For over 110 years, Gillette has delivered precision technology through its product performance – impacting the lives of over 750 million men around the world. From shaving and body grooming, to skin care and sweat protection, Gillette offers a wide variety of products including razors, shave gel, skin care, after shaves, antiperspirants, deodorants and body wash. Phew and ensuring it’s not Ph-eew. 

Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive, its latest product innovation specifically designed to stop the irritation many men with sensitive skin experience. The innovative razor places a breakthrough SkinGuard bar positioned between two of Gillette’s best blades to gently smooth and flatten the skin away, taking the pressure off the blades during the shave. This gives guys with sensitive skin a comfortable shave without the irritation. With research certified by the British Skin Foundation (BSF), Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive is clinically proven to stop shaving irritation, allowing all men to have a comfortable shave, taking the pressure off to help them look and feel their best.

A survey commissioned by Gillette through an independent market research firm found that one in three (33%) British men consider themselves to have sensitive facial skin, with almost half of men (49%) saying dryness and redness (46%) were the biggest indicators of sensitive skin.

Gillette’s new range addresses the problem of shaving irritation through revolutionary design innovation. Of the UK men with sensitive skin surveyed, half (50%) reported using hot water to shave, but only 12% found this method effective at reducing the effects of sensitive skin while shaving. Similarly, two in five (44%) of these men have tried shaving less often to try and reduce the irritation they suffer due to their sensitive skin, with just under one quarter (23%) finding this practice most effective.

“Irritation, stinging, redness and burning are commonly encountered by some male patients during and after they’ve shaved. Often referred to as ‘sensitive skin’, this problem can have a significant negative impact both physically and emotionally. Self-confidence is affected with some men thinking there is no solution” says Dr Walayat Hussain, Consultant Dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson. 

“It’s great that Gillette has addressed this important issue by introducing the SkinGuard Sensitive razor and that the research behind the product has been recognised by the British Skin Foundation.”

The SkinGuard comb is positioned between Gillette’s sharpest blades with Gillette’s most advanced coatings for low cutting force. Due to the blades’ position, hair is only pulled and cut up to 2x in each stroke, which reduces tug and pull. Many multi-blade razors use each blade to gently tug the hair outside the follicle, trimming each hair in rapid succession while they remain extended. Once the blades pass and the hair retracts, it has been trimmed below the surface of the skin. This kind of close shave is optimal for many men, but for others can contribute to skin irritation or a propensity for ingrown hairs. Traditional single-blade razors tug and pull at the hair and can put substantial pressure on the skin. Furthermore, while single-blade razors trim hair at the surface of the skin, they can still cause excess friction with the skin as the blade passes at a sharp angle. Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive works differently. 


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