Not just Moisture but Super Moisture! ClarinsMen New Super Moisture Collection

ClarinsMen  new Super Moisture Collection. Offers you the opportunity to discover three new hydration options that intensely moisturise and strengthen men’s skin.

As we know Water is essential for life, but also for our skin. Harsh weather, stress, sports, pollution, shaving and even testosterone, every day men’s skin is subjected to conditions that can take a toll on skin’s hydration levels.

Well-moisturised skin is skin that not only has enough water reserves via the microcirculation at dermal level, but also has effective natural water retention systems thanks to an effective barrier function and “sponge molecules” at all its levels. However, there are a number of factors that can weaken the skin’s barrier function and diminish the number of these “sponge molecules” resulting in dehydrated and weakened skin.

The answer… is, drum roll please,  ClarinsMen Innovation: Hydra Resist Phyto Complex. This new unique complex combines two plant extracts selected for their super hydrating ability.

Organic houseleek lends its super hydro-resistant power to help offset the negative effects of testosterone, helping retain moisture even in extreme conditions by reinforcing the skin’s surface barrier, whilst organic leaf of life encourages the natural hydration of the skin to help promote the production of “sponge molecules” in every skin layer.

ClarinsMen Complex & Anti-Pollution Complex. Integrated into all of the products in the range, ClarinsMen Complex with a blend of gymnema extract and bison grass extract, offers energising and soothing properties, stimulating and preserving skin’s energy whilst the Anti-Pollution Complex with extracts of nipplewort and furcellaria helps shield the skin from the harmful effects of pollutants.

This super effective hydration formula comes in three different textures, to suit all skin needs:



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