Which is best Electric or Manual Toothbrushes ????

You know those eternal debates which is better, IPhone or Android, PS4 or Xbox, Samsung or LG, Gas or Electric, Tom or Jerry and of course Electric or Manual, toothbrushes that is.

To assist us in answering this age old  Dilemma, we sort the wise counsel of leading celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques of Wimpole Street Dental.

“This debate will ultimately come down to personal preference, but in my professional opinion, electric toothbrushes are far more effective because they take a lot of the work and worry out of your hands. Many modern models have variable functions so you can control the speed and intensity to suit your needs. I would say that they have the edge over manual brushes because we can’t recreate the oscillation that removes surface plaque from the teeth so effectively. Other than price point, I would say the main difference is the sonic technology used in electric toothbrushes – the oscillation of the heads. They generally have the ability to remove more plaque than manual brushes.

The key benefits of an electric toothbrush

  • Sonic technology (oscillating heads)
  • Consistency with pressure
  • Less effort to use
  • Better at removing plaque”

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