Back to school, looking ready to learn

When you receive a press release about school Uniforms in December, you can imagine my reaction, “Jeez this is a bit Premature! I’ve only just bought the last set!” Ohhh but how my scoffing fell on deaf ears when I put this to the wonderful Mrs Mc, “Are you joking ?!? Amelia needs new at least two new pinafores and has grown out of pretty much all of her white shirts and have you seen the state of most of Lorcan’s trousers ?”

Plus, then when I speak to the ever trusty and go to for good quality School Uniforms, Marks & Spencer who reliably inform me Post Christmas is one of the most popular time for school Uniforms purchases, one had to somewhat eat one’s words, so to say.

So with the Christmas holidays over, it’s time to concentrate on those all-important back to school essentials.

Whether they have outgrown their shirts already, yes Amelia McGrath I’m talking to you, or you have found that some items might not be looking as smart as they could, yes Lorcan, you are not a test drivers for wearing out school Uniforms, yet. Faithful, Marks & Spencer have your kids school uniform problems sorted.
Prices start from £3 for shirts, £5.50 for trousers and £18 for leather school shoes.


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