Essential Footwear brands to look out for in 2021

Words by Emma Collins

 will always be one of the best investments you can make for yourself, especially that it has the capability to make or break your whole outfit. To just make a subtle change such as your shoes, it can easily make you look smarter and more professional. In this article, we will be listing down the best shoe brands for men that will serve as a guide for you for your next purchase of shoes.

With these brands, you will never be wrong as they provide the highest quality of a product. Moreover, each brand specializes in a type of shoe they produce so you will definitely find the right shoe brand for your own preference.

Belvedere Shoes

Belvedere Shoes is one of the rising brands in the past decades as they have redefined what a comfortable yet fashionable shoe should be. They have recruited one of the greatest Italian artisans to craft each piece of shoe with the most intricate designs and comfortable structure. Because of their strong dedication to quality shoes, all of the pairs of shoes that they produce are refined in every aspect. Every single year, they continue to add more variations of sizes, colors, and styles with their shoes so you will surely never go wrong with this brand!

Steven Land

This brand has been famous for its exquisite and trendsetting fashionable men’s clothing and accessories. As one of the best and most distinguishable brands, Steven Land produces a wide variety of high-quality, head-turner shoes and garments that will bring the best in you. Each design is carefully crafted in-house by talented designers and artists to bring you cutting edge fashion and newly transformed ideas. Steven Land is popular for its incredible dual-toned loafer shoes that have a unique pattern that can easily be paired with any suit and coat. No wonder that wherever you go, everyone will notice the bold and stylish Steven Land brand!


Mezlan shoes have become one of the household names, especially by the shoe connoisseurs. When this brand made its way back to the shoe market industry, it has continued to expand its shoe production and evolved the quality of their products. This brand is known for their creativity and passion for formulating the best materials for their shoes. In addition, they have a huge collection that you will surely be able to find one that suits your own preference. All of their shoes come in amazing styles that will never get old and will still be in style for the next years to come.

Finding the right brands for you is a very painful task to do so hopefully this article has narrowed down the options that you have to choose from when you finally buy your next pair.

There are various variables to consider when choosing the right brands, so it is definitely possible that you will not only stick to one brand. You may even have three favorite brands for different types of shoes just like sports shoes for Nike while casual shoes for Adidas. Instead, may this article serve as a guide in finding what are the good shoe brands in the market for men.


Have yourself stress free lil Christmas

Words by Mrs McGrath


This year we have learnt a lot about what’s important in life – family, friends, our health and wellbeing and outside spaces. Often Christmas can be stressful, focus on perfection, what we have to do and have. Well – this is our opportunity to maybe do things a little differently and maybe make some new traditions. Anthony asked me to write this I think in the hope that we would manage it ourselves, kitchen wise I’m ok but usually hopelessly last minute on the rest – cards and wrapping particularly! Well this year we are aiming for a stress free Christmas and after the year we have all had we ALL deserve this.

Shop local – when we needed them our local shops and market stalls really were there for us, delivering fruit and veg and other essentials – try and support them and shop locally, use your local butcher, fishmongers, fruit and veg stall and highstreets. You’ll enjoy the Christmassy feel and avoid supermarket Christmas ques.

It’s all in the planning – take ten minutes to decide what you’ll be eating on the big day – breakfast? Lunch and supper? Pin on the fridge and work out what can be done in advance – stuffing can be made and frozen as well as gravy, veggies peeled then in cold water ready for next day (normally xmas eve with Anthony and my mum) we will have lunch @1 as kids will be hungry so I’ll try and get bird on early then have time to finish everything off as the turkey rests for an hour. I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all day…then pm will be turkey or salmon sandwiches and cold cuts and bubble and squeak Sunday with rest of leftovers either in a pie or sliced and in fridge for sandwiches, if lots of ham ill freeze that and make a pie or pea and ham soup later on in January.

As Ruairí Stewart aka the Happy-Whole Coach puts it, “Perfection is a myth. We’ve all seen Miracle on 34th Street and had notions that we might be able to recreate that magic in our own lives, but the time comes for realism. Focus on reconnecting with those you hold dearest, no matter what that looks like this year. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations of how the season should be enjoyed – do it your way.”

