They tried to make me go to Rehab, I said Yes, yes, yes ! – The Ultimate Revival Shaving Pack

RehabGiftBox3peiceRehab London‘s range of products are designed specifically for male skin based around the incredible masculine healing qualities of Hawaiian water algae and the volcanic sands of Tahiti to produce a truly splendid grooming results. Rehab London, are the UK’s leading natural skincare brand for men, is launching the ultimate Revival Shaving pack. The pack contains 3 full-size products, essential to achieve the perfect shave.

They include the Daily Detox, which is a natural exfoliant made from volcanic sands of Tahiti, bamboo spiny medulla granules and enzymes produced from pumpkin seeds to gently clear the skin of dead skin cells and avoid that tight just washed feeling. Men’s Revive Survival, which is the ultimate anti-fatigue cream. The extracts of Ginseng and Cocoa Butter help to visibly reduce the signs of skin fatigue and increase circulation, the skin looks rejuvenated and revitalized in just ten minutes. And just in time for the Yuletide festivities, Holy Christmas Crackers, Cold Turkey Shaving Gel, which is made of hero natural ingredients such as Argan oil, aloe vera and cucumber, this gel provides an incredible shaving experience with a cooling tingle sensation after shaving.

CEO of the brand Lisa Hilton says of the trio,“We feel it’s important for this time of the year to offer a shaving pack which includes a post shave revival cream that gives a ten minute makeover to the complexion lifting the face and reducing signs of fatigue.” 

They’ll warm the cockles of your heart – 6 of the best Cable Knit sweaters

Ahhh the nights are drawing in and its getting harder and harder to get up in mornings, Winter’s on its way and if your to believe the reports of those pesky weathermen and women, Sian Lloyd I’m talking about you its gonna get mighty cold in the coming weeks (and months). Now the style of knitwear for this season is none of this fine gauge light weight nonsense, Ohhh no. Its as though the Fashion houses around the world have been looking into their meteorological crystal balls and can see Winter 2013 is one for good and heavy old fashion Jumpers !

So we at Clothes Make the Man have searched far and wide for some of the best example of THE knitwear for the season, the knitwear in question being, the ‘Aran Jumper’ otherwise known as the ‘Cable knit Sweater’. Now there is an incredibly interesting, if not macabre, story behind this type of garment. Many moons ago the fishermen of the Aran Island, off the coast of Galway, Eire would get their good lady wives and mothers to knit them, fine sturdy jumpers to keep them warm and protect against those savage Atlantic conditions. Now the ladies would knit for their men folk jumpers but would add in intrinsic cable patterns onto them. So heres the interesting bit, every family who lived on the three main Islands which make up the Aran Islands, Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer would all alter their patterns, almost like having a family coat of arms. So if one of the fishermen were wash overboard, basically his body could be identified by the jumper, or more importantly, the pattern on his Aran Jumper, told you it was macabre !

So with thought still engrained on your minds check out 6 of the best examples, our finest retailers have to offer –


No Winter chills are gonna get past this bad boy from Reiss

No Winter chills are gonna get past this bad boy from Reiss

Keeping it nice and simple , this fine example with go with pretty much anything. It by Remus Uomo from House of Fraser

Keeping it nice and simple , this fine example with go will pretty much anything. Its by Remus Uomo from House of Fraser


Colour my life, there's no chance of going missing in the snow if you're wearing this knit by Paul Smith from

Colour my life, there’s no chance of going missing in the snow if you’re wearing this knit by Paul Smith from

Well you can't get more authentic then an actual Aran Sweater which is produced on the Aran Islands themselves. This is by Inis Meain for

Well you can’t get more authentic then an actual Aran Sweater which is produced on the Aran Islands themselves. This is by Inis Meain for


This is a great example of a cable knit from high Street favourite Burton.

This is a great example of a cable knit from high Street favourite Burton.

