Limited edition Carl Friedrik x Secrid Cardprotector promises to elevate the everyday

Luxury travel goods brand, Carl Friedrik, has partnered with industry-leading Dutch wallet maker, Secrid, to release a limited edition version of the iconic Cardprotector. Featuring a premium Italian leather exterior reinforced by robust automotive-inspired stitching, the Carl Friedrik × Secrid Cardprotector offers a fitting blend of elegance and durability for elevated daily use.

Its essentialist approach to functionality speaks to an increasingly cashless society. Secrid’s patented lever mechanism provides seamless access to six internally-stowed cards; while a further two cards and a key fob can be stored in the external side pocket.

Safety is naturally top of mind in the data-conscious and digital-forward era. The RFID. blocking aluminium case both deters electronic thieves from unauthorised scanning and prevents cards from bending or breaking. The Carl Friedrik x Secrid Cardprotector is available in three timeless and understated colours: cognac, chocolate and black.

Carl Friedrik co-founder, Mattis Oppermann, elaborated on the design ethos: “The goal was to slim everything down and focus on the essentials. Creating a premium cardholder that offers the right level of security for the era of neo-banking”

How to wash your hair, properly!

Celebrity hairdresser, Jay Birmingham has launched his very own hair care range. With sixteen years experience in hairdressing and a roster of high profile celebrity clients including Maya Jama, Khloe Kardashian and Rochelle Humes, Jay has created this range with extensive knowledge behind him. 

Jay B Haircare features the Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner as the debut products with other launches promised to follow soon. 

Created with all natural ingredients, Jay has been working on the perfect formula for four years. He has hand-picked the ingredients and bespoke fragrance from his years of experience and knowledge.

Avocado is rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, biotin and Vitamin A and E which help seal and smooth the cuticle and prevent breakage.

Argan oil helps tame frizz, add shine and promotes elasticity, while having antibacterial properties which improve scalp health.

To properly cleanse your hair You need to wet your hair and apply a small amount of shampoo.  Massage into a lather and rinse thoroughly.

For best results, shampoo your hair twice to remove all product build up and cleanse your scalp completely.

Follow with conditioner and repeat this twice per week.

It doesn’t fall far from the tree – Like Father & Son from Private White VC

British Luxury Menswear Brand, Private White V.C. are delighted to announce that they will be making a Limited-Edition batch of ‘Moleskin Bombers for Boys’ which will be ready in time for this year’s Father’s Day which falls on Sunday 18th June here in the UK, errrr don’t forget.

The Boys’ Moleskin Bomber Jacket will be available to pre-order in their best-selling colours of Navy and Brown and will be shipped in time for Father’s Day.

So how did this sterling idea come about ? Well, last May for his birthday, founder of the brand James’ only son Max asked for “a brown bomber jacket from Daddy’s factory”. This request unsurprisingly filled him with huge pride and immense satisfaction.

James posted a few images of Max and him at the factory sporting their matching Moleskin Bombers and the feedback was nothing short of overwhelming. Shortly after he decided to donate a pair of “Father & Son Bombers” for a charity auction in aid of the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and was delighted to see the lot raise over £1,500 for such a fantastic cause.

Over the past 12 months James struggled to recall a single week in which he didn’t receive a request for them to make the Boy’s Bomber available to the wider public.

With every purchase Private White V.C. will donate 10% to Francis House, a remarkable local organization that provides invaluable healthcare and support for children and young adults with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions here in the Northwest of England.


Expert reveals 7 tips to avoid online dating scams

Navigating the world of online dating can be tricky and it’s important not to lose sight of the potential dangers and scams that you may encounter whilst engaging with other potential matches. That’s why security expert Nathan Daniels from has outlined 7 steps you can take to protect yourself when dating online to ensure you don’t have a negative experience.

Turn off location tracking

Many dating apps require that you turn on location tracking. This means you have to allow these apps to view your location. Dating apps use this information to get you into contact with people who are close to you geographically.

Of course, this is a very useful feature. Nevertheless, it’s understandable you might not want to share your exact location with a dating app, or with any service for that matter.

It is strongly recommended to turn off geo-tracking once you’re no longer actively using your dating app. That way, at the very least, you prevent the app from tracking you constantly.

Request a video chat (before your first date)

Another great safe online dating tip is to filter out fake dating profiles by requesting a video call. In fact, it can be a regular call as well, although video chatting is definitely better. Most people with fake profiles will be very reluctant to have a call, especially if a video is involved.

Obviously, it’s much easier for scammers to deceive their victims through text messages and sending someone else’s pictures. If they were to agree to a call, they would most likely just be discovered as fraudsters. As such, if someone refuses to have a (video) call, you might just be dealing with a fake profile.

Of course, you might be dealing with someone who is serious about meeting up at some point. In that case, a video call or a regular call is very useful as well. It will help you to gauge the other user’s intentions and character a little bit. This could help you avoid some dangerous scenarios.

