Everything you need to know about SPF this summer – Be3 suncare

The Be3 sunscreen range is built upon research. Clinically tested and proven to work for all skin types. With advanced, patented formulas this is a range your skin and our environment will love.

With a focus on respect for our planet and a mission to remain eco-sustainable and eco-friendly. Comprised of six sun care products, this range is all you need to defy damage this summer.

As we all know everyone loves to spend a bit of time in the sunshine, when it shows up in the UK. This SPF guide from Be3 sunscreen will help you do that without sacrificing your  precious skin. Remember you need to wear SPF every day of the year!

Be3 Tan Accelerator – the canvas your skin needs pre- tanning. Damage from the sun is reduced, hemp water hydrates the skin and the tanning process is kickstarted in the safest way possible.

Progressive Sunscreen – SPF 20/30/50+. This is genius. Apply this product once for SPF 20, twice for SPF 30 and a third time for SPF 50+! Also available in sensitive skin formula – clinically tested, vegan and suitable for babies from age 0.

Natura Sport – also demonstrating progressive application this acts as an insect repellent as well as SPF. Prevents free radical damage to the skin and packs a punch of hydration.

Terra Sport – with this you get equal UVA/UVB protection making it ideal for outdoor activities in busy cities. Protecting against oxidative stress caused from smog and pollution.

Tattoo – This dry sun oil is formulated with Physavie to prevent tattoos from losing definition and becoming discoloured due to sunligh

Why do you need to protect your skin against UVA/UVB rays?

UVA rays are always penetrating into your skin when outdoors even if it’s cloudy. They account for 90% of visible signs of ageing. They are also linked closely with skin cancer and can be very damaging for your skin.

UVB rays are shorter and most dangerous on hot, sunny days. UVB rays will cause sunburn. 

When and how much should I apply? 

It’s crucial to apply in the morning at least 30 minutes before heading outside. This allows the product to absorb into your skin properly before exposure. It’s a good idea to reapply throughout the day too if you’re sitting in the sun. Be generous when applying, you want your skin to be completely protected. 

Aren’t all SPF products the same? 

No, there are different levels of protection and formulas. Be3 Sun Protection is progressive. That means the SPF level increases as you apply it again. Apply once for SPF20 and then twice more for SPF 50++. That means you are completely protected against harmful rays.

Progressive Sunscreen – SPF 20/30/50+. This is genius.Apply this product once for SPF 20, twice for SPF 30 and athird time for SPF 50+! Also available in sensitive skin formula – clinically tested, vegan


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