6 of the best parkas for this winter keep your self-warm.


With the next couple of weeks being forecast to be incredibly chilly Andy for the UK to be more like the.  Arctic Circle , we thought we’d select our top 6 Parkas for this winter to keep you warm in those frosty condition, perfect for a rainy day in Old Blighty or skiing in the Alps, we high recommend you pay a visit to all sites for your winter jacket.

Carhartt– UR Siberian Parka
Created in 1889 Carhartt is well known for its work wear clothing, with products ranging from basic jean silhouettes through to fire resistant clothing.
However, their coats are some of the brands more popular pieces with their parkas totally killing it, with our number one pick being the classic ‘UR Siberian Parka’ in black, with a white fur hood. Paired with the letters UR on the back this jacket to denote their collaboration with the brand Underground Resistance, adds to your look whilst keeping you warm at the same time, what more could you want.  Why don’t you go and have a look.

Pretty green– Khaki lightweight cotton parka
Fronted by, our kid,  Liam Gallagher, Pretty green is built upon the influence in which British street wear has on the music and fashion throughout the world, founded in 2009, a detailed understanding of the culture has allowed them to stay incredibly relevant.
Our second pick is the ‘Khaki lightweight cotton parka’, this military vibe jacket is perfect for them darker looks and brilliant for layering, don’t miss out.

Penfield– Greylock water proof performance mountain parka
Founded in 1975, Penfield is known for its outerwear and became incredibly popular in the 80’s due to a wide range of retail channel. The brand still popular for its coats and jackets has started venturing out of the original neutral colours, with bright oranges and royal blues.
However, our pick of the bunch is this striped beauty, the Greylock water proof performance mountain parka in Navy its something a little different to the classic parka, for those of you after something a little different.

The North Face– Men’s McMurdo 2 parka
The North face is undoubtly the most well known of all the brands mentioned today, the name came from the north hemisphere of a mountain which is usually the coldest and most difficult route to climb on a mountain, hinting at this gear being up for any challenge.
Our fourth pick being The Men’s McMurdo 2 parka, paired with the goose down insulation and water repellent finish keeping you warm in the worst of conditions and to bring us right bang up to date and for a contemporary 21st century feel,where would we be without ‘a pocket big enough to carry an IPad.’

Parajumper– Pollar Equipment Musher ‘Saffron’
Parajumper is the brainchild of designer Massimo Rossetti, creating high quality outerwear with the name originating from the Para jumpers in the wars being super tough and courageous, just how the jackets are seen for today’s market.
Getting into the Luxury end of the market Parajumper is an outerwear brand known for it high quality jackets, and the Pollar Equipment Musher ‘Saffron’ is a wonderful example of the pieces released by the brand, with the beautiful Saffron colouring, it may not be to everyone’s taste but we would highly recommend having a look.

Canada Goose– Canada coat red Parka
Founded in 1957 Canada goose focuses on high quality winter clothing, producing all garments to keep you warm from gloves through to jackets, beginning in Canada’s cold city of Toronto the brand now sixty years old is untouchable in the luxury winter wear industry.
A new release to finish us off is the Canada coat in red, this is the latest of their offerings, plus their only being four hundred worldwide, what are you waiting for?


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