We don’t need to eat and drink to excess – try a meal planner for the holiday period so you can plan what you’re eating and factor in any leftovers so that you have no food waste – great left over meals include, bubble and squeak, turkey curry/stir-fry /fajitas. Or keep some readymade pastry in the fridge and add the left over roast to this and make a Christmas dinner pie, pop in freezer and reheat for an easy Sunday lunch in January. Super chef and all round good guy Tom Kerridge, told the CMTM readers, “Dont Stress, Christmas is a time to enjoy and if that means, you buy ready pre-prepared veg or anything to make your life easier, so be it. Enjoy it !”

Get some fresh air – we all need too and it’s amazing what some fresh air will do to clear heads and cheer everyone up – hoping for snow but even a walk in the rain will help digest and de-stress.

Delegate – be clear about what you need some help with and when give everyone a special job – Anthony your on peeling, dishwasher (I don’t do it right) recycling  and bins.

Make a list of everything that needs doing and by when – then put in date order and try and do one thing a day – Shopping, Cards, wrapping, so that by Christmas Eve you’ll be able to relax – not still wrapping at midnight (if we achieve that it will be a first!!! And we don’t have Mum to help)

Finally – give something back whether it’s your time or a donation there is always someone worse off than you. Lots of them, so help and in return it will be your best gift to yourself.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday

5 aftershaves to ask for this Christmas if you know one will end up in your stocking.

As a guy it’s quite likely that you’re inundated with aftershaves at Christmas… if someone doesn’t know what to buy you, then the ease of purchasing an aftershave makes them the perfect solution. After all, everyone wants to smell good! However, a problem arises when all of your polite relatives and pals decide to treat you to a new scent (most of the time, without asking which one you’d actually like!). The result? Piles of aftershaves (which aren’t actually the brands/smells you’d choose) and a side-order of disappointment.

We can’t blame our loved ones for choosing to buy aftershaves; as with perfumes, these gifts are inoffensive, there are lots of options available on the market and, yeah, most of them do smell good. With so many possibilities, theyreally don’t need to be a gifting disaster. The trick? If you know that you’re going to be treated to aftershaves, why not tell people what you actually like? If you’re going to find one in your stocking, then you may as well give your friends and family insight into the brands that you’d love to unwrap.

We have come to understand the very best products and brands, including what makes them such great choices, the trends which promise to take over our Christmas celebrations and the designers we all can’t afford to miss. To help you discover the perfect aftershave for you this Christmas, we’re sharing our 2020 hotlist. These scents definitely won’t leave you faking a smile on Christmas morning… Plus, as we sell every aftershave at a discounted price, your family won’t think you’re being cheeky either! Who said Christmas gifts couldn’t include designer labels?

Dior is an iconic name when it comes to aftershaves; their selection is a legacy of unforgettable scents. This year, Dior Homme is set to be its leading Christmas fragrance for men; an aftershave lotion which provides the skin with immediate comfort, leaving it soft and mattified, the scent has it all!

Dior Homme is filled with woody notes, resembling the brand’s traditional scents. If you like anything Dior, then this is the aftershave for you.

Sometimes you just need to embrace something classic… Davidoff Cool Water is an iconic aftershave which remains, to this day, one of our absolute favourites. This aftershave is fresh, smelling of the ocean – what more could you want after a year stuck inside… it’s reminiscent of days spent on a beach and leaves your skin feeling calm and fresh-post shave. Davidoff Cool Water is perfect and uncomplicated, its simplicity making it an ideal Christmas gift.

Calvin Klein is synonymous with a modern, minimalist style. Every Calvin Klein creation is sleek, timeless and undeniably on-trend; their fragrances are award-winning, and for good reason!

Obsession for Men is a perfect gift for men who are ‘driven by their passions’; it’s potent, powerful and ‘intensely provocative’ – basically, it’s not a half-hearted gift that you’ll bury away in your sock draw. The aftershave boasts a masculine blend of rare woods (clearly woods are a popular choice this year!), spices and balsamic. Meanwhile, it incorporates the fresh smells of bergamot-mandarin, lavender, sandalwood and the richness of musk. If you want something bold that people will notice, then this is the one to ask for.

OK so more of an After Shave product than a scent but this is a personal favourite here at Clothes Make the Man. There’s nothing quite like the soothing qualities this miracle product brings after a refreshing traditional shave. Designed to calm, balance, and soothe, plus the extra-fine mist immediately cools, refreshes, and hydrates.

