Now there’s an original pair of shades – Adidas Originals eyewear

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 16.47.19We all like to stand out from the crowd, OK, not in a stupid way, but you know what I mean !  And with the new customize project from Adidas Originals Eyewear, thats exactly what you can do. There are millions of combinations to choose from – and that’s just the beginning.

Those clever lil sportswear designers at Adidas HQ wanted us to be able to express our own individual style, through the mode of Sunglasses. Sick of when the sun, finally, shows its almost forgotten face in these parts, being confronted with a sea of Aviator style and Wayfarer-esque sunnies. They took inspiration from everyday life. Thinking, how cool would it be to coordinate your sunglasses to every outfit in your wardrobe ? They drew inspiration from the latest trends, presenting fresh takes on the styles of the 50s, 70s and 80s-(I don’t know why they disliked the 60’s and 90’s)­‐ and a new concept rapidly emerged, paving the way for millions of combinations of customize eyewear.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 16.46.50

The online configurator on the adidas Originals eyewear website allows you to give free rein to your creativity and design your own sunglasses. Mix and match temples, frames and filters according to your preferred shapes and colours. When your design is complete, you can view the final effect in the virtual mirror. All you need is a webcam. Alternatively, you can download a smartphone app. The virtual mirror helps you to quickly decide whether you have found the perfect style or need to experiment a little more.



Mr Porter and Friends – A series of exclusive collaborations

Following on from last year’s launch of a series of designer collaborations, created specifically for the internet e-tailing Colossus, Mr Porter, which included the likes of Paul Smith, YMC, Oliver Spencer and Orlebar Brown. This year sees the first in a new international crop of partnerships with Parisan designer Alexandre Mattuissi for the brand Ami. The Native New Yorker Alexander Wang, Tokyo’s Beams Plus and Antwerp’s finest Raf Simons.

Alexandre Mattuissi for Ami, has created a brand, which its fair to say, has become a destination for the Style Press and Retail Buyers alike. This range is essentially based on ‘les bords du Canal Saint Martin,’ or the area where the stylish Parisian crowd hangs out on summer nights. The 13 piece capsule collection consists of tailored blazers, jackets and trousers.



Alexander Wang‘s nine piece collection of t-shirts, sweats, varsity jackets, and leather bombers. He says of this collaboration,     “The exclusive collection for MR PORTER.COM includes some of my favourite styles from our ready-to-wear and T by Alexander Wang collections; these pieces are essentials in my everyday wardrobe. For this collaboration with MR PORTER, it felt right to make the selection really personal and effortless, by mixing ready-to-wear with T.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 13.46.57

Alexander Wang EXCLUSIVELY for

Next up we have Beams Plus, hailing from the Uber Trendy Tokyo district of Harajuku, who from launching a menswear line in 1999 have grown to be a tour de force in their native Japan. This collaboration for Spring 2013 is based on the ‘Ivy Surf’ concept – collegiate meets the coast. The 6 piece capsule collection consists of polo’s, t-shirts, and shorts adorned with Japanese designer Palm Graphics’ signature palm surfer.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 13.58.05

Beams Plus EXCLUSIVELY for

Lastly, and Raf Simons have come together to create an exclusive 13 piece floral inspired capsule collection for spring 2013. Hand-painted prints have transformed staples such as t-shirts and sweats, and formalwear including a blazer and white shirt, as well as hi top sneakers. Terry Betts, Senior Buyer of Mr Porter says of the collection,

“Raf’s use of colour and Kurt Cobain-inspired grunge florals combined to make his SS13 show one of our favourites.This exclusive project started from new, uniquely-painted watercolours which were transformed onto fabric and then used to create a 13-piece collection for MR PORTER. We are very excited to be collaborating with one of the most creative designers currently working in the industry.”

Raf Simons EXCLUSIVELY for Mr Porter

Raf Simons EXCLUSIVELY for Mr Porter


Love Shack Babbyyyyy – Tommy Hilfiger’s Surf Shack Project

The "Surf Shack" range by Tommy Hilfiger

The “Surf Shack” range by Tommy Hilfiger

American surf culture was born in the 1960s,  the band the Beach Boys’ were hitting the Billboard charts singing of  “Surfin’ USA” , ahhh life was simple, fun, carefree. Rooted in California, the surf movement was more than a trend; it offered a new approach to sport, language, music and fashion – much of which remains true today.

