Why not go for a gold star on the back to school holiday report by putting a completely different spin on family’s valuable holiday time and immerse the kids in cultural, adventurous and exciting experiences.  Families can try something different and go on a road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way, learn more about the culture of the Bedouin people in Dubai, learn to scuba dive at world-famous locations off the coast of Phuket, get back to nature and embark on a ranching holiday in the Tucson Mountains or discover everything from tropical wildlife to space exploration in Orlando. Why not head to one of these fantastic destinations this summer

Learn about The Wild Atlantic Way on an exciting road trip

The journey of a lifetime awaits along mesmerising landscape, sea-salted shorelines and 2,500km of unforgettable experiences ahead of you when you take on the Wild Atlantic Way in all its wonder.

This coastal road brimming with enigmatic character, unmistakable atmosphere, unforgettable encounters, myth and legend at ever turning, commentating in life lasting memories, the Wild Atlantic Way showcase sensational scenery stretching across nine counties no takes in anything Andy everything from mythical ancient history to kayaking and world renounded surfing.

Learn about the culture of Dubai

Dubai is an amazing location for a family holiday as it is brimming with attractions and theme parks. For an enlightening and entertaining experience, kids and adults can immerse themselves in the nomadic desert culture. The Bedouin people were the earliest inhabitants of the region and with a Platinum Heritage Desert adventure you can dive into their culture and experience it first-hand. Families can cruise along sand dunes in a vintage Land Rover to learn about the desert’s history, as well as seeing native desert animals including gazelles and Arabian Oryx for a sand dune safari experience. Families also have the option of staying the night in the desert and can enjoy a stargazing learning session with a professional astronomer. Why not watch a falconry demonstration or even get involved by learning to fly the falcon as well? After returning from the desert, head to the Dubai Museum for more insight into the incredible Bedouin culture.

Learn to scuba dive in Phuket

For families looking to keep active and learn a skill on holiday, Phuket in Thailand is the perfect choice and home to great year-round dive sites suitable for all ages. Phuket is also the departure point for the Similan Islands, one of the most famous diving destinations in the world.  Marine life here is truly incredible and the underwater scenery ranges from the gentle sloping reefs in the east to the dramatic and wild boulder sites towards the west of the islands. Rare Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are common visitors, making these sites unmissable for keen scuba diving families.

Learn to horse ride in the USA

What better way to spend a family holiday than getting back to nature and ranching with cowboys against the stunning backdrop of the Tucson Mountains in Arizona? There are a variety of ranches available in the area and as well as offering amazing horse rides and cattle drives, ranches usually offer extras such as rock climbing, astronomy shows and hiking. Most also have dedicated kids’ clubs, perfect for giving parents a little time together to explore the rugged terrain and breath-taking natural beauty of the area.

Learn about wildlife and space exploration in Orlando

Orlando is already known as a hot-spot for family holidays. For those looking to go beyond the theme-parks, why not head to the Kennedy Space Centre? This unique site is split into “mission zones” [NR1] where families can get up close and personal with the story of humans in space. The Kennedy Space Centre is home to many attractions and tours for various ages and interests. Be sure to check out their website for their launch countdown so you can coincide your visit with a rocket launch.  After the excitement of space exploration, head to the beautiful Everglades to enjoy family-friendly tours where you can explore the wildlife of the area on your very own airboat adventure.  Kids will love this holiday and it will definitely be one to remember.

Something we are all guilty of is allowing our toothbrush to get a bit weathered and over used. In fact 70% of us fail to replace our heads every 2 months as recommended by dentists! Well Ordo want to revolutionize the dental hygiene market with their slick online subscription service and streamlined electric toothbrush Ordo pack, which fits precisely and conveniently through your letterbox.

Headed up by Jordan Kennedy and Bartholomew Walsh, the Founders and Creators of Ordo share an unrivalled obsession for impeccable design and service with backgrounds respectively in Marketing, Ecommerce and Architecture. Ordo is the UK’s first oral health subscription service of it’s kind, combining sonic pulse technology, style and functionality.

Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind Ordo was created to eliminate the inconvenience and expense of buying oral care products and to make life easier.
Ordo have created a simple and stylish solution with an contemporary crafted and designed sonic pulse electric toothbrush with replacement heads, toothpaste and batteries delivered to your door every two months. The Ordo toothbrush has been designed for a modern mindset; a seamless ergonomic, slim and lightweight design, travel friendly and stylishly finished with an aluminium anodised handle for complete comfort. Problem solving at its finest, simple! No more chunky brushes, bulky chargers and weathered brush heads. As something we all do for two minutes, twice a day, every day, it can finally be enjoyable and cool, and actually improve our teeth, make them whiter and cleaner, minimising those trips to the dreaded dentist!

The Ordo brush has a two-minute timer with 30 second pulses to change quadrant (one of the four areas of our mouths). It doesn’t need to be charged as it’s powered by a AAA battery which are sent to you every 2 months along with your new head, travel cap, 2-month supply of toothpaste and travel toothpaste, all for £10, including delivery. The plan is totally flexible, and you can cancel anytime. So no more shopping around, bulk buying brush heads or forgetting to buy your oral care products and being battery-operated means there are no messy cables or charging ports. It’s 100% transportable if you’re on the go… at the gym, work or travelling remotely.

Convenience and sustainability are central to the brand, with Ordo you never have to think about changing your toothbrush head again – new heads will be delivered straight to your door every two months as part of their subscription plan alongside new batteries, so you are never without charge. Plus, Ordo have been awarded accreditation from the Oral Health Foundation as their specially formulated toothpaste is Whitening and Sensitive all-in-one, removes stains and reduces sensitivity and if that wasn’t enough is Cruelty free and vegan friendly.

GEYM gets its name from the mantra of America’s 19th century explorers: “Go East Young Man”. At that time, conquering the East was a source of ingenuity and fulfillment. By creating the Transcontinental Railroad, companies redoubled their efforts to link the West to the East. Two centuries later, connecting to each other is more relevant than ever. The Paris-based streetwear label GEYM was founded in 2016 by Thomas Erber, Charles Gaston-Dreyfuss and Claude Sérieux.
Before launching the brand, Gaston-Dreyfuss used to produce a line of T-shirts working with Paris-based street artists. Sérieux previously worked as product director at Paul Smith then Yves Saint Laurent, under Hedi Slimane. He went on to launch his own record label while continuing to consult for brands like Kolor and Y-3.

GEYM’s SS18 collection is inspired by the ocean, and how the ocean has been interpreted through centuries of Eastern and Western art. The movement of waves, the strength of the wind, and the different shades of blue on the horizon have all provided inspiration for this collection.

This collection, remaining true to the GEYM spirit, includes technical fabrics often mixed together: water resistant, coolmax, and 3 in 1 transformative items are at the core of GEYM’s sensibilities.

Hero pieces from the collection include kimonos, sailor trousers, and innovative interpretations of layering. New functionalities are key to the GEYM aesthetic, while never losing sight of GEYM’s core urban street aesthetic. GEYM is an encouragement to exchange and innovate to be in tune with its time, looking towards the future. With the objective to accompany and support the movements of the Man of the 3rd millennium by providing them comfort and protection. This genius and symbolic way of thinking inspired a collaboration between these guys are two other guys called Damon Albam and Jamie Hewlett and the latter’s creative, iconic outlet ‘Gorillaz’. Inspired by Hewlett’s iconic imagery for Gorillaz, a teaser capsule will launch on July 1 at selected stockists worldwide, with a full line inspired by the characters set to launch at the end of the year.


We’re now beginning to see snippets of the weather one would’ve expect at this time of year in paradise or as some others would call it England, usually questionable however this year its looking on the up and hopefully we haven’t spoken too soon. What you tend to find in modern styling is that the actual outfit in itself takes a bit of a back seat at times with the accessories completing and making the overall look, therefore these are some of our key accessories for this summer to elevate your personal style!

Bucket hats-

The 90’s was dominated by full tracksuits a pair of clean trainers and not forgetting the headwear hats! From Hip Hop’s Run D.M.C to Manc Indie Gods The Stone Roses, well Reni, were very much ambassadors for the classic bucket hat. But thanks to the ever so dominant streetwear scene and influencers within it, this style has come back with a vengeance and is doing the rounds this very Summer with our number one pick being the Kangol Bermuda White bucket hat.


