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Following on from last week’s blitzing weather it seems we’ve stepped over the summer 2019 hill as it were. Temperatures have cooled and people are returning back to trousers and sweats. In this week’s something for the weekend, we’ve got a few things to provide that gentle return back to much more bearable conditions.


Jamieson’s is a UK homegrown family business spanning 5 generations. The business specialises in quality wool from the sheep of Shetland, North Scotland. Founded in the first half of the 1890s by Robert Jamieson. He set up a shop purchasing knitwear from locals and sold the goods on to others on the island. You can picture it easily, these jumpers aside a fire warming its wearer set upon the harsh backdrop of the Shetland Isles. What beautiful scenes you must be thinking of!

Through various changes to the jumpers have come and gone from generation to generation. In 1978 Robert Jamieson’s grandson Bertie and his son Peter experimented with spinning 100% pure shetland yarn. Achieved, this has become the main USP for the brand and with new technologies over the years has allowed them to continue to develop “an increasing range of both traditional and vibrant contemporary colours.”

To shop the jumper above hit the link below, sizes range from a 36-46:


  1. Cargo trousers with drip effect – Khaki – £49.00

Zara’s prominence is undeniably obvious. The retailer was the first in line to help form parent company Inditex. Playing sister or big scary brother probably better put to the likes of Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti and Bershka. 

 Founded by Amancio Ortega, Zara opened its door’s back in 1975 in Spanish city —A Coruña. Originally creating relatively cheap clothing for the locals, later expanding across Spain. The retailer set out with four core values — Beauty, Clarity, Functionality and sustainability. The latter being fiercely questioned due to rising social pressures. Rightfully so. Therefore it was Music to our ears when we heard that Zara has pledged to use fully sustainable fabrics by 2025.

Whilst many fast-fashion retailers have fallen behind due to the rapidly volatile retail landscape, Zara has seen continued growth through their relatively small stock fast change approach to consumer demands.

Check out the Cargo’s via the link below, ranging from a 30W-36W.


  1. AIMÉ LEON DORE x Timberland Boots – £229.00 down to £149.00

One of our favourite new-ish brands, New-York based AIMÉ LEON DORE has properly blown up into the growing space between streetwear and high end. Price point reflective. The brand’s founder Teddy Santis first wanted the brand to be called AIMÉ but couldn’t get the trademark. The word Leon or Lion in Greek was his father’s nickname. Dore which forms the final part of the brand name equation derives from the founders second half syllable of his name Theodore.

Teddy born in Queens NY, from Greek immigrant descent grew up surrounded by the cultural wonders of the concrete melting pot. In an Interview with END to celebrate the brands, SS18 launch Teddy explained his early experiences.

 “I was immersed in graffiti, breakdancing, DJ’ing, basketball, hip-hop and house music, and music as a whole was a major influence while growing up in Queens. Fashion for me, in one way or another, always complimented every aspect of this culture that I enjoyed.”

 The brand heavily references New-York aesthetics from pre-2000’s. Both in designs and marketing. Old photo’s spread across their Instagram feed range from retro Michael Jordan locker room pictures to JFK riding in his car. All presented in a highly nostalgic and aesthetically pleasing format. That 20-year-old cycle eh…..

Their only current store boast’s a clean white exterior like something you’d expect Leonardo DiCaprio to walk into in the movie Wolf of Wall Street. The epitome of a classy New-York store from times past. The brand embodies this moment in time so well it seems, cliche in-bound — So Fresh. Alas, its resounding success.

The link to the boots are below and they are also available in a dark blue:


For those Londoner’s reading who haven’t yet been to the new TK Maxx along Oxford Street, I strongly suggest you take a look when you can! They have a huge section of reduced high-end labels from Gucci, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Versace, Maison Margiela and Stone Island. These just some of the ones I can remember.

Thank you for reading another week of Something For the Weekend!




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