Something for the Weekend

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

If you’re like me and a happy self elected singleton this Valentines, no sarcasm at all here….. I think we owe it to ourselves to have a wee splurge. I hope some of the products below will give you some indulgent Inspo this Friday!

Equally if you’re strapped for ideas for your significant other this valentines— be sure to check out our gift guide a post or two ago !

1. UNIQLO Single Breasted Coat

I challenge anyone to find a better quality coat for under £100.00 than this one. Speaking from hands on experience from my own UNIQLO raincoat, these are the business when it comes to keeping you both warm and dry. Whilst they don’t claim to be 100% waterproof, mine is still to let me down well over a year into its life.

The jacket features a polyester exterior allowing for ease of water run off. The interior features additional padding as well as a detachable filled gilet. To shop the jacket which also comes in Navy and black hit the image below:


2.   Champion Reverse Weave Joggers

As these are end of sale, sizes have been swooped quickly and only a Large & Extra Large remain in stock. Other sizes in different colours such as the grey are available via the link below.

If you’re not familiar with Champion, particularly their Reverse Weave line, it can’t be stressed enough how decent the quality is on each item. The thickness of each sweatshirt/pant is matched by it ability to wash again and again and again without compromising its shape or condition.

I un-shamefully have a Champion Reverse Weave tracksuit consisting of these joggers in grey with the sweatshirt to match. Whilst I am still yet to step out in both of them at the same time, they can both be worn separately to form a smart/street fit. I hope you you can picture the UNIQLO jacket with these joggers the way I can!

To shop the joggers hit the image below, where you also be able to view other Champion Reverse Weave sale items.

3.  Adidas ZX 4000 4d

Going all out here folks with this weeks last item to round off the fit. We haven’t had a pricey item in the series for a couple of post’s now!

The technology that goes into these trainers cannot be understated enough. Without complicating the process too much, in forming the alien like mid-sole, highly concentrated UV light is beamed along with oxygen into a resin which sparks a chemical reaction causing the substance to solidify.

This solid mass can then be moulded into a the desired “4D’ sole.  The rest of the shoe is runner/sneaker business as usual, featuring a prime-knit upper with some leather detailing around the mud guards and heel.

If you’d like to learn a bite-size intro into how this process works, i’ll leave a link below as we’ll all undoubtedly continue to consume products which occupy parts from this 3D printing world :


To shop the trainers :



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