Hims for Hims – New Well-being Products exclusively for Men

As we know Men lose nothing by taking care of themselves and yet, guys don’t like to face the importance of personal care. Hassle-free prevention and solutions now exist, which means hanging on to problems is a now totally unnecessary.

 Hims offers a one-stop shop for trusted self-care solutions that address hair loss, skincare, sexual wellness, and beyond.

Hims is trying to educate men to take action early on and provide them with the care they need, because let’s face it: prevention is so much more effective than denial.

In today’s modern 21st Century, Men are allowed to want to take care of themselves. Uncomfortable conversations are Hims favourite conversations,  when aging, decreased sex drive, and paying taxes became a man’s only truth, Him try’s to deliver no-nonsense solutions that work.

Hims try and make the process as simple as humanly possible, you simply fill out their online consultation for a thorough assessment and prescription results within minutes easy. So ensuring that taking care of yourself doesn’t need to involve a doctor’s waiting room, you can access their products online from the comfort of your room and, while you’re at it, ship directly to your door.

Andrew Dudum is the founder & CEO of hims, created hims to provide a resource for men around the pain points that impact health and personal care. after realizing none of his peers broached these uncomfortable – yet common – topics, andrew sought to educate men, encourage conversations and provide a hassle-free solution.


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