North Face’s vintage vibes!

Words by Isaac Perry

With temperatures being very low, too low for our liking the only thing which we can recommend is wrapping up, then wrapping up even more so! But where can you find a beautiful jacket which keeps you toasty in the process? Well North face as we all know is one of the most recognised brands from around the world keeping people warm from pole to pole, but not only are they known for their ability to provide warmth but are also seen throughout the fashion community as a key piece to have any winter.

In 1989 North face released it first Rage collection and this was purely based around the snowboarding culture of that time, this was incredibly vibrant and had a rebellious edge which allowed them standout whilst being able withstand some of the harshest sporting conditions in the world as well as wipeouts and crashes! The re-birth of the Rage collection has kicked 2019 off with a bang for North Face as recently it been dominating the streetwear scene and this only cements that statement even more! We have been discussing up and coming trends for 2019 and feel that North Face has absolutely hit the nail on the head with this recent collection as it consists of everything from vibrant colours, patterns and designs.

The collection consists of so many wearable, must-have pieces, but the two standouts for us are the ‘NORTH FACE 92 RAGE FLEECE CREW SWEAT’ and the ‘MEN’S ’92 RETRO RAGE RAIN JACKET’. The North Face 92 Rage fleece crew sweat offers those ultimate vintage 90’s vibe with the Aztec patterning making you stand out from the crowd as well as being that perfect piece for layering this winter. As well as this piece the 92 retro rage rain jacket is a standout for us as it offers that classic rain jacket silhouette however bright and bold colours which will make you stand out in the up & coming cold times!

Enjoy shopping!


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