Something Spooky for the Weekend 👻🎃

Words by Cameron McLauchlan

#13 of #STFW is upon us! Conveniently numbered just in time for spooky season.. And with such spookiness lurking around the corner weve picked our favourite piece available to get involved this HALLLOOOOWEEEN.

SB DUNK LOW Mischief” 

Created especially for this years Halloween. This latest iteration of the SB dunk contains all the  colours we expect to see at this time of year. The slime green sole, the pumpkin leather Swoosh and toe-box of course not forgetting the purple embroidered spider and its accompanying web on the underlay.

The SB Dunk and Halloween have become the best of friends over the years with the first pairing of the two dating back to 2005 birthing an annual partnership. The history of the SB Dunk however is much richer than just a Halloween association. The silhouette is hugely responsible for the meteoric being that sneaker culture has become today.

1985 a monumental checkpoint on the timeline of sneaker history. The year both the Dunk and Jordan 1 first released. The Dunk, originally a high-top sneaker for basketball, was transformed over the coming years when Skateboarding began break into the limelight. Nike of course being company it is jumped on the wave pretty quickly. Fast recruiting skaters Richard Mulder, Reese Forbes, Danny Supa & Gino Ianucci to not only be the face of the early Nike SB, but to offer an inside look as to how to create the perfect skate shoe from those who were at the top of skating at the time. Whilst many things were altered and changed from the Dunk High to the create the SB Dunk the chunky tongue is easily the most iconic alteration and how we can recognise an SB Dunk today.

Since this early moulding of the SB Dunk, the shoe has created many unforgettable moments and of course as a sneaker these moments often came in the form of collaboration. And you cant talk about an SB Dunk without talking about the infamous 2005 “Pigeon SB Dunk Low. One of the first sneakers to force stores to close and police clear the area. Due to the sheer apocalypse created. Designed to emulate what summed up New York City the sneaker now fetches an average re-sale price of $15k and more. Ill leave a few links to some of the stores that I know they are available at. Ill also pop the link below for the “pigeons” to see what a $15K Nike shoe looks like!



The SB Dunk Mischiefdrops today  at 8.00am BST. Ill leave a few links to some of the stores that they are available from.

Where you can buy the Mischiefs:


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