For Summer 13 Tommy Hilfiger has taken inspiration for his limited edition “Surf Shack” range from the warm waters of Malibu, Australia’s Gold Coast ohhh and the more chilly Atlantic swells in Biarritz. It’s sunset drinks on the beach lit by  late-night beach bonfires and après- surf clambakes while the waves lap up at your feet. Surf Shack is about vivid living. It takes the surfers’ carefree charms and attitudes – deep tans, bright colors, boho attitudes – and adds a dash of preppy flair.

In support of Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing partnership with the Art Production Fund (a non-profit organization dedicated to producing ambitious public art projects), the limited- edition collection is complemented by a series of unique surfboards, custom- designed by five American artists – Lola Schnabel, Richard Phillips, Scott Campbell, Gary Simmons and Raymond Pettibon – to create unique, custom- designed surfboards to complement the Surf Shack capsule collection. From pop-culture portraits to mystical abstracts and chalk-on-slate paintings, the artists have each applied their innovative, individual creative visions to the boards, which a limited number of the surfboards will be available for purchase at select Tommy Hilfiger stores worldwide, via 

The Richard Phillips designed board

The Richard Phillips designed board


The Scott Campbell designed Board

The Scott Campbell designed Board


The Raymond Pettibon designed board

The Raymond Pettibon designed board











Martin Franklin – Foxhall London – Textual Conversation

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.59.29No don’t worry, I know there are times my spelling and grammar leave a lot to be desired, but its OK put the red marking pen away, on this occasion. Today’s subject is , Martin Franklin, the man behind the, relatively, new brand Foxhall London, although only founded in 2010 after seeing a gap in the market for a new kind of British menswear targeted to 30-45 year old guys living a modern metropolitan life. And so Foxhall was developed to offer these men an edited contemporary wardrobe, with a full category offering, covering contemporary tailoring through to technical urban outerwear and wardrobe essential items such as selvedge denim, great T-shirts, fitted shirting, classic knitwear and robust, stylish accessories.

Inspired by sports and outdoors brands, functional details with consideration for urban life were considered and incorporated into key outerwear items.  The collection has developed a sharp tailored look, and designed to be easy to understand and wear – items that form the foundation of a modern man’s wardrobe.

The name FOXHALL comes from the London Borough of Vauxhall and is probably best explained by Franklin himself,           “It’s a much earlier spelling of Vauxhall, the area of London that is amazingly not famous for the spectacular Pleasure Gardens found there for 250 years from the 17th to 19th centuries. Having lived in the area for quite a few years, I learnt more about them and they were an amazing centre of urban recreation – with spectacular energy, a diversity of people, a certain hedonism – everything that makes London such a great city today. I realised 350 years on not much has changed, and because Foxhall celebrates London’s urban fabric, I thought the Pleasure Gardens were a great inspiration for the brand story”.

For Summer 2013, the brand’s collection continues on its tip of offering contemporary ready to wear and accessories in the brand’s signature style. Key developments include summer separates; creating iconic staple designs which will continually evolve with the seasons to provide trademark capsule collections.

Inspired by the various pursuits of the urban lifestyle, each design is created with attention to detail providing form and function in equal measure. Consideration towards transitional design is encompassed within the collection, creating an easy to wear day to night wardrobe. Trends include the development of light outerwear, the Wren ¾ length raincoat and Catesby technical blazer are offered in performance Teflon-coated cotton, whilst high summer sees the introduction of style essentials: jersey shorts, pure cotton fitted vests and the new utility cargo shorts.

The first store opened at 20 Earlham St, Seven Dials Covent Garden, in August 2012 with the Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection. The webstore,, opened for business in October, and ships Foxhall merchandise globally. Anyway enough of me, what has he got to say;

In your words, describe the collection? What was the inspiration for it? What are the key pieces in it?

It’s the complete urban wardrobe. The inspiration behind the label was the plain navy crewneck T – I didn’t know where to find a good one that was neither £20 nor £80 – rather somewhere in-between.  I asked all my friends and they didn’t know either.  I developed the idea and realised that menswear was missing a contemporary mid-price brand focusing on beautifully made wardrobe essentials fitted to a lean, body-conscious silhouette. The key pieces in our SS13 collection are the Catesby Technical Blazer – it’s a style you won’t find anywhere else, it uses technical Teflon-coated cotton with sealed-seams so it weathers wind and rain well, and it has a great sleek look that can dress smart or casual.  Then the Mayhew Light – a half-lined tailored cotton jacket, which is a perfect summer weight, which can be paired with the Symes tailored smart short – to make a very elegant summer short suit.  And finally the Bentham Light hooded cotton zip-through – a fitted, lightweight summer top in great colours that will be a comfortable holiday essential.  Those three themes comprise the Foxhall collection essentially – Urban Technical wear, Sleek Tailoring and luxe Jerseywear. The urban wardrobe covered. 


