Experience the Beautiful game with the whole family

As the new football season kicks off, Google searches for “football with kids” have already increased 45% in the past month! Whether as a family activity or a first step to grow children’s enthusiasm for football, many parents plan to take their kids to their favourite local team from an early age.

However, taking children to a new environment can be daunting. To help you better prepare to take care of your kids at football stadiums and to make full use of junior fan experience clubs offered, football travel experts from Voetbaltravel.nl reveal six top tips for parents when bringing children to football matches. Just follow the six Ps to enjoy the game and have fun!

(image by Conor Coyne) 

1. Pick seats carefully

To ensure a more family-friendly experience, some clubs offer specific zone seating for young fans and their parents. This enables you to sit with other families to enjoy the best football atmosphere while keeping a distance from any overwhelming crowds. If the club doesn’t specify a family stand or block, choose a seat on the aisle! If you need to leave for the toilets or snack stands with your kids, your matchday experience will be a lot more stressful when you have to fight your way through the rows of people to get out.

2. Purchase concession tickets

Lots of clubs offer junior/kids membership packs which are usually 50% cheaper than adult memberships. They normally come with more kids-oriented benefits too such as club merchandise aimed at young people, personalised birthday cards and junior fans experiences which may include family activities, children social events or football practice. If you are on a budget, England’s Women Super League only charges 4 pounds on average for children. 

(image by Thomas Serer)


3. Participate in junior fan events

Alongside junior membership and concession tickets, many football teams also offer a welcoming experience for kids with fun events on the matchday and beyond. For example, if you arrive early, you may spot the club mascot and enjoy some pre-match “meet and greet” photos together. For membership holders, you definitely don’t want to miss events like family play day, holiday parties or junior game days where your kid might have the chance to meet their favourite football players!

4. Pack clothes, snacks and more

Sometimes it can get pretty windy in the stadium, especially during evening games, so make sure to dress your kids up with multiple layers and pack them scarfs, hats or gloves. It is also highly recommended that you stock up with lots of snacks to keep them energised so you won’t be waiting in the long queue for food stalls and missing the game.

(image by Sven Kuclinic) 

5. Protect their ears

Whilst cheering for our favourite team is an integral part of live football, it might sound too loud and overwhelming to children. If your kids are sensitive to sound or are under 5, you may want to consider ear defenders or ear plugs to reduce the impact that loud music and chants may have on their ears.

6. Put safety first

No matter how much enthusiasm your kids have for football, as a parent you know that safety always comes first. Arrive earlier before the match and show them around to get familiar with the stadium, emergency exits and who to go to if they get lost. If you are lucky enough to sit in the lower end of the stadium or around the goal or corner-flags, pay attention to where the balls are going even during the warm-ups. Once you are prepared then you are free to enjoy the game and have fun!

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Every so often we like to speak to some of our favourite Retail and Etail Emporiums and seek their advice to what they are looking forward to, favourite pieces etc and it never fails to surprise and inspire us. So for the first of this season’s conundrums we ask some of the true trailblazers and opinion formers that encourage our wardrobe habits was, “What brand are you most excited about for Autumn/Winter 2022?”

Adrian Gibson – Menswear buyer for Robert Goddard

“We are very excited to add Hugo to our mix for AW22. We inherited the brand from our acquisition of 3 stores last year from the Maysons group but feel so strongly about the collection we are already rolling it out to selected Robert Goddard stores as well. Boss have done a great job to segment this collection to appeal to a younger, more fashion-conscious customer with really strong branding and a social media savvy marketing campaign. We have already seen very impressive results in store from the AW22 Pre Collection and look forward to developing another strong label along side our iconic Boss business.”

Hugo – Robert Goddard

Next we have Daniel Greengrass – Buyer/Store Manager of Wellgosh.

“NORSE PROJECTS ARKTISK – Norse add to there current range with a full blown weather proof collection full of the usual clean lines and detailing but with the added benefit of performance fabrics.”

Next up we have Mr Olie Arnold, don’t let that young appearance deceive you, this man has an incredible resume which includes numerous leading Fashion publications and currently has one of THE most envious role in Menswear, the Style Director of none other than MrPorter.

Wales Bonner. Fresh off her guest show at Pitti, Florence in June, Grace has really upped her menswear game and the collection is looking incredible.”

Now it’s the turn of the pride of the North and premier independent and hidden gem of Didsbury. Pete Parry, Founder of Steranko.

The brand we’re most excited about for AW22 is Armor Lux. In terms of quality and pricing they’re really hard to beat. Great outerwear like their Fisherman’s Smocks, lovely quarter zip Sweats and of course their world beating tees which are the best in the business.”

Finally, for this post we have Damien Paul, head of menswear at MATCHESFASHION.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Connor McKnight, our newest innovator for AW22, alongside an exciting collaboration between Ben Cobb and Tiger of Sweden, Nili Lotan and MM6 Maison Margiela’s menswear debuts, Maryam Nassir Zadeh,   Ghiaia Cashmere and Husbands Paris.”

