A Love Letter to its home City – Private White VC

Private White VC, as a brand, is incredibly proud of, not only, their British roots but the city they call home and where all of their beautiful pieces are produced. To celebrate this heraldic relationship and showcase some of their collection, amongst other Great British brands including Globetrotter, Bamford Watch Department, and Johnson’s of Elgin, Private White VC  have produced a short film created by Visionarism .  It was shot on location across central Manchester, along the canals of Ancoats, in Albert Square in view of the iconic Town Hall build in 1868, from within the Private White V.C. factory where all the brands garments are lovingly handmade.

Private White V.C. CEO James Eden, tell of;

“What’s the last thing that you truly cared about?  Looking back, I think about the city and our industry and how much it has changed, yet I find myself right back to where it all started… and that’s with the people. 

They’re the thinkers, the dreamers but most of they are the doers that work tirelessly to master every inch, angle and possibility regardless of the time and effort required to realise the vision; just at should be; authentic, traditional, progressive.

Yet still some will say it’s the slow way round but for us it’s the right way round. It’s all we’ve ever known. 

We’re the last remaining clothing factory in the world’s first industrial city. Over 100 years old embedded into the fabric of this great city. This is dedication. This is us”A celebration of the best of British design. 


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