1 in a Million, try 1 in 3.4 Billion !!!! – APPOSTA

How many different style variations is it possible to create if you’re buying a shirt? Well if it’s hand- finished and has the Apposta label in the back, around 3.4Billion! Think about it, What material, what colour or pattern, what cuffs, what body shape, what collar, a monogram, a contrast insert, a pocket, what buttons (and even how they are sewn on!). There are 30 different collar types, 8 cuff types, 6 body fits amongst the myriad personal choices. Added to this they offer more than 2900 fabrics, primarily from Italy’s best mills. WOW !

This service is totally unique and what’s more it works. A hard earned reputation based on the quality of their product, service and affordability. 96% great to excellent rating on Trust Pilot, based on over 1300 customer reviews is stunning testament to this. Check out their Trust Pilot rating (https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/apposta.com) for validation of that. 

The literal meaning of APPOSTA, is on purpose, intentionally, deliberately, a stylish highly experienced addition to the world of the individualisation. The company is based in London, a decision the co-owners made in view of the capital’s growing status as a world renown hotbed of tech innovation, research and development. Gianmarco Taccaliti, 4th generation shirt-maker and co-founder and his tech expert partner Gianluca Mei have, in Apposta, created a business which is harnessing cutting edge digitally driven systems to produce unique, individually designed products on a large scale. In this instance merging the unmistakeable quality, experience, expertise and skills of traditional Italian craftsman made shirts yet allowing a virtually limitless choice of unique combinations and variations – the one in a 3.4Billion Shirt! 

To start this entire mind boggling, but surprisingly simple process, you can choose between creating a shirt from a blank canvas or personalising one, and in either case you can select a standard size or use your own measurements (which are of course stored in the event that you want place another order sometime in the future). They will quite happily make your shirt to a standard format, but in reality the customisation processes has been designed to be user friendly so why would you not want a design which, when finished/manufactured, is guaranteed to be perfect and completely unique to you?

Yeah but surely this system must be super expensive, right ? Well, with so much on offer to choose from you might actually overlook the best part – Importantly the price of your shirt is determined only by your choice of fabric – all your personal customising and having a shirt made to measure, from the very first pick you make, everything else is then included, giving you a truly bespoke garment. From order to delivery will usually take just two weeks, which is honestly, exceptional for garments cut and finished by hand in Italy. Prices range from £60-£200, with Special Reserve cloths priced from £470-£740. Ideal for a Christmas gift for a very loved one or even YOURSELF ! 


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