Something for the Weekend

Words by Cameron Mclauchlan

Another instalment of Something for the Weekend is here! and we think we have finally found the perfect basic T-Shirt. For everyday use. At an undeniably good price.

Whilst there are many T-shirts available below the £10 mark from your local retailer. I challenge anyone to find a better quality T-shirt for the same price as our first item in this weeks edition of something for the weekend

1. UNIQLO Crew T-shirt 

It may come as little surprise to those of you who have shopped at UNIQLO before, that our ultimate basic T can be found there. For those of you who are yet to pop a head in, I recommend having a nose when you can! Current stores in the UK include Manchesters Arndale, Bluewater, and Londons Oxford St. As well as online.

UNIQLO. One of, if not the largest fashion retailer in Asia has seen an equally impressive rise in popularity across the EU & US. The brands origins can be traced back to Yamaguchi in Japan, post World War II1949. Beginning its days as a textiles factory.

UNIQLO which was abbreviated from ‘Unique Clothing Warehouse, opened its first store in Hiroshima in 1984. Nearly a decade after its first store opened, the great recession hit Japan in early 90s. This prompted UNIQLO to flourish as cheaper price-point clothing was met with consumers looking to save where possible.

The brand now operates globally and owes much of its success to founder Tadashi Yanai, now CEO of Fast Retailing, the parent company of UNIQLO. UNIQLO as a retailer operates selling predominantly the same clothing for the entire season, leveraging its quality and affordable pricing as a reason to return. The brand has built some really interesting collaborative relationships with the likes of Jil Sander, Undercover, Kaws, Engineered Garments and more recently and more recently JW Anderson.

To shop the T-shirt hit the link below, sizes vary from XS to 3XL, sizes tend to sell out quickly so would advise heading in-store if there’s one close by!

2.   Stan Ray Slim Painter Pant – £85.00

Workwear brand Stan Ray, similarly to Dickies we featured last week is a brand coveted for its durability. Earl Beard founded the brand in 1972. In Texas US where it is based to this day. Earl entered the market at a time where the large majority of brands outsourced their production to the Far East & South America. American brand/American made was and still is Earls vision.

The brand name Stan Raydidnt come until later, inspired by Earls sons name Stanley Ray. Stanley now oversees the family run company particularly when it comes to the operations at their  manufacturing facility in Crockett, Texas.

Now selling through roughly 2500 stores worldwide, the brand seems to have emerged into the UK and EU markets more notably in the last 5 to 10 years as a result of the tidal wave demand for street and workwear.

3.   New Balance 990 v5 

Originally created at the beginning of the 80s as an all new running shoe. The 990 has now become the king of ‘dad sneakers. Whilst the latest iteration is named the v5, the 990 has actually seen a total of 7 variations since its birth in 1982. Other variations over the years include the 99X (2001), 991 & 992 (2006). With the 991 & 992 being created in celebration of the brands 100th Birthday.

So as you can probably guess from that last sentence, New Balance was officially kicked off way back in 1906 by William J Riley. Rumour has it that one day Riley was watching chickens strut around his back garden when he noticed how well they balanced with their main three points to use as balance. Inspiring Riley to design arch supports with three points of support.

Formally called New Balance Arch Support Company the company didnt begin making actual trainers until 1961. By which point Riley and his main partner Arthur Hall had sold the company to Arthurs daughter Eleanor and her husband Paul Kidd in 1956. The new owners saw continued success selling the arch supports alone, until making the Trackster in 1961. Probably as a result to being approached by numerous companies to co-create a shoe with their now renowned arch supports.

Since the Trackster, like many shoe company stores we have featured in this series, New Balance has built itself into a highly successful sportswear brand through the creation of iconic silhouettes which have etched themselves across all aspects of culture over music, sports and fashion. Visible today with their sponsorships of European champions Liverpool FC and ongoing partnership with Londons sneaker store FootPatrol.

To shop the v5s hit the link below, sizes tend to go like hot cakes but the v5 seems to have received a higher number of stockists than the v4, so if the link below has run out of sizes check out : Size?, New Balance or END.

Thank you for reading another week of #SFTW

Give this weather the Boot – Novesta Chukka Boot

As summer draws to a close, it’s about time you start thinking about updating your footwear to something a little warmer, a little more durable – but ultimately – still stylish: say hello to the  Novesta Chukka Boot.

Known mostly for their iconic Star Master silhouettes, the brand’s has had quite the 2019 following collaborations with the likes of niuhans, Universal Works etc. 

