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Imagine a community of likeminded sneaker passion individuals all found in the one place, both buyers and sellers connected in the resale market tapping into a global demographic all looking to purchase the hottest trainers available.

Well at Laced they act as the bridge between these two communities, allowing products to cross safely and quickly between the two, where authenticity is everything and speed is critical. 

Founded in 2018, what began as a desire to improve the resale process, has now developed into a fully fledged, fully functional platform which is growing by the day. They understand the resale market can be a difficult and sometimes stressful one to navigate, the apprehension that comes with buying from anyone other than a retailer is natural, and the fear of getting ripped off or conned is something they wish to irradicate. Their specialised authentication team meticulously checks each pair that passes through Laced , so you can rest easy in the knowledge that there will be no nasty surprises when you unbox that coveted pair.

So check out below their top 10 trainers available this week.

Missing Link x Nike Air Max Susan – Available from April 9th

Coinciding with the release of the animates flick Missing Link, which serves as inspiration for this unique take on the Air Max, the interestingly names Nike Air Max Susan pays homage to the film’s protagonist, matching the shoes green and plaid overlays to the tux worn by the Bigfoot-like creature. This models nickname is pulled straight from some of the film’s dialogue where Mr Link first introduces himself as “Susan”. If you know, you know. 

Nike Zoom LeBron 3 Home 2019 – Available from April 11th

We are experiencing a court shoe resurgence in 2019 and following in the footsteps of GOAT Michael Jordan, future Hall of Famer Lebron James is revamping one of his first signature silhouettes. The Re-release of 2005s Zoom LeBron III is something fans will be more than pleased to see, and no colourway for the model is more iconic than the black, white and red “Home” makeup. This shoe is nostalgic, unmistakably classic, and still holds up 14 years after its initial release.

Nike WMNS Air Max 720 Pink Rise – 11th April

Continuing the success of Nike Air Max 720 silhouette, the Pink Rise colourway drops as a women’s exclusive and combines a mostly white upper with a striking Pink full-length 720 air unit for which the model is famous. The Air Max 720 has etched itself into history as one of the defining releases of 2019 so far, and the consistent stream of new colourways to add to its ever-growing catalogue doesn’t look like it is slowing down any time soon.

Nike Air Max 98 On Air La Mezcla – Available from 13th April

The On-Air contest winner for New York, designer Gabrielle Serrano decided to take the classic Air Max 98 silhouette to paint a picture of diversity, one that she feels best represents the big apple. Contrasting skin tone like hues across the designs upper to celebrate ethnic diversity in her city, you can definitely see why Serrano’s idea stood out, aesthetically pleasing, while still telling a story, everything a creative colourway should do.

Nike Air Max 1 On Air Tokyo Maze – Available from 13th April

Emerging as the On-Air contest winner for Tokyo, designer Yuta Takuman uses the Air Max 1 silhouette as a canvas in which to paint his abstract expression of the Tokyo subway network, while the red bubble pays homage to the iconic Tokyo Tower. This design is striking, with its maze-like black and white upper taking centre stage, but not to be underestimates are the shoes supporting elements, rainbow laces, and red air bubble make sure this shoe will get you noticed.

Nike Air Max 97 On Air Shanghai Kaleidoscope – Available from 13th April

Inspired by the clouds in the blue skies above Shangahi shifting and dissipating to create new forms and shapes, designer Cashu Ru became one of the six winner of the Nike On-Air contest for his abstract reimagining of the Air Max 97 silhouette which sees the shoe’s upper develop in a pale sky blue complexion which white accents. The Shanghai Kaleidoscope is identifiable as being akin to its source material even without the explanation, and that is what makes this design so exceptional.

Nike Air Max 97 On Air London Summer of Love – Available from 13th April

London’s winner of the On-Air contest decides to take us on a very personal journey back to a first date experienced on Primrose Hill. Visual designer Jasmine Lasose dressed the Air Max 97 in an explosion of vibrant colours, including orange, green, blue, neon and purple hues to celebrate summer in her city, as well as the love experienced within it. This model is finished with finer details which include “97p” printed in a pattern on the wavy stripe overlay, along with “Good Chat” detailed on the pull tabs, a very personal homage to her source material.

Nike Air VapourMax Plus on Air Paris Works in Progress – Available from 13th April

Possibly the most unique of the six On-Air contest winner, designer Lou Matheron, offers us up a living breathing slice of Paris via a model inspired by images of an under-construction Parisian courthouse and the colours of the surrounding job site. Highlighted details include a buckle strap that wraps across the midfoot that features an elastic band on the tongue, followed by bolted yellow Swooshes on the outer side panes, orange/white striped insoles. This design is more of a literal representation of the pieces of the city than any of the 5 other winners, and I for one welcome the variety.

Nike Kyrie 5 Mamba Mentality – Available from 13th April

Dropping as a new rendition of Kyrie Irving’s signature silhouette, this design looks to celebrate Mamba Day 2019 with an exciting new colourway consisting of White and Cyber Green. The shoe sports neutral upper with a hint of snakeskin detailing as a nod to Kobe Bryant’s alternate ego. Finally, hits of purple and neon green, along with red speckling on the heel and midsole are applied as a tribute to the 2009 Joker-inspired “Chaos” Zoom Kobe 5.


Nike Air Max 87 On Air Neon Seoul – 13th April

Possibly the most coveted of the six On-Air contest winners, and hailing from Seoul designer Gwang Shin takes inspiration from his homelands national flag, and the main neon signs that illuminate the city of his residence. Covered in a matte black leather base with highlighted neon red and blue colours used across its signature wavy synthetic overlay making this model without a doubt a firm early contender for shoe of the year

Be the envy of the seven Kingdoms with these Game of Thrones merchandising

Ahhh With under a WEEK to go, until the epic eighth and final season of Game of Thrones begins, HBO, the American cable network behind this Global phenomenon and others including VEEP, Sex and the City, Silicon Valley, The Sopranos, Big Little Lies and True Blood have been working flat out for us not to miss our weekly dose from the realms of Westeros and Essos once it is over in essentially, just a couple of weeks time. Literally , whatever your budget we have something to beguile you with, here with a collection of fantastic collaborations.

