6 of the Best Moisturisers to be worn in Winter for MEN by Amanda Lewis

Outdoor adventurers and urban commuters – the winter weather conditions can wreak havoc on male skin. Prevention is always best so ensure your Winter skin care regime, yes that’s right Winter skin care regime, keeps you looking groomed not grizzly. Clothes Make the Man’s winter moisturiser feature picks the best out there for YOU.

Wellman Ultra-hydrating Moisturiser is formulated specifically for men’s skin. Use it daily to awaken tired skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and to keep skin hydrated and control moisture balance. It has an SPF of 15, SPF might stand for Sun Protection Factor, but its JUST as important in Winter as Summer  and contains vitamins A,C,E and B3 to protect and strengthen

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LAB SERIES Age Rescue + Face Lotion PLUS GINSENG – A daily age-fighting moisturiser that features technology to help renew and re-energise the appearance of skin for a younger, less lined looking face.  The new high-tech formulas instantly soothe and soften the look of skin while also restoring moisture back into the skin. Simultaneously, Age Rescue + PLUS GINSENG helps defend skin against the damaging effects of environmental aggressors, helping to prevent visible signs of ageing. We think worth the expense.

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WELEDA MENS Intensive Cream is formulated with organic Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter; this new intensive moisturising cream from Weleda is great for wind damaged, dry skin. Bees wax and mallow will also soothe after shaving.

Intensive Cream with Box

LA ROCHE-POSAY TOLERIANE ULTRA – If you have ultra-sensitive or allergic skin this is a great product to soothe aggravated skin. It provides an instant and long lasting relief. Apply daily am and pm.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 21.49.09 CLARINS MEN Defatigant Visage Fatigue Fighter – This energising gel provides tired skin with an instant refreshing boost. Its clear and non oily formula eliminate apparent signs of stress and fatigue, botanical complexes includes Bison grass, Galangal and Purslane which combine to soothe, purify and energise. Maybe just what you need over the party season or the morning after.

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Lotil is a rich hydrating cream that also has anti-bacterial qualities to help fight infection and with the winter weather coming, you need to make sure your skin stays hydrated and moisturised at all times. It is a miracle worker when it comes to dry skin and really helps keep chapped and broken skin at bay.


Offering the best of both world, Looking good, feeling safe – Matchless London

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.41.39Matchless is a brand which can boast many firsts, from not only being the oldest British brand of motorcycles, clothing and accessories, with the first product manufactured at the end of the 19th century. Also, did you know, a Matchless motorcycle won the inaugural TT in 1907 and again in 1909. Plus, the brand was the first motorcycle manufacturer to work on rider safety, creating a department of study where clothing was designed to protect riders.  Now then, don’t ever let anything tell you  Clothes-Make-the-Man isn’t educational !

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.48.40From as far back as the 1960’s Matchless advertisements showed for the first time the link between motorcycles and style. Leading riders of all disciplines chose Matchless products for the perfect mix of safety, performance and of course timeless style. The first Matchless motorcycle was made in 1899, and manufacture began in 1901. All motorcycles were marked by a winged M on the tank, symbol that shortly became synonymous of quality.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.51.30Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 11.52.16Those icons of bad boy, Teen spirit and Rebel attitude, Marlon Brandon and James Dean both fell in love with all things Matchless but the greatest testimonial has to come from Malcolm Smith, the little known Godfather of Motorcross and Enduro. One of the world’s premier off-road motorcycle racers, Malcolm won eight gold medals between 1966 and 1976 in the International Six Day Trials, the European cross- country event considered the Olympics of motorcycling. Malcolm’s talent on two-wheels earned him a co-starring role in Bruce Brown’s 1970’s classic motorcycle epic, “On Any Sunday” with Steve McQueen.




The Donington Jacket

The Donington Jacket

The Wild one Jacket

The Wild one Jacket


The Marlon Jacket

The Marlon Jacket


Made in Belfast a sign of quality – Harland & Wolff Apparel

IMG_0483If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Belfast, you will of course, be aware of the fact that it one of the most beautiful cities on the globe, yes honestly and you will be very aware of the cranes that dominant the skyline of this mistaken city from the shipyard of Harland & Wolff.

