Is there no Limit to what this brand can do – TOPMAN Limited returns

Shot_03_001.tifTOPMAN’s LTD collection started life as a free-range project with the intention of delivering certain pieces to a Topman customer, but also to a customer who might not always look to the High Street retailer for its wares. It was pitched at attracting the type of guy whose wardrobe ethos works on the basis of collectable classics rather than disposable catwalk trends. The collection took a hiatus whilst preparing for its expansion, which now sees it going into 22 stores including international markets and

The re-launch will mean that the LTD collection will now be a yearly commoddity. It means there will always be a small capsule collection of staples pieces including jeans, shirts and knitwear available all year round and this will then be interspersed with the LTD trend pieces every other month, to entice and captivate you.

Shot_02_033.tifTOPMAN’s Creative Director and good friend of Clothes-Make-the-Man, Gordon Richardson says of the recent re-launch;

‘Once again these new collections are full of simple, beautifully designed contemporary classics that would not only enhance an existing wardrobe but be the start of a burgeoning new one. We are also very excited that LTD will now be available throughout the year.’

The first trend of this newly relaunched LTD, is called Pitwall the range draws inspiration from the Golden age of the automobile and the birth of motor racing as a popular spectator sport. Topman Ltd have taken inspiration from these early pioneers of motor racing. The drivers, who secured fame and notoriety with their skills behind the wheel to secure a top spot on the podium and were equally known for their playboy antics as they were for their prowess on the racing tracks.


Whatever the Weather – Six of the best Trench Coats

The weather at the moment is as reliable as a TfL train schedule, don’t get me started. You wake in the morning it seems a bit dull and overcast, by the time to get to work the sun is cracking the stones, you fly out to grab some lunch and it pours down and by the time you’ve arrived back to the office the sun has dried you off via its natural radiation, or it can be any of the mixed up aforementioned scenarios, literally four season in one day.

To combat this infuriating conundrum and make your life a little easier we’ve selected six of the best, of a piece of outerwear that EVERY man should possess, the Trench. Thin enough for the transitional period, thick enough to tackle most things Mother Nature can hurl at you, essentially enough to see you through whatever the weather and still having you looking sharper then sixpence, whatever that means ????


OK lets start with something a little left field and not your traditional Trench, from Belstaff @

OK lets start with something a little left field and not your traditional Trench, from Belstaff @


This is a classic in every sense of the word and if you look after it, it should return the favour. Jaeger @ House of Fraser

This is a classic in every sense of the word and if you look after it, it should return the favour. Jaeger @ House of Fraser


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 18.31.24

This trench is a must for the season and is from Marks & Spencer’s Autograph Collection so you can be assured of quality and price


Within Trench coat history there is an on going argument as to who first invented the Trench, with Aquascutum claiming they did.

Within Trench coat history there is an on going argument as to who first invented the Trench first, with Aquascutum claiming they did.


Whereas the other contender to this title, also holds the Royal Warrant. It is of Course Burberry, this example of the classic is from Burberry Brit at

Whereas the other contender to this title, also holds the Royal Warrant. It is of Course Burberry, this example of the classic is from Burberry Brit at


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 18.56.25

Fancy something a little more contemporary but that won’t go out of fashion ? Go for this Trench from Reiss available from



All Good in the Hood – The Goodhood Store launches its own Clothing line

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 17.42.14The Goodhood Store labels itself as a style retailer rather than a fashion retailer. Unlike many of its counterparts it isn’t led by what they deem as fickle passing trends. Goodhood is a truly independent store offering carefully selected goods for the independent mind. It opened its doors in 2007, with a mission to showcase select goods from across the globe. This ‘curational style of buying’ was rooted in design, quality and creativity; and as an ethos has stuck with the store ever since. Over the years the Goodhood name has built a cult creative following and a global reputation for it’s pioneering approach to retail, with ‘curation’ at the epi- centre of everything they do. Founders Jo Sindle and Kyle Stewart’s design backgrounds are evident throughout the store.

The labels and goods carried in-store and online offer a spirit of maturity to the streetwear market, providing customers with a sartorial selection of desirable goods. Brands stocked range from the more well known such asVans, Retro Super Future, Norse Projects, Neighborhood, Surface To Air & Comme De Garcon, down to local, and not so local, independent labels such as Aries, Lonely Hearts and Gasius to name a few.

So after five years after it’s conception and a successful number of design collaborations with the likes of Norse Projects, Soulland & Paul Smith’s R.Newbold the Goodhood team decided to channel their creative energy behind a collection of premuim branded goods, of their own. With the anticipated launch of its own menswear line ‘GOODS’ dropping this August, as well as the the recent opening of The Goodhood Life store located across the street. This new offering presents a prime selection of ‘lifestyle’ goods, from stationary to lighting, homeware and accessories; all fitting synonomosly within the GOODHOOD ideals.

