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I’m not sure about you, but I never got the memo about January changing to have 71 days in it. But the end is nigh and we can, finally put the dower austerity, of Dry January behind us, phew. 

If you still have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket or if, like us, the moving bug has bitten you hard in 2019, well get your Rosary beads out as we we might just have the ultimate temptation to lead you into. 

Soho Home is an interiors collection from the international chic, luxury private member club Soho House featuring furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and accessories inspired by, or seen in, the Houses worldwide. 

Originally founded in London in 1995 as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, Soho House was a den where the movers and shakers of the creative world would congregate. Since then the brand has become Soho House  & Co has added equally aspirationally  establishments across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, workspaces, spas and bedrooms, including, the Georgian splendour of Babington House set in the heart of the scenic Cotswolds, the historic White City in West London which occupies part of the former BBC Television Centre in White City, and has a rooftop pool and terrace, a 22,000sq ft gym and 45 bedrooms. Plus, Soho house Amsterdam, Barcelona, Chicago, Istanbul, New York and Mumbai, to name a few. 

These establishments are in diverse locations, but our mission has always been the same: to create a comfortable home from home for our members. With this very much in mind and although you might not be able to become a member, you can creat you own luxury VERY private members club within your own very home. Soho Home featuring furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and accessories inspired by, or seen in, the Houses worldwide. While others were designed specifically for Soho House Chicago, Soho farmhouse, Soho House Barcelona and Soho House Amsterdam. The website allows you to shop online, 24/7 and Soho Home ships to over 28 countries worldwide. Cheers ! 


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