Words by Isaac Perry

Can we all take a minute to pray that the weather this summer in the UK is as amazing as it was last year? Or even better? As we begin to see the sunshine creep through, we all begin to get relatively excited and dust the cobwebs off of our summer clothing but every year I’m sure that many of us will encounter the same problem! Sunglasses. Where the hell did you leave your favourite pair from last year? Simply nobody can remember. Whether you left them in a pub garden whilst chugging some Pimm’s and enjoying a hog roast or they fell off your head whilst watching your favourite band at Glastonbury they are now a thing of the past and you need to get a snazzy new pair.

Sunglasses are an accessory which simply steps up your cool level and can escalate an outfit from a solid 7 out of 10 to at least an 11 out of 10 aha. Keeping it classic is always a good way, to begin with, a pair of Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses 0rb3447. These are incredibly lightweight and have a golden frame which will be sure to stand out against your tanned skin and paired with some dark tinted lenses to protect you against the sun rays what more could you ask for? These glasses were first produced for the U.S Airforce in 1937 (very badass) and have since gone onto become one of Ray-bans most popular silhouettes being sold globally. These can be found on Ray-Ban and other stockists for £105.00.

Secondly, we have the Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses Ord3016 wo366 49. These are a silhouette of sunglasses which everybody would have had in their personal collections at some point. The brown colouring paired with the gold detailing’s are the perfect match, these will definitely go with every outfit and a pair which we at Clothes Make the Man would recommend highly this summer. However, please don’t be that guy who wears their expensive sunglasses on a night out as that is simply a recipe for disaster.


For the more edgy individuals out there don’t worry we have also got you back covered with some of the newest trends in the sunglasses industry. Sunglasses can either turn you into a smooth Casanova or step up your streetwear rating massively with these next two pairs being a must try to achieve your ultimate festival/techno vibe.

Who would’ve thought a couple of years ago that a pair of cycling glasses would be one of the key accessories in the fashion industry huh? For the small price of £12.00 ASOS is offering these Visors. Neon colours have been a trend in the fashion industry which have now been around for a while but now they colours have entered the sunglasses game. These sunglasses are the perfect festival accessory and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. PS we take no responsibility for any dodgy tan lines which you get from this product.

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