A Holubar-loo of a Men’s Outdoor Brand – Holubar Mountaineering

Established in 1946 in Boulder, Colorado, Holubar Mountaineering was founded by Roy and Alice Holubar, and began with the design, manufacturing and selling of outdoor equipment and soft-gear such as down-insulated sleeping bags. Throughout the second half of the 20th century the brand grew in popularity and today stands as one of the premier heritage outerwear companies.

Their most iconic silhouette is The Deer Hunter, a jacket made famous by Robert De Niro’s outfit in Michael Cimino’s film of the same name. To this day, the DH in ‘Dark Orange’ is a heritage classic, and we’ve also collected a range of other colours, some hefty flannel shirts and their Boulder Parka, designed for seriously cold weather.

It’s getting a bit poky in the elements now as we move through November. Prime time for some massive jackets to get introduced to the Lake District. You should introduce the Deer Hunter to where you live, as well.

Holubar Deer Hunter Parka

The shell of this jacket is made from a blend of 82% cotton and 18% acrylic. This fabric is woven into a super fine twill which is durable, warm and exceptionally weather-resistant, whilst also remaining relatively lightweight for a parka. This shell is lined with a luxuriously smooth 100% polyester which adds warmth and feels great against the skin.

The jacket is padded and insulated with a blend of down and feather to provide the wearer which exceptional heating. This filling has a low profile quilting around the inside of the jacket, and it fills a collar which sits below the hood.


Holubar Flannel Shirt

A long sleeve shirt from heritage American mountaineering company Holubar, famous for the iconic Deer Hunter jacket.
It’s made from a comfortable brushed flannel of 100% cotton with a buttoned front, cuffs and patch pockets to the chest. Branding is simple with an embroidered logo applique and it has a casual checked pattern.

Holubar Boulder Parka

The shell is made from a blend of 82% cotton and 18% polyacrylic in a micro twill which is highly durable, provides the wearer with some awesome weather-resistance from wind and rain and is surprisingly lightweight for a parka. It’s backed with a soft and smooth 100% polyester lining which is exceptionally comfortable.The jacket is padded with a filling made from 80% down and 20% natural feather insulation which provides some incredible heat with very little weight.

The parka has a removable hood which also features a removable fur lining made from 41% cotton, 39% alpaca wool and 20% mohair. The hood and waist are adjustable with a drawcord and the cuffs are ribbed with storm cuff overlays. It has a two-way full-zip with a large stormflap with button-up loops.

It has two large open chest pockets, useful as handwarmers, lined with a pile fleece, and it also has two large snap-up pockets as well as an internal security pocket.

ESPAcially for Movember

 With Movember in full swing, men are ditching the razor and growing a moustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. It’s not too late to get the ultimate ESPA grooming essentials added to your routine, to see you through November and into winter.

Balancing Hydrator  : A lightweight moisturiser that deeply hydrates while helping to balance oil and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

Triple Action Grooming Oil 
: A 3-in-1 beard, shave and facial oil to help hydrate and protect skin while smoothing and conditioning bristles for the ultimate close shave. Candeia Tree and antioxidant Prickly Pear extracts calm skin while helping protect against the elements.

Gents Essentials RRP £45 :
 Cleanse, soothe and protect with these hard-working skin essentials. Now housed in a luxurious new washbag, perfect to use on-the-go.

Classically Cashmere – Bellemere New York

Bellemere New York
 has built its brand philosophy in creating natural, premium garments designed for comfort and style, truly embracing the modern and chic New York City lifestyle. Reasonably priced and sustainably sourced, each natural fibre featured in the collection is carefully selected to ensure that the final garment looks and feels good to wear. The collection is made up of coats, scarves, jumpers, loungewear and accessories made from Wool, Cashmere, Merino wool and Tencel.

The creation of Bellemere arose from the combination of the multicultural fashion background, of founder Samantha Honstetter and her passion for natural, sustainable, fabrics that are suitable for sensitive skin. After her move from New York to Switzerland, Honstetter became more closely connected with nature and gained valuable knowledge about continuous fashion. Driven by her desire to offer high quality, sustainable resources for a reasonable price, she began a collaboration with a New York designer to create Bellemere and later selected a factory that met her high quality and ethical standards.

