5 science-backed ways men can appear more attractive

If you are in search of the perfect partner and chances are if you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your chances of finding that perfect match.

Well we’ve put together five scientifically proven ways that men can gain more dating app matches.

1 Get a dog

(image by Shea Rouda)

Dogs aren’t only a man’s best friend, but the ultimate wingman.

A 2022 study done by Honest Paws revealed that having a dog in your dating profile photos increases your chances of matching. 

The study surveyed 600 singles in the US, of which 70% of respondents found that having a dog in their pictures helped them get more matches. 60% of respondents also revealed that they’re more tempted to match with someone who has a dog in their profile picture.

Researchers at the University of Jaen in Spain also revealed that women feel more at ease with men with dogs in their pictures, according to Mirror.

This could be due to men being seen as more committed and trustworthy if they have a dog, and it’s also a great conversation starter.

2 Drink up

(image by John Arano) 

A recent study by The Bottle Club revealed that men are in with a better chance on dating apps if their profiles feature alcohol. 

Men received 150% more matches with women on Tinder when their profile displayed drinks in their photos, and were deemed more attractive when they included an interest in beer, nights out and pubs in their profiles.

Men also received 173.9% more matches from other men when holding a drink in their profile pictures, confirming that a man who drinks is seen to be more desirable to date to both women and other men.

Chris Pleines, Dating Expert from Datingscout.com says: “Men who drink are seen as masculine, social beings who know how to keep company.

3 Have an education

(image by Charles de Loye)

Women want brains, whilst men tend to go for level of attractiveness. A 2015 study found that a man’s desirability increased with his earning potential, and the more education he had behind him.

In the study using fake dating profiles, men gained more dating app matches with women of all educational levels when they themselves had a higher education level. The percentage of matches grew even more so when paired with greater income. 

Men with higher incomes were also found to be more likely to match with highly educated women – Suggesting that education was merely a by-product of the true motivating factor: income.

4 Looks do matter

A 2017 study by Journal Evolutionary Psychological Science revealed that although women reported that personality is more important to them, findings suggested that women still need a certain level of attractiveness to find men desirable.

The results showed that as long as a man was considered moderately attractive, women would be more likely to go for a man with more desirable personality traits (respectful, trustworthy, honest). Concluding that women are not willing to give up attractiveness in favour of personality.

We can’t help what we look like, but there are some sneaky tips and tricks that can make you look more compelling. 

In one experiment, 50 women were asked to look at a photo of a man in either a red or green shirt and rate the man’s attractiveness. The man was rated significantly more attractive when he was wearing a red shirt.

There’s also the cheerleader effect, suggesting you’ll look more desirable if you include group photos with friends in your profile. 

5 Wait it out

If all else fails, patience really is key. A 2018 study published by Journal Science Advances found that the average man’s desirability peaks around age 50, and woman’s desirability drops from the time she is 18 until she is 60

Experts Reveal Five Tips to Get Back into Fitness After a Christmas Break

After much needed time to relax with family and friends over Christmas, getting back into your routine in the new year can be quite the challenge, specifically when it comes to working out. In fact, research shows that one third of Brits admit to doing no exercise at all in December, so it’s vital to start the preparation early.

However, it doesn’t need to be so difficult – experts at Fitness Volt have highlighted five tips to ease yourself back into a workout routine after the festivities.

Set specific times

Scheduling your workout time is a simple yet effective step. Getting back into the right frame of mind after the Christmas buzz is just one of the ways you will have to readjust, and it can certainly take its toll on you. So, without a gym schedule, it’s likely that you will make plenty of excuses to not partake in any exercise. Consider your day-to-day schedule and choose your workout slot based on where you have the most free time – this way, you can mentally prepare yourself as well as avoid any excuses that you are too busy. Plus, a planned exercise slot will ensure that your workload won’t take over, as it’s a given that you will be getting back into a busy work routine, too.

Don’t overexert yourself

While pushing yourself is usually encouraged in fitness, it’s sensible to not push yourself to the extreme, particularly after some time away from exercise. Whether it’s weightlifting or cardio, doing too much exercise can lead to overuse injuries including muscle strains and tendon injuries, thus making you a lot less capable of meeting your fitness goals. After some time off, it’s natural to not be able to lift as heavy or run as far – so it’s crucial to not let it discourage you, as you will soon gain your ability if you stay consistent with your exercise. As well as this, overdoing it can lead to a burnout in the early stages and make you dread a workout as opposed to enjoy it. If you feel yourself giving up, try to commit to five minutes and finish your workout if you don’t feel capable of doing anymore; but with this five-minute rule, it will likely motivate you to do more.

