Six of the Best Designer Sports Watches by Charlotte Adams

When participating in sports activities it is not ideal to wear a delicate wrist watch that can break from a sudden impact, that can be damaged by water when swimming or diving or one that can detach itself from your wrist and fall onto the ground when running. Many men take their watches off in fear of it breaking which is understandable if the watch is a Rolex or an Audemars Piguet. For these reasons, watch brands now offer a large selection of sports watches that are primarily focused on being durable, comfortable and highly resistant to water and shock impact.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph CAU1116.BA0858 red- full view

TAG Heuer ‘Formula 1’ Chronograph

The ‘Formula 1’ collection by TAG Heuer has been engineered with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and tested on the road by British Formula One driver Jenson Button. Like the majority of TAG Heuer’s sports watches, it is resistant to extreme U.V. rays and temperatures and is vibration resistant so it can be worn during any form of sports, especially outside sports. It also comes with water resistance of 200 metres, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and a double security folding clasp for excellent durability. There is also a tachymeter scale on the bezel that indicates the average speed of a car so this is an ideal watch to have if you’re into driving and racing awesome sports cars.

Hublot King Power Usain Bolt Limited Edition 703.CI.1129.NR.USB12- full viewHublot ‘King Power’ Usain Bolt Limited Edition

Limited to only 250 pieces, this special Usain Bolt edition is one of the highest forms of sports watches currently available which is to be expected considering they have based it on the 2012 Olympic winner himself.  The watch makes many references to the medal winner; most famously the material the strap is made of is the same gold-coloured synthetic leather as Bolt’s running shoes that he won in which is stitched onto black rubber for comfort, flexibility and strength. It will, however, have your bank account shivering.

Alpina Adventure Avalanche Extreme AL-525LBS5AE6- full viewAlpina ‘Adventure’ Avalanche Extreme

The ‘Adventure’ collection from Alpina is aimed at the more adventurous and extreme types, those who hike, climb and ski from the highest mountains. It claims on their website that hey are “extremely robust sports watches that perform to the highest degrees of precision and reliability in the most demanding situations.” The watch includes a rubber strap that ensures durability and comfort and the face is easy to read, even in the harshest of environments. It is also water resistant up to 200 metres, just in case the adventurer encounters being trapped under snow or happens to fall into water (I assume that’s the reason…)

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph IW376701- full viewIWC ‘Aquatimer’ Chronograph

Yet another collection of watches made for diving and water sports and with a similar name to TAG Heuer’s ‘Aquaracer’ collection, this watch has all the functions needed in a sports watch and is also suitable for everyday wear. The underside of the watch is coated in Super-LumiNova® which means the time can be read even in poor and dark conditions. It also has a large rotating bezel that can even be turned when wearing large gloves and it features a ‘quick-change system’ that means the strap can be changed within seconds to a rubber or a hook-and-loop strap. The hook-and-loop strap also allows the watch to be worn over a diving suit. Other incredible functions for divers include a mechanical depth gauge which indicates dive depth- current and maximum. It is the perfect partner to have when alone in the depths of the ocean.

Bremont U-2 Black Case U-2DLC- full viewBremont ‘U-2’

Designed and tested by the elite U-2 Spy Plane Squadron based at Beale, CA in the US, this watch is ideal for those who like to soar in the skies and be seriously badass. It has been tested at 100,000 feet and -40 degrees C both in a laboratory and on missions and successfully sustained all tests. It is also, like the IWC ‘Aquatimer’, coated in Super-LumiNova® so it can be read in all light conditions. The stainless steel case is also hardened to reduce breakage and increase toughness and it has an anti-shock rubberised movement mount.  Due to its intense testing and durability, there is no doubt that this watch is useful for any type of sport imaginable, even water sports as it is water resistant to 100 metres.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer Countdown Chronograph CAK211A.FT8019- full viewTAG Heuer ‘Aquaracer’ Countdown Chronograph

The ‘Aquaracer’ collection by TAG Heuer was made with water-lovers in mind, especially divers. It is water resistant up to 500 metres and it is also resistant to extreme U.V. rays and temperatures, so it can be worn outside or in the sea without worry. It is also resistant to chlorine and sea salt, making it even more durable when used for water sports and features luminescent hands that can be seen in the dark and underwater. Even though the sole purpose of this watch is to be used when in water, it is also durable in other sports as it is vibration-resistant and therefore can also be used when in a car, on a motorbike or on a mountain bike.  The bezel can also be used to time which is practical when keeping track of race times or personal times without carrying around a stopwatch.

Great British Shoes – Grenson’s pop up in Liberty Menswear

8_webI love it when two great brands, no matter what the industries, come together to produce something a little different, but overall great. In today’s instance, it’s the genuine National treasure Department Store Liberty and the Brilliant British footwear brand Grenson.

So if your planning a little jaunt to the nation’s capital or even better if you have the pleasure of living here, ensure you plan a trip down to Liberty between now and the 3rd of November to experience the Grenson Lab. Situated in the Men’s shoe department, you can choose your own shoe and have it made specifically to your own tastes and requirements and with your own choice of colours and soles. Your shoes will be handmade in the Grenson UK factory and you can even have your own name or a message handwritten on the lining.Prices start from £380 and your shoes will take approximately fourteen weeks to make, so not only an ideal Christmas gift but will lift your spirits from that post Yuletide lull.