 Raise a glass and sing of the praise of whatever clan you align yourself to with this Limited Edition White Walker Single Malt Whisky from Johnnie Walker,

As we said everyone wants in on the final act and here we find Adidas staking their claim to the Iron Throne.

No need to send a raven when you have this commemorative Set of stamps from the Royal Mail, the royal Seel has been given.

As we said whatever your budget we have something to entice you, here we see the retailer Primark showing off their wares and yes the rumours are true their first store in the seven Kingdoms will open shortly in Dorne.

Want to radiate the ethereal beauty of Daenerys Targaryen or maybe someone, you’d give your life for then Urban Decay have just the thing.

Ever acclaimed Fashion Designer John Varvatos is a fan of Game of Thrones and has collaborated on a range inspired by the tales.

Ignite the traveller in you – Montblanc Explorer

After Legend and Emblem, Montblanc launches a new fragrance in 2018 that pays tribute to a theme to which it is closely linked: exploration. Explorers know it well: adventure has no limits. Once you have climbed a new summit, you start thinking of the next challenge, kinda like cleaning out the boot of your car, what do you move onto next ? 

The name Montblanc EXPLORER was, some night day, an obvious choice: the Luxury House has been a favourite among keen travellers for the past century, thanks to its fountain pens whose ink never leaks, whatever happens in life or travel. These forward- thinking canny craftspeople have cultivated a quality that is essential in the eyes of every pioneer: reliability.

Montblanc shares the same values as explorers, such as the relentless quest for excellence. Climbing summits, challenging conventions and exploring the four corners of the globe. From South Africa to Haiti, Italy, Germany or the Peak Distinct;

Montblanc EXPLORER invites explorers on a fantastic journey, giving them the opportunity to discover the rarest ingredients and manufacturing methods that combine craftsmanship with the latest technology.

To create Montblanc EXPLORER, three outstanding talents from Givaudan have combined their expertise: Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux, who’s past work have included scents for fragrance houses including Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta and Acqua Di Parma. Each of them brought their own knowledge of a specific ingredient and their emotional experience, both as a nose and a traveller, to this unique collaborative project. Together they have created an innovative olfactory experience. 

They developed their own travel diary to create this extraordinary new fragrance: Bergamot from Italy, Vetiver from Haiti and Patchouli from Indonesia, turning Montblanc EXPLORER into an invitation to travel the world. 

The top note bursts with effusive Bergamot from Italy, revealing the bright, energetic and optimistic side of the fragrance’s heart, called OrPur. This bergamot is paired with the masculine notes of French OrPur, Clary Sage and spicy OrPur Pink Pepper.

The heart note of this journey takes us to the most remote part of Haiti: in the extreme south-west of the island, in the region of Les Cayes, where the most refined vetiver is organically and ethically produced. Celebrated by perfumers all over the world, Haiti’s vetiver oil is comparable to no other, thanks to its smoky hues and its slight overtone evoking hazelnut. OrPur Vetiver, exclusive to this specific region of the island also proudly affirms its masculinity, while keeping its natural character thanks to a unique steam distillation process. Pure charisma needs no artifice.

A final stopover takes us to Indonesia, more specifically on the island of Sulawesi to discover a new type of patchouli of unparalleled quality. This patchouli has been developed exclusively for Montblanc fragrances. Sharp, modern and naturally elegant, Montblanc EXPLORER is created around this new and bewitching woody structure. 

Montblanc EXPLORER thus takes pride of place as a new exceptional accessory alongside the Maison’s iconic pens.

The Rhythm of the night – Pasha de Cartier Édition noire

This latest interpretation of the classic Pasha de Cartier from the iconic French Luxury house offers a Masculine and contemporary reinterpretation of the legendary Pasha de Cartier launched in 1992. 

This charismatic scent combines green citrus freshness with the depth of amber and cedarwood.

Cartier expresses the radiance of the fragrance’s powerfully seductive scent through the limited- edition black bottle, gadroons, and three bands. The element bottle is inspired by the Cartier pencil design.

The talented nose behind creating this unique scent is Nathalie Feisthauer, who’s past successes have included fragrances for such illustrious houses as Comme des Garçon, Hermes, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith to name a few.

Certainly nothing to Blete about – Billy Tannery

When I first received the information regarding today’s blog post I did have to check whether it was an April Fool’s prank, as it did seem a little too good to be true. 

But no no Billy Tannery is a British leather brand founded by two entrepreneurs and childhood friends,  Jack Millington and Rory Harker, who discovered that, due to the growth in demand for goat meat in the UK and the decline of the British leather industry, there were thousands of hides going to waste. Now, having partnered with award wining,  ethical goat meat supplier Cabrito, Billy Tannery use the leftover hides to produce premium vegetable tanned kid leather that is tanned in a small-batch tannery or ‘microtannery’.

This dynamic duo launched their range of leather bags and accessories that are designed and handmade in Britain. Billy Tannery is the first leather brand of its kind in the UK, with a vertically integrated supply chain from hide to final product. Jack and Rory’s goal is to put an end to the waste of British goat hides by tapping into the rich leather heritage of the UK’s Midlands area.

Founder Jack Millington said, “Despite the clear link between meat and leather, the topic is often uncomfortable and rarely discussed. In a time of increasing interest in provenance, our partnership with Cabrito allows us to trace our leather all the way back to the farm.”