Personalise your workout

Fitness lovers aren’t necessarily all gym-goers. In fact, there’s plenty of ways to workout which don’t involve the gym – and this is key for making it an enjoyable part of your routine again. If you’re a nature enthusiast and wish to do more cardio exercises, go for a run – or even a walk – at your local beach, local park, or even around your neighbourhood. Alternatively, if you’re into strength training but don’t enjoy the gym atmosphere, invest in equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells to work out from the comfort of your own home.

Partner up

Finding a friend with similar fitness goals is beneficial for many reasons, one being that it acts as motivation after some time away. For the days that you don’t feel like exercising, a fitness partner can motivate you to get ready and get it done – plus, during a workout, your partner can even push you to take it to the next level, such as lifting a slightly heavier weight or increasing the incline setting on the treadmill. Having a partner can also keep you accountable to stay on track of your fitness plan, and recognise any goals that are yet to be met. Better yet, it makes it a time to socialise so that you look forward to it more, not to mention your partner can spot you to make your workout safer.

Set short term goals too

It’s always important to think of the long-term result; doing so allows you to plan your workout and figure out which exercises are best suited to your needs. However, having only a long-term goal can become frustrating when you aren’t seeing progress straight away, and can even result in you to give up completely – which is especially easy to do when you’re trying to get back into your routine. Therefore, it’s vital to set goals over shorter timeframes that are manageable, as well as not just focusing on your appearance. For example, you may wish to become stronger, so a short-term goal for the end of a month could be to increase your squat load by 20 kilograms.

A spokesperson from Fitness Volt has commented: “When it comes to Christmas, the last thing that needs to be on our minds is working out – it’s a time that we wish to be spending with family and friends, and it’s important to make the most of that. However, it can be difficult to find our motivation to get back into it from some time off.

Thankfully, there are simple steps that can increase your ambition again as well as make your workout more enjoyable to ensure that you can stick to your fitness routine in the new year and, as a result, enjoy the Christmas festivities without feeling guilty.”

They’ll be back – ARNE

Based in the Northwest of England and founded in 2018 by brothers Reece and Ryan Broadhurst, ARNE has experienced significant growth in the last four years and boasts an impressive fan base amongst celebrity footballers such as Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Raheem Sterling, and Steven Gerrard. ARNE caters for both men and women and categories include Activewear, Outerwear, Smartwear, Denim, Loungewear and Footwear.

Built around creating high quality, durable, timeless, and minimalistic pieces with an extremely considered fit, ARNE has incorporated versatility into is designs across its collections to ensure all pieces are wearable and interchangeable and can easily be styled up and down.

ARNE introduces new lines to their Men’s and Women’s Down Collection, including new Parkas, Bombers, and Puffer Jackets; all made from ethically sourced, genuine down insulation. Their famed Footwear range uses Italian leather and suedes to craft elegant and athletic designs such as sport-inspired Runners, Slides, and Racers; each one of ARNE’s Footwear style goes through at least 12 months of product development to ensure the shape, quality and construction of every single pair is exactly on par with ARNE standards.

ARNE as a brand was created around slim-fit clothing and tapered pants but has since included a relaxed fit collection, done the ARNE way. The Relax collection is accessible in its fit and minimalistic design, making every piece so wearable and interchangeable. Designed with a unisex style in mind, it is a simple silhouette, in an extremely considered fit, but a little more oversized.

From Egyptian Cotton Knitwear to Chino Tailored Trousers that can easily be styled up or down, the range has been created to make you look good and feel amazing in work or when saved for the weekend. This season, the weight of their knitted garments has been increased for extra thickness and extra warmth to make the perfect layering pieces, whilst ensuring every piece is made to last beyond the season.

Launched two years ago, the footwear range is their most varied range to date. Crafted from genuine Italian leathers and suedes, with all our production coming out of Portugal. From more elegant styles that lean towards a smarter full look, to sport inspired runners that have the option of being styled a little more casually. They obsess over the shape, quality, and construction of every single pair. At least 12 months of product development minimum has become the norm to make sure we create exactly what we set out to achieve.


