Honest Mobile is the UK’s first 100% carbon neutral mobile network. Andy Aitken & Josh Mihill (see above) foundered Honest Mobile as they believe the mobile phone industry is broken.

It’s spent the last couple of decades tying you into complicated contracts, overcharging you for being a loyal customer and keeping you on hold.

The crumbling high street banks have been swept aside by Monzo and Revolut. The big six energy companies have been shown the light by Bulb. Yet mobile networks are still stuck in their old ways (and overcharge customers by a whopping £182m a year while they’re at it).

As a member of the 1% For The Planet movement, the company commits 1% of its revenue towards reforesting the planet – automatically planting trees for customers, to help protect the future of the planet.

Honest Mobile are a pending B Corporation. This means they’re part of a growing group of forward-thinking businesses that meet the highest standards of public transparency, legal accountability to balance profit and purpose, and verified social and environmental performance.

Honest Mobile has a focus on sustainability and is helping customers to do the same. Here, they share 10 easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

1. Switch to smart appliances and LED bulbs – they use 25% of the energy but last up to 25 times longer.

2. Turn down your thermostat – a difference of just one degree Celsius saves 10% on energy use.

3. Reduce your food miles – eating seasonal, local fruit and veg not only supports small, local businesses, it also reduces the amount of fossil fuels generated from transporting goods.

4. Cut down on meat and dairy – for every day you go meat-free and dairy-free, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 3.6kg. Joining the Meat-free Monday movement is a good place to start.

5. Choose reusable food coverings – swap single-use plastic wrap for waxed cloth that can be composted, or Silicon bags, and you’ll cut down what gets sent to landfill.

6. Invest in a reusable cup – for when you get your takeaway coffee. Also use reusable cutlery when you eat alfresco. Reusable items reduce the waste in landfills, and they save you money too.

7. Get smart with laundry – some clothes can be worn more than once before needing to be washed. Save up laundry until you have a full load for the washing machine and use colder temperatures. By only doing two loads of laundry a week you can save up to 225kg of carbon dioxide a year.

8. Walk or cycle to work – by avoiding driving your car to work, you can help reduce air pollution. An average car produces around five tons of CO2 each year. Where possible, bike or walk to work.

9. Support ethical companies – by choosing to shop with ethical businesses that are committed to being sustainable and/or carbon neutral, like Honest Mobile, you’ll make a big difference.

10. Plant trees – reforesting the planet is one of the most effective ways to combat climate change, but you don’t have to physically plant trees yourself when you use the Honest Mobile app – we automatically plant trees for you, and even give you the option to plant extra trees!


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