Black Friday Must Haves !


Well hasn’t this year gone awfully fast! We are already in November and 2019 is creeping up on us incredibly quickly but before this we have a very important day to celebrate. No we aren’t talking about Christmas but Black Friday. 20% to 30% off in many of your favourite stores and the one-day where you spend too much money without actually regretting it. From Essentials to statement pieces, shoes to jewellery, there will be something for everyone this Black Friday and how can we help you may ask? Well, we have rounded up some of our favourite pieces from brands that have previously offered pretty good (awesome) discount codes in the past, so keep your eyes peeled!


Well we may as well start with the big ones.  ASOS always offer some of the best discounts and have recently introduced some new brands, which are offering items perfect for this up and coming winter.

Collusion is the standout for us at Clothes Makes The Man with it simply offering more adventurous options in some classic pieces of clothing such as a knitted jumpers and different variations of jackets both Puffers and Overcoats, this is definitely a brand which you should check out not only for the colours & patterns but also the quality they offer for the price points, it’s ridiculous!

John Lewis

John Lewis is a store that has quite literally got something for everyone with it offering electronics, home wear and beauty items as well as clothing so if you are looking for any deals in these areas look no further. TV’s, Bedside cabinets or Razors check them out! One section that did standout to us though was the range of T-shirts they offer with a huge selection to suit all age ranges and styles.

However our standout piece is the Fred Perry Laurel Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt, it’s the perfect day-to-day tee but shows off the logo whilst keeping it classy.

Serge DeNimes

Accessories are a massive part of outfits now a days and if they are worn correctly make it ten times better. This winter layering is key and no we aren’t talking about jackets, we are talking about necklaces! Serge offers a large range of necklaces all perfect for wearing alongside one another, however after seeing a recent picture uploaded by them we fell in love with the combo of their Gold Crucifix Necklace and the Gold Lady Guadalupe Necklace, trust us when we say you should check them out not only for Necklaces but Rings, Earrings and Bracelets as they have some of the best in the game!


Amazon is the hub of everything, no matter what you want simply go on Amazon and you’ll find it! We have found a couple of pieces perfect to treat yourself to this Black Friday, with the Amazon Echo being our first pick, place these throughout your house and you can simply control everything, lights and most importantly the music in your house as this controls the whole mood and can start your day off on a more positive note.

Fitness has become a massive part of our day to day lives and we are now watching aspects of our lives as simple as how many steps we do a day but how do we keep track of this? The Fitbit, not only do they have the older rubber straps but you can dress them up with a range of new and improved straps allowing you to wear it all day every day, sounds perfect, doesn’t it?!


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