Channel your inner country gent in this wonderful Polo Ralph Lauren jumper

Channel your inner country gent in this wonderful Polo Ralph Lauren jumper from






A satchel’s not just for your school years – The Cambridge Satchel Company

Image 2454We’ve all seen the Google Chrome advert showing us how the Cambridge Satchel Company started and I’d love to say, tut, it was all just a marketing ploy to target our good nature, but no its all true ! Julie Deane, the lady in the ad, founded The Cambridge Satchel Company in 2008 at her kitchen table just outside Cambridge. Having invested just £600 to get the idea off the ground, The Cambridge Satchel Company is now a pioneering business employing more than 90 people and experiencing phenomenally fast growth around the world.

The company is genuinely committed to preserving British manufacturing and in 2011 set up their first factory based in Leicester, employing many locally skilled craftsmen and women. 2 years on and the company has now moved premises to a new factory, still based just outside Leicester and the company also continues to support independent UK based manufacturers who help meet the ever-growing demand.

Whilst the traditional Vintage and Red Satchels remain the firm favourites among customers, the company has kept the design fresh by adding many modern twists to the original such as the fluorescent colours and contemporary leather finishes. Collaborations with Comme des Garcon, Basso and Brooke and Christopher Shannon have seen their bags grace the catwalk in London, New York, Paris and Russia.

And so for Winter 2013  and one of the most the most iconic of British Fashion designers,Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with the brand  to design and produce an exclusive collection of limited edition collector’s bags. Inspiration for this classic satchel is taken from Westwood’s infamous pirate boots first seen in her 1981 Collection entitled ‘Pirate’. The pale tan straps and buckles introduced on the satchel replicate the ones used on Vivienne Westwood’s pirate boots. For the legendary Pirate collection, Westwood and McLaren weaved a fantasy with swashbuckling clothes and highwaymen, dandies, buccaneers and pirates.  It was for this collection that the Squiggle print was first used.

3 large


The Hunter Gather of the Fashion pack – Huntergather

50ae1bcf617d9Huntergather is a new concept in fashion retailing, based around a creative hub assembled by fashion legends David Bradshaw, with founding partner Chris Bailey. Bradshaw has operated as Huntergather for 15 years during which time he has been creative director for a couple of brands you may have heard of, called, Prada, Calvin Klein, Versace and launch editor of British GQ Style. He is currently reinventing Versace’s diffusion label, Versus, turning it into the first digital brand with an international network of integrated concept stores. As for Bailey not to be mistaken with Fashion’s other Mr C. Bailey, has an envious pedigree with includes revolutionising the menswear market with his trailblazing Jigsaw Menswear brand which created a new level between designer and high street.

50ae09058ebc9Huntergather is a collective; a repository of ideas; a gathering of minds and a fashion label. Beginning with a men’s capsule collection, the brand has expanded to include womenswear as well as numerous collaborations and special projects. A flagship store in Marylebone as well as – an ecommerce site complete which– aims to be an editorial hub, interactive gateway and forum for discussion. Gathering film, photography and the finest writing and in turn showcases the full creative concept of the brand.

Huntergather’s debut men’s collection contains everything he desires from the perfect white shirt, a statement bomber jacket, to classy cashmere and a contemporary pea coat. Neither high street nor haute couture, it is affordable luxury for the modern man. Collaborating with iconic brands, items that take a novel approach to classics include a partnership with iconic shoe label Grenson to create an exclusive brogue.


Six of the Best Designer Sports Watches by Charlotte Adams

When participating in sports activities it is not ideal to wear a delicate wrist watch that can break from a sudden impact, that can be damaged by water when swimming or diving or one that can detach itself from your wrist and fall onto the ground when running. Many men take their watches off in fear of it breaking which is understandable if the watch is a Rolex or an Audemars Piguet. For these reasons, watch brands now offer a large selection of sports watches that are primarily focused on being durable, comfortable and highly resistant to water and shock impact.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph CAU1116.BA0858 red- full view

TAG Heuer ‘Formula 1’ Chronograph

The ‘Formula 1’ collection by TAG Heuer has been engineered with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and tested on the road by British Formula One driver Jenson Button. Like the majority of TAG Heuer’s sports watches, it is resistant to extreme U.V. rays and temperatures and is vibration resistant so it can be worn during any form of sports, especially outside sports. It also comes with water resistance of 200 metres, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a double security folding clasp for excellent durability. There is also a tachymeter scale on the bezel that indicates the average speed of a car so this is an ideal watch to have if you’re into driving and racing awesome sports cars.

