Check this out below.

Insta-style – 5 to follow on Instagram

Words by Marcus Bartolo

Everyone is spending just that little bit more time on Social Media these days, probably due to the lack of social interaction we are experiencing currently, we all needs something to read or look at. With Instagram having over a Billion monthly active users, it’s safe to say that it’s a go to app to pass the time. From the Frow to streetstyle, we’ve narrowed down the 5 fashion insiders you should be following on Instagram to get the inside scoops.

What I love about the essentials by Ronning is the quality and the fit. As Ronning is a small operation, there is more care in production, all items are made in Portugal. The style and silhouettes are similar to Yeezy Season 2 SS16. It is good to support smaller businesses in the fight against fast fashion.

• Great for all your essential items. Amazingly durable quality garments, for everyday wear.


• Favourite Items

• 1.Washed Charcoal Everyday Hoodie £95

• 2.Black Mohair Cardigan £135

• 3.Washed Black Carpenter Jeans £105


What I love about Yanagihara.p.tasuku is the way his trousers fall onto the shoes. The use of more relaxed fitting trouser and chunkier shoes provides and effortless stylish aesthetic.

If you need inspiration for trousers then look no further.

The perfect blend of smart wear and Japanese workwear.

Favourite Items

1.New Balance 992-

2. Engineered Garments Trousers (Similar to trousers pictured)- Currently in The Sale!!!£156


What I like about Reisebastien is his use of Highstreet brands such as Uniqlo, Topman and COS. And how he creates very elegant and stylish outfits, putting the emphasis on light monochromatic colours. Perfect smart casual wear for fair value prices.

• Great account to follow for cheap well put together outfits. If you are looking for items to fill your wardrobe, then Reisebstien is a wonderful place to start.

• Favourite Items

• 1.COS Long Wide-Leg Trousers (Made With 100% Recycled Wool)£89

• 2.UNIQLO Mens Work Jacket-£34.90

Nigel Cabourn

“Part-designer, part-archivist, Nigel Cabourn is truly someone whose passion for the rich heritage of menswear knows scant equals. Cabourn has remained a major player in the fashion industry since the early 1970s. Despite an ongoing presence for almost 50 years, the British vintage clothing expert still operates mostly under the radar”.-(Article London)

Absolutely legendary designer Nigel Cabourn is the pinekel of mature fashion.

Duffel Jackets, overalls and amazing trousers- a must follow.

• Favourite Items-

• 1.Blanket Jacket- £395

• 2.Naval Dungarees-£295

• 3.Arctic Jersey Pants- £90 in sale


Not noticeably big on Instagram, meaning that not a lot of people will be trying to replicate the same style. His outfits are compiled of easy to wear and excellent quality products that will be able to stay in your wardrobe for a long time and be versatile to changing styles.

Good person to follow if you are getting to grips with layering. Really great outfits for winter.

Favourite Items-

1. Taion Vest (Inner Down Wear)- £45 In Sale

2.Universal Works Military Chinos(Similar To Photos) -£65 in sale

3.FOLK Car Coat (Similar to one pictured)

£150 in sale

What makes a good deodorant?

If you’ve ever wondered ‘what makes a good deodorant? This is the guide for you. Read these tips to find the right fit for you… and your armpits!

Choosing a good deodorant can be confusing when there’s so much choice. The flashy packaging. The catchy slogans. The eclectic menu of fragrances. So, how do you make the right choice? Well, it comes down to finding one that works for you. Here are the key things to consider.

Choose something that will offer protection

It goes without saying that you want something that’s going to mask odours, but all too often men go for a nice-smelling body spray. A body spray may well smell great, but it also might not offer protection for anything more than a fleeting moment.

Instead of choosing something that just smells nice, go for a deodorant that’ll leave you protected for longer. That way you won’t need to be worried about raising your arm at any point during the day.

Think about skin sensitivity

Protection from odour is one thing, but you also want a deodorant that cares for your skin too. After all, armpits are a really sensitive part of the body.

Look for products that contain moisturising properties that’ll leave you feeling fresh, smooth and soft. The ideal combo of care and protection – click here for more information.

Consider deodorant as part of your skincare regime

This follows on nicely from the previous point. Deodorant is often seen as a slightly less important toiletry than skin and hair care products. And gents often spend little time, and often less money, on it.

It’s often seen purely as a convenience and not part of a routine that looks after your skin. So, consider what you’re looking for, and start to view your deodorant choice as an extension of your skincare routine. Choose quality and take the time to get it right.

Go aluminium free

Although you want protection from odour, you don’t want to stop your body’s natural propensity to sweat. And you certainly don’t want a product that blocks your pores and prevents you from sweating. Unfortunately, that’s what deodorants with aluminium do, so look out for alternatives.

The right fit for you

This isn’t so much about choosing a good deodorant per se, as about choosing the right one for you, and that largely boils down to roll on vs spray. It can be as simple as a personal preference – do you prefer the feel of one over the other? Or it could be a lifestyle thing. For example, you may prefer a smaller deodorant to take to the gym, and often a roll on will be more compact than a spray. The best solution? Find one you love and get both spray and roll on versions for different times and needs.