Bellemere understands the timeless quality of cashmere; to ensure it is a long-lasting investment, all Bellemere garments are sold with a complimentary after care kit, including a cashmere comb, cedar wood ring and a protective slip to store your piece while not in use. A unique brand feature that Bellemere offers online is the ‘custom made’ option, allowing its consumers to input their measurements and create a bespoke fit in a signature style. Bellemere New York is a contemporary brand that offers timeless wardrobe essentials.

Universal Appeal – David Keyte of Universal Works

The subject of today’s Textual Conversations is David Keyte the power behind the genius Menswear Brand, Universal Works, whose primary principle is to produce a well made, easy to wear and affordable collection for men who want contemporary clothes, but understand tradition and looking good without trying too hard.

Based around and understanding of classic working clothes, of the workshop and the office, but with a modern slant on fit and shape. The collections have David’s signature throughout and show his love of craft and a feeling that someone cared about making this piece of clothing. The garments have a “lived in” and “ my old favourite” feel.  Detailing of the pieces are often quirky and off beat and all garments are designed to stand-alone and function well.

If you could have invented anything what would it be ?

The instant translation app, I travel a lot and have crap language skills, I am convinced the world would be a better place if we could all understand each other more.

If you had one day to live what would be your biggest regret ?

Probably working too many hours and not spending more time with my family and friends, but really I try to live without regrets, or at least I would if it was my last day for sure.

What inspires you ?

Everything! – well a few things would be; the way old guys dress in too many layers, mixing checks and pattern in a totally mad way. Hikers on long walks in the Peak District, my Dad and his brothers work wear but also getting dressed for a night out when I was a kid. British clothing history, modern Japan.

Who is your style icon ?

Icon is such a big word, I am not sure I have a style icon really, its normally used about celebrity and I really don’t care much for celebrity, I have a few favorites dresses for sure, Brian Ferry in the seventies, Michael Stipe most of the time, David Byre in his talking Head days, Joe Strummer any time ever, shit they are all musicians maybe I am in the wrong business !

I think my icons would be more in the world of politics, ecology or science, you know, important stuff, clothing is just for fun.

What piece of style advise do you live by ?

Dress for yourself, be yourself always

What piece of clothing should everyman have in his wardrobe ?

Clean underwear

How did you get into the industry ?

I convinced Paul Smith to let me work for him, when I did not really have the experience or training, he took a chance on me, I spent my early years working for Paul and it was a great time to learn the about the industry from one of the best guys in the british clothing industry, I owe him a huge debt he was a great guy to learn from.

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and regretted it ? 

I bought a pair of red wing boots on a snowy day in New York and they still murder my feet 2 years later,

Maybe I was not cut out for the lumberjack look! ( if this gets printed then; sorry Mr Red Wing, I am sure it is my feet not your boots!)


Sign your name across my heart – The Dunhill Signature collection

The Signature Collection – a name originally associated with dunhill lighters – is a fragrance collection obsessive about quality and range of materials, ingredients and where each originates. Launched in 2019 as a series of four distinctive fragrances, the Signature Collection is inspired by the international and adventurous nature of dunhill.

The figure of the adventurer is a crucial element to these masculine fragrances. The dunhill man is not one, but many – as is the adventurer. The figure of Alfred Dunhill himself is a case in point, as a seeker of fortune in daring enterprises.

Now, the journey that inspired the creation of the dunhill Signature Collection continues with the addition of two new distinctive fragrances, Amalfi Citrus and  Valensole Lavender.

Firstly, AMALFI CITRUS evoking the old world mystique and natural beauty that defines the Amalfi Coast, this refined and timeless fragrance opens with a treasured Italian citrus blend. Heart notes of spicy cardamom and musks lend warmth. A conclusion of earthy vetiver adds a grounding touch. Created under the direction of perfume Olivier Gillotin, Amalfi Citrus is a vibrant classic with a modern edge.

Next we have, VALENSOLE LAVENDER.This is inspired by the endless beauty of the French lavender fields, Valensole Lavender, created under the direction of perfume Jerome Di Marino, is the ultimate expression of masculine sophistication. Zesty lemon pairs with the warmth of saffron to open the fragrance. At the heart of the fragrance lies classic lavender, while a dry down of precious guaiac wood lends an exotic edge.