Let’s talk about SAXX baby – SAXX Underwear

SAXX produce men’s underwear built with internal BallPark Pouch, the patented technology provides superior comfort, they’re so confident that they provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction or a full refund.

You know we are in that time of year when we are either thing about what to buy someone or what someone can buy us. We’ll have a lil think about SAXX’s latest collocation with artist extraordinaire, Sam Taylor. Sam is an illustrator based out of London. His signature style is gritty, bold, and bright – and purposefully silly. He’s influenced by classic cartoons, sports, and pints of beer with friends. This collaboration has two main trends.

Footy & Pints

The next best match to, well, a football match is some footy for your booty and beer for your rear. Featuring his signature linework and carefully-considered color scheme, Sam brought his hobbies to life in his own unbridled way. The quintessential Sam print, Footy & Pints’ chaotic crowd of soccer balls and suds is simply goal-den.

Kooks & Creeps

Kooks & Creeps is injected with a healthy dose of his crazy and goofy flair. For the perfect blend of tricks and treats, Sam combined blobby ghouls and googly eyeballs with trippy colors. It’s totally manic and exploding with silliness. Much of Sam’s work features characters trying to make sense of the world, and we couldn’t resonate more. Find out more by clicking on the link below. 



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