To mark the imminent release, Goodhood Creative have released this preview short film. Shot on location in London this summer, the film shows Yo Yo champion CJ Garner exhibiting his talents.

Goods by The Goodhood Store Summer 2013 from The Goodhood Store on Vimeo.


All the wardrobe you need to be a dapper Chapar -The Chapar, The internet shopping service

image003-6All of us nowadays have less time, whether it be because of offspring, work commitments or plain and simple just undertaking too much, which therefore means we have less and less time for other activities. Of course a huge proportion of us would confess to buying new clothes as dropping down the list of our priorities due to time restrictions. Well, what if I were to say I could take this weight off your shoulders and offer a stress free and easy solution where you discuss your clothing likes and dislikes with an expert over the phone who could become almost like a personal stylist to answer your sartorial needs ? The Chapar, offers this, literal, life saving service.

Sam Middleton, the man behind the idea is a truly global citizen having spent different stints of his life in Auckland, Stockholm, Brussels, London and started his life in San Francisco. Graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, Middleton entered the corporate world with IMG, the multinational Sports and Entertainment giant. After two years in the corporate world Sam saw an opportunity in the menswear fashion market that he felt was a sure fire success. He moved on and set about creating The Chapar – the personal shopping service for working men. He quickly developed a dynamic team of creatives with a disruptive business model that has grown at a staggering rate.

IMG_3386 - Version 2 (2)The premiss is simple, all the best ones tend to be, all I need to do is dream up the one that’ll make me a million, tut. You register online at their website, answering the obvious questions, name, telephone number, address etc then after a short period and at a mutually convenient time, you receive the call ! A highly skilled stylist contacts you and basically gets a feel for you, brands you like, fave colours, your vital statistics. Then comes the interesting bit, from your conversation they then go off and put together a personal edit specific to you and you alone. Now the stylist does have a great deal of brands to choose from, The Chapar currently stocks brands including Albam, Baracuta, John Smedley, Scotch & Soda, Sunspel and Woorich, to name a few. The trunk, as they like to call it, then arrives at a pre-organised destination of your choosing and then the fun begins, without the need of stomping up and down your local overcrowded mall, no smelly changing rooms, no attitude shop assistants, in fact, all rather stress free a complete package of apparel covering all product categories and selected all according to your taste arrives.

You then follow these 5 simple steps –

1) Try your selection on.

2) Decide what items you want.

3) The pieces you don’t want you place back in the trunk.

4) Stick the enclosed pre-paid return label onto the box.

5) Call or email your stylist to arrange a day to pick up the trunk from an address, where so you please.

Yes it is that easy I promise !


Action Replay Guaranteed – FC Barcelona sign deal with Replay

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 09.50.52FC Barcelona is pretty much considered one of the most prestigious football clubs in the world and its current first team is held by many to be amongst the best of all time, which currently boasts such figures as Gerard Piqué, Cesc Fábregas and of course Lionel Messi. Founded in November 1899, the Club has over 170,000 members, who, unlike many other football teams, owned by billionaires, the fans are collectively its owners. Throughout its history, Barça have enjoyed plenty of success, in particular 4 Champions Leagues and 22 Spanish League titles. The Club is also known for its slogan “mes que un club” – more than a club – which reflects its social commitment, its Catalan identity, the wide range of sports it practices, a commitment to home grown players, which has earn the side a kudos many football teams can only watch with envy from the sidelines.

For the forthcoming season the Italian company Fashion Box, owners of the Replay brand,- has signed a four year deal with the FC Barcelona as the official sponsor of clothing and footwear for the first team and the rest of the Club’s sportsmen and women.

Replay will create both an official clothing and a “smart casual” line for the first team. The deal between the Italian company and Barça – who are famous for their singular and popular to watch style of play, represents a pioneering commitment to innovation. Replay have promised to invent a new way to use denim, where  the traditional jeans concept enters the realm of fine tailoring. The famous indigo fabric will, for the FC Barcelona athletes, become a deluxe textile creating a unique and exclusive super light suit, don’t think 1970’s double denim.

Fashion Box CEO, Matteo Sinigaglia, commented:

“We are more than thrilled with this alliance. Both Replay and FC Barcelona make the maximum effort to get excellence in their respective fields and Barça are not just a partner for us, they are also a great source of inspiration. This is the first time that a denim company have moved into the world of football. We are certain that the product we are developing for them will surprise the whole world”. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 09.51.56