More of lifestyle than a shop – Coggles

lifeThe subject of today’s post is one of those retailers that if you don’t know about, just lie  and nod with that knowing look in your eye but from post hence, you can now sound more knowledgable about clothing and will look cooler if you drop it casually into the conversation. In a nutshell, Coggles is a premium fashion and design retailer home to over 200 men’s and women’s designer collections from established fashion houses, emerging designers and great, rare international labels.

The company was founded in 1974 from rather humble beginnings and comprises of 3 regular bricks and mortar stores all based in York, Yorkshire, then back in 1996 they had the foresight to launches a reflective website of their award winning independent stores.Only last year, the website was redesigned to provide a better customer experience as well as a more attractive platform for delivering fashion and lifestyle content. This content, housed in the dedicated LIFE section on the website, includes the UK’s largest street style gallery with images added each week of well dressed, dapper folk from London, New York and the major fashion week cities across the globe; a music section featuring exclusive mixes, interviews and features; a bike section that explores the best bike workshops from around the world, and Culture – a regularly updated edit of the very best from art, food, photography, tech and travel. This LIFE content sits alongside Book and Home, further transactional sections of the site.

With an emphasis on ‘design not designer’, something that can be seen right across the brand, from the unique and beautifully restored grade II listed buildings which house the stores to the simplistic, minimal design of the website, which provides an elegant environment to shop a premium edit of mens and women’s wear. The list of brands stocked at is literally an encyclopaedia of zeitgeist, should know brands from A Question of and APC to Wood Wood and YMC.

Mark Bage CEO & Creative Director of the company best sums it up,

“Coggles has always viewed fashion in its wider context and we feel it’s all the more relevant when sitting alongside music, art, books, bikes, travel, food and photography – the everyday things we choose to live with”.  




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If the cap fits – “New Era by you” customisable cap program

IMG_17963I know Spring, lets not push it with Summer yet, seems a LONG way off, but it will arrive, I promise, be patient. Now when it does, finally, arrive we can wear T-shirts, remember those and short sleeves, lightweight jacket, in case it rains, not snow. Plus, you can wear hats to keep the sun out of them, yes Sun remember that big Yellow thing in the sky that felt nice and warming on your skin. Well, when the weather finally does improve bear this great stylish idea in mind. The good people over at New Era have come up with a new fangled computer program which allows fans to create one-of-a-kind 59FIFTY or 9FIFTY Snapback caps online. Featuring more than 200 logos, 33 fabric colours and 56 thread colours, cap lovers everywhere, of all ages, gender, colour or creed can now create a completely unique cap.

With all of the various colour and logo combinations, New Era by You has the potential to create more than 10 billion different styles and designs of caps at the touch of a button. The unique brand experience can also be shared with loved ones via custom New Era By You gift cards, available to purchase exclusively via the site.

You are taken through an easy-to-use, step-by-step experience on, where you can create a cap reflective of your personal style, taste and loyalties. Alongside official National Basketball Association, American Basketball Association, NYC Boroughs etc users of New Era by You are able to customise and colourise every single facet of their cap – from the colour of its stitching and panels to the intricate details of the front and rear logos. Consumers are also able to browse previous users’ designs via the online gallery, with the option to vote for their favourite cap.

With all of the various colour and logo combinations, New Era by You software has the potential to create more than 10 billion different styles and designs of caps at the touch of a button !!!! Plus this experience can also be shared with loved ones via custom New Era By You gift cards, available to purchase exclusively via the site, if that tickles your fancy.



Down it in one – Clean brew shampoo by REDKEN for Men

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.06.01Aficionados of that Televisual cultural classic The Simpsons, will be only too aware of the fact that, its leading man, yes that bastion of intellectual and manly prowess Homer J Simpson, is a leading advocate of the quality of beer and its beneficial side effect. In this instance, if only Homer had used Duff beer in a different manner then necking large quantities of it he may still have that healthy head of shining hair that we so often see in flashbacks.

So who would have credited it, It turns out beer contains the perfect ingredients to eliminate extra dirt and oil! Just when we thought beer couldn’t get any better…  Redken For Men clean brew extra cleansing shampoo comes to the rescue for a deep clean when it’s needed most, using a premium blend of ingredients found in the traditional brew to help get all the grit out of a man’s hair.

