I know where it’s at – All Saints Watches

Words by Isaac Perry

So much has recently been going on that it’s been hard to summarise what some of our favourites have been. So now we feel like it’s the right time to share some interesting news with you all! Allsaints have recently moved into the wrist wear business offering a

diverse collection of 20-piece range, which combines style, precision, performance, and attitude. From clothes to bags to fragrances and now watches, AllSaints offers a uniform without uniformity

Allsaints was founded in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro, they began through the wholesale game selling to exclusive stores such as Harvey Nichols & Harrods but soon realised that they had their own identity and a brand which could go much further.

Allsaints aesthetic is totally rock n roll and this vibe gets people hooked onto the brand. They are known for their beautiful leather jackets as well as having the perfect layering pieces each winter. Though this year they have offered something different releasing a range of watches called The Untitled and Subtitled Collection.

This new avenue led Allsaints to the underground culture exploring subcultures using each watch to explore Urban landscapes around the world.


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