This Collaboration will definitely grow on you – Mulberry X Acne Studios

“There is pure Swedishness and Englishness to the collection that I think twists the look in an interesting way. I like how they are practical and you also want to carry them. It feels good to make bags that are desirable and that also have purpose,” says Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios.

I couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Sometimes, you’d love to see what some products would look like when two brands collide and collaborate together, I mean, we’d all love to see an Adidas X Gucci tie up and this is what Kim Jones must’ve have thought when he approached James Jebbia’s, for the Louis Vuitton X Supreme collaboration.

Acne Studios & Mulberry have revealed a lil collab they have collectively been working on. The collection of bags and small leather goods brings together the two houses, marrying stylish Swedish design with quintessential English charm. Key styles have been given a fresh twist in the limited-edition range.

This is a collection about friendship and our freedom as brands to do what we want to do. It is like a conversation between Acne Studios and Mulberry, one that is founded in mutual respect and a desire to make great product,” says Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios.

Whereas, Thierry Andretta, CEO of Mulberry says, “The Acne Studios and Mulberry collaboration is a perfect manifestation of the spirit of both our brands. It showcases Acne Studios’ wonderful Swedish design ethos and celebrates both the British heritage and modernity of Mulberry”.

The Acne Studios & Mulberry collection brings together classic styles and signatures from the two houses to create something new. Mulberry’s celebrated Scotchgrain bags have been reimagined by the Acne Studios design team, with multiple leather buckle strap fastenings and oversized metal hardware. The bag comes in messenger and mini cross-body satchel styles, available in pink and black crocodile print leather, with the collaboration logo on the reverse: the letters of Acne Studios like leaves in the Mulberry tree emblem.

Acne Studios’ inspirational Musubi bag, with its signature origami knot, is combined with the,literally, iconic Mulberry Bayswater, bringing together two of the houses’ most loved styles. The wide leather knot is laced through the Bayswater in either regular or micro sizes. Alongside versions in oak and black, it is also available in pink, to cater for every taste. Throughout, detachable fabric straps come printed with the brands’ logos. Accompanying the bags is a range of small leather goods in either Scotchgrain or pink grainy leather. There is a laptop case, a medium sized pouch, a coin purse, a small zip-around wallet and a Scotchgrain lanyard.


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