Hublot King Power Usain Bolt Limited Edition 703.CI.1129.NR.USB12- full viewHublot ‘King Power’ Usain Bolt Limited Edition

Limited to only 250 pieces, this special Usain Bolt edition is one of the highest forms of sports watches currently available which is to be expected considering they have based it on the 2012 Olympic winner himself.  The watch makes many references to the medal winner; most famously the material the strap is made of is the same gold-coloured synthetic leather as Bolt’s running shoes that he won in which is stitched onto black rubber for comfort, flexibility and strength. It will, however, have your bank account shivering.

Alpina Adventure Avalanche Extreme AL-525LBS5AE6- full viewAlpina ‘Adventure’ Avalanche Extreme

The ‘Adventure’ collection from Alpina is aimed at the more adventurous and extreme types, those who hike, climb and ski from the highest mountains. It claims on their website that hey are “extremely robust sports watches that perform to the highest degrees of precision and reliability in the most demanding situations.” The watch includes a rubber strap that ensures durability and comfort and the face is easy to read, even in the harshest of environments. It is also water resistant up to 200 metres, just in case the adventurer encounters being trapped under snow or happens to fall into water (I assume that’s the reason…)

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph IW376701- full viewIWC ‘Aquatimer’ Chronograph

Yet another collection of watches made for diving and water sports and with a similar name to TAG Heuer’s ‘Aquaracer’ collection, this watch has all the functions needed in a sports watch and is also suitable for everyday wear. The underside of the watch is coated in Super-LumiNova® which means the time can be read even in poor and dark conditions. It also has a large rotating bezel that can even be turned when wearing large gloves and it features a ‘quick-change system’ that means the strap can be changed within seconds to a rubber or a hook-and-loop strap. The hook-and-loop strap also allows the watch to be worn over a diving suit. Other incredible functions for divers include a mechanical depth gauge which indicates dive depth- current and maximum. It is the perfect partner to have when alone in the depths of the ocean.

Bremont U-2 Black Case U-2DLC- full viewBremont ‘U-2’

Designed and tested by the elite U-2 Spy Plane Squadron based at Beale, CA in the US, this watch is ideal for those who like to soar in the skies and be seriously badass. It has been tested at 100,000 feet and -40 degrees C both in a laboratory and on missions and successfully sustained all tests. It is also, like the IWC ‘Aquatimer’, coated in Super-LumiNova® so it can be read in all light conditions. The stainless steel case is also hardened to reduce breakage and increase toughness and it has an anti-shock rubberised movement mount.  Due to its intense testing and durability, there is no doubt that this watch is useful for any type of sport imaginable, even water sports as it is water resistant to 100 metres.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Countdown Chronograph CAK211A.FT8019- full viewTAG Heuer ‘Aquaracer’ Countdown Chronograph

The ‘Aquaracer’ collection by TAG Heuer was made with water-lovers in mind, especially divers. It is water resistant up to 500 metres and it is also resistant to extreme U.V. rays and temperatures, so it can be worn outside or in the sea without worry. It is also resistant to chlorine and sea salt, making it even more durable when used for water sports and features luminescent hands that can be seen in the dark and underwater. Even though the sole purpose of this watch is to be used when in water, it is also durable in other sports as it is vibration-resistant and therefore can also be used when in a car, on a motorbike or on a mountain bike.  The bezel can also be used to time which is practical when keeping track of race times or personal times without carrying around a stopwatch.