Don’t let the girls keep this secret to themselves – Unsubscribe Dry Shampoo

It’s a universally held belief that dry shampoo and other hair care products of that nature are meant for women. But who said that men don’t want to extend the time between washes too? Unsubscribe: a hair care brand that is revolutionizing how often people need to wash their hair, is kicking that stigma to the curb. Their No-Rinse Hair Wash, is a 99% clean, dry shampoo alternative that easily refreshes sweaty hair from any activity. 

Whether you’re a bro who’s constantly on the go, a fitness fanatic who is overwashing, or a camping enthusiast with no running water, Unsubscribe is the perfect product for any and all active lifestyles. With signature enzymes that neutralize bacteria and odor, amino acids to strengthen hair, and green tea and chamomile extract to soothe the scalp, No-Rinse Hair Wash will quickly become a fan favorite in any guy’s dopp kit.

Unsubscribe easily works with anyone’s locks, regardless of hair type. Founded by two women with opposite textures (curly vs. straight), they made sure that their products would easily flex between any and all hair types!

Hair type guide to using Unsubscribe:

Straight: apply 1-2 pumps underneath, to sides
Curly: apply 2-4 pumps underneath, to sides, on top
Coily: apply 4-6 pumps underneath, to sides, on top

Qatar World Cup: Your Top 10 essential Tips To Keep You Out Of Jail

With the FIFA World Cup quickly approaching in November, football fans from all over the world are planning their trips to Qatar to join in with the celebrations. Although there is plenty of fun to be had, Qatar is an Islamic country and local traditions should be respected and abided by at all times.

VegasSlotsOnline has researched the laws most commonly broken by British visitors and has provided advice on how to remain compliant during your visit. Failure to comply can lead to an Administrative Deportation order, hefty fine or even jail time, so here are 10 tips to bear in mind at all times.

Stay Away From Drugs

Drug use is not tolerated in Qatar and punishments of any drug related offenses are severe, ranging from heavy fines all the way to lengthy custodial sentences. When you arrive in the country, the advanced security technology scans for any sign of illegal substances and even the smallest amounts can lead to an arrest. If you are bringing prescription medication along, it is worth checking that they are not considered controlled substances in Qatar as this will require an official document from your GP.

Don’t Drink Alcohol in Public

In Qatar, drinking alcohol or being drunk in public is a criminal offense and can result in being detained for disorderly or offensive behavior. If you are caught drinking in a public space, it could result in a prison sentence of up to 6 months and/or a fine of over £600 ($779). If you do plan on enjoying alcohol on your visit, this can be done so in licensed hotel restaurants and bars and you must be above 21 years of age.

Avoid Offensive Behavior

Although this should be common courtesy, especially when living among other cultures, offensive behavior can be seen as criminal in Qatar. Swearing and making rude gestures can actually lead to jail or deportation as they are considered obscene acts. This is especially important when dealing with the authorities as police officers and officials take offensive behavior very seriously.

Abide By Photography Rules

As much as we all love to snap photos to remember certain moments of our trip, many areas of Qatar are no photography zones and failure to comply may result in imprisonment. Common places which do not permit photography include religious areas, military sites and construction zones but if you are unsure, it is worth seeking permission. As you are out and about, be aware of cultural sensitivities when filming or photographing people and if you decide to post images online, ensure that it does not go against local privacy laws.

Don’t Import Illegal Goods

As well as the obvious of avoiding bringing drugs, alcohol and pornography into the country, it is also illegal to import pork products and religious material into Qatar. All luggage is thoroughly checked and any suspicious quantities will also be investigated. The sale of things like electronic cigarettes, liquids and electronic shisha pipes is prohibited so these may be seized if customs officials suspect misuse.

Comply With Dress Codes

Dressing modestly in Qatar is a necessity when you are in public as it is an Islamic country that follows traditional practices. Both men and women should avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless tops or you may be denied entry to healthcare facilities, shopping malls and official buildings. This is especially important during the month of Ramadan.

No Relationships Without Marriage

Sharing a moment with your partner can actually lead to an arrest if you are in a public space. Qatar is strict on unmarried couples and prevents sex and living with a partner unless you tie the knot. This is legally enforced, meaning perpetrators risk arrest, fines and deportation. The LGBT community also have to be particularly careful when visiting the country as any same sex intimacy is illegal and frowned upon in the culture.

Avoid Financial Crimes

Fraud is taken very seriously in Qatar and issues like failure to pay bills and bouncing cheques can result in imprisonment, a fine and deportation. On top of this, your bank account may get frozen which would leave you in a tricky situation overseas. If you try to leave the country without having paid off any debts or loans, you will be faced with a travel ban and prevented from leaving until it is settled.