Don’t connect your dating profiles to other social media or platforms

It might be tempting, for convenience reasons, to just log in on a dating app with your Facebook account or your main Google account. However, it is strongly recommend to not do this, as it’s a potential privacy hazard. Just think about it – you’re connecting a profile that’s intended for friends and family to a platform where you’ll be contacting tons of people you don’t know. Instead try using another way to log inthat can’t be traced back to you. One method, for instance, would be to create a Google account with random information that doesn’t contain any of your personal data.

Choose pictures you don’t use elsewhere

By using a reverse image search, someone can easily use your dating profile pictures against you. They can simply use this Google tool to find other pages where the images appear. This way, they’ll easily find out your personal information, even if you didn’t include it on your dating profile.

As such, it is recommended to only use pictures on your dating profile that you’re not using anywhere else. This also means it’s a bad idea to allow Tinder or other dating apps to simply pull pictures from Facebook or other social media accounts.

Report suspicious activity and inappropriate behaviour

Many dating apps have ways to report profiles and/or inappropriate behaviour. This comes in handy when you come across a (potentially) fake profile or behaviour that makes you uncomfortable. By reporting the profile involved, you will make your own and others’ dating experiences safer.

After you report an account, the respective dating app will generally launch an investigation. If someone’s profile is found to be fake or they are found guilty of inappropriate behaviour, their account will be deleted.

Types of suspicious or inappropriate activity you might encounter on dating apps include the following:


  • Fake profiles. Always be wary if you see a profile that’s unverified, offers little information, or seems too good to be true.
  • Money demands. If someone asks you for money, there’s a good chance they’re a catfish.
  • Requests for explicit pictures. The person requesting these pictures might plan on sextorting you.
  • Inappropriate messages, such as messages containing threats or sexual intimidation.
  • Unacceptable behaviour during a physical meeting exhibited by the people you meet.
  • Messages where people try to sell you something or get you to do something unrelated to dating (spam).
  • Rejection of video calls, even after chatting with someone for a long time. This might indicate you’re dealing with a fake account.

Many dating platforms also offer the possibility of blocking a specific user. This is a great option if someone is bothering you and you don’t want to have them contact you while you’re awaiting the results of the dating app’s investigation after reporting them.

Be wary of malicious files and pages

Some catfish operate by infecting their victims’ devices with malware. Rather than asking you for money, they might attempt to infect your system with a keylogger, in the hope. of getting their hands on your financial data.

That’s why it’s recommended to not download or click on any files that a new chat partner might send you. It’s best to wait until you know them a bit better and trust the,. The same goes for visiting links they send you – both can contain dangerous malware.

Apart from always being vigilant, we recommend getting a solid antivirus solution to protect yourself from malware.

Delete your account when you’re done dating

Have you finally met your soul mater? Or have you had your fill of casual dating fun? Either way, consider another valuable safe online dating tip, and make sure to delete your online dating account once you’re done dating.

Deleting your dating profile will erase (most of) your personal information on the dating platform in question. As a result, it will be much more difficult for others to abuse your personal information.

Enriched by Nature – Hibernicis

If you’ve never visited and experienced the beauty of Connemara, one, you’ve missed out and two, you need to asap. Now a skincare range designed to support and replenish the body and mind’s wellbeing is Hibernicis, (Pronounced HI BER NI KIS).

Hibernicis is inspired by the wild and untouched Connemara on the west coast of Ireland and uses natural resources, including seaweed, from the surrounding Atlantic coasts.

The Irish have utilised and benefitted from using such ingredients as seaweed to enhance health and well-being and such notions as seaweed baths are common place along the Wild Atlantic way of Connemara.

To celebrate Ireland’s cultural and linguistic heritage, Hibernicis (Latin: from Ireland) is also presented in ancient Ogham script and each product bears a Gaelic name.

Founder of the brand, Catherine Logue has more than 30 years’ global experience in the beauty industry. She brings years of gathered knowledge, product design and creativity to the birth of Hibernicis. Catherine started her cosmetics journey in Sydney, Australia and now splits her time between, Ireland, Australia and Hong Kong.

“I have always been particularly passionate about natural skincare and bodycare” says, Catherine.

“For me Ireland is an incredibly beautiful land with a fascinating and complex history and so I started the journey of developing a range which reflects how I feel about Ireland.”

Top of mind in the development of Hibernicis is product efficacy, sublime texture, pleasing skin-feel and in some instances unique application technique. At the heart, natural aromas are key and are individually blended for each product.

At the very base Hibernicis is driven by its search for the most efficacious, natural and naturally derived ingredients. The products are gentle, natural and good for all skin tones, types and gender. Particular attention is given to adding comfort for mature skin.

Seaweed extracts are a constant through all the products. This wonderous marine plant is known to be detoxifying, packed with vitamins K, B, A, and E, that help improve skin tone, texture and elasticity. Packed full of humectants, seaweed delivers antioxidants to fight free radical damage and is known to hydrate, heal and repair skin.

Hibernicis is committed to continue searching for the latest scientific solutions with the safest and most effective ingredients, predominately using natural and naturally derived ingredients. All Hibernicis products contain 95% or more natural or naturally derived ingredients.