Socks for Christmas needn’t be boring – Morrows Outfitters

Yes the most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and our thoughts start to dwell on, “Ohhh God what do I buy X for Christmas?” Or even “What do I want for Christmas?” Now, hear me out here, if I said sock! Normally, you’d be right to tell me to foxtrot Oscar and shove those aforementioned socks where Santa won’t find em. But let me tell you about Morrow Outfitters. 

Morrows Outfitters is a family run business established in 1912, suppling high quality garments for the everyday gentleman, and are specifically famous for their range of socks. Let’s take you back to 1912 – Albert Morrow opened his first shop in Liverpool. He was committed to providing high quality products and also appreciated the importance of satisfying the needs of his customers. It was for these reasons that the business flourished for three-quarters of a century.

In 2011 Philip re-established his great-grandfather’s business in London. Philip is the fourth generation selling menswear under the Morrow’s name. Philip Morrow knows every supplier, he designs every sock, manufactured in the Midlands and he’s always ensured that the family heritage isn’t lost. The factory used is a fourth generation business, having been in hosiery industry since 1895. They are one of the few remaining independent hosiery manufacturers in this country

Philip became aware of the trademark for a high quality sock: the ‘hand-linked’ toe. This is the process of closing the toe seam by matching the stitches on either side of the unfinished sock. These stitches are linked together to provide the wearer with an essentially seamless toe. This is the alternative to machine linking which overlocks the seam and often causes discomfort and irritation when wearing well fitted shoes. All of the socks sold by Morrow’s are made using this traditional method which requires considerable skill.

The present aim of the business is to take the best of the past, including business methods and style, and combine it with a contemporary twist to fulfil the needs of the present day customer.

Morrows Outfitters have had a very busy 2018 – they’ve opened their first permanent store on Putney High Street, London and have a number of Christmas pop ups open/opening throughout London for the festive period.


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