German Sports Brand Puma celebrates 50 years of the ‘Suede’ ushering in unique drops that represent the varied cultures that the iconic sneaker has been a significant part of – from music, fashion, street and pop culture. This month, the party kicks it with the B-Boy Pack.

It may have started as a warm-up shoe, but the Suede got busy off the court when hip-hop was born in the Bronx. Smooth suede, fly colourways and a rubber outsole for grip: an instant B-boy essential. The Suede danced in the streets and hit stages around the world, remixed by new school legends solidifying its status as certified fresh #ForAllTime.

To pay homage to B-boy culture, Puma introduces the B-Boy capsule pack that consists of PUMA Suedes, T7 Track Suits, Tees and Accessories in OG styles and colourways.

Guys, girls and kids can gear up in three colourways. Fellas can pick from Black, Flame Scarlet and Forrest Green-Peacoat. Fly girls can choose from Red Dahlia, Spiced Coral and Blue Indigo while kids can kick it in Black, Flame Scarlet and Forrest Green. All B-boy Suedes come with the trademark thick grippy rubber outsoles perfect for power moves in dance battles. Fat laces fastened by gold name-plate locks make these babies legit breaker material. The kicks arrive in a special edition Suede 50 shoebox with metallic gold details and branding.

To compliment the sneakers and make a bold statement, the pack comes with the iconic PUMA T7 Tracksuit in Black and Flame Scarlet with signature 7-inch stripe down the side. The Suede Name Plate and Laced Tee give serious hip-hop swag. A mean Bucket Hat, a stuntin’ staple Suede Cap and classy Suede Backpack make the B-boy uniform complete.


Get the B-Boy Suedes and gear at FootAsylum from November 16th.
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Kirstie and Luke Sherriff, founders of the Proverb Health program, first met at Oxford University, Luke comes from a super sporty background in professional rugby playing for Harlequins RFC and played in the Premiership and in top flight rugby for 11 years including the England and Great Britain 7s, and Barbarians squads. Understandably he developed a dedication to elite health, diet and wellbeing. Kristie on the other hand has over 20 years of skin expertise, she was listed as the Number One Most Influential Person in the Natural Beauty Yearbook ‘Who’s Who’. She developed an organic spa product house, beauty schools and trains therapists to have an elite 5* spa touch at spas including Āman Global Resorts, Cowley Manor and at John Lewis’s first concept beauty spas. As Luke puts it himself, “When I started out in women’s skincare over 10 years ago it was always a source of amusement amongst my professional sports peers and those that knew me. Since then I have had a vision to make it ‘OK’ for men to care about their skin and how they look and feel. The goal is for Proverb to become the most trusted and desirable ‘clean’ male skincare brand that takes a truly integrated approach to healthy skin, body and mindset driven by my desire to see things differently”

The Unique selling point of Proverb is it takes the understanding and efficacy of elite SPORTS NUTRITION and applies it to your skin. We harness CLEAN, ACTIVE, NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients such as proteins, anti-oxidants and enzymes, formulated for LAB PROVEN RESULTS. Proverb is a LIFEFUELLED training program comprising of skincare, supplements, and expert advice – with the aim of driving your SKIN, BODY and MINDSET to peak condition

Proverb wants to inspire men to feel better about their skin, body and mindset through being lifefuelled. Drawing a clear link between clean eating, health, sport, your life approach and your skincare. It promotes itself as being for men who live the ethos that you get out what you put in, be this at work, with your family and friends, your training regime or your education and mindset.

Using Proverb will make you feel the skincare equivalent of going to the gym – confident, happy and empowered. Using the 4 x 4 x 4 program you will have ‘nailed’ your skincare routine. This is complimented by using The Proverb App delivers a personalised routine based on your current lifestyle choices, skin profile and goals, and curates lifefuelled – inspiring education news and then is turn rebuying via the Proverb APP is simplicity.

Former Rugby pro and model, Thom Evans, is a Brand ambassador and leads the brand’s launch campaign. He believes, “I for one was blind to using any moisturiser in the past and I have really seen in the flesh the difference Proverb makes and the way your skin feels”. Follow the 4X4X4 routine with Thom below.

Now here’s two classic British icons I never thought I’d see teaming up in a round about sort of way. First up we have Manchester’s finest Mr Liam Gallagher, not only currently number 1 in the album charts with his debut solo album, but today’s post involves his highly talked about and popular clothing brand Pretty Green. Then we have Gloverall, the Great British Brand renounced for creating the duffle coat, who’s most famous wearer is none other than, Mr Paddington Bear, who currently sees the launch of his second filmic outing recently.

Yes the British heritage brand Gloverall teams up with a pretty green for a winter collaboration to celebrate truly iconic outerwear pieces. Combining Gloverall’s expertise in duffle coat making and Pretty Green’s rock and roll spirit. Their new collection consists of statement duffle coats available in Camel, Burgundy and Black.

Then made in Britain theme is demonstrated throughout the collection. The addition of a hand sewn Union Jack on the first style available in camel and in a tonal black colourway, how old is an iconic status whether it’s haloing brit pop, signifying defiance and Anoki or just celebrating great Britishness. For the second start of the collection signature paisley print from Pretty Green is used on the lining and is available in the Burgundy or Black option.

