Farah – 100 years in the making of an iconic brand

If your a gentleman over the age of 30, the likelihood is you are familiar with the casual wear brand Farah. But are you so familiar with its heritage and what they have been up to more recently ?

Farah was founded in El Paso, Texas, I know it’s an American brand ! 100 years ago, yes 100, by Mansour Farah, a Lebanese immigrant, and his wife in 1920.

It made workwear, so knows a thing or two about well constructed, durable clothing. Quickly gaining a reputation for producing quality goods the business had expanded.

Upon Mansour’s death in 1937 the business was taken over by his two sons James & William. Under their stewardship sales grew season after season as Farah developed from an anonymous Military and Mail Order contractor to a brand well recognised across the whole of America.

Despite slowly beginning to making its way into the UK in the 40’s, it wasn’t until the 1970s that Farah was wholly adopted internationally – such that for half a century now it’s come to be considered quintessentially British. Famous for its slim, sharp, hopsack canvas trousers, Farah played a key part in the style of Mods, Rude Boys, Casuals and the 90s’ indie music scene – each sub culture making our signature Farah F Tab its own.

Fast forward to 2020, some 100 years since its launch Farah are about to launch their AW20 footwear collection and we are pleased to share with you the collection beforehand. 

Farah’s footwear collection has been thoughtfully created with the brand ensuring that they are not only creating classic shoes but also trend-led pieces.

The collection includes low top trainers, leather loafers, chelsea, and chukka boots, and more. There is a shoe for every occasion; for both smart and casual wear.


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