Man by Puma is a woody, musky, floral aftershave with notes of Japanese orange, lemon, tagetes, watermelon, pineapple, jasmine, cedar, oakmoss and amber. Puma’s appeal is infinite and this classic scent is always a great choice for Christmas; it won’t become an old trend that’s lost its allure – it’s always going to be a reliable choice. When it comes to timeless fragrances, Puma certainly know what they’re doing.

The Greatest Stocking Filler Gift Guide EVER, yes ever !

Not long to go now, only a couple more sleeps til the big day ! How’s the shopping going ? Only a couple of bits left to go, please says its this rather then I’ve not even started yet ?

In the McGrath household we have a great tradition of giving Christmas Stockings at the Yuletide, thanks to Mrs Mc, and this can be a great way to not only spoil someone special but a great way to buy lots of little thoughtful gifts for that hard to buy for person.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, nothing is quite as instinctive as a cozy pair of socks – which is why Johnstons of Elgin is at the top of so many lists. They’ve been knitted in the UK from cashmere in a classic cable pattern and will look so cool peeping out from ankle boots.

Charlotte Tilbury’s skincare has won a legion of devoted fans, and this ‘Magic Skin Secrets’ set will make the perfect gift if you know someone who is part of the tribe. It comes with four of the brand’s bestselling products in a handy miniature size. The sleek presentation box will be so easy to wrap

Treat someone to a very special selection of M&S favourites. Presented in a reusable bag, this assortment includes a selection of sweet and savoury treats for everyone to enjoy.

In the event of supply difficulties, or with discontinued products, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods or packaging of equal quality and value

We’re calling this Airpod case as the next must-have in your roster; crafted from quality leather, it’s the perfect size for keeping your audio device in one place (your pockets can only be so secure, remember). You can even clip it onto your belt or bag to keep a hold of it all day. Thank you St Tom of Ford 

I can hear you from here, A box of Matches, is he joking ?!?! Trust when something is as beautifully packaged as these CIRE TRUDON SCENTED MATCHES, you just watch the reaction when, first they unwrap them & secondly when they strike them. 

Add a dose of charm to your bags or keys with this key ring by Prada. Featuring a shiny silver polished Frankenstein figurine and hoops for secure attachment, this key ring makes a perfect gifting option.

Who doesn’t love a good Whiskey? Particularly at this time of the year, and if you think you don’t you simply haven’t found the right out for you yet, keep searching is our advice. Try TopWhiskies to assist you, they started on social media. It wasn’t long before their followers started asking where they could buy the whiskies they shared. Now their social media channels showcase the very best Whiskies. This shop is a way you can try their favourite whisky for yourself.

Spread some joy and show someone you care this festive season, with a gift from Burt’s Bees. From stocking fillers and secret Santa treats to ultimate pampering delights, each set comes filled with award-winning must-have products, all wrapped up with warmest wishes from nature. Everything is instantly giftable (no wrapping required) and is responsibly sourced, sustainably made using recycled card and eco-friendly vegetable ink.

The must have accessories for 2020 surely has to be the face mask and I suspect it will be for at least 2021. AvantGuard masks have been developed to offer the highest possible level of protection, London based founder, Faiza Seth, had previously experienced SARS first hand in 2004 while in Hong Kong and has taken this experience, along with her background in design, apparel sourcing and manufacturing to create AvantGuard. The masks are made with with Aerosilver, an exciting new next generation healthcare fabric that has permanent anti-viral and anti-bacterial functions that survive repeated washing.

If your household is anything like our you’ve probably been shot countless times in surprise ambushes with foam Nerf bullets. This next item is well and truly recommended by our son & is firmly on his letter to Santa.

The new NERF BUNKR range takes blaster play to the next level with innovative and unique NERF-branded inflatable obstacles suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. 

Now go from and for our daughter, The Studio Creator makes it easy and fun to create custom videos. Aspiring YouTubers and TikTok stars will love this fantastic kit. It’s perfect for hands free recording tutorials, music videos, unboxings, reviews and more. Paired with your favourite video editing app, the Studio Creator is the perfect tool for designing engaging content that looks just like one of their online idols!

Everything you need to make your content look more professional is inside the box. Create backgrounds you want in a few simple steps.

Essential oils of Bergamot, Bay and Cedar are blended to create a woody, fresh scent in Cowshed’s limited-edition Christmas 2020 Diffuser. It’s ideal for subtly filling your home with a festive fragrance, and the elegant monochrome packaging also makes it a great gift.