I think it’s safe to say 2020 was the year of DIY. At least when it came to grooming and hair care, we redefined simple grooming pleasures as moments of self-care and converted our kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms into our very own styling studios. We learnt new skills and experimented with tools and new styles, but now it’s time to take things up a notch. Dial up the performance and the power to clip, trim and tidy like a true professional with the Super-X Metal Series by BaByliss.

Firstly up we have the Super-X Metal Series is designed to offer barber grade grooming at home. For the Super-X Metal Series we have paired both style and substance.

Our advanced lightweight motor provides outstanding power and lithium technology offers sustained cutting performance.

The robust metal housing is both stylish and functional which gives superior handling and our precision engineered Japanese steel blades deliver smooth, effortless cutting.


A high performance hair clipper delivers exceptional performance and professional results. Japanese Steel blades with a unique super sharp cutting.

It’s features includes;

Cordless Lithium Ion | 3 Hour charge |

3 Hour run time

Japanese Steel blades | 10 Comb guides 0.5 – 8 (0.8mm-25mm) Left and right ear taper guides | 5-Position taper control

Digital battery life indicator | USB charging stand | Storage pouch

Last but by no means least is the SUPER-X METAL SERIES 15 IN 1 CORDLESS MULTI TRIMMER.  A high performance multi trimmer to trim, shape and create your own style, for ultimate all over grooming. With Japanese Steel blades for a super sharp, smooth 0.2mm ultra-close finish, easy to fit magnetic heads and digital battery life indicator

It’s features include;

Cordless Lithium Ion | Waterproof | 3 Hour charge | 5 Hour run time Japanese Steel precision trimmer for an ultra-close 0.2mm finish | 6-Position stubble comb guide 1-3.5mm | 4x Beard comb guides 5, 6, 7, 8mm | 2x Body comb guides 3, 4mm | 2-Position eyebrow comb guide 3-5mm | Japanese Steel power trimmer for an ultra-close 0.2mm finish | 3x Hair comb guides 9, 12, 16mm | Detail foil shaver | Nose and ear trimmer | USB charging stand Digital battery life indicator | Storage pouch

BaByliss grooming ambassador, Jody Taylor says on the range. XD

“I love the BaByliss Super X range because the two main characteristics I look for in clippers and trimmers are performance and design, the super X range has these in abundance.

The BaByliss aesthetic is always forward thinking with so much research into product development for both consumer and professional. The X range for me feels like a hybrid.

There is a simplicity for use with the cordless clipper as the size is slightly smaller therefore easy to use and manoeuvre and the taper control system is numbered on the adjustment lever making hair easy to blend and create symmetry on both sides.

The Chrome finish has been taken from the success of the professional range, and this makes the range feel like luxury.

The head attachments for the  multi trimmer are magnetic which makes them so easy to change, and the stand looks so good on display in any bathroom.

To get the most out of the key is being consistent, having a solid grooming regime.

Staying on top of unwanted or unruly hair.

Experimenting with different beard or stubble styles throughout the year i.e. it’s easy to give yourself a fresh look by simply changing the length or shape of your beard, remember only small amounts of hair make a big difference.

We have a saying in the industry “It’s not how much you cut off it’s what you leave on.”

The blades on the Super X range are made from the highest quality Japanese steel, exactly the same as the professional range, this allows for precision cutting as close as possible. And allows the blades to smoothly cut through thick and bulky hair of all textures.

To look after your clippers make sure to use the clipper oil provided on a regular basis, always blow hair away from the blades and use the small brush to remove any excess hair.

wash clipper guards with water after use.

The multi trimmer is 100% waterproof which makes cleaning so easy as each attachment can rinsed under water.

It’s so important to keep your tools clean as this prevents debris getting into the blades and machine and always allows for a cleaner trim.

My grooming  Faux Pas

  • Dont have a chin strap beard
  • Don’t let you uni brow get out of control
  • Dont let you back hair creep out your shirt
  • Keep it tidy downstairs
  • Dont cut your side burns up into your hairline
  • Dont shave your legs unless your an olympic swimmer”

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