Up your Dating game : 50% of Brits say self-care makes a partner more attractive

New research from the men’s grooming platform, and dating app, Humanery has identified the intrinsic link between self-care and a potential partners’ attractiveness. First impressions do count, with stats showing women are in favor of those who engage in self-care, and Gen Z are unafraid of telling a date they need to make more of an effort. 

    • Nearly half (48%) the nation think having a self-care routine makes a partner more attractive
    • Over half of UK women judge a potential love interests’ smile (51%) and smell (54%) on a first date
    • A fifth of women and over a quarter of 16-24 year olds would tell a partner to upgrade their personal care routine after just 1 month of dating

 5 ways to give your pre-date grooming routine an upgrade

So if you want to ace your dating game, then make the best possible impression with these grooming upgrades from Humanery‘s beauty and grooming expert, Lee Kynaston.

  1. Aim for perfection with the help of a concealer. Worried about spots, shaving rash or under eye dark circles? Then disguise them with the help of a concealer like  Benny Hancock ‘s Concealer/Corrective Pen. Easy to use, it’s the fastest way to cover any confidence-robbing imperfections so you always start your date looking inspection (and Insta) ready.
  2. Be a smooth operator. If you’re worried your hairy shoulders might be scary shoulders or just feel more confident in the sack sans fur, forget shaving (which can leave prickly regrowth) and opt for a hair removal cream like Baldape Parlour Charcoal hair Removal Cream. Quick to use (you just slap it on, leave for a few minutes and rinse off) it delivers long lasting results and is gentle enough to use for more intimate,  ‘downstairs’ hair removal too.
  3. Make sure it’s all white on the night with the help of a teeth whitening kit. With studies showing a confident smile is seen as one of the sexiest attributes a man can have, ensure your pearlies look perfect with the help of a home whitening kit (SmileTime’s PremiumTeeth Whitening Kit is easy to use). Think of it as your at-home hygienist.  
  4. Nail the details. Details matter when dating and no detail matters more than the state of your nails because if your nails, which will be on constant display, look grubby your date will be wondering what the bits that aren’t on display are like. Before leaving the house check they’re clipped and clean using a nail kit like BUG for Men 4-Piece Nail Grooming Kit. Always cut nails straight across and use the file to soften the edges so there’s no risk of scratching skin in the heat of the moment.
  5. Arm yourself with pocket helpers. It’s one thing leaving the house looking your best but if you want to maintain your appearance throughout the date you need to be packing a few pocket helpers. HAPPY PAUL Roll On fragrance is a crafty way to ensure you smell great all night long; a small tin of The Brighton Beard Company Beard Balm will keep facial hair smelling fresh throughout; while John Masters Organics Lip Calm will help keep lips kissable. If all this doesn’t make you irresistible, I don’t know what will.

Additionally, Humanery have an exciting Black Friday offer, where customers who spend £150 will receive a free gift box of luxury grooming products worth over £250! 


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