Over parr – TED BAKER GOLF

Over the years Golf attire hasn’t had the best reputation for being tasteful. We all remember Ronnie Corbett, perched on the edge of his 70’s style arm chair regaling some witty anecdote whilst dressed in some Gordy Lyle & Scott Sweater. Or then there’s any number of celebs including Sean Connery, Brucie Forsyth or Jimmy Tarbuck going straight down the middle in some celebrity/pro tournament, looking as though they may well have got dressed in the dark. As a result traditional golf wear has fallen out of the style stakes in recent years.

However, Ted Baker want to amend this quandary with the launch of Ted Baker Golf, a new, considered menswear collection specifically catering for the most gentlemanly of pursuits.

With a masterful spin on golfing tradition, the range aligns sporting style with comfort and technical know-how in this colourful capsule range for the keen golfer who wants to look his best. Packed with sporty details, including quick-dry fabrics, taped inner waistbands, removable sunglasses cloths and Velcro glove holders, each piece is designed to enhance your game and inspire utmost confidence on the tee. Mix-and-match distinctive patterned knitwear styles with wind and rain-repellent technical outerwear to put some style back in your swing. It offers a masterful spin on golfing tradition.


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