One of the most recognisable brands of recent times, focusing on designing and marketing high-quality men’s tailored clothing and sportswear.
Since being founded in 1985 Tommy Hilfiger has always been known within the
fashion industry for its classic colours and look, showcasing its very own style. Whilst for many years the brand seemed to be struggling in catching the attention of their previously wide audience, it has managed to re-engage and take over due to the uprise of vintage fashion in the last two years revitalising the brand.

This Autumn season the brand has brought back the iconic Hilfiger Denim, however adding a new fresh twist on tradition. The photo shoot shot by Hypebeast in London, Berlin and New York City includes both up and coming models and influencers including Elliott Jay Brown, Jiahe Zhang and Jonah Levine just to name a few.

The Tommy Jeans capsule, specifically consisting of primary colours dominate
this year, however through being very bold you will not miss these pieces in a the crowd, key pieces for this men’s collection include an oversized hooded sweater, Blue denim jacket and loose fit grey jeans, all pieces containing the traditional brand logo.

So what our opinions on Tommy Hilfiger?

Anthony McGrath – Editor -in-Chief
“Tommy’s always had a great sense of zeitgeist, I’ll always remember being lucky enough to being at his catwalk shows during New York Fashion Week back in the 90’s and it was always a circus of A-List celebrities, consisting of the Creme Della Creme of music stars, actors, actresses and, if the Supermodels weren’t on the catwalk they were sat front row. The show and the after party used to blend into one, always with some sort of entertainment whether that being the biggest band of the moment performing or a literal circus appearing for your enjoyment. He has and is able to tap into that particular youth culture, turning classics like the humble denim jacket, hoodie, or windcheater into an aspirational, must have commodity.”
Charlie Britton – Contributing Editor
‘With the comeback of 90s fashion, Tommy Hilfiger used this opportunity to throwback some styles and with the help of some clever marketing campaigns and familiar faces, it managed to revive the logo we all once owned and loved.
Since then, the brand has seen an impactful change within its design and production areas, keeping up with the trends, producing exciting collaborations but most importantly, refreshing the designs we once loved from two decades ago.
Whether you’re shopping online, browsing the high street or hunting through your favourite vintage and thrift stores, you’re almost guaranteed to come across a piece of Tommy Hilfiger, which I’m certain you’ll find hard to resist.’
Myself- ‘Tommy Hilfiger is a brand which has been killing it since before I was even born, I find that a brand such as that sell product which my parent and me can both relate to.
Of recent times I feel as though the brand has become incredibly popular and recognisable in all different types of style and seen on many different people, with some of the most recognisable faces including the Hadid sisters and Zayn Malik. Some of the pieces this season I really like, however for me the denim jacket is
the standout piece, especially as layering in fall-winter is key for me personally and an item such as this can be styled in so many different ways. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Tommy Hilfiger.


This is the quote that is the inspiration for Simon King founder and designer of London Denim, who has been making streetwear for over 16 years.  Clothes first became Fashion for King back in the early 80’s when he started his comprehensive education. He would hear a host of lads whose hair was neatly styled, trousers were sharp and who talked of Farah, Tacchini, LaCoste in voices of desire and bandied around an even more obscure concept to him. His first pair of jeans were baggy Easy Jeans which he tucked into his boots, these were followed by Maro’o’Polo white and baggy jeans teamed with Champion sweatshirt and grey hush puppies. He’s come along a great deal since these days and sustainability and ethical consumerism are Key to King’s approach to Fashion and style nowadays.

They are, what they call themselves, a slow fashion brand and 80% of their product is made to order in our studio from organic, ethically produced materials.  But by 2018 they aim for all product sold in the European Market will be manufactured in UK. The brand debuted at London Fashion Week in 2001 and has shown in Paris, Milan, New York and recently at the London Fashion Week:Men exhibitions.

All of their non-denim garments are made in the UK either in our workshop in Kent or our studio in London. We do not make or hold stock of the majority of our products preferring to make to order. This means we don’t manufacture unwanted product or have a distressed product of any nature.

They’re following Ghandi’s advice with the Eden T, which represents the change they want to instil in the world. They’re hoping we ‘get it’ and spread the word to tell people there is an, organic, made local, ethical, ergonomic, sustainable T out there at a High Street Price. They want to see slow, ethical fashion as a normal on the high-street.  The Eden T is how we’re showing everyone this is possible.

As King puts it himself, “The products I design and produce for London Denim are overdeveloped and thought through again and again. I’m obsessive about difference in design, shape, fit and quality and giving London Denim product a unique perspective. Like the denim brands of old I strive towards the goal of engendering trust in my product.”

When they transfer the production to the UK in 2018 they will only use Italian denim made with Turkish cotton or recycled denim. At this point, all of their denim will also contain a recycled or organic element to it. All of their other garments are made from GOTs certified organic cotton from Turkey. This is important to them as organic cotton limits the harm their cotton does to the environment and road shipping from Turkey limits the CO2 created in shipping our raw materials to their factories.
All of London Denim’s non-denim garments are made in the UK either in their factory in Leicester, the workshop in Kent or their studio in London. The majority of the brand’s products are made to order. This means they don’t manufacture unwanted product.