Think you’ve heard of these names before, well, when the legendary Titanic sailed out of Belfast in April 1912, the city where she was designed and built, in the aforementioned shipyards and the city of Belfast led the world in shipbuilding, linen, rope, tobacco, and of course, whiskey. Its engineering foundries were renowned around the globe, while its inventors had given us liquid gas, the rubber tyre and much else. This was a city that punched way above its weight.

As the years passed, craft, knowledge, heritage and skill, once in abundance was being eroded and generations later, these skills were at risk of being lost forever.

photoWith this in mind, two young Belfast entrepreneurs, Dennis Bree & Tim McAllister have created a surge in local industrial pride through the creation of the Harland & Wolff Official Apparel Brand.

Currently offering men’s t-shirts, polo shirts, and ties, Harland & Wolff Apparel have a range of shirts and “The Yard Boot” in the pipeline, as well as limited edition antique brass cufflinks.

The pair’s biggest ambition is to ensure everything is designed and fabricated in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain, “there’s nothing more easily and immediately identifiable as “Made in Belfast” than Harland and Wolff,” says Bree.

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Strength in Numbers, Army & Navy – the new brand from House of Fraser

001_597As probably, one of the best known names on the British high Street, House of Fraser has services its customers with a pleasurable department store experience nationwide for over 160 years. So for Winter 2013, the company is launching a new menswear lifestyle brand, which draws richly on this impressive pedigree.

The brand takes its name from the iconic chain of department stores founded in 1871 and established by Army & Navy officers. The brands rapid expansion across British overseas territories included emporiums in the UK as well as depots in New Delhi, Calcutta and Bombay. Renowned for stocking everything you could think of, from furniture to firearms, watches to hatpins, Army & Navy was acquired by the House of Fraser group in 1976. The original store in Victoria trades successfully to this day.

006_069Army & Navy caters for the male who want functionality with a touch of fashion. Whether those men range from the intrepid highland explorer to the humble dog walker, the brand promises something for every modern man. Performance outerwear is a highlight of the collection. Waterproof jackets with sealed seams, concealed pockets and detachable hoods available in forest green, navy and black are inspired by traditional Army & Navy camouflage. The collection also includes; twisted yarn knitwear, and the ubiquitous checked shirt.

A capsule collection of essential accessories complement the range. Ribbed hats and scarves spun in Italian lambswool, technical hiking socks, for those dark cold winter’s days, have been cleverly crafted from three key fabrics to create the ultimate in comfort and durability. Basically something for every man whether it’s enduring the daily commute on those cold, dank, dreary days of Winter or if your more of an outdoorsy type a guy, ensuring your toasty on a weekend biking, hiking or hauling your sorry ass up the side of a mountain in the name of fun.



This is the Peakstorm coat, a key piece from the Army and Navy range . It’s a waterproof jacket with sealed seams, concealed pockets and a detachable hood. Fancy one, well you blinking well can, all you have to do is sign up to <Clothes-Make-the-Man.com from now until midnight (GMT) on 11th November 2013 & it could very well be.

Khaki peakstorm coat, £120, Army & Navy at House of Fraser

They tried to make me go to Rehab, I said Yes, yes, yes ! – The Ultimate Revival Shaving Pack

RehabGiftBox3peiceRehab London‘s range of products are designed specifically for male skin based around the incredible masculine healing qualities of Hawaiian water algae and the volcanic sands of Tahiti to produce a truly splendid grooming results. Rehab London, are the UK’s leading natural skincare brand for men, is launching the ultimate Revival Shaving pack. The pack contains 3 full-size products, essential to achieve the perfect shave.

They include the Daily Detox, which is a natural exfoliant made from volcanic sands of Tahiti, bamboo spiny medulla granules and enzymes produced from pumpkin seeds to gently clear the skin of dead skin cells and avoid that tight just washed feeling. Men’s Revive Survival, which is the ultimate anti-fatigue cream. The extracts of Ginseng and Cocoa Butter help to visibly reduce the signs of skin fatigue and increase circulation, the skin looks rejuvenated and revitalized in just ten minutes. And just in time for the Yuletide festivities, Holy Christmas Crackers, Cold Turkey Shaving Gel, which is made of hero natural ingredients such as Argan oil, aloe vera and cucumber, this gel provides an incredible shaving experience with a cooling tingle sensation after shaving.

CEO of the brand Lisa Hilton says of the trio,“We feel it’s important for this time of the year to offer a shaving pack which includes a post shave revival cream that gives a ten minute makeover to the complexion lifting the face and reducing signs of fatigue.”