Words By Christophe Champs, founder of PODO Clinic and Workshop

Prevention is always a sensible strategy. We treat the wood of a garden shed or summer house to avoid rain damage, and we service a car to keep it in good running order, but what do we do to prevent (or at least minimise) damage to our bodies? We rely on our body throughout our entire lives, there are relatively few bits of it we can replace (we certainly can’t just get a new one), and our independence and freedom depend on our body’s overall condition. If your car benefits from a regular MOT, surely your body would too.

So, what do you need to look at to make sure your body is able to work well and avoid injury? 

Where to go

A good place to start is with an expert in biomechanics as they can take an overall look at your structure, your posture, and your movement. From there, they can recommend what sort of treatment plan you will need and/or what other type of expert may be best for your personal circumstances.  For example, you may need orthotics and then an exercise plan with a trainer, or regular physiotherapy or IDD (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics) Therapy, or perhaps Pilates or yoga might be best for you, or cranial osteopathy. There are lots of options and by getting your body assessed you can then focus your treatment with the correct professional.

What to expect

A body MOT should focus on your main concern(s) with an expert to understand your physiopathology or how you went from a healthy state to a pathologic one. Once a problem is understood, it is on its way to being sorted. You will also benefit from having a professional identifying any bad habits and they can also dispel any myths you may have been told. Finally, you must have a proper treatment plan established, with progress points to track, and a person to talk to when you have any questions or are feeling demotivated.

Why have a Body MOT?

Rather than opting for self-medication when experiencing any symptom, a body MOT will help you adopt a clinical and logical approach, guided by a medical practitioner with a better expertise and experience than the world-wide-web.

Every clinic has its own philosophy and therapeutic arsenal. At PODO for example, we work from—and on—the feet (the body anchor and a quarter of the skeleton) up to the neck. Looking at the entire body while referring you to other techniques and therapies when needed. Communication with patients and referrers is ongoing to make sure the patient understands how their body can work better and is able to take steps to get there.

Everyone can benefit from a body MOT because preventive measures, compared to curative ones, make patients save time, pain, and money. Plus, by investing in your health to make your body work better you will likely also improve your quality of life and treat yourself to a brighter future. 

Many people already opt for at-home or in-clinic blood tests, a preventive health screening to gain actionable insights into their current health status. It is not necessary to have any symptom or to be a hypochondriac to start taking control of your health. Blood tests and mechanical tests are equally important if you want to live better and hopefully longer.

What kind of solutions/ treatments come out of a body MOT?

Surgery-free—also known as ‘conservative’—solutions/treatments (for example, orthotics, manual therapies, physical therapies, coaching) are the most common approach and it is unlikely that any radical treatment involving blades and needles will be recommended at this stage.

For example, at PODO, we work on orthotics because they can address both sides of your body independently, but also because they can be adjusted or replaced over and over as your body changes, something that you can’t do with the joints inside your body.

Orthotics can be used for anything from a short time to permanently (depending on the patients and their goals), but bad habits must be changed and not allowed to reappear if you want to age more healthily and keep active and pain-free for longer.

Alignment, balance, and posture are the three axes your biomechanics consultant can improve for you with a pair of custom orthotics. Osteopaths and Chiropractors also work on the axis of your body, the skeleton if you prefer, through manual therapies. Once the bones are realigned, the muscles imbalances are reduced and can be addressed with your physiotherapist and trainer using various manual, physical, or alternative therapies. 

Where are the limits of a body MOT?

This depends on the initial expectations, and whether you need to focus on structural or postural factors.

Your structural factors can’t be changed. You’ve got to work around them. The skeleton and its 224 bones are connected by the ligaments. The elasticity of your ligaments will define whether you are stiff, mobile, hypermobile, or somewhere in between.

Postural factors are the ones that can be changed. From an untracking kneecap or foot overpronation to anterior pelvic tilt, obesity, or poor flexibility, your practitioner will ask you to make changes to your lifestyle and general diet. These will help to solve the issues and ensure long term health.

It is important to remember that our bodies are not fixed, they change over time, and these changes influence the health of our body and our movements. It is always advisable to team up with an expert to get help making any changes required to improve in your life. There is always a good reason to make your body work better.