G-Lab-4GREN1_webTim Little Owner and Creative Director Grenson had this to say of the project when we recently bumped into him;

“We first ran our Lab back in April on the womens floor at Liberty and it was a huge success.  People were coming in and getting pretty creative with their shoes, in fact the factory floor looked very colourful in May.  Because of the success Liberty asked us to do it again as part of their “Get Creative” promotion, but this time to extend it to a full-up Lab in the Mens shoe department too. Once again we are looking forward to seeing some of the exciting shoes that people will create, and who knows, maybe one or two of them might end up in the collection!”

Tales of the Unexpected – Tails, Place of Origin concept

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 17.30.58One of the most interesting aspects I’ve found since undertaking this odd concept of starting Clothes Make the Man, is how many interesting brands there are out there. Doing really interesting things that go completely under the radar of some of the bigger publications. One being Tails, Tails Clothing is run from a small premises just outside Cardiff by an entrepreneurial bunch with backgrounds as diverse as international relations, languages, photography and copy writing. What they all have in common is a shared love of sourcing of niche brands from around the world that speak to them because they have great style, but also because of their authenticity. On their website you’ll find pieces that you’ll invest in and wear for a lifetime. They pride themselves on tracking down manufacturers that have been doing what they do in the same place and in the same way for decades, if not hundreds of years.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 17.31.33Heading up Tails is Joshua, whose father Mark started the business in 1979 as Tails and the Unexpected Ltd., a vintage clothing stall in Jacob’s Antiques Market in Cardiff. Mark actually began trading while still at art college, out of the back of his 1961 Riley. This year though, has ushered in an overhaul of the brand identity, including a change of name to simply ‘Tails’. For winter 2013 the brand are developing the Place of Origin concept – that is where their clothing comes from. But also its about the journey to find it. The accompanying photography for the campaign strifes to capture the feeling of exploration and to some extent man’s relationship with landscape.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 17.31.57

Galvin-ising Menswear – Galvin for Men, No nonsense Menswear

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 16.34.29On our continuing quest to find great outlets for menswear on the world wide web, we came across this gem in Galvin for Men, an Irish based emporium with a no nonsense approach which is soooo refreshing. Their philosophy is simple, they believe in Quality products, Quality service and a Quality Platform on which to present on, what more could you ask for ?

They offer a real nicely curated buy of brands, supporting the specialist manufacturer while also offering some great global brands. They pride themselves on their balance between believing not only in great products and brands but also in reflecting fashion design and innovation. Of course you have the favourites of Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph lauren, Lyle & Scott Vintage, G-Star  and Tommy Hilfiger, but also products and labels of artisan craftsmanship and exceptional quality such as Inis Meain Knitwear, Nudie Denim jeans and Red Wing Boots.

Their Store based in Mulligar, Co Westmeath, Eire offers a laid back and down to earth attitude, where the customers are relaxed when browsing and the staff try to ensure you a  memorable shopping experience. They are on hand to offer assistance and sound  advice, plus you’re safe in knowing that because they know their customer so well, their product knowledge is first class. This service and knowledge was something that was forefront when the e-commerce site launched in 2011.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 16.38.00

Ensure your trimmed, plucked & Groomed with the King of Shave Prostyle eGrooming Range

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 18.15.38As I’m sure you all know King of Shaves is a range of innovative and performance shaving, skincare and styling products and since Will King(above), see what he did there, created the Original Shaving Oil in 1993, King of Shaves now sells a product every three seconds worldwide !!!

And now after eighteen months in development, King of Shaves are proud to announce Prostyle, their new design led, electrical grooming (eGrooming) range for men. The Prostyle range combines effortless form and effective function, all at pocket friendly prices. King of Shaves is the only male-centric brand to provide a total grooming solution, from shaving preparations and skincare, through high performance system razors to electrical grooming and styling products.

The Prostyle range comprises:

KOS_Prostyle_Bodystyler_Front_Side_v1_thumbThe Bodystyler: the total grooming and styling solution for all over your body. The range comes in a non-slip rubberised precision grip, ideal for shaving your chest, legs, back, shoulders, groin and underarms, if you so choose, but remember this is not for use on pretty lil faces. All the tools in the range are battery powered, shower proof design for wet or dry use whilst three snap-on trimming guides give ultimate control. Hypoallergenic stainless steel blades for sensitive skin.

The Precision Trimmer: helping keep your eyebrows under control and unwanted nose and ear hair at bay. Efficient snap-on bi-directional trimmer and guides for nose, ear and eyebrows whilst rotary trimmer removes unwanted nose and ear hair.

KOS_Prostyle_Beard_Styler_Front_v1_thumbThe Beard Styler: Ensure your facial stubble is trimmed to your required length and groomed to perfection. The trimming guide adjusts from 0.5mm to 15mm allowing you to accurately and con- sistently groom your beard. With up to 30 minutes from each charge you’ll have plenty of time to define your style wherever you are in the world.

The Multi Styler: the complete facial grooming kit with everything you need to maintain your style. Four interchangeable trimmer and shaver heads plus three different guides combined with the non-slip rubberised grip give you precise control over your style. With up to 45 minutes from each charge you’ll have all the time you need to define your look, ohh yeah.