Coming in a handful of stylish colourways, the Chukka Boot features the typical Novesta sole, many have come to love, with choices of either suede or canvas on the upper, plus a super-easy lacing system for extra comfort.

As well as being a distinctly handsome shoe, the Chukka Boot remains in-keeping with the brand’s eco-friendly PETA-approved ethos, in creating footwear by using vegan-friendly, naturally sources rubber, alongside other eco-friendly materials wherever possible. The brand even uses wooden chips to warm its buildings so much is their passion for the environment.

Hoodie Season Is Returning – Here Are Our Top 5 Streetwear Picks

Words by Daniel Ramsdale-Harris

As the English summer comes to end, (if we can even call it a ‘summer) we now turn to more warmer alternatives in our wardrobe to curate our outfits. And you can’t have too many hoodies in your wardrobe can you? We’ve selected our top 5 streetwear picks, ranging from rising streetwear brands such as Noah and Awake NY to established counterparts in Stussy and Comme Des Garcon.

1. Noah NYC  Black Logo Hoodie

Noah, founded by former Supreme creative director Brendon Barbenzian continue to establish themselves as a leading brand on the streetwear scene. A focus on transparency surrounding social stances and production processes, has transpired Noah as a brand who simply care, which in turn has created a loyal following of fans who buy in to their values beyond just product.

Perhaps their most recognisable silhouette is their signature logo hoodie, which emblazons the brand name with their red cross motif. Constructed with 100% cotton, with tonal overlocking stitching throughout and a black colourway, this silhouette is a staple piece that can be matched with pretty much all outfits.


2. Awake NY Split Patch Logo Hoodie

Another founder formerly of streetwear staple Supreme, Angelo Baque started Awake NY back in 2012, with the aim to capture the unique cultural spirit and sensibility of New York City.

The brand sits in the group of emerging streetwear brands, expanding the core brand selection from the true OG’s in Stussy, Supreme and BAPE. And it’sSplit Patch Logo has become an instantly recognisable motif in the scene, alongside sold out collaborations with Asics.

The hoodie comes in a relaxed fit, 100% cotton composition, and of course the embroidered split patch logo. Another simple, but clean silhouette to add to the wardrobe.


3. Stussy Basic Hoody

Arguably the main brand that formed what is known as streetwear today, continues to deliver staple sweats, emblazoned with unique graphics and high-quality compositions.

The Stussy Basic Hoodie features the brands signature logo, a logo that was defined by Shawn Stussy himself, with the founder scrawling his surname on to hand crafted surfboards with a broad tipped marker pen.

The sweat features a cotton and polyester blend with fleeceback jersey and a printed logo. Coming in yellow colourway which allows you to hold on to those summer feels into the winter.


4. Comme Des Garcon Play Zip-Up Hood

Rei Kuwakbo’s Comme Des Garcon continues to be a giant in the streetwear game. A brand worn by all ages, and one that is identified by many as a pioneer for all Japanese fashion.

Their ‘heart’ motif is one of the most recognisable logos in fashion, yet alone streetwear. For this silhouette, it comes in its black form, an alternative to the classic red.

The hoodie is made out of 100% polyester with the embroidered heart on the chest and back of the garment. An ivory colourway way is spotted, offering the perfect light subtle tone for the upcoming winter.



We finish off the picks by going back to one of the OG’s in the streetwear game in A Bathing Ape. Since opening up in 1993, the Japanese brand is one of the biggest in the world, and one that continues to resonate with multiple generations.

Famous for their camo prints, this silhouette however shows off a more simplified design, featuring the iconic ‘Ape’ logo on the chest, with ‘A Bathing Ape’ spelled out across the back.

Sporting a green colourway, the hoodie comes in a regular fit with a 70% cotton and 30% polyester blend. A streetwear classic to add to your collection.

5 Styling Hacks to Look Expensive on a Budget

Looking good is a godsend, but not everyone has the means to always look dressed to the nines daily, especially if they’re working a nine-to-five. That doesn’t mean that fashion is for those who can afford it. Your clothes can look expensive if you know how to style them right.

Having a fashion sense is not mandatory, but it helps bolster your self-confidence and overall make you feel more in control with daily dealings in your life. Great style is not fixed on a bracket of a certain amount of money.

There are ways you can get around to having a budget. If you happen to have a closet full of clothes that you don’t fully utilize, take some time to go over everything you have. If you have clothes you haven’t worn and don’t plan to, you can eithersell them online for a profit or donate them. Either way, you’re freeing up precious closet space and getting rid of things you don’t need.

Not really convinced that you can look luxe on a budget? Here are styling hacks and tips to help you.

