Inspired by a Happier, Hippier time – Relaunch of Premium Denim brand C17

Founded in France in 1972, the C17 brand offers a premium line of men’s clothing. The brand in the 80s gained huge notoriety due to the superior quality and the unique offer of looser fits adopted famously by the ’Terrace/Casuals’ Culture of Football.

By the early 90s, C17 was the UK’s 2nd largest denim brand, only outdone by Levis. The brand re-launches with its first AW19 collection nearly after 25 years of absence.

Not surprisingly the inspiration for this relaunch collection is taken from their Archive dating back to this iconic period. There is a focus on every day, wearable staples C17.

All the clothes from C17 are made for the everyday stylish, discerning Male consumer, meaning it’s built with quality, practicality with a touch of that stylish edge. C17 continues to draw on the heritage of the brand and has plenty to offer in the coming seasons.

Are you feeling financially anxiety post Covid19?

Words by John Ellmore

Feeling anxious over one’s finances is common. Whether it’s short-term cash flow issues, or long-term financial planning, money worries never seem to be far from people’s minds.

Unfortunately, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has made financial anxiety far more prevalent. It has caused hugeshockwaves in the UK jobs market, which in turn, has negativelyimpacted household income for millions of people.

The latest Government figures paint an ugly picture: 8.9 million workers were furloughed as of mid-June, while over 2.6 million self-employed people had applied to the Treasury for financial support. Sadly, British business executives believe worse will come, predicting that unemployment will leap to 3.5 million by the end of 2020.

Clearly people’s incomes are going to be impacted. Needless to say, this will create an inevitable surge in financerelated anxiety.

Indeed, research from has revealed that almost a third (31%) of UK adults have seen their personal finances decrease as a result of the virus, with over a quarter (28%) of people saying they are worried about the financial situation.

Naturally, consumers are worried about multiple elements of their personal finances. For example, the survey uncovered that a fifth (21%) of UK adults felt guilty for not taking the time to properly assess their finances since the pandemic took hold. Meanwhile, 26% believe they could have saved more money during lockdown and slightly more (29%) admitted to excessive online shopping over recent months

Hope on the horizon

Despite understandable consumer concerns, there are reasons to be more optimistic. For one, Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s so-called Summer Budget on 8th July offered some breathing space to consumers who are suffering from the financial strain.

Firstly, Sunak announced a huge cut in VAT for hospitality and tourism sectors – from 20% to 5% in a bid to simultaneously protect jobs and pass savings on to consumers.

Additionally, he announced the introduction of a restaurant voucher scheme, Eat Out to Help Out, which will subsidise people’s meals in restaurants. This move hoped to persuade consumers back into restaurants, thereby supporting local businesses but without the guilt of spending their money.

Importantly, the ‘kick-starter’ job scheme and incentives to employers to take back furloughed staff ought to go some way to tackling the high levels of unemployment in the months ahead.

While these are positive steps, people may remain reluctant to part with money while the threat of the virus remains very much at large. This is particularly true for any consumers whose income has been affected by the pandemic. The question, therefore, is what action can people take to feel more in control of their finances?

Taking control

Financial management may seem overwhelming, but on the contrary, it is a lot simpler than many people think.

While it may seem obvious, and excellent starting point is noting down incomings and outgoings. There are plenty of budgeting apps available, so consumers can conveniently track all spending habits on their mobile phone. Monitoring cashflow could expose any unnecessary and potentially problematic spending, which will in turn, help consumers eliminate it.

Comparison sites are also a useful tool when it comes to managing finances. Many consumers are unaware that they are overspending on certain products. Comparison websites are able to quickly search and compare prices for a range of products and services, from groceries to car insurance, so people can choose the best option for them. By taking the time to research various options, consumers could save themselves money and feel morein control of their bank balance.

Importantly, people should never feel as though they have to struggle through the financial maze by themselves. If the pressure becomes too great, debt charities such as StepChange could provide a vital lifeline. These charities are always on hand to listen to people’s financial worries and help them take steps to get their finances back on track.

We are living through extremely challenging times – and many consumers are being understandably cautious with their finances. There is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to financial management and for now everyone should manage their finances as they see best.

Ultimately, there is no easy way to tackle financial anxiety. However, by taking small steps, be it taking advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme or tracking spending habits, people will begin to feel more in control of their personal finances.


John Ellmore is Director for Know Your Money. Know Your Money is an independent financial comparison website, launched in 2004. Run by a dedicated team, Know Your Money’s goal is to provide clear, accurate and transparent comparisons for a wide range of financial products, such as business loans, mortgages and car insurance

Certainly beats a build-a-Bear – be@rbrick

Words by Emily Regan

Illustrations by Kami Whybrew

Most of you will recognise the plastic figure below in one form or another, however, do you understand how the be@rbrick became a major icon within the streetwear movement? 

The be@rbrick phenomenon began in 2001, created by Japan’s Medicom Toy, and handed out merely as a gift at the ‘World Character Convention 2012’ in Tokyo. 

The retailer really hit the nail on the head with this one, each bear is unique with designs relating to current trend-driven culture. Designs inspired by contemporary artist, Andy Warhol, and Marvel’s superheroes’ costumes to name a few.  

The plastic bear-shaped figurine has evolved to be one of the most popular and unique collectible pieces across generation z and alpha. The ‘hype beast’ generation has welcomed the ‘limited edition’ collectible bears with open arms.

