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Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, founders of the Proverb Health program, first met at Oxford University, Luke comes from a super sporty background in professional rugby playing for Harlequins RFC and played in the Premiership and in top flight rugby for 11 years including the England and Great Britain 7s, and Barbarians squads. Understandably he developed a dedication to elite health, diet and wellbeing. Kristie on the other hand has over 20 years of skin expertise, she was listed as the Number One Most Influential Person in the Natural Beauty Yearbook ‘Who’s Who’. She developed an organic spa product house, beauty schools and trains therapists to have an elite 5* spa touch at spas including Āman Global Resorts, Cowley Manor and at John Lewis’s first concept beauty spas. As Luke puts it himself, “When I started out in women’s skincare over 10 years ago it was always a source of amusement amongst my professional sports peers and those that knew me. Since then I have had a vision to make it ‘OK’ for men to care about their skin and how they look and feel. The goal is for Proverb to become the most trusted and desirable ‘clean’ male skincare brand that takes a truly integrated approach to healthy skin, body and mindset driven by my desire to see things differently”

The Unique selling point of Proverb is it takes the understanding and efficacy of elite SPORTS NUTRITION and applies it to your skin. We harness CLEAN, ACTIVE, NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients such as proteins, anti-oxidants and enzymes, formulated for LAB PROVEN RESULTS. Proverb is a LIFEFUELLED training program comprising of skincare, supplements, and expert advice – with the aim of driving your SKIN, BODY and MINDSET to peak condition

Proverb wants to inspire men to feel better about their skin, body and mindset through being lifefuelled. Drawing a clear link between clean eating, health, sport, your life approach and your skincare. It promotes itself as being for men who live the ethos that you get out what you put in, be this at work, with your family and friends, your training regime or your education and mindset.

Using Proverb will make you feel the skincare equivalent of going to the gym – confident, happy and empowered. Using the 4 x 4 x 4 program you will have ‘nailed’ your skincare routine. This is complimented by using The Proverb App delivers a personalised routine based on your current lifestyle choices, skin profile and goals, and curates lifefuelled – inspiring education news and then is turn rebuying via the Proverb APP is simplicity.

Former Rugby pro and model, Thom Evans, is a Brand ambassador and leads the brand’s launch campaign. He believes, “I for one was blind to using any moisturiser in the past and I have really seen in the flesh the difference Proverb makes and the way your skin feels”. Follow the 4X4X4 routine with Thom below.


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