Invest in Classic Pieces

Quality will always trump quantity. Instead of buying the latest trendy clothes, keep it simple by investing in classic pieces that you can keep reusing for longer. Quality items will not wear out as much as the trendy pieces will. If you buy them in neutral colors, they are versatile to be paired with any existing clothing you have.

Repair What You Can

Stains, missing buttons, and stubborn zippers are annoying. If you are thinking of throwing away clothing that has these, consider repairing it yourself. You can extend the shelf life of damaged garments by applying DIY remedies. Spot-cleaning with a sponge or a toothbrush if you see pen marks can do wonders on your clothes.

Learning how to sew is a handy skill to have. Going to the tailor can be expensive, especially if the damage is a little tear or the seam coming undone. Do it yourself by picking up a needle and thread. If you are interested in ruined-cloth hacks, check out thisarticle.

Never Wear Wrinkled Clothes

Carelessly handling or storing clothes can make them wrinkled. It can be an inconvenience to see a garment you anticipate wearing have unsightly wrinkles. It can be unbecoming to don clothes that are rumpled and creased, so you should iron them before putting it on and going out.

Better yet, invest in a steaming iron instead of the traditional one. Most clothes made with synthetic fabrics like polyester are sensitive to heat and run the risk of getting misshapen or burned. A steamer is an alternative way to get wrinkle-free clothes.

Black Always Looks Expensive

There’s a reason black is one of the most favored shades in the color spectrum. There are a lot of things that the shade is credited for, and it can be described in words such as elegant, slimming, and uncomplicated. Black clothes make the wearer look more sophisticated, and while the reasons vary, they are universally understood.

Additionally, dark clothes make the wearer appear visually thinner, and that is why self-conscious men and women prefer to wear black: to make their bodies look sleeker. If you’re new to fashion and don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience in bold prints and patterns, black on black is a safe choice.

There are many perks to wearing black, apart from the aesthetic. It is a versatile shade that pairs perfectly with any color. If you are a messy eater, you can feast with abandon when you wear black because it hides any food stains. Remember that when you’re going to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Alter Clothes to Fit Better

Not everyone can afford bespoke clothing. Make the best out of clothes you can buy off the rack by making them fit your frame better. This idea also works for pieces you adore but are not available in your size.

It can be a pain to go to a tailor to have your clothing altered and expensive in bulk, but remember that it is a good investment. It is certainly cheaper to alter clothes than to buy expensive ones. If you have the skills and equipment like a sewing machine to do it, then why not do it yourself?

What other styling hacks do you know of that are not listed above? Share your tips in the comments section below.

A Menswear curveball -John Lewis Menswear

Well it’s nice to see not all news from the Great British High Street is gloom and doom, yes retail, particularly Fashion Retail, is getting a bit of a kicking at the moment. But just when you think, tut it’s all bad news, comes a little gem like this.

This coming season signals a bit of a mammoth evolution of Menswear at John Lewis and Partners. The change will be anchored by two completely transformed own-brands, designed in-house, which will sit alongside a renewed focus on independent and emerging brands.

This confident approach follows the successful launch of John Lewis & Partner’s womenswear last autumn and, with the menswear market set to grow almost 20 per cent in the next five years, it’s an area that presents a significant opportunity for growth for the brand.

Central to this transformation are two own-brand collections. The first is John Lewis & Partners eponymous label, a 280-piece collection that takes a fresh perspective on menswear classics. Designed in-house, the collection blends modern design with reconsidered fits, fabrics and quality.

Alongside John Lewis & Partners sits ​Kin​, a brand that launched in 2013 and which embodies luxe-sport inspired style. From this season it will refocus on directional designs and high-performing fabrics – across both tailoring and casualwear. The Solotex travel suit is a key innovation within the Kin collection; an unstructured suit cut from a four-way stretch showerproof fabric that is crease-resistant. Alongside this, corduroy and velvet bomber jackets paired with matching trousers, and the new Kin Quilted Jacket mix impressive performance with modern, clean design.

Joining the own brand collections, AW19 also sees the introduction of a raft of new independent brands leading with two ​capsule collections from British brands Folk and Albam​. Folk has created a collection called It’s All Good Folk, set to launch at the beginning of August, which focuses on sustainable fabrications, materials and the reissue of key pieces from the brand’s archive.

Albam’s capsule, Albam Utility, set to launch in September, reinterprets workwear staples with a focus on wearability; hero pieces include canvas work jackets, soft jersey sweatshirts and robust cotton chinos.

Both capsules are exclusive to John Lewis and have been designed in close collaboration with the John Lewis menswear team.