Sundried – A sportswear brand with a conscience

Sundried is a rapidly growing British activewear brand offering everything the modern consumer wants and needs: professional quality performance wear at affordable prices with an ethical conscience. Consumers are now putting immense pressure on retailers as the world wakes up to the global plastic pollution crisis and the devastating effects of climate change. Only brands who align with consumer values will continue to thrive in the modern marketplace. The ethical market is now worth over £83.33bn and the average household spent £1,238 on ethical goods in 2017. 

Sundried is proud to offer two activewear collections made from sustainable materials – recycled plastic bottles and recycled coffee grounds – as well as a range of fitness t-shirts made from biodegradable polyester. The pioneering Eco Tech technology combines impressive performance qualities – such as moisture transport, UV protection and anti-odour – with ethical production to deliver an unrivalled product for anyone who demands more from their fitness clothing. 

On top of the professional quality of the clothing, Sundried promises to keep prices affordable for everyone from the everyday exerciser to up-and-coming Age Group athletes and aspirational professionals so that sport and fitness can be accessible to all, regardless of class, background, or financial status. Sundried® aims to remove all possible barriers from sport in order to encourage more of the population to get active and give young athletes a chance to shine on the global stage. The key sports in which Sundried specialises – cycling and triathlon – can be seen as unattainable for some due to the high prices of the technical kit, but Sundried is changing the game and proving that anyone can excel in these sports given the opportunity.

Founder and CEO of Sundried, Daniel Puddick, is a triathlete, father, and entrepreneur whose original mission was to create a brand his children would be proud to be associated with in years to come. “I’m excited about what the future holds for Sundried and continuing to deliver on our promise to keep our activewear of the highest quality, made sustainably, and affordable for all.”


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