What makes a good deodorant?

If you’ve ever wondered ‘what makes a good deodorant? This is the guide for you. Read these tips to find the right fit for you… and your armpits!

Choosing a good deodorant can be confusing when there’s so much choice. The flashy packaging. The catchy slogans. The eclectic menu of fragrances. So, how do you make the right choice? Well, it comes down to finding one that works for you. Here are the key things to consider.

Choose something that will offer protection

It goes without saying that you want something that’s going to mask odours, but all too often men go for a nice-smelling body spray. A body spray may well smell great, but it also might not offer protection for anything more than a fleeting moment.

Instead of choosing something that just smells nice, go for a deodorant that’ll leave you protected for longer. That way you won’t need to be worried about raising your arm at any point during the day.

Think about skin sensitivity

Protection from odour is one thing, but you also want a deodorant that cares for your skin too. After all, armpits are a really sensitive part of the body.

Look for products that contain moisturising properties that’ll leave you feeling fresh, smooth and soft. The ideal combo of care and protection – click here for more information.

Consider deodorant as part of your skincare regime

This follows on nicely from the previous point. Deodorant is often seen as a slightly less important toiletry than skin and hair care products. And gents often spend little time, and often less money, on it.

It’s often seen purely as a convenience and not part of a routine that looks after your skin. So, consider what you’re looking for, and start to view your deodorant choice as an extension of your skincare routine. Choose quality and take the time to get it right.

Go aluminium free

Although you want protection from odour, you don’t want to stop your body’s natural propensity to sweat. And you certainly don’t want a product that blocks your pores and prevents you from sweating. Unfortunately, that’s what deodorants with aluminium do, so look out for alternatives.

The right fit for you

This isn’t so much about choosing a good deodorant per se, as about choosing the right one for you, and that largely boils down to roll on vs spray. It can be as simple as a personal preference – do you prefer the feel of one over the other? Or it could be a lifestyle thing. For example, you may prefer a smaller deodorant to take to the gym, and often a roll on will be more compact than a spray. The best solution? Find one you love and get both spray and roll on versions for different times and needs.

That should make it easier for you to choose a good deodorant. Take all of this into consideration and treat your armpits to some TLC!


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