No Phones at the Gym 

Although you may never normally question bringing your phone in the gym with you to play some music or message your friends, this is forbidden in Qatar and all devices with a camera are expected to be handed over at the door. In gyms which are used by women, they remove their veils and abayas and change into more practical exercise clothing so photography is not acceptable. You may even be screened to ensure you have no hidden cameras.

Place Your Bets in Advance

Gambling is considered offensive in the Islamic culture and any form of online gambling activity is strictly prohibited across the country. If you are somebody who likes to place bets, it is best to do this before traveling to Qatar and gambling within your own country where you are familiar with the regulations. More traditional forms of gambling are loosely accepted in Qatar and there are some flaws in the system which allow people to place bets without breaking the law but it is recommended to stay clear, especially if you are a visitor without a clear idea of the regulations.

Failure To Comply:

If you visit the country and go against their laws, they take their punishments very seriously and you can find yourself facing serious consequences. From expensive fines to long term prison sentences and death sentences, here are some of the penalties enforced from breaking the main rules:


Drug use is heavily prohibited in Qatar and if you are caught in possession, you face some severe penalties. Offenders are met with heavy fines which can cost over £42,000 ($54,000) which will be followed by deportation or potentially even long-term imprisonment. The trafficking of illegal drugs is an even more serious criminal offense and could even carry a possible death sentence.


If you are caught drinking alcohol in a public space, authorities do not take the offense lightly and you will be met with a fine of up to £630 ($800). Breaking the law further and attempting to open a store or sell alcohol from your home can lead to imprisonment for up to six months plus an additional fine.


Although genuine mistakes are common, intentionally taking photographs or video clips in a public place with the intention of offending or defaming is taken very seriously and is covered by the law. The offense is punishable by up to two years of imprisonment and a fine which can cost you up to £2,100 ($2,700).

Dress code

Being a highly religious country, the dress-code law is taken very seriously and not abiding by the rules can result in punishments predicted by the penal code. With so many tourists arriving to the country without prior research, a campaign was launched back in 2012 to warn foreign travelers about the public decency laws so they can pack accordingly.

Why you should add yoga into your everyday routine

We now live in a world where self-care, health and wellbeing are being prioritised, and actually, are actively encouraged – which is something that we haven’t seen until recent years. 

And one of the very best ways to practise self-care is through yoga and meditation. 

Here, Victoria Cranmer, founder of health and wellbeing travel firm Mindful Escapes, shares her thoughts on why yoga should be added to our everyday routine.

There is a global increase in people battling burnout, and time is of the essence, therefore practising as little as 10 minutes of yoga as part of your daily routine can be a beneficial addition. 

People have never been as busy as they are today. Whether it’s juggling work and business with family life or struggling to find the time to relax and unwind, people are continuing to battle the feeling of burnout. 

Yoga enables and releases feelings of anxiety, stress, worry, self-doubt, fatigue and the feeling of burnout with each and every breath. 

Much more than deep breathing and stretching, yoga is an act of healing – both physically and mentally. 

Benefits of yoga 

As a great source of healing, yoga has many benefits and can work to support everybody in an entirely unique and different way. 

Whilst not medicinal, yoga is the ideal way to incorporate gentle movement to your day and improve mental and physical wellbeing. 

 1) Improves strength, balance and flexibility

The regular movements and breathing techniques of yoga can aid the improvement of your strength, balance and flexibility by increasing blood flow and warming up the muscles. As well as this, yoga can improve posture, which in turn, reduces back pain and enhances comfort. 

2) Reduces aches and pains 

For people with illnesses such as arthritis, or those that suffer from aches and pains, yoga makes for the perfect form of gentle exercise. The stretching and breathing of yoga eases pain and discomfort and is a great way to manage bodily aches and pains without medicinal intervention. 

 3) Reduces stress and benefits heart health

When practised regularly, yoga can help people to feel less stressed, thus reducing inflammation and contributing to a healthier heart. 

4) Relaxes to aid sleep and boosts mood    With yoga comes a sense of calm and can therefore be a great way to end your day and wind down before going to bed. For a better night’s sleep, alter your exercises to encourage relaxation, but to kickstart your day, yoga can make for the perfect mood booster – simply select exercises that require a little more energy and that make you feel awake and raring to go. 

 5) The ultimate self-care tool 

Yoga is the ideal way to take care of yourself. Whether it’s 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour – yoga can be practised in such a way that works around your day, providing you with some well-deserved ‘me time’ whilst supporting stress management and encouraging mindfulness.  

Getting started 

It’s important that people practise yoga in a way that suits them – after all, we all have entirely different needs.  

Whilst you will receive maximum benefits from adding yoga to your everyday routine, some people prefer yoga retreats to fully immerse themselves and to create the ultimate experience. 

A retreat is the perfect way to prioritise yoga and its healing benefits without any distractions from the outside world. 

For more information on yoga retreats and its benefits, visit: https://mindfulescapes.uk/