Dr Sandra Garcia Martin is an industry-leading dentist in London who specialises in creating beautiful smiles with pioneering cosmetic dentistry, backed by studies at the prestigious NYU. As one of the selected few dentists who practice the DSD (digital smile design) concept – a form of dentistry that uses digital technology to be especially precise and efficient – Dr Sandra is able to offer a uniquely modern and care-focused approach.

There are few things more important to our sense of confidence than a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Dr Sandra is a verified specialist in helping her clients to achieve the teeth they’ve always craved by using the latest information and equipment in the field of dentistry.

As we all know, Diet plays a huge role in the health of your teeth and wellbeing in general. The nutrients that we consume can either heal us, strengthen us and nourish us, or damage the fragile ecosystem of our bodies. Today, Dr Sandra reveals what the worst foods for your teeth are!

1. Sugar – Sugar has to go at the top of the list because,

without a doubt, this is perhaps the single most harmful ingredient for your health and one of the prominent causes of tooth decay. We all have sugar in our diet, and a little of it is beneficial, but too much can have serious consequences for your teeth!

2. Processed foods –processed foods contain not only a lot of sugar, but also a hyper concentration of carbohydrates which can significantly damage your teeth. All in all, these foods are low in fibre and really don’t offer much in the way of nutritional value, so are worth avoiding when possible.

3. Acidic foods – foods with a high concentration of acids such as lemons and acidic drinks can contribute to dental health problems as they damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities. Ouch!

4. Chewy foods – hard, chewy, or crunchy foods are a particular danger to teeth, as it’s easy to misjudge and bite down too hard, leading to chips or cracks in your teeth. Once a tooth is damaged, it can act as a gateway that allows bacteria into the inner layers of your teeth, causing gum disease. Not to mention the pain involved with a cracked tooth!


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