Some would of thought that Men’s jewellery had reached its peak however the demand continues to grow with items such as rings and bracelets becoming key pieces in your sartorial gent’s day to day outfits, with the Great Frog being our number one pick for adventurous men’s jewellery.

Whilst we’re at it we cant forget necklaces these add that little something to an open shirt look whilst walking along a white sandy beach or over a clean white t-shirt, basically you can’t really go wrong.

Jean chains-

Very Rock n Roll nonetheless something which we believe could become a staple piece within wardrobes very soonit is the jean chain, this helps outfits that would have previously been considered as basic only improves the look as an overall, there are many available with ones including beads and others such as key (fake) in case anyone was wondering, We find ASOS offers the widest variety at the best pricing with classic designs all available.


Possibly the most obvious one! Sunglasses offer varieties like no other and this Summer we highly recommend you venture out of the norm, try a different shaded lenses with pretty green offering a Red lenses, these automatically make you stand out from the crowd and improve your overall summer style.

Whether it’s working out in the gym, commuting on a packed tube, hot offices, or after work drinks on a sultry evening –  staying cool and fresh can be a challenge, particularly when the forecasters are predicting temperatures into the 30’s by the weekend. Indeed, 54.7% of Brits claim they suffer from heavy sweating and around 5% of the population are diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis (the clinical form of the condition). And according to Dan Bracey, the sweat expert, yes that’s his actually job title, for ODABAN antiperspirant, the problem is compounded by the UK’s typically humid summer weather, which leads to increased perspiration and feeling increasingly hot, bothered and embarrassed. In reality, practically everyone is affected by unwanted body sweat, often at precisely the wrong time – such as during dates, before work presentations, at the gym, travelling, or simply going about one’s daily routine with embarrassing sweat patches and body odour. Fortunately, Dan explains that by using the right antiperspirant and applying some simple tips, even sufferers of excessive sweating can stay noticeably cooler and fresher.

Stay Cool & Make Summer 18 ‘No Sweat’

1. Take a cooler shower: They’ve been shown to lower core temperature which is great for switching-off the sweat response. As a bonus they boost exercise performance.

2. Ditch the deodorant: Deodorant doesn’t prevent sweating and can result in unpleasant body odour.

3. Use ODABAN antiperspirant: It’s proven to safely partially-block pores and control sweating.

4. Don’t overuse antiperspirant: Using too much has an adverse effect – the secret is using a high-quality product and using the perfect amount!

5. Avoid clingy synthetic clothing: Wearing tight clothing man from man-made fibres such as nylon is a recipe for sweat.

6. Wear natural socks & underwear: Choosing cotton garments keeps things cooler and drier than synthetics.

7. Change twice a day: Stay fresh and cooler by changing socks and underwear twice a day.

8. Wear cooling base-layers: Invest in some special base-layers that contain cooling fibre technology – perfect for gym junkies.

9. Stay calm with meditation Apps: Combat sweat producing anxiety by using a meditation App in the morning and before meetings and travel.

10. Breathe deeply: Five minutes of slow, deep breathing helps calm the mind and body, reducing anxiety and core temperature.

11. Stay hydrated: Drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day helps maintain an optimal body temperature, delaying the sweat response.

12. Healthy BMI: A healthy body mass tends to reduce one’s genetic sweating level.

13. Maintain balanced blood sugar: Eat complex carbohydrates to avoid sugar crashes, which are linked to anxiety and an increased risk of perspiration. Berries, porridge and fruit are great.

14. Boost fitness levels: Better fitness helps to reduce the temperature and sweat response to daily activities.

15. Sleep fresh: Fight sweat with ‘sleep hygiene’, by wearing breathable pyjamas, sleeping in a cool room and using fresh cotton sheets.

16. Cooling water: Add cooling ingredients such as cucumber, mint and watermelon to water for more refreshment.

17. Spritz sprays: There are countless sprays on the market with cooling essential oils which can help ease anxiety and help reduce body temperature.

18. Fashion fan: Fans are one of 2018’s fashion must haves – and they’re also a great way to stay cooler, calmer and fresher.

19. Cool mist diffuser: Put a cool mist diffuser on your desk to help reduce body temperature and aid calmness.

20. Wearing black or white: If you’re prone to sweating, wearing plain black and white clothing can minimise embarrassing ‘patches