Scents Make the Man – Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Have you ever smelled someone and been instantly transported back in time to a  younger you? Vividly reminding you of an ex, a parent, or even a destination.

Research has found our sense of smell as being more powerful than the others. Scents have the ability to influence human behavior and trigger emotions and memories instantaneously. When combined with other marketing tactics, a smell can amplify your business experience and help establish a lasting connection with customers.

Today we are starting a new grooming post where we focus on key, distinct and classic fragrances that have had a real impact on  both Men and the world of Men’s Style.

To kick processing off we look back on what has to be one of not the all time classics in Men’s Fragrances. KOUROS by Yves Saint Laurent.

Kouros Cologne was launched by the French luxury powerhouse, Yves Saint Laurent, In 1981 and it embodies everything about that time. KOUROS, inspired by the gods of ancient Greece, is a men’s fragrance that embodies strength, triumphant masculinity and a conquering spirit, many of the qualities associated with successful men at this time. It is a heady scent, which turns heads and demands attention when someone wearing it walks into a room and equally leaves a presence when they leave.

The resounding note of Coriander is enhanced by the energy of Bergamot and the virile power of Artemisia. The sensual Clove and floral notes of Jasmine then warm this complex and vibrant essence before Ambregris and Oakmoss complete the perfection of the trail. A divine and conquering spicy chypre fragrance with a powerful and intense trail

Pierre Bourdon is the nose who worked on this classic cologne. Before he began his career in perfumery, he received a degree in political science. And other iconic fragrances Bourdon devised include Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, CoolWater by Davidoff and Sun by Jil Sander.

The equally iconic Bottle and Packaging was designed by Alain de Mourgues. The inspiration for the bottle was based on Greek Architecture and other Fragrance packaging he created include Armani Eau pour Homme, for Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace, for the renowned Italian fashion house.

Later, in the evolution of this scent it was joined by Kouros Body & Kouros Silver.


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