Our ever Loving St. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Yes, can you believe it, Valentine’s Day is upon us!!!!! Surely not I hear you cry? But Christmas was only last week, or so it certainly feels and yes my poor bank balance is still in recovery after the GBH it received over the festive session and the next payday is at least two flipping weeks away. OMG, Valentine’s day is this Friday and I’m sure you are in the same boat as myself, having a loved one, that I really want to buy them a thoughtful, interesting gift, that will, not only, blow their mind but ensure I’m in their good books for the next couple of months. Well CMTM to the rescue !!!

Who better than to share a love seat with than your Loved one, yes a two person love chair from Made.com .

It’s not just about loving each other, which is super important in its own rights, but about loving the planet we live and love on. Doing our bit, no matter how little is so vital nowadays and just this great vacuum insulated TKWide bottle from Klean Kanteen. Making it the perfect water bottle, coffee mug or sports bottle.

What could be more romantic than wiling away those long Summer days together in a Double Hammock, by the Hammock Store, a great example of a niche etailer.

One of my favourite products from one of my Favourite brands which was first introduced to me by the wonderful Mrs Mc. Espa’s Pink Hair and Scalp Mud, refreshes and invigorates not only your hair but your scalp.
Now of course flowers have their place and particularly at this time of year, but sometimes thinking out of the box can be worth its weight in gold. This is one of these very occasions, with this CANOPY, Closed Garden by LSA  and it’ll sure as hell last longer than a bunch of chrysanthemums.

This is not only a great example of a unique kinda gift for Valentines Day but just shows you don’t have to fork out for a thoughtful gift idea. The Personalised Better Together Split Heart Wooden Keyrings from pitanameonitgifts.co.uk sums up your romantic intentions in a simple gift.

On yer bike ! Well in this case quite literally, a sterling example of being both romantic and environmental with this limited edition Brompton bike in a rather romantic shade.

Now fancy pushing the boat out this Valentine’s Day, well Samsung might just have the answer Inc this great Galaxy Smart Watch.

Display your love this year and put your heart into it. Or on it. Add a little love to your life in this adidas t-shirt with a tongue-label graphic. It’s like a Valentine’s day gift to yourself available from JD Sports through Lyst.com.

Ahhhh not only is Lydia’s Bees beautiful jewellery but it has an equally beautiful back story to it, Lydia has a passion for wildlife and is particularly fond of honey bees, admiring their unique beauty and their boundless team spirit. Her parents wanted something special for her birthday, so Christopher set to work on the original Lydia’s bee, the rest as they say is history.

Can you possibly think of a better Valentine’s Day gift then whisking your loved one off to the City of Lurve, errrrr that’s Paris, not Blackpool, and who better to assist you with this jaunt than Expedia.com

What would Valentine’s Day be without the sweetness of a chocolate or ten, or even twelve in this case and thank you Black Forrest Chocolates for creating this simply delicious Kisses and Hearts set for lovers.



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