The popularity of collecting plastic bears quickly progressed from a fad to a serious macro trend. As the awareness of these table-top bears grew, so did their exclusivity. 

Brands and celebrities began to endorse be@rbricks (predominately retail) jumping on the bandwagon and creating limited-edition collectibles. Pharrell Williams, (designer of multiple Adidas collaborations) is known to have a large collection, as well as rapper, DJ Khaled who also has a common obsession with limited edition ‘sneakers.

Retailers that have used the be@rbrick as PR content include the likes of streetwear brands ‘Bape’ and ‘Supreme’ alongside luxury designer ‘Chanel’.

The Coco Chanel be@rbrick most recently sold at auction for an astonishing $30,000, with the lowest asking price now at $61,497, this luxury-inspired be@rbrick is one of the most valuable on the market.

Although the generic shape of the be@rbrick rarely changes, as their appeal increased so did their size. The original bears show as ‘100%’ on the chart below. Some of the largest bears are 70cm (1000%) high for reference.  Just like the sneaker community, often limited edition bears will feature original materials too, examples include ‘glow in the dark’ paint, wood, and even felt features.

The be@rbrick has become iconic within the streetwear community and it’s not a shock as to why. The principles remain the same; from sneakers to the plastic figurines.

The hype-beast community thrives on the obsession to purchase limited-edition collectibles. This phenomenon has been driven by brands and celebrities across the globe and is arguably one of the most superficial trends to push through at such extreme measures.

In essence, the bear itself is an un-purposeful plastic toy, however the blank canvas it provides for creativity thrives within the streetwear community and now the value of a useless plastic bear often equates to more than a pair of collectible sneakers. Re-wired and re-designed by brands as a PR stunt to drive the hype community who, ironically, was first to push the popularity of the be@rbrick!

How to Style Your Mustache (Lol)

The wonderful thing about a man’s facial hair is that there is so much room for experimentation with it and an abundance of different styles that you can try out to see which ones you like and which ones suit you.

Everything from letting it grow out into something massive, long and bushy, which you can then style even further, to just letting it grow into a light stubble or a five o’clock shadow, which is very popular in itself.

There’s lots of different things you can try, provided you can actually drum up some healthy growth for your beard. A lot of people fail to realize that things like your diet, lifestyle and how much exercise you do can contribute to beard health and thickness.

But if you take all of these necessary steps then you should have a nice full beard to play around with and try to find the style that you like. An ever reliable choice is to just work with a plain old mustache.

A mustache is not exactly a specific thing. All the word really refers to is the location of the hair, but it’s not one particular style, you can actually have a multitude of different-style mustaches. Let’s have a look at a few and how to achieve them.


When you think of a mustache, the first style that comes to mind is probably the Chevron. It’s the most common one and it’s probably the easiest one to grow and maintain because there’s little in the way of actual styling.

It sort of looks like an upside down V shape that is just a little bit wider than your upper lip and comes out slightly over the edges. The name comes from the fact that it has a similar appearance to the Chevron Corporation logo.

Famously mustached men such as Burt Reynolds and Freddy Mercury wore this style and it’s very simple to achieve. You basically just have to shave every other part of your beard except for the mustache and then trim it to length. There’s really nothing else to it.


This one is quite similar to the Chevron except it’s significantly thicker and although it is still easy to maintain, it does require a little bit more grooming to ensure that it doesn’t get tangled and wild.

For this one you’re going to want to let the mustache grow down over your top lip and you can allow it to slightly cover your bottom lip too. While you would be doing a bit of trimming to keep the Chevron in shape, you should avoid trimming a walrus entirely.

Make sure to regularly comb it though to keep it straight because a mustache this thick and bold will get messy very quickly.


Handlebar mustaches are unsurprisingly very popular among motorcyclists. In addition to being associated with bikers though, you would probably find this one very recognizable because of Daniel-Day Lewis’ character in Gangs of New York.

It’s a thick style, with the ends of the mustache curled up to give the similar appearance to handles. For this look you’re going to need to let your mustache grow for quite a while, because you are curling the ends you need significant length and it can take months to get there.

Once your mustache is long enough, curl the ends into fine points and wax them to keep them in position. You’re going to have to be very precise to keep it even on both sides so a good beard trimmer is essential here.

These are just some of the more popular styles out there but there is even more that you can try, all of them with varying degrees of length and grooming needs. Experiment a little bit and see what looks you like.

A twist on a classic – Clothes that Make the Man- Armor Lux x Working Class Heroes

We all know that there are certain pieces Everyman should have in his wardrobe that are both classic and versatile. One such piece is the timeless Breton top.

French brand, quelle surprise, Armor Lux have worked exclusively with the wonderful British brand Working Class Heroes on a twist on their MC Heritage T Shirt.

Armor Lux was founded in 1938 in Brittany, France, where their production and headquarters remain to this day. Their heritage is highly associated with Brittany’s maritime, fishing and naval culture, and they’re known for their Mariniere collection, featuring the Breton Stripe.

This short sleeve tee is a collaboration between Working Class Heroes and Armor Lux, flipping their stripes vertically and sewing a co-branded logo patch above the hem. It’s made from a comfortable woven jersey of 100% cotton and it features a ribbed crew neck.

Offering a nice quirky take on a menswear classic no men should be without.