The Affordable Alternative

Words by Daniel Ramsdale-Harris

Breaking down the designer items we crave with the all-important cheaper options that won’t leave us with that dent in our bank accounts! This IS the fashion holy grail.

Why spend hundreds of pounds on luxurious goods when you can find the more affordable alternative? We’ve all been asked this question, right? Don’t get me wrong, we are all lured in and excited by the status of owning your Gucci’s, Givenchy’s and Prada’s, as well as their undoubted high quality. Buying these items however take a big hit on the bank balance, so we at ClothesMakeTheMan are on the hunt for that like for like alternative that may catch you by surprise, and please you on the eye.



Balenciaga VS The Kooples?

The checked ‘shacket’ is gaining fast popularity amongst the generation z and millennial audience after being spotted on both American rappers Kanye West and Travis Scott.  The Balenciaga padded flannel shirt comes in at a steep £1275 but has been a best seller for the French brand over the last month.

The alternative? French fashion retailer The Kooples, who provide an oversized flannel in almost an identical colourway, whilst still remaining a streetwear edge with the oversized cut.



Acne Studios VS Mennace?

Swedish label Acne Studios can be accredited with the ‘collar logo’ trend that has now been widely adopted by fashion conscious consumers and repurposed by many other brands.

The silhouette is built in with relaxed capabilities, accompanied with their signature logo, whilst it’s minimal outlook reflects the brands Scandinavian roots. Acne’s tee is priced at £149 however, leaving consumers to either go with authenticity in trend setters and status, or adopt a fast fashion alternative at a fraction of the price.

This leads us on to fast fashion menswear brand Mennace, who have adopted the Acne look, but with a slight change in the contrasting colour at the neck. However, they are providing a potentially huge saving of £125, depending on that all-important decision you decide to make.

Let us know in the comments which choices you’d go for?


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