The return of Something for the Weekend !!!

Welcome back to the return edition of Something For The Weekend! After a few editions devoted to Something To Watch This Weekend when lockdown restriction’s were at their most stringent, we have resumed normal service with clothing related posts from here on out ! I don’t know about anyone else but if anything, lockdown has been nothing but an enabler in increasing my spending on all things fashion related. Anyway let’s get straight into this weeks fit!


1. AWAKE NY SS20 Classic Embroidered Hoodie 

AWAKE NY, inspired by the early/mid 90’s, was launched in 2012 by ex Supreme Brand Director Angelo Baque and aims to ‘capture the unique cultural spirit and sensibility of New York City’.

Since its relatively small beginnings as a T-Shirt and Hoodie based name, it’s sharply grown in popularity with some impressive collaborations, most notably with its footwear link-ups with sportswear’s ASICS & Reebok. With continued success in its growing network of retailers across the world such as Dover Street Market, Slam Jam and SSENSE. SS20 is truly AWAKE NY’s most impressive collection yet.

To shop the Hoodie hit the image below :

To check out the rest of the collection :

2. H&M CONSCIOUS Cotton Joggers

Fast fashion giant H&M has continued to develop its conscious range little by little. The product offering is slowly but surely becoming more diverse for both men and women. These black slim fit joggers made from a combination recycled polyester, organic cotton and viscous don’t  compromise on H&M’s price or style but do reduce the impact on the environment from the conventional product construct.

Whilst CONSCIOUS is still a long way off where we’d like to see all fashion products be. It’s definitely a good place to start if your looking to begin buying more sustainably.

3. Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy 2.0″ Split-Style

Released originally in 2015 as the Air Max 95 “Greedy” 1.0 — now dubbed the “What The Air Max” — this Greedy 2.0 is the sequel to that 2015 shoe. This seemingly mis-matched pair of Air Max 95’s is in-fact a carefully selected combination of iconic 95 colourway’s from over the years.

Nike has a habit of mashing a silhouette’s most iconic colour ways together into one cluster-ball of a sneaker, capitulating tunnels of hype into two individual shoe’s packaged as one. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Personally I think this particular “What The” model is pretty good! But i’ll let you guys and girls be the judge of that!

To shop the Greedy two-point-o’s hit the image below:

Thanks for reading another week of Something For The Weekend, Stay safe everyone! Until next time


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