The Affordable Alternative – Battle of the Sneaker brands


Today we have the 2nd edition of The Affordable Alternative. This month we take a look the two best most recent sneaker comparisons for all you sneakerheads out there. Both releases from footwear giants Nike and Adidas caused long winded debates about the brand’s stances on authenticity, but are you choosing to spend big or save that hard-earned cash?

Off-White X Nike


Off-White & Nike or just Nike?

Before Nike released the highly anticipated 9th shoe of their “The 10” collection with Off-White’s Virgil Abloh – an Off-White spin on the classic Air Force 1. They released their Air Force 1 Utility pack, which stunned sneakerheads worldwide due to their identical look.

A genius business ploy? In my opinion yes. The creation of the Utility Air Force 1 fulfils Nike’s goal of cultivating more people into the sneaker community, and off course, a massive increase in sales, as it plays on Off-White’s signature motifs at a fraction of the price.

Sneakerheads will argue that the silhouette decreases the authenticity and exclusivity of the collaboration with Off-White, but with one priced at a resale mark-up of roughly £300 pounds and the other at £80, it leaves consumers with that affordable option.

Adidas Yeezy 700 Static

Adidas Yung 1’s

Adidas Yeezy 700 Static or Adidas Yung 1’s?

Another sneaker comparison for all you sneakerheads out there, this time with Nike’s most fierce rivals, Adidas.

The Yeezy ranges have become a worldwide phenomenon, in fact, they are so popular, most dad’s and mums are likely to know what they are. The latest Yeezy to release are the Static 700’s, which play on the ‘Dad’ shoe trend with a chunkier and more detailed sole. These Yeezys have been a huge hit, resulting in a sell-out of its retail price of £250and now warranting a £350 price tag on the resale market.

With the popularity clearly on show, Adidas decided to come out with the Yung 1. The 90’s inspired construction again epitomizes dadcore aesthetics, but at more than half the price, meaning you can join the dad shoe community for just £100.


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