If you could collaborate with one brand (Who you currently aren’t) who would it be and why?

We’re into our second season and feel confident each design has been thoroughly considered. We are definitely keen to introduce, longer term, brand extensions including footwear, eyewear, technical sportswear etc. and will want to collaborate with the leading companies in their field. It’s more about working with these experts than specific brands but we’re definitely keen to align with these longer term.


Favourite hotel in the world?

Tough choice – probably between the Sukothai in Bangkok, the Raffles in Phnom Penh or the Oberoi in Agra.  Hotels that stand out need an exotic location, a concierge who can read you perfectly, a bar with its own atmosphere, a no-holds-barred breakfast and a pool area that feels like an event in itself – and each of those hotels delivers in all areas.


If you could live anywhere where would it be & Why ?

London is unquestionably top of the list. After arriving back from anywhere in the world, London is always a good place to land and call home. It’s the capital of the world for almost everything that’s important to me.


How did you get into the industry, what was your big break?

I got into the industry because I decided to leave Procter&Gamble. I had learnt how to build a brand, and wanted to build my own.  I saw the gap in the menswear market based on my own shopping experience, and felt that would be a good place to start. My big break, I think any entrepreneur would agree, was when my investors confirmed their interest in being involved with the project and the first day of the store opening was equally momentous– that’s when it became real.


What do you have to do after this conversation?

Finish the financial projections for our next 2-year business plan.  But, given it’s such a spectacular sunny day in London and they’re never to be taken for granted, I would like to be meeting a few people for long cocktails somewhere outside and park like.


What piece of clothing would you relegate to Room 101 ?

The chunky collegiate graphic hoodie. It’s been so remorselessly imitated and cheapened a thousand different ways. 


What piece of clothing should everyman have in his wardrobe?

At least 3 good white shirts – in smart, casual and summer variations. When it’s a quality piece it makes anything you wear with it look sharp. I have around 15 in my wardrobe but it’s the Foxhall ones that I wear the most now. 


What piece of style advice do you live by?

Buy expensive shoes.  Never gone wrong with that.


Who is your style icon ? Why?

Probably Vidal Sassoon.  He was so elegant in what we wore, and always dressed so effortlessly appropriately – I remember meeting with him on P&G Sassoon business on a cool-ish November morning in LA and he had just come from the gym and he looked so urbane – a fitted taupe leather biker, casual shirt and jeans – expensive and elegant but understated and casual – like he had made an effort, but not a big effort – as though it happened quite naturally, which for him I suppose it did. For me that’s the best kind of style.


Tell us something no one else knows?

My first-ever fashion week experiences were in 2001 in London and New York when Sassoon was still a big sponsor. I was really nervous about what to wear and what would be considered fashionable enough for fashion week. After much deliberation I just went for black from head to toe, and it totally worked. It didn’t stand out or make a bold statement but it worked, and I felt confidently a part of everything. That was the useful lesson that fashion week taught me.




Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.47.57Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.49.12Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.50.21Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.47.02Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 19.44.57


Are you a Fendi Fan – Fan di Fendi Pour Homme, The New Men’s Fragrance

FAN DI FENDI POUR HOMMEThere are Fashion Houses and there are Fashion Houses and Fendi is a house and rule all to themselves, since 1925 Fendi has always been on the cutting edge of Italian style and experimentation. They have always embraced the idea of luxurious craftsmanship and contemporary innovation. A family at the core of the house, founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi and passed into the care of their five daughters, who had the foresight to start to collaborate with a young man called Karl Lagerfeld, you may have heard of him, back in 1965. The rest they say is history !

Silva Fendi, the Creative Director of Menswear, Accessories and Childrenswear for the house wanted to complete the chic and carefree live of the Fendi man, with a fragrance which would reflect him and his embodiment of style and charm. The scent itself, is a bracing freshness of Tangerine from the offset, this is accompanied by Bergamot. Then a fresh and aromatic top note with Basil sets the tone in turn it is spiced with Rose Hips and Cardamom. This is completed with vibrant Geranium before melting into the powerful woody tonalities of Cedar from Texas.

For a racy and stylish scent of this nature, Fendi searched for a man to embody the true meaning of Fan di Fendi Pour Homme. They needed a man, a man of talent, whose style is world class and who shared a real synergy with Fendi. For this they opted for Mark Ronson, a recognised renaissance man who’s not only award winning but whose work stretches from artists as diverse as Bruno Mars, Rufus Wainwright, Duran Duran, the Late Amy Winehouse and the Royal Ballet. Whose family like the Fendi’s are both talented and creative.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 19.42.38