A Stylist, a Footballer and a Photographer walked into a bar. HAMPTON & BAKER

What do you get if put a photographer, a footballer and a stylist together, no I promise this isn’t some antiquated, offensive joke for a bygone era. The answer is infact Hampton & Baker, the brainchild of Warren Baker, a fashion stylist living in Los Angeles but originally from the UK. Who has styled red-carpet looks, television shows & fashion editorials. Professional football, sorry, soccer player for the Los Angeles Galaxy, and accomplished author of the best-selling “Coming Out to Play”,Robbie Rogers. Last part of this creative consortium is Nathan Poekert, a Photographer and Creative Director born in Seoul, raised in Florida and currently living in New York. Poekert has cut his creative teeth consulting with several startup fashion brands as well as launching and co-founding his own brand, Proper Assembly, in 2014.

Hampton & Baker came about from a simply innocent conversation between Robbie and Warren regarding fashion and style, over coffee in West Hollywood. A quick text to Nate in NYC shortly after that said “hey, what do you think about this?” and hey presto the brand was born.

This is an LA based casual menswear brand making good vibrations far from their native California. The origins of the brand lie in a deep motivation to create a collection that is both sophisticated and comfortable. They have just shared their second collection which the trio have nicknamed Chapter 2.0. The focus this season was to expand on the foundations they laid during their debut collection, a bit like that all important second album for a recording artist. Again, they’ve created their collective versions of the “American Classics” and remained focused on high quality fabrics, craftsmanship, and a modern silhouette. Inspired by the effortlessly cool of style icons of the past, the likes of Steve McQueen and Mick Jagger, each jacket was designed for a specific well dressed male in mind. The collection features colours and tones inspired by LA’s vibrant landscape. Each piece is handmade in Los Angeles with the highest quality materials that the guys can get their hands on.


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