That should make it easier for you to choose a good deodorant. Take all of this into consideration and treat your armpits to some TLC!

How to dress retro – modern men’s guide

There are many benefits to dressing well. To develop your own individual style. To be more confident. To take a good photo for your dating profile. After all, good tinder bios for guys always include a stylish profile pic, don’t they, fellas?Whatever your reason for doing so, there’s a definite cool vibe about retro style, when it’s done right. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the key pieces that’ll help you pull off the retro look.

1. The classic polo shirt

This is an absolute must for anyone who wants to dress retro, especially if you’re going for that iconic 60s look.Fashion was one of the few things that mods and ska had in common in the 60s, and both adopted the polo shirt as a key part of their uniform. Go classic with a knitted version and keep it slimfit. Also see the Havana shirt for another retro vibe.

2. It’s all in the jeans

The greatest bit of news about picking jeans that fit in with your retro look is that they never go out of style. From skinny fit to bootcut, jean trends ebb and flow with the years, yet always remain timeless. If you want to stick with the 60s style, a skinnier jean is the way to go. And if you want an edgier retro look, wearing them cropped at the ankle will achieve that.

3. Patterned shirts

A great way of pulling off a classic retro look is to pair plain with patterned, and when it comes to shirts you’ve got plenty of options. A simple pair of dark trousers with a slimfitting floral shirt. Your crispest jeans with a tailored-fit check shirt. Your finest navy Sta Prest with vintage paisley. Whichever way you choose to go you should always complete the look by doing up every single button.

4. Timeless vintage trousers

One of the best style tips to follow for men who want to dress retro is to pay close attention to the fit of your clothing. And this is especially true with your vintage trouser game. However slick your retro tartan, pinstripe, twotone or dogtoothcheck strides are, if they’re ill fittingthey won’t look good. So, make sure you pay close attention to size as well as style. Pick something that not only looks good in a picture, but looks good on you too.

5. The all-important jacket

We’ve been building up to the finale, and your choice of jacket is the thing that’ll finish off your retro look in style. For the purposes of this piece, we’re going to look at three iconic jackets from the swinging 60s. The parka. The bomber. And the Harrington. Depending on whether you’re going for mod or skinhead as your template, these are the jackets you want to focus on. Honourable mentions go to the classic overcoat, monkey jacket and vintage blazer.

As a man in pursuit of perfecting the retro look it’s all about making choices that fit in with the decade you’re going for. And once you’ve got that down, you’ll be pulling off the look with ease… every day. Who knows, your newly found confidence could even help you find the love of your life. Because, remember, all good tinder bios for guys should include that stylish profile photo.

So, the next time you’re thinking about putting your retro look together, follow our style tips and you’ll be good to go!


OK I’ll say it, being a Northern myself, Sheffield isn’t the first place you think of when you hear the words Luxury, Handmade Mens footwear brand, quality, strength, grit, all yes, words that you associate with Sheffield, Luxury Fashion, no. Well, my dear readers, I am about to change your minds.

The Sheffield-based footwear company, GORAL have been making footwear for over 80 years ago. The last pair of hands which touches the footwear before the customer, is the craftsmen who made the footwear. Aside from being handcrafted, each item is quality checked by the GORAL craftsmen.

It introduces the Blake Stitch for use in trainers. GORAL’s craftsmen have developed a unique process to enable quicker re-soling on trainers. The Blake Stitch stitches the upper directly to the leather lasting board, and then sidewall stitching the sole to the upper. This drastically reduces the need for glue while still offering a strong water-resistant seal.

GORAL  launches its Hybrid Trainer Collection. This new collection, has for the first time, a unique method created by the craftsmen at GORAL to attach the sole to the trainer upper making a full resole possible. Never before has a trainer been created which enables a full resole.

Using a palette of retro colours GORAL’s craftsmen have deconstructed several classic shoes to create the GORAL Hybrid Trainers collection.  Renowned for comfort, GORAL trainers have padding, unlined leather upper and insoles/leather lasting board making the footwear comfortable with no need for breaking in.

Dominik Goral, Commercial Director at GORAL said; “Since my Great Great Grandfather made the first pair of GORAL shoes over 80 years ago,  we have become recognised as an industry leader for the craftmanship which goes into our footwear. Our craftsmen have developed a unique process to enable GORAL trainers to be re-soled. This is a huge game changer for the footwear industry.

“The clothing and footwear industry is constantly looking for new ways that it can be more sustainable. By having a method which will enable trainers to have the entire sole replaced means that GORAL is leading the way to reduce the number of trainers which end up in landfill every year.

“Waste isn’t the only issue the industry faces. Pollution is also caused by products travelling halfway around the world before reaching the customer. At GORAL we source all our materials and packaging as locally as possible. We also offset our carbon emissions from deliveries to customers.”