Clean Brew hi-resRedken For Men clean brew extra cleansing shampoo contains their unique Anti-Grit Technology featuring a blend of three common ingredients found in beer: malt helps to nourish and condition hair; brewer’s yeast strengthens and builds body; and orange zest purifies for an overall deep clean that eliminates dirt and oil while helping to purify the scalp. A citrus scent with notes of musk and apple help create a refreshing shower experience for a squeaky-clean feeling.

“It’s easy for men’s hair to become extra dirty! Throughout the course of a day, a guy’s hair can feel weighed down by dirt and oil. And some styling products can leave a certain amount of residue on the hair. Clean brew extra cleansing shampoo has a rich, foaming lather that provides the intense clean many of my clients are looking for on a daily basis but doesn’t dry out the hair or scalp.” says Jamie Stevens, current Men’s Hairdresser of the Year.



Are my shoes broken in yet Jeeves ? – Converse “Get Dirty”

136888C 242833_CNVS_CUT_291012 4057No, the title to this morning’s post isn’t some collaboration or invitation by Christina Aguilera. It is in fact the latest idea dreamed up by footwear brand Converse. We all know the situation well, we love new Converse trainers, whether they be , high tops or low tops, but, we LOVE them better when there are beaten up and worn in. Able to tell a story or two from adventures on nights out and holidays away, they always look so much better for a couple of battle scars. There really is nothing like your scuffed up old comfy pair of Chuck Taylors so Converse have invented the Well worn collection. In the new seasonal colours, including Butterscotch, Tango Red and Turtledove (or Light brown, dark red and light grey to us), these new style Chucks are part of a softer canvas collection with stained and distressed sole and toe caps, slightly dirtied and thinner laces. Generally you gets that comfy old shoe feeling the first time you put them on, ahhhhhh.

Inspired by this and the Converse expression “Shoes Keep It Clean, Sneakers Get Dirty,” they have created new music series which celebrates the hedonistic mindset of throwing yourself in headfirst and resurfacing with the marks and scuffs that prove it and wear them with pride. The “GET DIRTY” campaign stretches across 11 different cities around the globe and will feature performances by a mix of renowned international artists and up-and-coming local talent. Kicking off in Paris, “GET DIRTY” will jump, kick and scream its way across Europe, with events in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, London, Milan and Vienna. (for more details click on the clip below)


Getting shirty – Budd Shirts London by Leo Parker

Budd Shirts 1


For those planning to add a touch of sartorial flair to their style in 2013, it is important to find a tailor who is on the same page as you and, in this respect, it is difficult to look beyond the prestigious London shirt makers, Budd Shirts.

With over 100 years of experience in supplying London’s most dapper gentleman with the ultimate in dress shirts and accessories, Budd is one of the nation’s capital best kept secrets. The calibre of the clothing that they create, which is all hand cut for you in the store, is unparalleled and if elegance is a must in your work or leisure life, you should definitely have some Budd shirts hanging in your wardrobe.
BuddBudd is famed for the quality of its bespoke shirts and has its very own cutting room the floor above the shop. The dress shirts for which Budd have become famed are crafting from only the finest materials and their shirts can be made to match your specifications and needs.

It goes without saying that once you’ve upped your sartorial style with an eye-catching dress shirt from Budd’s extensive range, you’ll also need to complement it with a few dapper accessories such as bow ties, braces, ties and socks.

budd 2The art of shirt making is a highly skilled pursuit and one that is more or less gone from the high street in the modern times of cheap, poorly constructed fashion items so it comes as a relief to see that there are still some out there who continue the tradition of hand-crafting fine dress shirts and Budd Shirts are unquestionably one of the best in the business at this.

Style is something that is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but there is no denying that you will feel better in yourself when you are wearing a higher calibre of clothing and there is simply no comparison between a hand-made bespoke shirt from Budd Shirts and an item of considerable less quality from your average high-street store.


Budd are a bastion of British sartorial style and the superb quality of craftsmanship that goes into each of their ready-to-wear and bespoke dress shirts truly is second to none and will up your style significantly in 2013. They offer shirts that are perfect for work or leisure and just the experience itself of visiting their store in Piccadilly, London, will be an experience to remember as there are few bespoke tailors like Budd left on the high street any more.